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Where was White Fang filmed?


City Locations

Haines, Alaska, United States

Location Types

American, NatureScapes, House

Location Styles

Mountain Huts, Americana/Anywhere America, Cabin, Bungalow

About White Fang

Jack Conroy is a young explorer, who was among numerous prospectors who flocked to the Yukon in search of gold. Alex Larson and Clarence Thurston are two close friends of Conroy's father. They reluctantly agreed to guide young Jack Conroy to his deceased father's mining claim.

While on their quest, a pack of wolves stalks them. As they rest one evening, Kiche, a female wolf lures Digger (one of the sled dogs) and another wolf starts chasing the dog into the woods. To save his dog, Skunker wounds Kiche with his ammunition. But he was killed by the pack of wolves.

Later in the night, the wolves went back to attack Jack and Alex but were scared off. Then, the wolves came back in the morning to attack Jack and Alex but were saved by another sled team who arrived just on time. A female wolf was mortally wounded, and the cub was left to look out for himself. Both men get to a town to spend the winter. Some Native Americans came across the pup and the chief named him White Fang.

During spring, Alex and Jack continued their journey. Both men stop at the Native American establishment. They get to meet White Fang who intervenes when Jack is attacked by a ferocious grizzly bear. As both men leave, White Fang is sold to Beauty Smith, a dogfighter. Smith trains the wolf to be vicious and enter an illegal match where White Fang meets a true adversary. Jack gets there in time to save the wolf. Jack already had his father's gold claim and began mining.

Then, he returns to the cabin with White Fang. Jack successfully tames the wolf, and they develop a strong bond. The two men, alongside the wolfdog, mined the gold. To properly claim ownership of the gold, Jack travels to a town where Smith and his men planned to steal the gold. White Fang helps Jack subdue Smith and his men.

As Jack plans to travel back home with Alex and his wife, he scares White Fang off. However, he later returned to the old cabin where he was reunited with White Fang.

White Fang Locations

White Fang gained national recognition as it hit the big screen. This brought jobs to Haines for the production of the movie. Even years after its release, memories of the movie in Haines are still recreated in a local museum. While the movie was filmed in Haines, it was set in the Alaskan wilderness. For residents of Haines, the filming gave them an opportunity to experience Hollywood up close. Besides this, it also exposed them to the opportunity of being a parent art of Hollywood. The production got numerous extras from throngs of locals.

After the completion of the movie, it premiered in Alaska. However, this couldn't be achieved in Haines since the city lacks a movie theater (a fact that remains the same to this day). For this reason, the movie moved to Juneau. However, besides the numerous memories, residents can savor, a physical reminder of the film taking place in Haines still exists.

Fun fact:

Jed (White Fang) was also the dog used as an alien/dog in the movie, The Thing (1982).

Wolf chases Skunker's Dog into woods scene from White Fang

Chilkat Lake Road, Haines

The scene was shot in a location that is close to the renowned Tsirku River, which represents the Chilkat River's second-largest tributary and the Takshanuk Mountain Range. These places provide a special alpine wonderland reserved for the exploration of your tourists in the area. The amazing snow-capped mountainscape, as well as the rugged landscape, also offers locals and visitors of all ages the chance to partake in interesting skiing.

Skunker goes into the woods with his gun even after his two friends try to make him stay. He shoots the female wolf and goes into the woods where he is attacked and killed by the wolf pack. Alex sadly concedes that their friend is gone, and they can do nothing about it. Then, they went back to their camp.

It is evident from the scene that Skunker loved his dogs and he would do anything to save any one of them if required even if it meant exposing himself to danger. The scene also shows how dangerous their quest was. They needed all the ammunition they could get to ensure their success.

Pack of wolves attacks Jack and Alex in morning scene from White Fang

Chilkat Lake Road, Haines

This scene was shot somewhere close to the covenant life area, which has an earthquake activity higher than average in the state of Alaska. The place is also close to the iconic Tsirku River, a major tourist attraction in Haines. With a population of 25 residents, as well as a low cost of living, tourists can easily and affordably explore the beauty of the area.

This area can be accessed by road and no restriction is placed on domestic travel. The location is also a site for the film shoots of Florian's Knights, Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage (2009), and other top movies.

After surviving a night of terror that involves a female wolf luring one of the sled dogs and ending with their friend, Skunker getting killed, Jack and Alex were caught by surprise. The pack of wolves attacks them very early in the morning while Jack is still asleep. As the sled dogs are still tied, they can only bark. Jack and his friend fight for their lives as another sled team come to their rescue just before the wolves can badly injure them.

“Hey, you alright?” The man asks. Jack answers, “Yes”. Jack goes on to ask, “But how did you find us?” “Saw the smoke from your fire”. The man replied. The wolf that was wounded can barely walk but still managed to make it to her cub. The little wolf sees her fall and she does not survive, and in the process, leaving her cub to fend for himself.

Jack meets White Fang for first time scene from White Fang

Chilkat River, Haines

The Chilkat River represents a major tourist attraction in the city of Haines. With this in mind, if you wish to witness a significant historical destination around the area, this scene location is the right place to visit. You might have heard about Chilkat weaving, which is often regarded as the most complex weaving technique across the globe. Visit this scene location to equip yourself with more information about this fascinating art.

For tourists looking to reach this fascinating destination, access further up the river can be achieved by road by driving down Mosquito Lake. After all, this is a spot where some scenes in other popular movies were shot. Top-rated movies like the story (2010) and Winged Migration (2010).

The scene starts with White Fang wandering the cold wilderness all alone and getting to a river bank. Jack, without Alex beside him at that instance, was also by the river bank in search of water to drink. As expected, the water was all frozen. Then, he looks up. He sees the little lone wolf and he appears stunned. White Fang also wants to drink water from the river, but he finds it hard and ultimately impossible to do so.

As Jack whistles at White Fang, the little wolf sets his eyes on Jack for the first time. However, the wolf appeared scared and confused. He moves away and Jack appears quite disappointed. Alex tells Jack, “What chance would a wolf cub have of surviving on his own out there?" Jack replied, “None, without the pack."

White Fang is captured by Native Americans scene from White Fang

Chilkat Range, near Haines

The scene begins with White Fang (Jed) seeing a dead wolf, suspended from a tree branch. As he tries to bring it down, he got trapped himself. Jack (Ethan Hawks) and Alex (Klaus Maria Brandauer) keep trudging in the snow. Jack wonders if they can't just bury their friend in the wilderness. Then, Alex reminds Jack of the promise he made.

Then, the proceeding scene shows a group of Native Americans coming closer to the trapped young wolf. The chief cuts the hanging rope, carries the lone wolf, and checks his teeth. He was surprised, he looked at his people, and he utters, "look. The White Fang". Then, he continues, "the wolf is part dog." They laugh as they carry White Fang with them even though the wolf is reluctant to be with them.

Chilkat Range has attracted tourists over the years to enjoy a 13-minute ride, which can take them to the most crooked places on the planet. This made it a suitable location for the movie, all-in (2019). Reaching this destination requires getting to Haines first. Then, a boat or a kayak can take you across the Chilkat Inlet and continue on foot as you cross the river.

Jack is attacked by ferocious grizzly bear scene from White Fang

Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, near Haines Highway

Jack (Ethan Hawke) was wandering in the forest. Then, a huge shouting bear sneaks behind him. As he looks back, he is filled with horror. Out of trepidation, he runs but the bear keeps chasing him. As the bear almost catches up with him, he hides under a pile of heavy wood and is scratched by the bear, who starts scooping out sand just to gain access to Jack.

When that proved futile, the bear started pressing on the pile of wood with the aim of crushing Jack under them. Jack - already consumed by fear - started shouting as the bear shouted. Then, the best reaches inside the pile of wood where Jack is and scratches him with his sharp nails. Still, the bear can't find a way to Jack.

Fortunately, the fully-grown White Fang (Jed) came to Jack's rescue by scaring the bear away. After a few attempts both animals had to scare each other, it was the bear that caved in. He left reluctantly. The wolf looks back at Jack and that initiates the beginning of their friendship. A distraught Jack can't comprehend what just happened.

Getting here can be done by road through Haines highways of the city of Haines. The location can also be assessed on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system.

Jack tells Alex he can find gold scene from White Fang

A mountain close to Chilkat River, Near State Hwy 7, Haines.

After his terrifying encounter with the bear, Jack goes back home. As he enters the cabin, he looks around and opens a box to see his picture with his parents. Alex enters the house and they both go outside to talk. Jack tells Alex how he thought his father was a hero when he was younger. His mother would tell him stories about what his father was doing. He could never tell the truth even though his father told him he wanted to give him a better life. But all he wanted was his father to stay.

Alex asked Jack what took him long to go out there. Jack replied by telling him his mother was sick. The conversation ends with Jack saying that he knows Alex wants to keep moving but he wants to settle there. He tells Alex that "there must be gold here. I know I can find it". Alex agreed to help him, and they began to work.

The scene location is not far from a region of the Chilkat River, which boasts stunning runs of sockeye, king, pink, coho, and chum salmon. This often leads to the biggest gathering of bald eagles across the globe, especially during fall. The location can be accessed by a ferry system.


White Fang follows the story of Jack Conroy and his great crusade to recover his deceased father's mining claim. Along the way, he - accompanied by his father's close buddies, Alex and Skunker - crossed paths with a young lone wolf, who would be later named White Fang. After his life was saved by the wolf, his fate became intertwined with that of White Fang the moment he reciprocated the gesture.

He saved the wolf from a brutal fight, and eventually from the claws of Beauty Smith. While he faced numerous setbacks in his quest, he kept believing he would find the gold - he did it successfully. He also found an unlikely friendship with White Fang. Jack's statement "is there any good reason why we can't just bury him here? I don't think he'll know the difference" best reflects how tired and exhausted he was in his great quest. Yet, he kept on going until he achieved his ultimate goal!

Asides from the thrills in the movies, shooting White Fang in Haines was the perfect storm the city needed to achieve a global appeal. From the Chilkat River to the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, the various scene locations are worth visiting.

These locations have become major tourist attractions in the city. Indeed, the stunning sights of thousands of Bald Eagles at Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve can be compared to none. The city of Haines has emerged as a popular option among filmmakers in recent times, making it a great place for movie lovers to visit.