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Where was American Wedding filmed?


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Los Angeles, California

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About American Wedding

American Wedding is the final in the American Pie trilogy. It is an American comedy released in 2003 about a teenage couple who start dating in high school and grow up to eventually get married. It is written by Adan Herz with direction from Jesse Dylan. The first movie American Pie was released in 1999, and American Pie 2 was released in 2001. American Wedding was also called American Pie 3: The Wedding and American Pie: The Wedding.

It starts with Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) proposing to Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan) at a restaurant. Jim's father (Eugene Levy) walks in and gives Jim a ring so Jim can pop the question. Once Michelle agrees, the Levensteins host a party for the newly engaged couple, where they meet Michelle's parents and their dogs for the first time.

The subplot of the movie also focuses on some other iconic characters from the first two movies, Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott), who tries to organize a disastrous bachelor party and teaches Jim how to dance at the wedding; Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) who desperately tries to win the hand of Michelle's sister, Cadence Flaherty (January Jones), and Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who is always around to help Jim and Finch in all their weird endeavors.

Jim, Finch, Stifler, and Kevin go to Chicago to get the perfect dress for Michelle, while Stifler somehow manages to win a dance-off at a gay bar to get strippers for Jim's bachelor party. Thankfully, the designer Leslie agrees to make a wedding dress for Michelle as per her specifications.

Despite ruining the flowers a day before the wedding, Stifler somehow manages to convince the florist, his football players, and Bear (the one he beat at the dance-off) to help get the flowers done in time so the wedding can be a success.

Eventually, the wedding is a hit, goes off without a hitch, and Jim and Michelle get married in a beautiful setting.

American Wedding Locations

Most of the filming locations of American Wedding are in and around Los Angeles, California. Plenty of places were chosen, and the filming locations were selected for their convenience, ease of access, and familiarity with the first two films. Even the Levenstein house was kept the same from the first two films.

Most of the scenes are shot on the streets of California, and even the airport used in the film is Ontario International Airport, not a constructed set. The production team decided to keep the locations as close to the originals as possible to ensure audiences could reconnect with the final film in the trilogy without adding too many new places.

The typical Californian backdrop, seasons, weather changes, transport options, people, and lifestyle shown in American Wedding helped audiences keep track of the movie without losing its main storyline.

Teaser: This movie had two versions released. The one for public consumption and the one that is R-rated. However, there is no difference in the filming locations in both versions; the general version has a few scenes edited or cut out due to the inappropriate behaviors shown in the film.

Fun fact:

American Wedding has a production budget of $55 million and grossed at $232.7 million, making it a considerable triumph. Many audiences enjoyed it better than the second installment in the trilogy.

The family gets together for the first time at Jim's house scene in American Wedding

4153 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach, California

Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) and Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan) are getting married and are having a celebratory party with both families at Jim's house. The Levensteins meet the Flahertys for the first time, and all of Jim and Michelle's friends are also present.

Their friend Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) says to the gathered friends, "There's one thing that'll make this wedding perfect. No Stifler." Michelle responds, "Yea. That is one di*k we are not inviting." Finch puts up his hand, "Motion seconded," and Jim continues, "Motion carried." Saying this, Michelle quickly changes the topic and starts talking about Finch's fancy NYU diploma and his future.

This scene is filmed at the iconic American Wedding filming location of 4153 Cedar Avenue in Long Beach, California. It is the same house used in the earlier American Pie movies and has seen several of Jim's shenanigans from the first two movies. Getting here is straightforward.

Simply hop onto the Metro A line (blue) and get off at the Wardlow stop. The scenic walk to the house is approximately 20 – 25 minutes from here. However, please remember that this is a private residence, and you would need permission to click photographs.

Michelle and Finch meet Cadence scene in American Wedding

Ontario International Airport, California

Michelle and Finch are at the airport to pick up Michelle's younger sister, Cadence Flaherty (January Jones), at the airport. When Finch sees Cadence for the first time as she walks down the stairs from the aircraft, he is blown away by her beauty. Finch is mesmerized and starts having wildly inappropriate thoughts about Cadence.

As soon as the sisters meet, they hug each other, and Michelle introduces Cadence to Finch, "Cadence, this is Paul Finch. Finch, meet my younger sister, Cadence." Cadence shakes Finch's hand and says, "Nice to meet you." Finch replies, "You're reading Descartes." She says, "Yup. Cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore, I am. Hungry." Michelle takes her sister's hand and changes the topic by asking, "So, when's Mark getting in?" Cadence responds, "Uh, let see. That would be never."

The American Wedding production team decided on the exceedingly popular Ontario International Airport for this meeting scene. This busy airport sees thousands of tourists and travelers day in and out. Getting here is straightforward via the number 61 bus. Get off at the Ontario Airport at Terminal 2 stop, and walk to the entrance. While you may not be allowed to click pictures inside, you could get permission for some key locations.

Wedding dress shopping scene in American Wedding

Cantu & Castillo now Claire Pettibone Design Atelier, 7415 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Michelle and her mother, Mary Flaherty (Deborah Rush), go shopping from one place to another while trying to find the perfect wedding dress for Michelle. Each dress Michelle sees makes her unhappy and depressed since she can't find 'the one.' Simultaneously Finch is trying to follow Michelle while figuring out what she's trying to choose and backtracking to get a clue.

Michelle's mother finally tells her, "We'll find a wonderful place somewhere. I promise. We'll keep looking." Finch is trying to be discreet by wearing a hat and pretending to be on a call at a public payphone before he immediately runs into the store they just exited. This hide and seek continues for quite a while before Michelle finally likes a dress.

This memorable American Wedding film scene is filmed at Cantu & Castillo at 7415 Beverly Boulevard. However, it is now Claire Pettibone Design Atelier. You can still go and take a round inside, despite the changes in the interiors. To get here, catch the Metro B Red Line, and get off at Beverly Station. Then catch bus number 14, get off at Beverly/ Gardner, and walk for approximately 2 minutes to reach the Atelier.

Stifler teaches Jim how to dance scene in American Wedding

St Anthony High School, 620 Olive Avenue

It's pretty clear in the film's opening scenes that Jim is a horrific dancer. However, he must learn how to dance for the wedding. Seeing how confidently his friend, Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott), danced at the gay bar, Jim asks Stifler for help. Stifler agrees (unfortunately!).

At the basketball court, Stifler starts coaching Jim with some old-fashioned psychology. He asks Jim, "What is Stifler's defining characteristic?" Jim replies, "He uses the F-word excessively." Stifler is super pleased with this response but continues, "But I also have confidence. Look at you. You gotta stand like a man. Your posture tells your partner where to go." Jim says okay, and then Stifler starts the dance training.

Out of all the funny scenes in American Wedding, this one is hilarious! It had audiences rolling in their seats. The 'dancing' is filmed at St Anthony High School at 620 Olive Avenue. Don't worry. You won't have to dance to prove your mettle when you get here. Simply catch the 71 bus to Alamitos and Sixth SE and walk for 2 minutes to the school. You may not be allowed inside, so it is best to ask for permission first.

Jim speaks to his friends before the wedding scene in American Wedding

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California

Jim decides to call his friends, Stifler, Finch, and Kevin Meyers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), to meet him before the wedding so Jim can have a heart-to-heart with them. He wants to thank them and express his gratitude before he takes a massive step into the future with Michelle. He tells them, "Thanks for coming out here, guys. I just have a couple of things I wanna say." Stifler interrupts him by saying, "This sucks." before realizing he said it out loud and correcting himself, "Keep going. It's good."

Jim raises his eyebrows and continues, "I thought about what you said, Kev, how my problems always seem to work out, and I realized the reason things always work out is because you guys have always been there to back me up."

The heartfelt thanks from Jim to his friends is undoubtedly one of the best scenes in American Wedding. The iconic hotel featured in the background is none other than The Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay in California. The stunning hotel has been featured in many other films and series. Get onto bus number 17 and hop off at Canada Cove Avenue and El Paso. The walk to the hotel is approximately 15 minutes from this bus stop. You can book rooms, enjoy the spa, and click fabulous photographs of the sea with the surrounding cliffs.

Jim and Michelle enjoy their first dance at the wedding reception scene in American Wedding

The Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science

Once Jim and Michelle are married, the host invites them to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. Michelle knows Jim is anxious about dancing and tells him, "Just follow my lead." Jim says, "Okay, I'll try." While they are on the dance floor, Jim takes the lead with his incredible dance moves and blows Michelle away with his suave dancing skills. She's impressed and pleased and enjoys her first dance with her husband.

Michelle is nearly crying happy tears as she says, "Jim! You learned how to dance." While they're dancing, both sides of the family are emotional and look at the happy couple with joy in their eyes.

The reception venue for the filming location of American Wedding is not the same as the wedding venue. It is The Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science in California. During the filming, the Conservatory was still under construction, and visitors will now find a pond in place of the dance floor. It is open to visitors on all days and makes for some fabulous pictures. To get to the Conservatory, catch the 267 bus, get off at the Del Mar/ Allen stop, and walk for 10 – 15 minutes.


American Wedding was a fantastic conclusion to the crazy American Pie series. Most audiences didn't know what to expect from this movie and were pleasantly surprised at the smooth sailing instead of the persistent raunchy moves from the first two movies.

The American Wedding locations of the ceremony and the reception, the basketball court where Jim learned how to dance, the cliffside where Jim thanks his friends, and more were perfect in showing the maturity of the characters. The locations, scenes, dialogues, and backgrounds showed the gradual improvement in the characters and how they have progressed throughout the American Pie trilogy.

Considering all the ups and downs that the main characters, their parents, friends, and their never-ending love interests fared, the conclusion to the trilogy was highly welcome. Audiences loved the final part, and this movie gave closure to many fans who always wondered what happened to their favorites from American Pie.