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Mirror Set High with Real Mirrors and LED Ceiling

  • 1 hr min
  • 80 people
  • 7000 sq/ft
  • Production
  • Event
  • Meeting
The Mirror Set This is a high-quality mirror set made with real mirrors to give clients crystal-clear reflections without any distortions. This set is equipped with a 2-way mirror to allow clients to shoot through the mirror in order to hide the camera and not be seen in the shot. This set also offers a pre-lit RGB Frosted Plexiglass ceiling giving clients the option to change the colors of the set to their preference. The ceiling has an architectural design giving you the ultimate effect. This buildout has tons of production value. This Set is Located inside LA's Top premier film studio with tons of stages, sets, and production equipment onsite. We also offer a ton of parking on-site. Book Now and see why so many people love shooting at our location. Measures at 8'x8'x8'