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Pulp Fiction movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Pulp Fiction filmed?


City Locations

Southern California: Hawthorne Grill, 13763 Hawthorne Boulevard, Hawthorne, Los Angeles County; North Hollywood, Los Angeles: Pacoima, Los Angeles; Pasadena, Los Angeles; Silverlake Los Angeles

Location Types

Pawn shops, apartment, diner, restaurant, basement

Location Styles

City, diner, restaurant, pawn shop, mansion, apartment

About Pulp Fiction

The opening Pulp Fiction film shoot (spoiler alert!) unveils a restaurant robbery. This first montage moves from one storyline to the next and then returns to the restaurant scene to offer the conclusion. There are seven different narrative scenes in total.

One of the most memorable Pulp Fiction filming locations opens with the hitmen Vincent (Travolta) and Jules (Jackson) attempting to steal a briefcase from their boss’ associate Brett. Quoting from the Bible, Vincent and Jules then murder Brett and return the briefcase to their boss who is busy convincing Butch (Willis) to throw his upcoming boxing match.

Butch takes the bribe money and places it on himself and goes on to win the match, killing his opponent. Aware that Marsellus will send his henchmen to find him, he gets ready to leave town with his girlfriend. He returns to the house to retrieve a valuable family heirloom and notices a gun on the counter. Upon hearing the toilet flush, he shoots the person and leaves.

Butch notices Marsellus at a traffic light and drives his car into his, leaving both men hurt and stunned. Marsellus attempts to shoot Butch. He runs after him, cornering him in a pawnshop. The store owner takes both men hostage, binding and gagging them and leaving them in his basement. The store owner and his helper move Marsellus to another place where they sexually assault him, leaving a “gimp” to keep an eye on Butch. Butch gets free and knocks out the gimp. He goes to rescue Marsellus and murders the shop owner, shooting his accomplice in the groin. With the score settled, Butch and Fabienne leave the city.

The next Pulp Fiction film set shows Vincent and Jules fired on by a man rushing out of the bathroom. They shoot and kill him. They drive away with an associate named Marvin. While exclaiming what a miracle it was they did not end up dead, Vincent mistakenly shoots Marvin and kills him, leaving a trail of blood everywhere. They hide the vehicle at the home of a friend who insists they solve the problem before his wife returns. A cleaner is sent to show the two men how to clean the vehicle and properly dispose of any evidence.

Jules informs Vincent that he is leaving his criminal lifestyle. Two people enter the restaurant and demand Marsellus’ briefcase. Jules shows the contents to one of them and then takes them captive. The other aims at Jules. Jules allows the robbers to take his cash, and they leave. Jules and Vincent also leave with the briefcase in tow.

Pulp Fiction Locations

Pulp Fiction was filmed in 1994 in Southern California. A movie that features a riveting crime drama, this film is sprinkled liberally with black humor, a trademark of its writer and director Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction’s all-star cast includes such well-known actors as John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Uma Thurman.

An unusual film, Pulp Fiction contains a narrative that is told out of sequence. There are three stories that are connected to each other but that contain a different main character. The three primary people in this film are Vincent Vega (Travolta), Butch Coolidge (Willis), and Jules Winnfield (Jackson.)

Almost the entirety of the Pulp Fiction filming locations are found in Southern California, primarily in public and private settings in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Pasadena.

If you’re a lover of Tarantino films, why not plan a trip to visit the filming locations for Pulp Fiction, the film that is considered to be this famed director’s masterpiece?

Fun Fact:

The name of the movie is taken from the wildly popular pulp magazines and crime novels found in the 20th century that were renowned for their gritty violence and witty dialogue.

Vincent and Jules retrieve the briefcase scene in Pulp Fiction

Van Ness Avenue and 5800 Harold Way, Hollywood, California

In the opening Pulp Fiction production scene, Vincent and Jules make a visit to Marsellus’ business partner Brett’s apartment to retrieve a briefcase for Marsellus. While Vincent searches the apartment for the briefcase, Jules makes small talk with a terrified Brett. Jules notes Brett is about to eat a burger and queries him about where he purchased it and if it is any good. He asks him if he can sample his burger, and a frightened Brett agrees. Jules asks Vincent if he wants to try the burger. Vincent declines. Jules then addresses Brett in a conversation that also includes Vincent in one of the darkly funny scenes from Pulp Fiction:

Jules: You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?

Brett: No.

Jules: Tell him, Vincent.

Vincent: Royale with cheese

Jules: Royale with cheese! You know why they call it that?

Brett: Uh, because of the metric system?

Jules: Check out the big brain on Brad! You’re a smart mother****er…that’s right. The metric system.

This iconic scene was shot in an apartment complex located on the corner of the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Harold Way. It is just off Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood. The apartment block no longer exists, but the vacant lot where the scene occurred can still be visited. Visitors to this site may recognize the parking lot adjacent to this property. It is situated directly underneath the Hollywood Freeway.

To visit this popular Pulp Fiction film set, take US-101 N. Follow exit 8A onto Sunset Boulevard, taking N Van Ness Avenue to Harold Way, traveling until you see the vacant lot and adjacent parking area.

Vincent and Mia go out on the town scene in Pulp Fiction

1541 Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills, California

In one of the most recognizable scenes from this film, Vincent arrives to pick Mia up and take her for an evening of dining and dancing at Jack Rabbit Slim. Though this film sequence was shot on a set in a warehouse in Culver City, the home where Vincent meets Mia prior to their evening out is found in Beverly Hills. Though it is barely visible from the road, it is well worth the drive to admire the view of this iconic filming location for Pulp Fiction.

Upon their visit to the 1950s-inspired diner, Mia and Vincent engage in this conversation:

Mia: What do you think?

Vincent: I think it’s like a wax museum with a pulse.

Though the film set for Jack Rabbit Slim has long since been destroyed, you can stop by to catch a glimpse of Mia’s glorious Beverly Hills pad. Approximately 40 minutes from the heart of LA, you can reach this Pulp Fiction location by travelling along CA-110 to I-10W. Follow the exit for I-405N to exit 57A for Sunset Boulevard. Continue along to Summit Drive, taking the exit for Summitridge Drive.

Mia is revived from a heroin overdose scene in Pulp Fiction

3519 La Clede Avenue, Los Angeles, California

In one of the most shocking scenes in this film, Mia is rushed to the home of Vincent’s drug dealer when it is discovered that she has snorted Vincent’s heroin, believing it to be cocaine. Showing obvious signs of overdose, the drug dealer (Lance) tells Vincent they must administer a shot of adrenaline directly to her heart to save her.

Vincent: Quit f-ing around and give her the shot! Come on!

Lance: Okay, look, while I’m doing this, you take off her shirt and find her heart.

Vincent: Shouldn’t that be exact?

Lance: Yeah, it’s gotta be exact; I’m giving her a shot in the heart, so I guess it’s gotta be f-ing exact!

It is decided that Vincent must administer the shot. He stabs her with force, and she immediately revives, screaming and thrashing around.

This scene was shot at 3519 La Clede Avenue which can be found to the south of Glendale Boulevard quite near Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Butch and Marsellus are held hostage in the pawn shop scene in Pulp Fiction

Crown Pawn Shop, 20933 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, California

Butch and Marsellus stumble into the Crown Pawn Shop in their quest to kill each other. Here, they meet Maynard and Zed, the shop owner (Maynard) and his assistant (Zed) who appears to be a law enforcement officer The two men bind and gag Butch and Marsellus and take them to the basement of the facility. They begin to discuss their nefarious plans for Butch and Marsellus, indicating they will sexually assault both of them and must choose which will be their first victim. Zed decides on Marsellus and instructs Maynard to bring in “the gimp.”

Zed: Well, bring out the gimp.

Maynard: The gimp’s sleeping.

Zed: Well, I guess you’ll just have to wake him up now, won’t you?

The gimp is brought to the room where Butch and Marsellus are. He is outfitted in a complete bondage outfit, and Maynard attaches him to the ceiling via strong leather ropes. Marsellus is hauled back into the room formerly occupied by the gimp. The door is closed, leaving the gimp to supervise Butch.

Travel to this highly recognizable movie location is easy from nearby Santa Monica. Being on CA-1 N, continuing for just over 2 miles. Take a sharp right onto Sunset Boulevard, traveling down this road until you reach Crown Pawn Shop.

Butch rescues Marsellus at the Crown Pawn Shop scene in Pulp Fiction

Crown Pawn Shop, 20933 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, California

In one of the best scenes in Pulp Fiction, Butch escapes his captors. On his way out the door to freedom, he decides to go back and rescue Marsellus. He pauses in the shop, grabbing several different types of weapons before deciding on a Samurai sword. He races into the room where Marsellus is being sexually assaulted by Zed and notices Maynard watching the brutalization. He slashes Maynard with the sword and renders him immobile. Zed turns to look at what is happening and is backed against the wall by Butch who taunts him to try to grab his gun. Marsellus rises and grabs a rifle, shooting Zed in the groin.

Marsellus and Butch talk about Marsellus’ plans to finish off Zed at the hands of his henchmen via medieval torture methods. Butch then asks what the status is his relationship with Marsellus is given that he is just risked his own life to save him. The two discuss:

Butch: I meant what now between me and you?

Marsellus: Oh, that what now. I’ll tell you what now between me and you. There is no me and you. Not no more.

Butch: So, we cool?

Marsellus: Yeah, we cool.

This scene takes place in the same Crown Pawn Shop on Sunset Boulevard. You can visit the outside and do some shopping inside this well-known store as well.

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny hold up a diner scene in Pulp Fiction

Hawthorne Grill, 13673 Hawthorne Boulevard, Hawthorne, California

In this Pulp Fiction location, the scene takes place in a restaurant known as the Hawthorne Grill. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny enter the diner while Vincent is in the bathroom. Raising a gun at Jules, Pumpkin demands he place the briefcase inside a black plastic bag. The two discuss the briefcase and what is in it in this dialogue:

Pumpkin: What’s in the case?

Jules: My boss’ dirty laundry.

Pumpkin: Your boss makes you do his laundry?

Jules: When he wants it clean.

Pumpkin: Sounds like a sh*t job.

Jules: Funny, I was thinkin’ the same thing.

This iconic diner was first closed and vacant for a period of time before finding use as an AutoZone parts store. The building was later demolished, and now, the lot sits empty.

To visit this Pulp Fiction location, follow Hawthorne Blvd, turning right onto W 137th Place. Drive approximately 120 feet further, and you will see the property where the diner once sat on your right-hand side.


A movie that has become a cult classic, particularly among Tarantino aficionados, Pulp Fiction is sure to take you on a wild ride. The landscape travels from seedy apartments to stunning modern mansions, sordid pawn shops, and even 1950s-style diners, offering incredible scenery and memorable footage to stay with you for a lifetime.

Is Pulp Fiction among your all-time fave films? If you’re thinking you might like to visit the Pulp Fiction locations, you’re sure to find our guide to the best scenes in this movie a great place to start.