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Where was Whitewater Summer filmed?


City Locations

Cromberg; Quincy; Rangitaiki River; Shotover River; Sierra Nevada Mountains; Wairoa; New York City

Location Types

American, NatureScapes, Modern, Gyms/Sports

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Boat Style, Mountain Huts, Beachfront

About Whitewater Summer

Alan Block (Sean Astin) is a teenager who had plans for his entire summer. However, things took a great turn when he met Vic (Kevin Bacon) - a wilderness survival guide - through his parents. Alan was urged by Vic to become a man by going off the grid for six weeks. Alongside three other teenagers, Mitch (Jonathan Ward), Chris (Matt Adler), and George (K.C. Martel), they embark into the wilderness.

Their first night involves Alan carving his initials on a tree and Vic urging others to vote on his punishment. His knife was taken away. Another incident involves Alan losing an oar after Vic asks him to act as his bowman. After this, Vic tells Alan and the other boys to cross a dangerous rope bridge. Alan forgets the tent poles as he crosses the bridge, and he is forced to go back to collect the poles. However, he can't do so.

He goes back and tells Vic he can't find them. Vic catches him lying and watches him go back to retrieve them. Things only get more intense between Vic and Alan as the latter invents a fish trap rather than catching them with his bare hands. Vic angrily tosses Alan's fish back in the water, telling him to clean the others' fish. However, Alan is defiant, forcing Vic to strand him on the island. Alan doesn't mind and he sleeps alone for the night.

The others came for Alan the next morning, only to find that Vic is nowhere to be found. However, he returns the following morning to praise their will to survive. As the others get frustrated by Vic, they climb a treacherous peak. Alan can't do this and Vic leaves him to figure his way out of it.

Incensed by Vic's decision, Chris confronts Vic. Alan manages to cross over and challenge Vic. This is followed by a foot chase. Chris pelts a stone at him and hits him with an oar, throwing him over the edge of a ravine. He breaks a leg due to the fall, but the others hoist him out. Alan becomes the new leader, and the others make their way to a ranger station. Alan and Vic share an amiable moment as a helicopter comes to their rescue. Alan monologues about his time with Vic that summer years later.

Whitewater Summer Locations

In 1985, White Water Summer was initially produced to be named Rites of Summer. However, it was named its current title after it was released in 1987. This movie follows the story of a certain Alan Block who proceeds into the great outdoors with Vic, alongside three other teenagers. It was two years after the filming that the narration was done by Alan (who was obviously older).

The movie was shot in different cities in the United States and New Zealand. Over the years, the scene locations have been associated with great scenery and tourist attractions. The locations include Cromberg, Quincy, Rangitaiki River, Shotover River, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Wairoa, and New York City. If you wish to know more about your favorite scene locations, the following scenes will provide insight.

Fun fact:

Whitewater Summer was filmed for two years.

The boys sing in the vehicle scene in Whitewater Summer

Quincy, California

This location is well-renowned for its historical landmarks. In the 1800s, this small town resided in the heart of California's Gold Country and gold miners from the far reaches of the country would visit the place for a chance at gold. With just about 5,000 residents, Quincy is home to stunningly preserved historic buildings, an art gallery, and a burgeoning downtown area.

Quincy is also a great place to enjoy all forms of outdoor adventure. Then, it comes as no surprise that it was chosen as a site for some scene in this adventure movie. The small town can be accessed by road.

This is one of the opening scenes of the movie. It begins with Alan and Vic meeting each other. After Alan reluctantly agrees to Vic's idea to get off the grid to become a man, the five boys embark on their trip. As they are about to sing, Vic says, "wait wait wait till I point to you, ready?" They start singing. As the boys - led by Vic - sing in the car, Alan looks outside the window, seeing kids having a normal, fun summer.

Alan carves his initial on tree scene in Whitewater Summer

Cromberg, California

Cromberg is a thriving small town in California. As of 2019, the population of the city was 316. This represents a rise from 253 in 2018. Residents of this place enjoy a good quality of life. Besides this, there are restaurants, hotels, and other attractions that locals and visitors can enjoy.

Lovers of outdoor activities will find this place particularly interesting. There are Rivers, hills, and forests for hiking, cycling, and other fun activities. While the place is relatively quiet, visiting Cromberg represents an opportunity to experience the location of your favorite scene in the Whitewater Summer movie. If you are thinking of visiting, you should know that the place is accessible by air or by road.

The scene of this stunning location begins as they walk into the outdoors. George and Chris taunt Alan and he quickly figures that Vic takes his affairs so seriously. Then, their first night together involves Alan carving his initial into a nearby tree.

However, Vic discovers this and becomes upset. Then, he calls on the other boys to take a vote to decide what his punishment will be. They conclude the best option is to strip him of his knife.

The boys cross dangerous rope bridge scene in Whitewater Summer

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Besides the tall, beautiful sequoia trees that you should see, the city offers numerous opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. After all, the Sierra Nevada region has more than 25 wilderness areas. As a result, if you are an adventure enthusiast, then you can partake in many activities at this scene location. These include hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, and more.

In addition, you will find many fascinating animals in the Sierra Nevada. A significant portion of the range is inhabited by black bears and grizzly bears. The area is also home to the mountain lion and the mule deer. The breathtaking mountains and stunning waterfalls represent part of the untouched flora and fauna to explore across the amazing city of Sierra Nevada. If you wish to visit the area, you can do so by train, air, or road.

This scene begins with Vic urging Alan to act as his bowman as he engages in white water rafting. "Alan, put your helmet on," Vic tells Alan. "What? Me?" Alan responds. Alan loses an oar as he is unprepared. After a while, Vic tells them to cross a dangerous rope bridge. As Alan crosses the bridge with the others, he leaves the tent poles behind.

Vic tells him to go back to retrieve them, but Alan can't cross the bridge. Rather, he lies that he can't find them there. However, Vic watches him as he crosses the bridge to bring back the tent poles.

The group goes fishing scene in Whitewater Summer

Wairoa, Hawke's Bay

This location is known for offering tourists a great outdoor experience. Hawke's Bay is one of the most prominent producers of wine in New Zealand. If you wish to embark on the great wilderness escape, this is the right place to visit. After all, it is blessed with a huge tract of native rainforests and beautiful waterfalls. Besides this, the great walk of Lake Waikaremoana is possible at this destination.

There are simply a lot of things to do at this place, including cycling and hiking. The artworks of the locals are also worth seeing. You will also easily find a fishing and hunting guide for your expeditions. You will also find good restaurants to enjoy a fine eating experience. If you wish to visit this fascinating location, access is possible by car or bus.

The boys go out fishing. As the tension builds up between Vic and Alan, they start having serious issues. Alan invents a trap to catch fish, rather than following what the others were doing, which was catching the fish with their bare hands. As soon as Vic sees this, he becomes so angry and tells Alan to clean the boys' fish.

Vic and the others leave him stranded there with the intention of returning for him once the fishes are cleaned. Alan remains defiant and refuses to complete the task. He stays on the island alone all through the night.

Vic breaks a leg scene in Whitewater Summer

Sierra Nevada Mountain, California

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range with peaks that can be as high as 14,000 feet above sea level. The amazing aesthetics of these mountains cannot be denied. Giant sequoia trees, which can grow as tall as 7,000 feet, also call the location home.

There has been evidence that supports ongoing mountain building in the location and is said to be growing by a millimeter annually. This historic region is a place you should visit to experience the beauty of nature. Access to the region is possible by air, road, or train.

The scene begins with Vic telling the boys to climb a treacherous peak, which others manage to do but Alan. Before it gets to Alan's turn, he tells Mitch, "I'm scared Mitch, I'm scared Vic is going to hurt me." Alan becomes scared but Vic tells him, "Come on Alan, I know you are afraid, there is nothing to be ashamed of."

As Vic tries to abandon Alan, dangling to figure his own way out, Chris gets angry and challenges Vic's leadership. Alan manages to cross over. Then, they embark on a foot chase. Chris keeps shouting, "Vic stops" as he kept chasing Alan. Then he shouted, "I'm gonna kill you Vic." Vic is hit with stone and oar and he falls over the edge of a ravine and he breaks his leg.

Alan and Vic navigate wild river scene in Whitewater Summer

Shotover River, Otago New Zealand

The location is blessed with beautiful canyons. This river basically consists of steep rock walls, which have been carved by billions of tonnes of rapidly moving water over several thousands of years from the Southern Alps. The river has also gained global appeal as a rich river with a notable gold mining history.

If you love adventure, this is the perfect place to visit. You can also enjoy a rollercoaster ride through a jet boat ride on the river. If you wish to visit this popular scene, then you can get there from anywhere across the globe by train, car, or bus.

After breaking his leg, Vic starts losing blood but is stable. Alan tells the others to find the range station. He sits with Vic in a canoe and skillfully tries to find his way past the rapids, but the boat capsizes. However, he manages to pull Vic out of the water to the riverbank. Then, they both speak amicably before being rescued by a helicopter.


Without meeting Vic, Alan Block would have had a very different summer. While his expedition with Vic, Chris, Mitch, and George, was fun, it was filled with dangerous activities. As someone who takes his work seriously, Vic was hard on Alan, which put a great strain on their relationship. However, they would eventually become friends again after Vic broke his leg and Alan had to save his life.

The movie was shot in various locations in the United States and New Zealand. As an adventure movie, it was only fitting to shoot the film in areas that can present tourists with the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Many of these locations are characterized by stunning mountains and rivers.

Visitors and locals of these locations can also explore the wildlife of the region, which is beautiful to see. There are also parks and restaurants that can add to your overall experience. If you are looking to visit the locations of your preferred scenes, you can do so by road, air, or train.