0- Getting Started

First of all, I decided to add some contrast to the image and remove some of the yellow tones from the image:

  • For contrast, I duplicated my background layer, and set the duplicate to a blend mode of Soft Light.
  • To remove the yellow from the image, it’s as simple as adding it’s opposite: blue. I added a Curves adjustment layer and, in the blue channel, I raised the curve a little, focusing on the shadows. This also adds a pleasing subtle bluish tone to the shadows.

Screenshot: more contrast and less yellow

1- Adding a Vignette with a Curve

Next up: adding the vignette!

  • Add another Curves adjustment layer.
  • Darken down the whole image by pulling the curve down to an amount of darkening that looks right for the photo’s edges.

Screenshot: pulling the curve down

  • Now use the brush tool B with a large soft black brush. You’ll also want to set the Flow for the brush pretty low, something like 5% should do.
  • Slowly draw around the center of the image outwards to mask out the part of the image that shouldn’t be affected by the vignette. Since we’re using a low flow with our brush, you’ll have to iteratively draw over and over until the darkening/vignetting is only applied around the edges, or wherever you want it to apply.

Screenshot: masking out the center

And there you have it, a simple way to apply a vignette in Photoshop in no time flat! 💯