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Where was You filmed?


City Locations

New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California

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American, Apartment, Retail, Clubs/Bars

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Americana/Anywhere America, Parking Lot

About You

Based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel series of the same name, You is a psychological thriller about a charming yet intensely obsessive man, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley. He depicts the character of a stalker who takes extreme measures to creep into the life of anyone he’s transfixed by. He uses the internet and social media to obtain personal information and get close to the person, showing how simple it could be for anyone to use these resources to work their way into our lives.

The TV series has quickly become an immensely popular show on Netflix. If it’s been on your watchlist for a while, this could be a sign you should start watching it. It may not be the most edifying way to spend your weekend, but it can be hard to quit once you start. If in doubt, read on to get a glimpse of some of the best scenes in You (spoiler alert!) and check out the filming locations you can visit today.

As you watch the series, you’ll see the dark and unsettling side of obsession. Joe is the show's narrator, so viewers get an insight into his mind – his thoughts and the reasons for his actions. He observes and analyzes her before setting to work, tracking her on social media and sneaking into her life. Then, he removes every obstacle to their relationship by whatever means necessary.

Though you can recognize how dangerous he can be, it’s easy to see why he can be likable with his wits and charm. He works at a bookstore, knows the great writers, and likes to read – who would ever think he’s a stalker? But he makes planned situations seem like real coincidences until you let him into your life and he invisibly takes control.

But perhaps, one of the most disturbing parts of the show is the way it reveals how common activities can be dangerous under particular circumstances. It includes posting on social media or whatever information you share about yourself online that makes you vulnerable to stalking.

You Locations

You production took place in different locations across the United States to bring authenticity and life to the story. Season one was filmed entirely in New York, including a bookstore on York Avenue and a bar on the main street in a village in the town of Orangetown. The second season was based in Los Angeles, where Joe moves on to a new life without Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and finds a new interest. Some scenes in the second season were on location, while others were actually taken in the studio in Burbank, California.

The filmmakers opted to film in different You locations to capture the show’s twisted essence. So it’s not surprising to see Joe and the new characters in another setting. In season three, the show welcomes the viewers to Madre Linda, a “soulless wealthy suburb outside of San Francisco,” as Joe describes.

However, this tight-knit neighborhood isn’t a real place, so fans won’t be able to visit. There are Californian cities called the Sierra Madre and Yorba Linda, though, which could have been mashed up to create Linda Madre. But one thing is for sure, the filming location of You remained in California, in a much more suburban area, making the main character out of place.

Fun facts:

Did you know that Penn did not have many dialogues during the shoot? That’s because most of his lines were the voiceover. He hardly had any lines when he would go to the set.

Joe and Beck’s first meeting scene in You

Logos Bookstore, 1575 York Ave, New York,

The Pilot episode of You opens at a bookstore where Joe works as a clerk/manager. He sees Beck, and in his mind, he wonders, “Who are you?” There’s no doubt she captures his attention and carefully observes her as she scans the books and finally approaches him. This charming first encounter is organic and unorchestrated, but you’ll know Joe immediately falls into an obsession.

The bookstore that serves as Joe’s workplace in the Pilot episode is a real bookstore you can visit on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s called the Logos Bookstore, a specialty bookstore offering a comprehensive collection of Judeo-Christion books and bibles, the largest in Manhattan. Besides its religious collections, it has children’s books, best-sellers, history, psychology, fiction, non-fiction, cards, gifts, and more. Bookworms would surely find a gem worth adding to their collection.

You’ll see the Logos Bookstore throughout the first season of the show. The crew used Logo’s front interior and exterior as the design for the Mooney’s. However, the outdoor entrance to the bookstore’s basement where Joe holds his prisoners is not part of the Logos. It was filmed at a construction site near the area, while most of Mooney’s interior scenes were shot at a separate studio.

If you want to visit or shop at Logos, you can take the Q subways to 2nd Ave and 86th Street or 4, 5, and 6 subways to Lexington Ave and 86th Street. You can also catch the M86, M79, M31, or M15 buses.

The Renaissance Fair scene in You

Veterans Memorial Park, Nyack, NY

In The Captain episode in season one, Joe takes a day off work to go out of town. But in reality, he is off to follow Beck, who’s out to meet a man at a hotel. Joe is jealous and intrigued about the man she saved on her phone as The Captain, who turns out to be her father, Edward Martin Beck (Michael Park). He stalks her and finds them at the Charles Dickens Festival at the Renaissance Fair, where she meets his new family, including his Christian wife, Nancy (Emily Bergl).

The outdoor setting for the Renaissance Fair is the Veterans Memorial park in Nyack, New York, located on the corner of Main St and Cedar Avenue. It was dedicated during Veterans Day, on November 11, 2005, to commemorate the service of those who served in the United States to defend the nation. Today, the memorial park is a favorite spot for gatherings. It features a gazebo, benches, and beautiful landscaping.

Fans who want to explore the park and visit this You film set may take the buses OWL, H05, and HO7 with stops at Franklin St and Artopee Way.

Beck’s bar scene in You

O'Malley's bar, Nyack, New York

Still, in The Captain episode, Beck is clearly upset about the whole situation with her dad and her new family, but she tries very hard to play along. She later found out that her father won’t support her anymore, and his partner is pregnant. “Great. It’s great. He’s starting a new family,” she thought. Then she goes to a bar to have a drink and pass the time.

It was only a quick scene, but eagle-eyed fans will probably recognize the O’Malley’s bar featured in this sequence. It’s a traditional Irish bar situated in the heart of Nyack. It was established in October 2005 and quickly became a staple in the village with its combination of American food and authentic Irish dishes. It was also an excellent venue for private events, entertainment, meetings, and more.

Unfortunately, the O’Malley’s of Nyack is now permanently closed. But you can still stop by while visiting the memorial park. There are also fun things to do in Downtown Nyack, including attending live music events, shopping, going to an art gallery, and learning about its rich history. You can explore the area on foot or by public transportation.

Joe Goldberg/Will Bettelheim’s apartment scene in You

Apartment Complex, 1830 Winona Boulevard, Los Angeles

In season two, we see Joe, now Will Bettelheim, in a different city and a new neighborhood. This time, he yearns to fight for a fresh start, hence the title of the second season's first episode. He wants to find love, the real one. But he quickly realizes that “the only fresh start is a start without love.” He moves to Los Angeles, which according to him, is “the worst city in the world” and the last place he wants to be.

While having these internal monologues, Joe heads to an apartment complex and meets Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), who lives in the same apartment block. He finds an ideal place on the second floor of the complex he regards as a “Home sweet prison.” It’s a lovely apartment with some pretty interesting neighbors.

This apartment is featured in many scenes in season 2 of the show. It is located on Winona Boulevard in Los Feliz, but you can’t just go inside and take photos. This cozy little LA flat is an actual apartment that can be rented, just a 25-minute walk from the Hollywood Museum of Death. It is listed on Hollywood Hills Apartments, featuring clean wooden floors, a spacious bedroom, and a tiled bathroom and kitchen.

To see the exterior of the apartment complex, you can take bus 217 or DASH. These have routes that pass near Frankline and Normandie Ave bus stop, which is the closest to the apartment building.

Grocery store scene in You

Urban Radish, Los Angeles

After settling into his new apartment, Joe goes to the grocery store called Anavrin, which, when spelled backward, is Nirvana. He considers it the king among the “pristine, non-GMO Disneyland” grocery stores. Joe applies for a job at a shop in Anavrin when he gets an offer to work in a bookstore. On his way out, he sets his eyes on a new interest, Love (Victoria Pedretti), an aspiring chef working in the store kitchen.

While Anavrin doesn’t exist in real life, you can check out Urban Radish, a family-owned eatery and market in downtown LA’s Arts District. The building’s exterior was used extensively throughout the second season to film the Anavrin storefront scenes. You’ll also recognize some familiar spots from the TV series when you step inside the grocery store, including the shelves behind Joe and Love during their first meeting.

There are different ways to the food market. If you can’t bring your car, you can catch buses 60, 62, and 18.

Love meets Theo scene in You

The Vineyards at Porter Ranch, Northridge CA

A lot has happened between Love and Joe, and there has been a dramatic turn of events in their relationship. They now moved to the suburbs of Madre Linda, surrounded by affluent people. In the series’ third season, So I Married an Axe Murderer episode, Love bumps into a new character. His name is Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold), a 19-year-old young man who is almost immediately drawn to her.

They meet outside Glasell’s Market while Love is loading her groceries in the car. Theo offers a hand, to which she politely declines. You’ll see the market behind them as they introduce each other, with Love emphasizing that she’s married and has a newborn baby. The fictional Glasell’s Market also appears in the first episode of season 3, where Joe is stalking his neighbor, Natalie.

These outdoor scenes were filmed in front of a store at the Vineyards at Porter Ranch. It’s a shopping mall that offers customers dining areas, entertainment, and different shopping opportunities. The store you’ll see on the left, beside Glassell's Market, is an actual store called Spectrum.

The buses that stop near Vineyards are lines 158, 244, and 242/243. It’s also about an hour's walk from Orange Line Chatsworth Station.


If you’re running out of reason to take a trip to the busy cities of New York and Los Angeles, consider going on a You self-guided filming tour. Start in New York City and buy the book that Joe recommended to Beck at Logos when they first met or see where the crew built the cage near the bookstore. Visit the libraries and stores featured in the thriller series and take a picture outside Joe’s apartments from seasons one and two.

With the latest season on its way, the show’s fans and curious viewers are looking forward to what the series has to offer. There have been several speculations about the season 4 You filming location, but it’s been confirmed that it’s London. Surely, the filmmakers did not limit themselves to just one city or country as they tried to give every season a different picture.