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Authentic Amish House and Large Forest

Lebanon, NY
This is a unique and niche location. It is 100% authentic Amish and hand built. This authentic Swartzentruber Amish house is located in central NY sitting on 70 acres of dense forest. House was constructed in 2018, and comes with three additional buildings which include a barn, chicken coop and a walk in Amish freezer. Incredible views, especially from the large balcony. The house also sits on 70 acres of dense forest, which includes a massive beaver pond, two smaller ponds, multiple fresh water springs and creeks. Maple, oak, apple, cherry and hickory trees, as well as planted pine. Multiple blue heron nests. Private hunting lands with stands. The property was recently purchased directly from the Amish. The house currently has no siding (common with this branch of Amish) but I am waiting on a quote from the Amish lumber mill down the street to get authentic Amish siding. The house currently has no electric, or plumbing but does have water from a spring fed well. There is also an out house. Again this place is Amish! Main floor is finished with a bump out bedroom. There are no fixtures. Amish traditionally take those when they move out. The second floor needs some windows (also expecting a quote soon) and is unfinished, though insulated. Yes the Amish were living there in it's current condition and using the unfinished space with sheets separating bedroom areas. Septic not installed at time of this posting but expecting a quote on that soon as well. I am currently in the process of making this house liveable and am living in another state. It is currently vacant. I am open to negotiating construction as part of set design and I am open to creativity of others when it comes to that. I am very easy to work with. Easy access to Syracuse airport and Amtrack. Very close to Hamilton and Colgate University. More affordable lodging in Norwhich, or Utica/Syracuse a bit further out. Cell phone access is available, but spotty depending where on the land and which provider. Easily accessible with a main road out front that is used by school busses, and a seasonally maintained road in the rear. This house is a work in progress. My goal is to modernize it, but also keep the Amish features, including offgrid ones so it has modern amenities on the grid and also off if the power goes out. This property is very large, the land offers every type of landscape one could want from a forest, wetlands, creeks, waterfalls, trees and wildlife. No restrictions on use, full mineral rights, lots of freedom and privacy. The driveway is huge, room for lots of vehicles. There is also grassland behind the barn area that can handle more parking. I am sharing my property as a possible film location because I believe that it is unique and not something you find every day. Perfect for those looking for an Authentic Amish property, also has horror potential in it's current state. The land stands on it's own and can also be used. Photos do not do it justice.

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House, Ranch

Americana/Anywhere America, Cabin, Dilapidated/Neglected, Dutch Colonial, Rustic


Private parking for 30 cars

Truck / motorhome on site parking: On property

Location details

Property size (sq ft):
4000 sq ft
Lot size:
3049200 sq ft


Conventional Ceiling
Wood Doors
Circle Driveway
Gravel/Dirt Driveway
Long Driveway
Front yard
Large Grounds
Light Wood/Whitewash Floor
Fruit & Vegetable Garden
Large Yard
Overgrown Garden
Dressing Room
Open Floor Plan
Front Porch
Porch Swing
Wood Deck
Gun Range/Archery
Straight Stairs
Mountain/Vista View
Valley View
Brick Walls
White Walls
Sash/Up And Down/Hung Windows
Slider Windows

Crew access

Exact location provided after booking