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About A Quiet Place

John Krasinski needs little introduction for fans of the cult-hit NBC sitcom The Office. Behind the scenes, he is an exceptionally gifted filmmaker with a list of critically-acclaimed directorial credits including the 2018 post-apocalyptic film A Quiet Place.

Written by horror-genre masters, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Krasinski also had a hand in drafting the script. Perhaps even more endearing, the two-time Critics’ Choice winner shares the screen with his wife, Emily Blunt, as Lee and Evelyn Abbott who are the main characters of the film.

Echoing the sentiments of Roger Ebert.com, great horror films thrive on their character investments and cinematic appeal. A Quiet Place delivers in both regards, and perhaps supersedes expectation, with the premise focused on a family who easily adapts to an eerily silent world.

Following an ecological disaster of sorts, giant reptile predators have invaded the Earth and they threaten the existence of the human race. The predators resemble a cross-breed of Jurassic-age reptiles and aliens that you might have seen in one of Ridley Scott’s films.

Humans have a fighting chance given that the creatures are blind and solely rely on their advanced sense of hearing to stalk their prey, which just happens to be humans. Hence the reason why the planet has suddenly devolved into a soundless existence.

The Abbotts have an easier time adjusting to the new normal because their daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) has a hearing impairment. The entire family, including son Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Beau (Cade Woodward), know how to communicate in sign language. Therefore, they don’t have a problem carrying out heartfelt dialogues in the wordless world.

It isn’t smooth-sailing, however, and they lose their youngest to one of the creatures. More complications arise because Evelyn is expectant.

The family also leads a survivalist lifestyle in a countryside locale with frequent runs made to neighboring derelict towns to scavenge for supplies. In a warped sense, it contributes to the cinematic appeal and it’s all thanks to the thoughtfully-chosen filming locations of A Quiet Place.

A Quiet Place Locations

In the post-apocalyptic world where the number one rule is to stay silent at all times, the Abbotts maintain a relatively normal life. Tucked away at a countryside farmhouse, a 19th-century abode alongside several New York towns served as the backdrop for the film.

The A Quiet Place film shoot locations are all within the Ulster and Dutchess counties. The filmmakers gave back to the local economy by collaborating with the local farmers and residents on various aspects of the production. Carol Paterno is one of the Ulster and Dutchess­­ county residents who opened her doors to the production team.

Filming commenced in May 2017 and production wrapped in 60 days. Once the credits roll and the screen turns black, the people of Beacon, New Paltz, and Pawling receive a “thank you” for their assistance in the making of the post-apocalyptic horror film.

Paterno, whose name featured on the end credits, told the Poughkeepsie Journal that it was jaw-dropping to have all the credited people walking on her farm at one point. Here is our nearly spoiler-free guide to some of the best scenes in A Quiet Place and their respective filming locations.

Fun fact:

On top of directing and starring in the film, Krasinski embodied yet another character in the film. He rocked a motion suit for some of the scenes capturing the creature.

General store scavenging scene in A Quiet Place

Beacon Natural Market, Beacon, NY

In one of the opening scenes, we are introduced to the Abbotts as they scavenge a deserted general store. Regan and Beau are in the store signing in conversation when the little boy makes a reference to a rocket ship.

In sign language, Beau says “That’s how… we get away.” The next moment, we witness Regan preventing what could have potentially been a loud and tragic incident. Beau reaches out for a toy on one of the high shelves and it comes tumbling down.

Instinctively, Regan reaches out and successfully breaks its fall. Taking a breath of relief, we see that the toy in question is a replica of a space shuttle. Soon, after we see that Regan has a hearing aid and start piecing it all together.

The Beacon Natural Market stands on Main Street which served as one of the film sets. It’s a family-owned business that has been in operation since 2005. The G bus or Hudson train can get you to the A Quiet Place filming location.

One of the creatures kills Beau scene in A Quiet Place

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Following the scene at the general store, we see the Abbotts making their way through a long road that leads them to a heavily wooded area. They are walking in a single file and soon come upon an old, creaky bridge.

As they cross the bridge, doing their best not to make too much noise, Beau suddenly stops. He fishes out the space shuttle he had sneaking taken from the store out of his hood. It’s all silent, and then we see a light flickering, red and blue. Each family member, except for Regan, looks back at Beau with fear written all over their faces.

The toy emits a playful beeping and as the blinking continues, a horrifying screech comes from the nearby woods. Lee bolts into action running towards the boy as the trees around them ruffle. Just when he’s about to get to Beau, a creature swoops in and Beau is gone. All that’s left is the space shuttle blinking in the sand.

For this A Quiet Place action scene, the production team set up shop at the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. Located in New Paltz, the bridge forms part of a 15-mile-long linear park that once followed a railroad line that stopped its operations in 1997.

The railroad passes through the towns of Rosendale, Gardiner, and New Paltz, which all provided locations for the film. When visiting the linear park, you can enjoy activities like horseback riding, jogging, cross-country skiing, and bike riding.

Evelyn gives birth scene in A Quiet Place

623 W Dover Road, Pawling

Several months after Beau’s death, the Abbotts appear to have found a way to move on. Evelyn is also heavily pregnant, and she goes into labor on one occasion when she’s home alone.

Unfortunately, she steps on a nail while descending the stairs and drops a picture frame.

The loud sound attracts one of the sightless predators which breaks into the house. Evelyn flips a switch and it activates surrounding lights. Marcus and Lee who are back from their fishing trip see the signal.

Lee proceeds to set off fireworks as a diversion, and thankfully, it works. Meanwhile, Evelyn who has taken shelter in a bathtub gives birth. After surviving the ordeal it dawns upon her that she might not always be there to protect their kids. Hence why she told Lee “Promise me… you need to protect them.”

Located at 623 W Dover Road in the town of Pawling, is where you’ll find the 1800s house and barn that served as the Abbotts' on-screen residence. Sitting on 417 acres, the 5,700-square-foot house comes with nine bedrooms and four full bathrooms.

Krasinki explained that the family chose to take up shelter in the barn because of its dirt floor. It helped them make less noise, unlike the house which was old and creaky. With the help of Computer Generated Images, a tree is depicted to have also fallen on the roof of the sprawling abode.

The town reportedly also greenlighted the filmmaker’s request to let one section of the property’s edge grow over. It gave the Lakeside Park area a more menacing feel.

Marcus and Regan's silo drowning scene in A Quiet Place

Pawling Sound Stage

After one of the creatures infiltrates the house while Evelyn is giving birth, a series of events see Regan and Marcus running off into the cornfields, and finally, they stop at a silo. Standing atop the grain reserve, Marcus reassures Regan in sign “He’ll come for us.”

The silo doors give way, and suddenly Marcus falls into the hole. Struggling to stay above the grain as he slowly sinks deeper, Regan, who is at the top of the silo, does her best to tell him to calm down in sign.

Eventually, she jumps into the silo to help her brother out, helping him stay afloat on top of one of the fallen silo doors. The grain soon starts engulfing Regan but Marcus manages to pull her out.

The production team set up a sound stage in Pawling which served as the filming location for several scenes, including the silo scenes. Hudson Valley Magazine reported that the A Quiet Place production team purchased 20 tons of corn to fill up the metal silo specifically constructed for filming those scenes.

Lee and Marcus waterfall scene in A Quiet Place

Buttermilk Falls State Park

Lee takes Marcus on a solo fishing trip and afterward, they stop by a beautiful waterfall. They slide along the rock wall and end up standing behind the cascading waters. With a mischievous smile, Lee starts hooting loudly.

It’s the first instance we hear any of the characters intentionally vocalizing a sound since the movie starts. The look on Marcus tells it all, he’s frightened that the sound might send one of the creatures their way. Lee assures him, “You’re alright… I promise.”

The outskirts of Little Falls is where you’ll find Buttermilk Falls, State Park. That’s where the production team filmed the waterfall scenes, including the hooting scene. The cascading waters borrow their name from the Buttermilk Creek which is where the flow originates.

It’s also where you’ll find woodlands to explore with hiking trails, a small lake to dip into, a natural pool, and a campground. The grounds also feature a pavilion that is open for reservation, and it can accommodate 73 people for various occasions.

Located at 112 E. Buttermilk Falls Rd, get to the A Quiet Place location via bus 15 or 67.

Old man screams scene in A Quiet Place

224 Holiday Hills Ln, Pawling

From their father-son fishing trip, Lee and Marcus walk past a dilapidated house. It belongs to an old man (Leon Russom), who they soon encounter in the woods.

Standing over a deceased woman’s body, the old man has a sunken face filled with sadness, and his emaciated body quivers. Seeing Lee and Marcus, his shudders increase, and sensing danger, Lee raises his hand and places a finger on his lips, almost pleading with the man to stay silent.

Suddenly, the old man lets out an almost ghoulish scream, and as if on cue, we hear the now oddly familiar ruffling of trees and a terrifying screech. Lee scoops up his son, carries him over his shoulder, and proceeds to sprint down the path.

Located at 224 Holiday Hills Lane, Pawling, you’ll find the residence seen in that scene. It’s near the farmhouse that served as the Abbotts' residence. The Troy Shuttle, which operates only during the weekends, can get you to the A Quiet Place filming location.


If you loved watching the Krasinski creation and the virtual run-through of the filming locations of A Quiet Place, the great news is that there’s a sequel to unpack. Released in 2020, the second installation follows the Abbotts as they continue navigating the post-apocalyptic world.

Even greater news, a spin-off of the film with the working title Day One is in the works and set for release in 2023. There’s also a third sequel of A Quiet Place in store with the release date scheduled for 2025.

The crew returned to New York for the second sequel, filming around Buffalo, Olcott, Lackawanna, and Dunkirk. Barcelona Harbor, located in the towns of Wakefield, North Towanda, and Erie Country, offered other locations used for the film. The sequel also made use of some of the previous locations in Pawling and New Paltz.