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G4 Large Luxury Jet Airplane available for filming

We have a 16,000 sf building set up for filming and photo shoots. We have 3 Airplanes, 2 cockpits, 1 Helicopter and 2 genuine modern Subway Train Cars available for filming, and 30,000 props! OUR G4 LUXURY JET: 40' Gorgeous Luxurious Film Set designed to make filming & photoshoots more beautiful, easier and more professional. This is not a real Jet. It is a luxurious film set. Real airplanes are VERY difficult to film in. They have low ceilings, narrow cabins, and seats bolted to the floor making it impossible to film in. This is far better. Ours has extra high ceilings, a wide cabin, removable windows to film through, and movable chairs, ideal for filming. Designed with real aircraft seating, rich finishes, gorgeous leathers, fabrics & accents: * Gorgeous high end leather * Rich wood finishes * Matching luxurious leather swiveling aircraft seating * Two beautifully lit Bars * A large Table for food, champagne, drinks, accent pieces, etc * A crew seating area for four * Extra high 6' 7" cleared ceilings * Extra wide interior cabin * Gorgeous faux boarding stairway * Can accommodate up 15 people * Many more amenities! Please note: Cockpit is not included! It was done with a green-screen. The photos show the beautiful interior. For more photos or info please contact us. FILM AT OUR LOCATION: Our location has 3000 sf of office space that can be setup for makeup, hair, food services, check in, etc. There is a large breakroom with tables, sink, refrigerator, microwave, etc. There are 3 restrooms available. FILMING HOURS: Any time but not avail Fri after 5pm or Saturdays. OUR FACILITY & AMMENITIES: The warehouse is large easily accessible from Fulton Industrial Blvd. The warehouse has a cleared ceiling height of 28 feet. It has heating but no A/C. A portable HVAC unit can be delivered and the vent hoses can be run into the building to easily cool it. There is ample room to accommodate over 250 people in the warehouse. There is plenty of room for video village, sound technician areas, lighting, etc. Rigging is possible because the ceiling has attachment points to support rigging. We have a large "elephant door" with a drive up ramp, 12' wide x 16' tall. We also have 3 standard size loading docks. Each dock is 8' wide x 10' high. The parking lot can accommodate multiple tractor trailers up to 53' long, and there is car parking in front. There is also nearby parking available for an add'l charge for over 100 cars & trucks. INSURANCE: You are responsible for providing insurance for the airplane. You can obtain a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from your insurance company to cover the airplane during filming. A COI is a temporary insurance certificate. We require $2M in coverage. It usually costs $400 to $700. We've never had a problem, but we need to have coverage just in case. All COI's have a deductible (an amount not covered). We require a refundable deposit for that amount not covered. We refund it, when you return it on time, undamaged. 1) At least 1 week before filming, please send us a COI Insurance Certificate and the Explanation of Coverage page. The COI should be made out to RJR Props LLC. We must be listed as "Additional Insured and Loss Payee". There must be a rider listing "Props/Sets" or "Film Policy" with $2M minimum coverage. This is normal for COI's. 2) We MUST get the COI & coverage page at least 1 wk before filming plus the Deposit for the deductible amount. Easy! Call us if you need help!

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G4 Luxury Jet (Mockup Film Set)
6′ 5″

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