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Southern California, Los Angeles

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About American Pie 2

American Pie is a classic American comedy film that was released in 2001. This guide to locations in the movie contains spoilers. The movie follows five main characters, Stifler, Finch, Oz, Jim, and Kevin as they make their way through what they hope to be the best summer party ever thrown. Nearly the entire movie takes place at a Grand Harbor, Michigan beach house, where the party is being held under the advice of Kevin’s brother.

All five friends have to split up from their girlfriends for the summer, planning to spend it together and throw the best party they can. The plan is for them to spend the entire summer at the beach house. Stifler seems to be the leader of the group, planning the party and taking the friends through many of the hijinks of the film. Oz spends most of the movie missing his girlfriend Heather until she makes an early appearance at the party.

When the friends first get to the house they take a job as painters, and from there the film follows each of them on separate stories throughout the length of the party. When Jim is contacted by his ex, Nadia he seeks out another fling, nerdy Michelle, to get tips and advice before Nadia shows up at the party.

Finch is waiting for the chance to impress Stifler’s mom, but his friend’s brother shows up instead. During the party, Jim and Michelle pretend to date, only for Michelle to realize she actually likes him. It takes a pretend breakup for Jim to realize he feels the same way.

Kevin ends up admitting during the party how much he is struggling with high school being over, but his friends are able to make him feel better. Stifler has sex with two women who the friends believed to be lesbians earlier, and the party comes to an end.

The morning after the party, a car pulls up that turns out to be Stifler’s mom. Finch gets in the car, and they drive away to have sex with each other. American Pie 2, directed by James B. Rogers is full of funny scenes fans enjoy today, and was filmed at locations that can still be seen.

American Pie 2 Locations

American Pie 2 was filmed in various Southern California cities. Many of these are in Los Angeles County. Long Beach, Altadena, South Pasadena, Malibu, and Seal Beach were all used as locations for filming this classic comedy movie. Despite the story of the movie taking place in a Michigan beach house, none of the filming for the movie was actually done in Michigan.

The beach house featured is a resort known as Paradise Cove found in Malibu, California. Main Street in Seal Beach, California was used for the shots of the five friends arriving in Michigan early in the movie. The University College of Los Angeles was used for scenes showing the characters in school.

A home found in Long Beach, California was used as the house for Jim in American Pie 2. This same house was also used for his house in the first American Pie movie. A nearby home on the same street was used for the character Michelle’s home. Locations used in American Pie 2 can still be found around Los Angeles, California and are regularly visited by fans. While many of the cities are in Los Angeles County, Seal Beach is found in Orange County.

Jim asks Michelle for help scene in American Pie 2

Long Beach, California

American Pie 2 is full of hilarious scenes featuring the characters that people fell in love with when the first movie hit theatres. Michelle is back too, and Jim seeks her out before the big summer party hoping to get advice on becoming more experienced with girls. The house where Jim lives is found in Long Beach, California and Michelle’s house is found just a short distance down the road. During the first movie, Jim lost his virginity to Michelle on prom night, so he seeks her out to ask about the experience.

Jim asks if he was any good and Michelle’s answer is, “Jeez how could I forget? You sucked. You didn't know what the hell you were doing. But wasn't it fun even though you were so terrible?”

Michelle goes on to say that she’s had worse, she then offers to help, telling Jim, “Oh, sorry. I just... ah... I could give you some pointers. If you want.”

Fake dating Michelle scene in American Pie 2

Long Beach, California

After an incident in which Jim mistakes super glue for lubricant, he realizes he will not be able to try and have sex with his new crush Nadia quite yet. Embarrassed by what happened, and not wanting Nadia to find out, Jim gets Michelle to pretend to be his girlfriend. The two even stage a fake break up during the summer beach house party, allowing Jim to make his move with Nadia. Scenes of Jim and Michelle interacting at the house before the party, and pretending to break up, were filmed in Malibu, California. Some of the first interactions that they have when they start fake dating happen at Michelle’s house, located in Long Beach, California.

During one of these early conversations, Michelle asks Jim what he would want to do if she was a hot girl, to which he responds with, “I want to feel your boobs.”

Michelle tells him, “No, you dingbat. You don't just go groping away. You gotta pre-heat the oven before you stick in the turkey.”

Heather shows up early scene in American Pie 2

Malibu Beach House, Malibu, California

Oz and his girlfriend Heather spend the early scenes of American Pie 2 apart because she is studying abroad in Spain. The two even have a scene where they attempt to have phone sex, and Heather can be seen in the streets of Spain. The location used for those shots was found in downtown Los Angeles. However, Stifler quickly interrupts the two. Heather is seen later when she arrives early to the big party, and her and Oz go off together. This scene marks the end of Oz’s storyline in American Pie 2. Like the other shots featuring the beach house, this scene was filmed at the same Malibu house in the Paradise Grove Resort.

Stifler even calls Oz a disgrace because he wants to be with Heather instead of trying to sleep with other girls.

“You're a disgrace to men everywhere. I mean, look at the Stifmeister. I got laid 23 times this year, and I'm not counting the hummer I got in the library stacks, baby,” Stifler tells him.

Oz’s response is, “Here's a new idea for you Stifler. You find a girl, you two become best friends and you don't bother counting how many times you have sex with each other you just laugh at the people who do count.”

However, Stifler is not moved by the statement.

Kevin confides in his friends scene in American Pie 2

Paradise Cove Resort, Malibu, California

While Kevin was looking forward to trying to hook up with his crush Vicky at the summer party, he is upset to find out she brought someone else. This causes Kevin to leave, but Finch, Jim, and Oz follow him out to talk to him. Kevin then confides in them that he has been struggling since high school ended.

Kevin tells the others, “I guess I was livin' in the past, you know, wanting to party with you guys and be with Vicky. It's just like high school. Remember that day after prom? You know, we made a toast to the next step. I guess I never took it.”

His friends are able to make him feel better, and they all decide to go back to the party. A house in the lakefront Paradise Cove resort in Malibu, California holds the house used for this scene, and the others in American Pie 2 that showcase the big summer party. The house is depicted to be in Grand Harbor, Michigan.

Jim loves Michelle scene in American Pie 2

Malibu Beach House, Malibu, California

Even after Jim and Michelle hold a fake breakup before the party, giving Jim the freedom to go after Nadia. However, this is when Jim comes to terms with the fact that Michelle is actually the girl he loves. This takes place in the fictional Michigan beach house, which was an actual house still standing in a Malibu, California resort. When he does approach Nadia, Jim reveals his feelings for her have changed.

“Nadia, please don't take this the wrong way - You are everything I... used to want in a woman, and as much as I'm really... really going to regret this, I think I need to be with someone else,” he tells her.

When Nadia asks if he wants to be with the band geek, Jim says, “Nadia, I am a band geek. I just never joined the band.”

Jim then leaves to go after Michelle, and Nadia settles for a different band geek.

Nadia wants Sherman scene in American Pie 2

Malibu Beach House, Malibu, California

During American Pie 2 while Jim is crushing on Nadia, band geek Sherman is being consistently turned down by girls. However, Nadia only liked Jim because of how geeky he was, and in one of the final scenes of the movie, she settles for Sherman instead. She is sitting at a table during the party when Sherman approaches her.

After a few minutes, Sherman says, “I am the Sherminator, a sophisticated Sex Robot sent through time to change the future for one lucky lady.”

Nadia asks if she is the lady Sherman is talking about, to which he responds with, “That's right, Nadia. You've been targeted for Shermination. Come with me if you want to live.”

This scene was filmed in the Malibu resort house used for the majority of the movie.


American Pie 2 is considered a sex comedy due to the nature of the movie. A theatrical version was edited for theatres and is rated R, and there is also an unrated version with more scenes. Adam Herz wrote the screenplay and James B. Rogers directed the early 2000s adult comedy. The cast includes various big names in Hollywood including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Klein, and Tara Reid.

This is the second movie in the American Pie franchise, which is one of the most popular comedy franchises in the world. It picks up after the events of the first movie when all the friends are on summer break from college and preparing to throw the biggest party of the summer. It is full of hilarious scenes and inappropriate shenanigans as each of the five main boys tries to accomplish something before the party is over.