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About Princess Diaries 2

Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement (2004) is the second installment of the blockbuster Princess Diaries movie released in 2001. Princess Diaries 2, like its predecessor, is also an American romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall. It is based on the characters written by Meg Cabot in the book series of the same name. However, this story is not based on any of the novels. Princess Diaries 2 was made with a $45 million budget and internationally grossed $134.7 million! Most of the cast from the first film returned with a few new additions to this incredible second film.

Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement starts 5 years after the first movie, with Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) graduating from Princeton University and moving to Genovia to take her place as the future Queen (after the official abdication of her grandmother). Since Mia turns 21, a ball is held in her favor where she must dance with all the eligible bachelors. At the birthday ball, she meets a handsome and dashing young man named Lord Nicholas Deveraux (Chris Pine), who is also qualified for the Genovian Throne.

Lord Nicholas' uncle, Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies), is trying to get his nephew to become the next King of Genovia and declare Princess Mia ineligible. He raises the ineligibility point in Parliament, stating that since Princess Mia is unmarried, she is unfit to rule the Kingdom (as per Genovian law). Parliament rules in Viscount Mabrey's favor and asks Princess Mia to either give up her claim to the throne or marry within one month of turning 21.

What follows is an epic race against time where Princess Mia gets engaged to Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Kenilworth (Callum Blue), but falls head over heels for Lord Nicholas Deveraux. In the meantime, she also rightfully claims her Crown, ensures her grandmother finds her happily-ever-after, and starts an epic ‘crowning glory' journey.

Princess Diaries 2 Locations

Princess Diaries was filmed in England and the United States, with most of the scenes filmed in California. The crew ensured that audiences enjoyed the movie and made each location look like it belonged in the fictional country of Genovia. The plane fly-by scene with the first view of Genovia was the filming location of Longford Castle in England. The graduation ceremony was filmed at the University of Southern College, which was the preferred stand-in for the Princeton University film shoots.

What most audiences thought of as a street in a principality somewhere in Europe was filmed on set in California. Even the Royal Palace of Genovia was filmed at the Disney Golden Oak Ranch. The Royal Garden Party was filmed at 1288 South Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, California, with the gorgeous gardens, shrubbery, the water fountain scene, and incredible performances of Johny Blu and Anna Netrebko. Fans of the movie should visit these locations to experience the full beauty of the Princess Diaries 2 experience.

Considering the challenges of the topography with the mountains, the 'infamous' lake, a picturesque European Country, and the scenes with the flaming arrows, the production team did a fantastic job bringing everything together.

Fans should plan a road trip across California to ensure they get most of the Princess Diaries 2 filming locations covered in one shot.

Fun fact:

The song 'Crowning Glory' was the singing comeback of Julie Andrews after her throat surgery in 1997. After 1997, Dame Julie Andrews refused to sing in public till she recorded this song for Princess Diaries 2.

Mia graduates from college scene in Princess Diaries 2

Bovard, University of Southern California, California

The opening scene of Princess Diaries 2 starts with Princess Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) graduating from Princeton University – Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. All the graduating students are seated in front of the Chancellor. Simultaneously, he gives a speech, "Although your diplomas are equally specific, remember you are all going out into the world as individuals. I now proudly present this year's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs graduating class." Also present for the graduation ceremony are Princess Mia's mother, Helen Thermopolis O'Connell (Caroline Goodall), and her husband and Mia's stepfather, Patrick O'Connell (Sean O'Bryan).

As the Chancellor finishes his speech, all the students jump up from their seats, cheering and clapping, and throw their graduation caps in the air. While all the caps are in the air, one tiara is among them – Princess Mia's tiara!

The Princess Diaries 2 production team chose Bovard, the University of Southern California, as the filming location for this scene. The University campus was perfect for the graduation scene. The University of Southern California is easily accessible via bus number 204 to Vermont/ 36th. Once you get to the bus stop, walk for a minute or two to reach the sprawling campus. Visitors may have to generate a pass at the entrance, so it's best to get all the information beforehand.

Mia says goodbye to her friends scene in Princess Diaries 2

Trousdale Parkway, California

As graduation commences at Princeton University - Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, everyone is cheering and meeting up with their friends one last time. Some are making plans for the summer, while others promise to keep in touch as they embark on a new and exciting journey.

Princess Mia is with her girlfriends, holding onto each other while jumping and yelling, "Go! Go! Go!" Her friend says, "Bye! We love you! You have to write!" Princess Mia tells her friend, "Thank your mom for all the cookies, okay?" Joe (Hector Elizondo), her security-in-charge, says to Mia as he tugs her away from her friends, "I'm very proud of you."

This poignant emotional scene was filmed at Trousdale Parkway in California, close to the University of Southern California, where the graduation scene was shot. Out of all the Princess Diaries 2 locations, this is the one with the shortest screen time. This scene was shot immediately and barely had an on-screen time of more than 1.5 minutes. Getting to Trousdale Parkway is easy via the Metro J Line (Silver) 950 to the Harbor Transitway/ 37th St/ USC. From this station, the walk to Trousdale Parkway is approximately 10 minutes.

Princess Mia writes in her diary scene in Princess Diaries 2

Longford Castle, England, UK

While the Royal Genovian Plane is in the air, Princess Mia writes in her diary. This diary is gifted to her by her grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Dame Julie Andrews), in the earlier movie, Princess Diaries. Mia writes, "Dear Diary, well, it's me. Brand new college graduate/ princess. Oh, I can't believe it's been five years since grandma told me that I was a princess."

At this point in the movie, there is a flashback from Princess Diaries to a scene of Queen Clarisse telling Princess Mia that she's a princess. Mia continues writing in her diary, "And right after that, my mother surprised me by marrying my High School teacher, Patrick O'Connell. It must be going well because they are now expecting a baby." Joe tells Mia, "Princess Mia, look out the window and welcome back to Genovia."

This starting shot is one of the best scenes in Princess Diaries 2, where audiences get to see the Genovian Castle! The filming location is Longford Castle in England near Salisbury. Fans can visit Longford Castle and book tours to see the interiors and understand the history. To get to Longford Castle, you should catch the XR7 to Green Dragon and walk for 15 – 17 minutes to reach the castle.

Queen Clarisse twirls in her dress scene in Princess Diaries 2

Disney Golden Oak Ranch, 19802 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, CA

For Princess Mia's 21st birthday, a ball is held at the Genovian Palace. The Queen's Personal Secretary, Charlotte Kutaway (Kathleen Marshall), walks into the foyer dressed for the evening. She tells the security guards, "The Queen is coming. Here she comes. Look alive. Places. She'll have a double-door entrance." She meets Joe, who talks into his microphone, "The Eagle is flying. Repeat, the Eagle is flying." Charlotte also speaks into her microphone, saying, "She's in the foyer."

As they watch for her, Queen Clarisse breezes into the foyer in a gorgeous peach-colored evening dress. She holds out her hands, does a small twirl, and then walks towards Joe, who romantically kisses her gloved hand and remarks, "Beautiful! But you're late, Your Majesty." Queen Clarisse replies, gently smiling at Joe, "A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early."

This incredible filming location of Princess Diaries 2 is the Disney Golden Oak Ranch in California. The Disney Golden Oak Ranch is accessible by changing two buses. First is the 257 to Newhall Ave and Valle Del Oro, and the second is the number 12 bus to Sierra Hwy and Placerita Canyon Rd. From this stop, visitors need to walk for 15 – 20 minutes to reach the property.

Mia and Nicholas argue about their partners scene in Princess Diaries 2

1288 South Oakland Avenue, California

The Genovian Parliament announces that Princess Mia cannot ascend the throne if she is unmarried and must get married within a month. If she fails to do so, the Genovian Throne will go to the next-in-line, Lord Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine). Queen Clarisse invites Nicholas and his uncle, Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies), to live in the Genovian Palace with her and Princess Mia.

At a garden party on the Palace grounds, Mia and Nicholas get into an argument over their respective dates, Andrew Jacoby, the Duke of Kenilworth (Callum Blue), and Lady Elissa (Meredith Patterson), respectively. Seeing the argument escalate, Lady Elissa asks Duke Andrew, "Andrew, would you like to get a drink? I have a feeling they're going to start a 'My horse is bigger than your horse' run." Andrew, finding a way out of the argument, replies, "I would absolutely love to. Excuse us."

The grounds of 1288 South Oakland Avenue were chosen for this Princess Diaries 2 film scene. The team needed a large-enough place with a garden maze to host all the guests. Getting to 1288 South Oakland is easiest via CA-110 N to Glenarm St and right onto South Oakland Avenue. However, fans can also catch the Metro L Line (Gold), get off at Fillmore, and walk for 20 – 25 minutes to reach the grounds.

Genovian parade scene in Princess Diaries 2

Little Europe, Backlot, Universal Studios

The Genovian Independence Day Annual Parade is held at Pyrus, the capital of Genovia. The Parade line-up includes Prime Minister Motaz (Joel McCrary) at the start, the Mertz Marching Band, and the Leapers of Libbet folk dancers, followed by the Queen with Princess Mia. The assembled crowds sing, "Genovia, Genovia..." while waving the Genovian national flag and tossing streamers.

While the parade crosses the children's shelter, Mia sees two boys bullying a girl. She halts the procession and meets the girl. She asks for the children's names and questions the boys, "Did I see you messing with Carolina?" The boys run off immediately, and the caretaker informs Mia that most of the children are orphans. Mia passes out tiaras and crowns to the children and includes them in the parade while she walks with them, making this Genovian Independence Day Parade the best one in years!

This gorgeous Princess Diaries 2 filming location was a set constructed at Universal Studios. It was named Little Europe and the street with the parade, and all the orphan children were filmed here. Getting to Universal Studios is easy if you catch the Metro B Line (Red) and hop off at Universal station. From the station, the walk to the studios is approximately 15 minutes.


Princess Diaries 2 was a beautiful story that touched the hearts of thousands of impressionable young girls. Since Princess Diaries followed Princess Mia's anxiety-ridden years as an American teenager, Princess Diaries 2 showed audiences how a little bit of self-confidence, grace, and maturity can transform children into compassionate and empathetic adults.

There were plenty of funny scenes in Princess Diaries 2, with Princess Mia's faux pas and her run-ins with Lord Nicholas Devereaux. However, what emerged was a beautiful mix of royalty, her grandmother's wisdom, Mia's life learnings, and ultimately growing up enough that 'she rules!'

The Princess Diaries 2 team has done a fabulous job with the filming locations, Little Europe, the sprawling Royal Gardens, and of course, furry friends Fat Louie, the cat, and Maurice, the dog. Audiences loved the ending of Princess Diaries 2. For many, it was the perfect culmination of a beautiful journey that started in San Francisco and ended in the European country of Genovia.