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Where was House filmed?

City Locations

Century City, Los Angeles, Koreatown

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Hospitals/Medical, Buildings/Offices, Clubs/Bars, Industrial, Apartment

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Americana/Anywhere America, Contemporary Modern, Motorcycle Style, Pick-Up

About House

House is a TV series that was broadcasted in the United States on Fox for eight seasons. A medical drama produced in the United States, the series centers around a central character known as Dr. Gregory House, a medical doctor who is highly intelligent but socially awkward. Dr. House is brilliantly played by well-known actor, Hugh Laurie.

Dr. House has a strong dependence on pain meds, yet his addiction does not interfere with his role as head physician at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. House is constantly at odds with his team of physicians because his methods of diagnosis find their basis in subtle or unproven findings. He also has little regard for the rules regarded by this employer which leads to regular issues with the hospital’s Dean of Medicine, Dr. Cuddy.

House was ranked in the top 10 TV series from seasons two through four. The series was broadcast in 66 different countries, making it the most frequently viewed TV show in the world in 2008. Over the course of its run, House earned five Emmy Awards, two Golden Globes, a Peabody, and nine People’s Choice awards.

Each of the House episodes typically includes a central patient’s medical issues and how the medical team chooses to address them. Most often, the patients under Dr. House’s care have come to him because they have received a faulty diagnosis from a different medical team. Dr. House prefers cases that are quite challenging to solve.

House Locations

Though this much-loved medical drama is set in New Jersey, the filming locations for House are primarily found in California’s Century City, Los Angeles, and Koreatown. Although it may seem like most of the film shoot locations for House are done in a hospital, some are done on a set at Universal Studios in California while others are done in separate locations.

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Fun Fact:

The original title for this show was Chasing Zebras, Circling Drains.

The hospital staff treat a psychopath scene in House

Koreatown, CA

This House scene opens with Taub wheeling a female patient named Valerie through the hospital hallway in a wheelchair. Dr. Hadley discusses with the patient’s husband the course of action they are going to take to help to correct her arrhythmia while they seek the cause of it through further tests and evaluation.

As Taub wheels the patient into her room, the group spots an angry man waiting for her. The man, named Russ, is visibly very angry with Valerie. He intimates that he and Valerie had an affair, and Valerie forces him to admit he was admitted to the hospital for paranoid tendencies. Though Russ is willing to share he was hospitalized, he points out that he wasn’t paranoid; his fears were justified. The hospital staff forces him to leave. Valerie is helped to her bed, and Dr. House enters the room, asking Valerie’s husband to leave.

He goes to her bedside and addresses her brusquely with this question, “Hi, I’m Dr. House. How long have you been a psychopath?”

Valerie: Are you kidding me?

Dr. Hadley: He’s not.

Valerie: Are you saying I’m like Ted Bundy or something?

House: Psychopathy can get a bad rap. Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re violent; just that you’re completely without conscience, you lack any normal emotion, you manipulate everyone around you, you’re promiscuous, and you lie pathologically. Any of this ringing bells?

Valerie: Is that why you were asking me all those weird questions?

House: Yeah, oh, you have Darwin to thank for that. She got the creeps around you which oddly is an actual medical phenomenon around psychopaths. Probably an evolved response to predators.

Valerie: I’m sorry; you’re really freaking me out. I have no idea what…

House: Relax. We have a duty of confidentiality, and you have an undiagnosed heart problem that could kill you at any moment. We believe that your mental abnormality is related to your physical one, so if you want to keep on pretending…

Valerie’s face changes, taking on a sinister appearance, and the conversation continues in one of the best scenes in House.

Valerie: What do you want to know?

This House location is a constructed film set in Koreatown, California. Though you cannot visit the actual set any longer, you can still peruse the landscape that is featured prominently in many different popular House film scenes. To get to Koreatown on public transit, you can take bus lines 16/17/316, 20, 206, 210, DASH, or R7. Alternatively, the Subway Route D Line (Purple) is an excellent transportation option.

House has a stalker scene in House

Frist Campus Center, Frist Ln, Princeton, NJ

In this House film scene, House enters his office to find a beautiful young woman waiting for him. The two engage in this conversation in one of many funny scenes in House.

Patient (Ally): Hi, Dr. House.

House: Hello, girl whose name I don’t remember, but whose dad I treated, so I don’t really know why she’s here.

Ally: Ally. Oh, I think I caught what my dad has. The rhino thing.

House: Right…

House takes his two fingers and pushes them into her temples then asks Ally, “Does that hurt?”

Ally: A little. It’s in my chest too.

House: Of course, it is.

She unzips her top and lets it hang open while House puts his stethoscope in his ears. She is naked underneath.

House: I-eeee…kinda had access through the shirt. This’ll work.

Ally: Mmmmm. Feels good.

House (chuckling to himself): Exactly when did New Jersey run out of horny 17-year-old boys?

Ally: About five weeks ago? It’s been very lonely.

The two lock eyes and House takes off his stethoscope. One of the other doctors opens his office door, and the moment is interrupted between doctor and patient.

To get to this former House production site from downtown Princeton, make a right-hand turn onto John Street and a left onto Birch Avenue. Just up the road, making an additional right onto Witherspoon Street and a left onto Wiggins Street. Follow the next right-hand turn onto Vandeventer Avenue, continuing onto Washington Road. You will find Frist Campus Center on the right-hand side.

Wilson accidentally gets high scene in House

Princeton, NJ

In this scene, House is frantically searching through drawers for some Vicodin to feed his addiction. He finds some pills and grinds them up into a powder. House then empties the powder into a coffee cup filled with coffee. He gives it a good stir and puts it back on the table when Dr. Wilson comes into his office. As Wilson walks towards House’s desk, House sits with his head in the palm of his hand, appearing bored. The two share this dialogue.

House: You rang?

Wilson: You called me.

House: I bought you an espresso. You’ve been buying me coffee for a couple of weeks. I thought I'd pay you back...with one.

Wilson: How did you walk with the cane and the two coffees?

House: Why are you suspicious?

Wilson: Because it’s either that or accept the fact that you’ve done something nice and then I have to deal with the horsemen and the fire and the end of days.

House: You think I spat in yours?

Wilson: Or worse!

House: I stacked them.

House holds out a cup of coffee, and Wilson grabs the opposite one from the desk, accidentally taking and later ingesting the Vicodin-spiked drink.

This popular House production scene was shot on the grounds of Princeton University in one of the offices in their medical department. To visit this former House film set, you can take the Amtrak or NJ Transit train routes to Princeton Junction then transfer to what is known as the “Dinky” for the final leg of the journey to Alexander Street.

House queries Wilson about his love life scene in House

Universal Studios, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA

House is watching a moment of television in his office when Wilson enters the room. House turns off the TV as Wilson approaches his desk. He turns to face him. The two share this humorous exchange.

Wilson: Foreman got the gang testing for tularemia.

House: Yep, probably inconclusive but worth doing. So, what’s her name? When do I get to meet her?

Wilson: There’s nobody. Give it up!

House: Your lips say no, but your shoes say yes.

Wilson: Well, they’re French. Can’t trust a word they say!

You can easily access this film shoot location by public transit. Take bus lines 155, 222, or 240 or pick up the Subway’s B Line (Red).

House delivers surprise news to a patient scene in House

Santa Clarita, CA

House limps into his exam room to meet with a patient named Whitney. Whitney is seated on the exam table, and House pulls up a chair for him to sit on. He is in obvious pain, and he is acting unnaturally friendly and helpful. The two share this conversation.

House: Hi, I’m Greg.

Whitney: Hi, I’m Whitney.

House: Hi, Whitney, how can I help you?

Whitney: I have a terrible headache.

House: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll get you fixed up. Is there anything else you need like a bottle of water, coffee, mint tea?

Whitney: No, but that’s so nice. Usually, the clinic doctors are so rushed.

House: If you can’t be nice, why be a doctor? So, where do you feel the pain?

Whitney: In the back of my head here.

House: Uh-huh. It’s picarian’s sign. It’ll be gone by your third trimester.

Whitney: Oh, I’m not in school.

House: Neither is your fetus.

Filmed on a set constructed in Santa Clarita, you can visit this House location by taking I-5N from nearby San Fernando. The trip to this filming location is just over 14 miles and takes about 25 minutes by a passenger vehicle.

House and his team treat an unusual medical case scene in House

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

One of House’s female doctors examines a male patient who is complaining of a swollen tongue that has persisted for three days. The husband, wife, and the doctor continue in the following dialogue.

Husband: It was three days ago. My throat got real dry, and then my tongue felt like it was blowing up like a balloon.

Doctor: I assume somebody checked for food allergies.

Wife: The first two doctors both did, the next one said it was a panic attack, and the one after that wanted to take his tonsils out.

Husband: The last one had no idea so he referred us to Dr. House.

Doctor: It said the attack was preceded by some sort of strenuous physical activity.

Husband: Ummm, ya.

Doctor: What were you doing?

The patient looks embarrassed while his wife displays a proud and knowing smile.

House: Awesome. Sex fiend with a swollen tongue. Just think of all of the places I can make Foreman search.

Doctor: He’s not a sex fiend; he’s a happily married man.

House: No such thing. He guzzles an energy drink.

Doctor: What are you doing?

House: Testing a new caffeine delivery system.

To visit the site where this footage was shot, it is best to take a flight to the international airport found directly outside Vancouver then travel into the heart of the city via shuttle, taxi, SkyTrain, or passenger vehicle.


One of the most beloved medical dramas of all time, House has earned a large following of fans in 66 different countries from around the world. Though many of House’s film scenes were shot on sound stages at the major studios in Century City, much footage was also taken in places such as Princeton, Koreatown, Santa Clarita, and Vancouver as well.

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