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Where was Vampire Diaries filmed?


City Locations

Covington, Georgia; Oxford, Georgia

Location Types

Mansion, Country House, College, Restaurant

Location Styles

Second Empire style, City Streets, Industrial

About Vampire Diaries

The "Vampire Diaries" is a supernatural drama television series based on the same name book series. It first aired in 2009, focusing on Elena Gilbert (N. Dobrev), a recently orphaned teenager who lives in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Stefan Salvatore (P. Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (I. Somerhalder) are two vampires who meet Elena on her first day of high school. However, she does not realize that Stefan and his brother, Damon, are actual vampires.

Exciting storylines also follow the lives of other important characters in the town, like Elena's aunt, Jenna Sommers (S. Canning), and her brother Jeremy Gilbert (S. McQueen). Her best friends Caroline Forbes (C. King) and Bonnie Bennett (K. Graham) are also featured prominently, as well as the group of their mutual friends.

The series follows the life of Elena and how she navigates through precarious situations. We watch how she deals with a doppelganger coming back from the dead and makes tough choices as she is sucked deeper into the ensuing supernatural drama that comes gift-wrapped with the Salvatores.

Vampire Diaries Locations

The first episode was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, but thereafter production moved to Covington, Georgia which took the place of Mystic Falls for the next seven seasons.

Follow through the blockbuster series that was one of the very first to introduce vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, and ghosts in a gripping tale of love, revenge, and deceit. This series became a worldwide phenomenon, paving way for the next generation of supernatural shows.

Fun Fact:

Before filming, it was almost agreed that Damon and Stefan’s surname would be ‘Whitmore’. However, Producer Plec came to the rescue and decided to stay true to the book by keeping the name Salvatore. Imagine how weird it would be if our heroes were named Damon and Stefan Whitmore.

Elena meets Stefan scene in Vampire Diaries

Monroe Area High School, Munroe, 300 Double Springs Church Rd, Monroe, GA

Elena meets Stefan scene in Vampire Diaries

Since the whole series revolves around teenagers it makes sense to feature a high school in the show. In fact, the very first scene in which Elena bumps into Stefan takes place in Mystic High School. This Vampire Diaries filming location is Monroe Area High School located on Double Springs Church Road in Covington.

We see the back of Stefan as Elena notices him and she even says, “All I see is his back” to which her friend replies, “It’s a hot back”. Later, he bumps into her while she is coming out of the men’s room. Elena has explaining to do there!

So, if you want to reminisce some of the very first High School scenes of TVD, visit here whenever you plan your Vampire Diaries nostalgia trip.

Mystic Grill fire scene in Vampire Diaries

Mystic Grill Restaurant, 1116 SW. Clark St., Covington, GA

Mystic Grill fire scene in Vampire Diaries

Elena and her friends spent a lot of their time at The Mystic Grill, which is now an actual restaurant in Covington that fans can visit. It was featured prominently throughout the series, which ran for eight seasons. Of course, one of the most remembered scenes is the explosion in season 5, set in place by Elena and Damon.

If you're a fan of the show and you visit the Grill, you'll want to take a picture in front of its iconic red neon sign. The Mystic Grill, according to the restaurant's website, was created by fans of the show who were inspired to bring the fictitious haunt to life. Fans visiting The Mystic Grill can anticipate seeing only the outside of the business since the exteriors for the program were filmed there, while the interiors were shot on a sound stage.

Mystic Grill is a unique restaurant located inside a historic bank building. With its seats on the rooftop overlooking Covington Square and live music on Friday and Saturday nights, Mystic Grill makes for a perfect night out. Be sure to pick up one of their popular t-shirts at The Alley, their gift shop located under the restaurant!

Stefan and Katherine dance in Twelve Oaks Mansion scene in Vampire Diaries

The Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast, 2176 Monticello St SW, Covington, GA

Stefan and Katherine dance in Twelve Oaks Mansion scene in Vampire Diaries

Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast is the filming location for the Lockwood Mansion. In the fourth episode of season 2, this location is crucial and a memorable scene takes place here. The show begins with a clip from 1864, where Katherine (N. Dobrev) and Stefan (P. Wesley) dance at the Founders' party. While they're dancing, Stefan sees Damon (I. Somerhalder) conversing with Elena, and they depart together.

The beautiful, high-style Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast was constructed in 1836. It's been claimed that the house was one of the influences for Ashley's mansion in "Gone With the Wind”. Some of the cast and crew have stayed here as well. Daytime visits to the location are available, as well as spa tubs, exquisite Turkish linens, and daily home-cooked breakfast.

Almost 100 television and film productions have been filmed in Covington, in fact, and the Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast is a busy place as a result.

The Gilbert house burns down scene in Vampire Diaries

2104 Floyd Street, NE Covington, GA

The Gilbert house burns down scene in Vampire Diaries

The Gilbert house was a significant site until it was burned down by Elena (N. Dobrev), following Jeremy's (S. McQueen) death, in Season 4. Along with this tragic and emotional scene, the Gilbert house was the place of much drama, including when Katherine, who is from the present day, arrives, and when Jeremy sees Anna and Vicki after his resurrection. In one of the last episodes, hybrid vampire Klaus came to the Gilbert residence in an attempt to persuade Elena to leave.

Fortunately, even though the location is fictitiously destroyed during season 4, fans can see it with their own eyes. The house is described as a place with historical architectural features, sparkling ceilings, and a deep wrap-around porch, and has now been converted into a private house.

Bonnie visits Grams' house scene in Vampire Diaries

2136 Conyers Street SE, Covington, GA

Bonnie visits Grams' house scene in Vampire Diaries

If you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, then you'll want to include a stop at the house of Sheila "Grams" Bennett (J. Guy) while spending time in Covington. In the show, Bonnie (K. Graham) visit's her grandmother's home often. Sheila is always open with a listening ear and imparts wisdom in return.

Even after death in season one, Grams' spirit manages to protect Bonnie when she becomes The Anchor. Watch Fool Me Once for the scene of Grams’ passing. You can see the location used for filming in more episodes: You're Undead To Me, Haunted, 162 Candles, and Bloodlines.

An interesting fact, the film set also sits next door to the foreclosed home where Isobel was squatting, also known as the Lee-Porter Mansion.

Elena and Damon attend house party scene in Vampire Diaries

The Whitmore College Frat House, 1008 N. Emory St., Oxford, GA

Elena and Damon attend house party scene in Vampire Diaries

In this season four episode, The Five at Whitmore College, a 'Dress-Up Party' is held called the 'Murder House Party,' and it's inspired by the real-life Ax Murderer's Ball. In this episode, Damon (I. Somerhalder) makes his appearance at the party in the character of Jack the Ripper with Elena (N. Dobrev) and Bonnie (K. Graham) playing his victims.

While partying and dancing, Damon and Elena drink from anyone they happen to dance with. Afterward, they meet up and dance together again, both filled with the liquid they desire. But Elena also sees Bonnie and feels terrible for enjoying herself.

The Orna Villa site, which was built in the 1820s and became a fraternity house for an infamous — and bloody — episode of the program, may be visited by adoring followers on the opposite side of the street from the Whitmore campus.


The Vampire Diaries is a popular television show that features a mix of romance, mystery, and thriller elements. The series has been praised for its well-developed characters and engaging storylines. Additionally, the show has a strong following among young adults. Although the show has been criticized for being overly violent and stylized, it has nonetheless become a hit with viewers. The show also benefits from excellent production values, including impressive special effects. In short, The Vampire Diaries is a well-made show that is definitely at least worth trying to watch.

Given that the series span over a decade, it is almost unbelievable that most of the shooting was done in Covington, Georgia only. There were very few scenes that were shot elsewhere. Shifting locations and moving frequently for this purpose requires a huge budget and is not feasible for a long series. Therefore, the producers and directors make the most of what they had, and it turned out pretty awesome.

However, for Vampire Diaries, Georgia was the best choice as it fits the backdrop of the series perfectly. In the book, the author described Mystic Falls as quaint, small-knit, and peaceful. After the end of the season, Covington, Georgia became known as the place where The Vampire Diaries was shot.

The Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW Television Network in September 2009 and quickly rose to prominence due to its different and gripping plotline. Before the Twilight series, Vampire Diaries was all the rage.