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Where was Frasier filmed?

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Los Angeles, Seattle

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About Frasier

Frasier is an American sitcom that ran on NBC for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004. Frasier is a spin-off from the other popular series' Cheers,' which also ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It continues the life of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer), who shifts to his home city of Seattle and becomes the host of a popular radio show, The Dr. Frasier Crane Show - a call-in psychiatry series on radio KACL.

Frasier Crane shifts to Seattle to start afresh as a single man after the end of his marriage and Boston life. Frasier becomes the primary caregiver of his father, Martin Crane (John Mahoney), a retired police officer with mobility concerns after sustaining a gunshot in the hip while on duty. After his father moves in with Frasier, they both conduct a series of interviews to find a live-in caregiver and physiotherapist. After much to and fro, Martin decides to hire British caregiver Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves).

Many of the initial seasons of Frasier focus on the adjustments between father and son and the new dynamic that comes into play with the caregiver, Daphne. Since Frasier has very little in common with Martin and Martin's dog, Eddie, he tends to spend more time with his younger brother, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) who he grew up with. Niles is also a psychiatrist, and eventually falls in love with, and marries Daphne Moon, later Daphne Crane.

Another aspect of the show is Frasier's work life with radio show producer Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin), with whom Frasier shares few commonalities but eventually becomes good friends. Roz's storyline and character development are shown beautifully when she becomes a single mother to her daughter, Alice. Frasier and Roz share a great professional work dynamic and develop a wonderful camaraderie. This is shown through the scenes at Café Nervosa, a local coffee shop, which later becomes a permanent fixture in the show.

What follows throughout the 11 seasons is close competition between the Crane brothers, their complex relationship with Martin, the budding romances and relationships with other main characters, and the overall friendships and family bonding.

Frasier Locations

Like many series set earlier, the production teams usually preferred studio shoots, especially for recurring scenes and locations within a show. This is also the case for Frasier. This fabulous series was not shot in Seattle, as the show suggests, but filmed on sound stage sets in Los Angeles. There is only one exception to the filming rule in Frasier, which is the 100th episode called 'The 1000th Show' on the series. The 1000th Show was episode 5 of season 5. This was the only episode filmed at various locations around Seattle as a tribute to the fantastic city and its people. All other scenes were sets constructed specifically for the show with a live audience.

It is only in the 100th episode that viewers get to see the city of Seattle with Niles and Frasier roaming about the city. The Space Needle, Pike Place Fish Market, Regrade Park, Westlake Center, the Monorail, and other iconic areas around Seattle can be seen in this episode.

Teaser: All the locations in Seattle are worth visiting. Considering that Frasier has several shots of the Space Needle and other locations around Seattle, it is worthwhile for fans to go see these places, stand in the same places as Frasier and Niles, and click some beautiful photographs.

Fun fact:

The producers of Frasier wanted to have the show centered around Denver but settled on Seattle.

Frasier and Niles visit the fish market scene in Frasier

Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle

In a season 5 episode, Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer)and Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce) enter the Farmers Market to kill some time. As they enter the Farmer's Market, Frasier says, "I love this place. Here, you can feel the pulse of the city. You know what I think when I see all these people here bustling about?"

As sarcastic as ever, Niles replies, "Low turnout over at Frasier Crane Day?" Frasier looks at him and rolls his eyes, saying, "No, I think they're the reason I love this city." Frasier starts randomly waving at people at the market, and Niles gets irritated, exclaiming, "Stop waving!" Suddenly a fishmonger throws a fish at another monger, and Niles screams out in surprise while dropping his coffee and spilling some on Frasier's shoe.

This hilarious exchange is one of the best scenes in Frasier, with Niles behaving hysterically and Frasier trying to calm him down. The Frasier filming location of the Farmers Market is the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Visitors can choose from fresh produce, have it cooked on the spot, and enjoy a wonderful meal while taking a round. To get to the market, catch bus number 7 and hop off at 3rd Ave and Union Stn. The walk to the marketplace is 2-3 minutes from this stop.

Frasier and Niles exit the fish market scene in Frasier

100 Pine St, Seattle

Continuing the scene, Frasier is horrified that Niles spilled coffee on his suede shoes. He has to meet several people on Frasier Day and doesn't want to look shabby in his shoes. Frasier looks at his shoes and exclaims, "Good God! My suede shoes! You spilled latte all over them! They're ruined!" Niles looks apologetic and says, "I'm sorry! And it was a half-caf cappuccino! Why can no one ever remember that?" As Frasier and Niles exit the Public Market and go uphill on one of Seattle's many roads, Frasier says to Niles, "I'll have to replace them. I'll look foolish otherwise!"

Niles is highly annoyed with Frasier and remarks, "Never have I heard such caterwauling over a pair of shoes." Frasier, as always, goes into the cost of things and responds, "I spent a bundle on these. They're Joan and David." Niles, feigning ignorance over his brother's brand obsession, says with a dead voice, "You named your shoes?"

Considering the various Frasier locations, this one took the least amount to shoot since it had to be done fast. The street Niles and Frasier are walking up is 100 Pine St in Seattle. It is easily accessible if you hop onto bus number 70 and get off at 3rd Avenue and Pine St.

Frasier stops to buy shoes and is late scene in Frasier

2441 2nd Avenue, Seattle

After the coffee incident (half-caf cappuccino incident!), Frasier finally manages to get himself a new pair of shoes. He and Niles stop at a shoe boutique called 'Lloyd and Keenan' in Belltown, and while exiting the store, Frasier remarks, "Well, these are handsome, even if they are a bit snug," while looking down at his new shoes. Niles, who is extremely annoyed with his brother by now, says, "You can always go back. I think there's a pair in there you didn't try on."

Frasier, notorious for losing track of time, says, "Nonsense! We weren't in there for that long," and looked at his watch. He realizes they're late for Frasier Crane Day at the Space Needle and tells Niles, "Oh God, the rally's about to start! Give me your phone. I'll call Roz." Roz Doyle (Peri Gilpin) is the producer of the radio show.

While this scene isn't that important, the filming location of Frasier is critical since it shows the Seattle Space Needle in the background. This location is now the home of the Hawaiian-Japanese restaurant Karaage Setsuna. The address is 2441 2nd Avenue, Seattle. To reach this location, catch the D line and get off at 3rd Ave and Cedar St and walk for a couple of minutes to reach the spot.

Girl Scouts catch Niles and Frasier stealing scene in Frasier

Regrade Park, Seattle

After buying shoes for Frasier, the Crane brothers try to avoid ardent 'Frasier fans' by slipping through an alley. While leaving the street after making a call to Roz, Frasier tells her, "You start without me. I'll take a cab!" as they are about to go towards the main road to hail a cab, Frasier stops Niles and says, "Niles, wait! Too many fans that way! I'll be mobbed." Niles looks around and doesn't see a single person looking at them. Frasier continues, oblivious, "We're better off cutting over one block through that alley," as he points to a shady-looking place. While walking down the alley, they get mugged and lose their money and belongings.

Since they lost their cash and mobile phones, they're crossing a park where they see a pay phone. They see a blind man with a saxophone case in front of him and try to steal a few quarters to use on the pay phone. While Niles tries to get a few quarters from the case, a Girl Scout catches Niles in the act and yells, "Stop! Thief!"

This is one of the many funny scenes in Frasier, with both Crane brothers running like crazy to avoid the Girl Scouts! The Frasier production team chose the famous Regrade Park for the filming location. Getting to the park is quickest via bus number 3.

Niles and Frasier out of breath after escaping the Girl Scouts scene in Frasier

Westlake Center, 1699 5th Ave, Seattle

After running away from the Girl Scouts, Fraser and Niles find themselves even further away from the Space Needle. They've gone southeast instead of northward towards the Space Needle. Frasier is out of breath, his shoes are killing him, and he pants behind Niles, "Stop, Niles! Stop! I can't go any further! My feet are killing me!" Niles is also breathing hard. He says to Frasier, "We lost them. Most of them dropped out after the first corner, but that short one with the pigtails was a regular gazelle!"

Frasier agrees, looks up at the Space Needle behind the Washington Mutual signboard, and exclaims, "Look! It's even farther away than it was before!" Niles realizes his brother is correct and points to the Monorail, saying, "Frasier! The Monorail! It goes to the Space Needle!"

After their navigational faux pas, the Crane brothers land at Westlake Center, 1699 5th Ave, Seattle. The Washington Mutual signboard in the scene now reads Washington Mutual Savings Bank. Washington Mutual was absorbed by Chase, but the bank remains at the exact location with a different name. Fans can visit this Frasier location by catching bus number 4 and getting off at 3rd Ave and Pike St.

The monorail scene in Frasier

1601 5th Ave, Seattle

Frasier and Niles enter the Monorail that goes to the Space Needle without paying the fare! They sneakily get onto the Monorail and take their seats. As they are finding seats, Niles asks Frasier, "Do you think anyone saw us sneak on?" Frasier replies, looking around, "I think we're alright." Niles, who's usually an upstanding citizen, tells Frasier, "I hate to say it, but it was sort of exciting, flouting the law like that. It gives you an idea of why outlaws are always such romantic figures." Frasier, seemingly taken aback by Niles' reasoning, retorts, "You might have cut a more dashing figure had you vaulted over the turnstile and not crawled underneath it," while making hand gestures implying his brother is an idiot.

Not wishing to be at the receiving end, Niles remarks, "I'm surprised the trains are even running on Frasier Crane Day." Frasier, feigning superiority, says, "Yes well, with any luck, we'll catch the last 20 minutes of the rally. Though how I'll explain my lateness, I have no idea."

While they're on the Monorail, it comes to a halt right above the Frasier Crane Rally location, but because of an electrical problem, it heads back to Westlake! If you also want to catch the same Monorail, hop onto one from 1601 5th Ave and enjoy your ride!


Frasier is a critically acclaimed series with Emmy Award winners, thirty-seven Emmy Primetime Awards, and Primetime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Comedy Series five times in a row. Considering these accolades, it stands to reason that global audiences received the TV series exceptionally well. The production team has done an excellent job with the casting and crew, and even the Frasier action scenes were enjoyable without violence.

While most of the filming is done on sets in Los Angeles, the Seattle scenes in the 5th episode of the 5th season fit perfectly as a bridge between the scenes shot on set and the real-life locations. The entire episode was a gift to viewers who wanted to see more of the brothers and the other main characters in the city of Seattle.

Frasier, the sitcom, has become integral in the lives of most people, with a huge fan following, not unlike those of other popular series like Friends, Sex and the City, and The Big Bang Theory.