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Where was Yellowstone filmed?


City Locations

Park City, Ogden and Spanish Fork, Utah; Darby, Montana

Location Types

Ranch, House, Buildings/Offices

Location Styles

Ranch Style, Rustic, Cabin, Modern Building

About Yellowstone

Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, Yellowstone is an American drama television series making its small-screen debut in 2018 on the Paramount Network. Since then, the series has achieved wild popularity, resonating with people who have never set foot on a Montana ranch. We know you want to know all about the locations where this show was filmed. We may include a few spoilers – it will depend on how far along you are in the series!

Yellowstone is the story of the Dutton family and its stop-at-nothing mindset when it comes to keeping the family ranch. The Dutton Ranch, called the Yellowstone, has been in the family for multiple generations. It is the largest ranch in the state, and there are multiple entities that would like to usurp the land for various purposes.

Whether it's land developers or the government, the land of the Yellowstone ranch would be a valuable asset to gain. However, a neighboring Native American tribal chief believes he and his people have rights to the land on which the ranch sits.

The Dutton family is constantly at odds with those who would grab the land from them. This is the basis of the drama in the series.

The characters of Yellowstone are wildly popular with fans. Chiefly, the Dutton family members are the stars of the show. This includes John Dutton, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, and Jamie Dutton. Most fans would also argue that Rip Wheeler, Beth’s love interest and John Dutton’s “adopted” son, is also a member of the Dutton family.

John Dutton inherited the ranch, and he will stop at nothing to keep the land. John is the perfect combination of hero and villain. Viewers can relate to his deep desire to keep the land in the family, even though he utilizes some ruthless methods to do so. John’s wife (mother of Beth and Kayce) was killed in a horseback riding accident.

Beth Dutton is the feminine version of her father. She is cunning, meticulous and ruthless. Beth was present at her mother’s death, and it’s inferred that Beth was made to feel responsible for the accident. This drives her to do anything necessary to assist her father in keeping the ranch; it’s a way that she can earn his love. However, it’s evident that John sees Beth as his greatest ally, having a personality most like his own.

Kayce Dutton is torn between two worlds. He married a Native American woman, who, like many others on the neighboring reservation, believes that the Dutton ranch is on land stolen from them. At the same time, he is loyal to his father and sister. Kayce is often torn between his two families.

Jamie Dutton is the legally adopted son of John Dutton. There is a connection between John Dutton and Jamie’s biological mother, but that connection is not elaborated upon. Viewers do know that she was murdered by Jamie’s biological father. Jamie seeks out his bio dad in the series, and it splits him from the Duttons. However, Jamie comes back to John Dutton, and the relationship is reestablished.

Rip Wheeler is probably the most popular of the characters. Like Jamie, Rip’s parents died when he was very young, and John Dutton brought him to the ranch. Rip would become the foreman as an adult, and, although he’s not legally adopted (in fact, there are no legal documents showing that Rip even exists), Rip is a part of the Dutton family. Rip and Beth fell in love at a young age, but they only officially became a couple as adults.

Yellowstone Locations

Yellowstone is filmed in three primary locations: Utah, Texas, and Montana.

The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is filmed on location at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana. The Chief Joseph Ranch is the largest ranch in the United States. The ranch is not near the Yellowstone National Park; it is actually a mile outside of Darby, Montana.

Scenes for the inside of the cabin are filmed, at least for seasons one through three of the series, are filmed at the Utah Film Studio in Park City, Utah. Some scenes were filmed at the Nicklaus Clubhouse at Promontory Club in Park City as well.

Scenes from the governor’s office (as well as other legal scenes) are filmed at the Old Supreme Court chamber in Helena, Montana. Some scenes have been filmed on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. Occasionally, rodeo scenes are filmed at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds in Utah. Beth’s office at Schwartz & Meyer is actually located in Ogden, Utah. Many scenes have been filmed at Odgen’s 25th Street.

Why head out on an excursion to see Yellowstone film scenes? To feel as though you are part of the wild west is a true-life adventure. From spectacular views of the Bitterroot Mountains to partaking in recreational activities like hiking, this region of North America is well worth the visit!

John punches Jaime scene in Yellowstone

Old Supreme Court Chamber; Helena, Montana

In “The Unraveling, Pt. 1,” Taylor Sheridan and the writers of Yellowstone begin building a sense that Jamie, while legally adopted by the Dutton family, is still an outsider. Jamie, an attorney, is often called upon by John Dutton to assist in any legal situations the ranch may face. Usually, Jamie is a dutiful son, but, when Dutton asks Jamie to leave the state Attorney General race for the good of the ranch – which Jamie refuses – the distance between adopted Jamie and the Dutton family becomes readily evident.

Part of Jamie’s role as the legal arm of the Duttons has been his aspiration to be a statewide political office. Certainly, Jamie wants to win this position for himself, and any way this position will benefit the ranch is secondary. So, when John orders Jamie to drop out of the race, an argument ensues – and John decks Jamie.

Furthermore, he bans Jamie from the ranch until Jamie agrees to comply.

Although Jamie will eventually become the state AG, John continues to keep a tight rein on his adopted son. John Dutton was questioned by Jamie regarding Jamie’s chosen profession in law: “You always say you don’t respect lawyers.” John replies, “Become a lawyer that I can.”

Why not take a trip to visit this Yellowstone location? You can get to the Old Supreme Court chamber in under thirty minutes from the airport in Helena. Take Skyway Drive to visit this historic site.

Rip saves Beth scene in Yellowstone

Beth’s Office, Ogden

Rip Wheeler was brought to the ranch as a young teenager by John Dutton after Rip’s mother dies, but, as Rip has no birth certificate and no identification, the Duttons can’t legally adopt him. This is to Beth’s benefit as the two eventually fall in love.

Rip’s story is much like Jamie’s (Rip’s mother died at the hands of Rip’s father); yet, Rip is the perfect doppelganger to Jamie. Rip is incredibly loyal to the Duttons, eventually becoming the ranch’s foreman. John trusts Rip immensely. When there is an issue John needs to be resolved, he may ask Rip to take the offending individual to the train station. This is a place from which the individual will not return.

Rip and Beth fall in love as teenagers, but their story is largely unromantic. Yet, Rip is the person whom Beth calls when she needs assistance. In this scene, Beth is attacked at her office by Malcolm Beck’s thugs. They murder her assistant, but Beth holds them off with a knife until Rip arrives and saves her.

In the melee, Rip is shot, but the wound isn’t serious. During this scene, Rip tells Beth he loves her for the first time. For the most part, Rip’s feelings for Beth were inferred rather than spoken. In fact, Rip had attempted to tell Beth before, but she squashed the words, telling Rip, “Say it when it saves me.”

You can get to this area in Ogden (2505 Lincoln Avenue; Ogden, Utah) from the airport using light rail transportation. The 701 stops near this street in Ogden.

Jamie meets his biological father scene in Yellowstone

Dad’s Home, Darby, Montana

Jamie’s mother passed away when he was a baby, and the Duttons adopted him shortly after. Therefore, Jamie doesn’t know that he was adopted, only that he’s different from Beth and Kayce. When he finds out his history, however, Jamie wants to meet his biological father, who spent two decades in prison for his wife’s murder.

Jamie researches to find out where his biological father lives, and he eventually decides he must meet his father. Although he was warned by John to stay away, Jamie’s curiosity gets the best of him. The audience finds Jamie at a ramshackle property where his bio dad lives.

It doesn’t take long for Garrett Randall to figure out this is the son he lost when he took his wife’s life. Garrett tells Jamie that his bio mom was an addict, and that he took her life to protect infant Jamie. Garrett also told Jamie, “The Yellowstone is an empire . . .Empires you take.”

Jamie leaves the meeting feeling more confused than ever; he wasn’t quite prepared to learn this information regarding his mother, and he feels even more aloof from the Dutton clan.

You will likely have to drive into Darby; the closest major city to Darby is Boise, Idaho. One can rent a vehicle and drive from there. If no flights are available into Boise, one may need to fly into Seattle or Portland, then drive. From Boise, you’ll take US 20 E, then ID-28 to get there.

Beth in the boutique scene in Yellowstone

Ogden’s Iconic Boutique on 25th Street, Ogden, UT

In the episode entitled “Enemies by Monday”, Beth Dutton, everyone’s favorite villainess shows she does have a bit of a tender side.

Monica, Kayce’s wife, does not like the Duttons, and she really wishes that Kayce had nothing to do with them. Monica is a Native American, and her people on the Broken Rock Reservation – which borders the Yellowstone Ranch – believe the land was taken from them by Dutton ancestors. Because Monica refuses to have anything to do with the Duttons, this causes a great deal of conflict between Kayce and his family.

The Duttons know that Monica doesn’t care for them, and they don’t appreciate that Monica won’t bow to their demands. So, naturally, there is animosity between Monica and Beth. That is, until Beth learns that Monica is mistreated in a boutique downtown. The shopkeeper, an old schoolmate of Beth’s, accuses Monica of shoplifting. The police are called, but so is Beth.

Beth rescues Monica, humiliates the cops, and turns the tables on the shop manager, Veronique. Beth and Monica then go to a nearby bar and talk over a drink. Beth tells Monica, “You’ll forget about her in a few weeks, but she’ll never forget you forgiving her.” Beth shares some family secrets with Monica, and she makes Monica promise she will never leave Kayce regardless of how Monica feels about the rest of the Dutton clan.

Take a visit to this Yellowstone filming location to see the boutique. You can fly into the airport at Ogden, then catch the 701 light rail which runs to 25th Street.

Jimmy meets his new boss scene in Yellowstone

King Ranch, King County, Texas (Kingsville)

Jimmy is like many of the ranch hands at Yellowstone – he lacks a family and has a troubled past. Jimmy falls very short of being a cowboy, but he seizes the opportunity given to him by John Dutton.

Jimmy ends up being a loyal member of the ranch until two ladies come along. The rodeo riders move into the bunkhouse, which angers the older members of the ranch hand crew and the ladies sew division among the cowboys.

Jimmy fights with multiple members of the bunkhouse based on his relationship with one of the women, and rather than fire him, John Dutton sends him to the Triple 6 Ranch in Texas. Jimmy is still learning the ranch ropes at the time, and he still has a lot to learn when he meets his new boss. Jimmy will find that he fits in even better at the Triple 6 (plus he finds a new girlfriend). Jimmy eventually leaves Yellowstone for good to stay at the Triple 6. On Jimmy’s first day, he asks his new boss for a fork with which to eat breakfast; Jimmy’s boss tells him “make a sammich out of it!”

The best way to get to the King Ranch is by passenger vehicle. The trip is 38 miles from Corpus Christi. From the airport, you can rent a vehicle or book a rideshare. You’ll travel using TX-44 to US-77. Enjoy the drive!

Beth and Rip get married scene in Yellowstone

Chief Joseph Ranch, Darby, Montana

Yellowstone’s favorite couple finally ties the knot in the tenth episode of the fourth season. The pair fell in love as teenagers but waited nearly two decades before admitting their feelings for each other. Since their relationship is quite unorthodox, it’s only fitting that their wedding is as well.

Beth and Rip marry at the Dutton Ranch, but that’s the only normal part of the ceremony. Beth is wearing a fur coat rather than a wedding dress, and she kidnaps a priest to carry out the wedding. The only individuals in attendance are John and Lloyd, one of the ranch’s most loyal employees after Rip. John questions why Beth doesn’t want a more traditional ceremony, reminding her, “It’s the largest ranch in Montana. We can accommodate Denmark.”

Even Rip isn’t aware that the nuptials are about to take place. Beth surprises everyone, but she makes sure everyone necessary for her wedding day is present when it’s time to say I do.

To see this Yellowstone filming location, you’ll likely fly into Boise, rent a vehicle and drive to Darby using US 20 E and ID-28 to get to Darby. Bitterroot Valley is about one mile south of the city center of Darby.


There’s nothing more relaxing than taking in the fresh air of the country, and the land on which Yellowstone is filmed is sure to inspire awe while soothing your soul at the same time. Whether you’re riding horseback through Ogden, Utah, or fishing in one of the many streams of Montana, one can truly enjoy communing with Mother Nature while visiting the Yellowstone film set.

Most fans love the Duttons regardless of their ruthlessness. The family is filled with likable villains, including Beth, John Dutton, and Rip. The series is well-written, and the scenes are often over-the-top and gripping. One of our favorite Yellowstone scenes is the episode in which Beth and Rip finally vocalize their feelings, set in Beth’s office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Beth has been wrangling with the Beck brothers, who are land developers hungry to wrestle the Dutton land away from the family. When Beth outsmarts them, the Beck brothers vow revenge on the Duttons. They send mercenaries to kidnap Monica and Kayce’s son, Tate, then they attack Beth at her office.

Beth is able to text Rip the following – office help – and he sprints off to do just that. Beth is able to hold off her attackers with a knife until Rip gets there. Prior to this, Rip had attempted to tell Beth “I love you,” but she stops him short, saying, “Say it when it saves me.” And that’s exactly what he – and his words did.

Visiting the ranch and other locations where Yellowstone is filmed will put one back in touch with nature and provide a sense of peace. Tour Ogden for many of the urban scenes and to relive the terrific performances, then head over to Montana to view the Bitterroot Valley near Darby, Montana. You’ll understand why John Dutton loves his land so much.