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Where was V: The Final Battle filmed?


City Locations

Albuquerque (USA), Sierra Madre (USA), Rancho Palos Verdes (USA), Los Angeles (USA)

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Nature, Hotels, Schools

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Neglected, Factory, Futuristic, Power Plant

About V: The Final Battle

The 1983 saga, V, continues in V: The Final Battle, an American TV miniseries released in 1984. This thrilling story focuses on alien invaders, who are dubbed "The Visitors," and the valiant humans fighting them. The narrative is presented from the perspective of a resistance group based in Los Angeles, California.

The heroes must use their ingenuity to figure out ways of exploiting the weaknesses of the invading aliens to defeat them and end the war. At the same time, some of the aliens are also struggling against their own kind to put an end to the conflict.

Creative differences caused Kenneth Johnson to part ways with NBC, but he retained credits under the pseudonym "Lillian Weezer" in V: The Final Battle. A.C. Crispin novelized the V miniseries, including The Final Battle as one of its chapters.

V: The Final Battle was a hit, drawing in an average rating of 25.1 and outperforming ABC's airing of The Last Days of Pompei at the time. Ed Siegel of The Boston Globe described it as a "spirited escapist entertainment," although not as inspired as PBS' Concealed Enemies which he praised for treating its audience with intelligence.

John J. O'Connor commended V: The Final Battle for being "never less than compelling," in his review for the New York Times and praised its "remarkably striking" production values, made all the more impressive due to its small-screen calibration. On Rotten Tomatoes, the miniseries received an aggregate score of 69%.

V: The Final Battle Locations

V: The Final Battle played out over three parts, set several months after the events of the original miniseries. The 1984 miniseries V showcased a variety of different locations in and around Los Angeles county. The sites and sceneries varied from the iconic Griffith Park to Downtown Los Angeles, and even Sable Ranch in Canyon Country in Santa Clarita.

The V: The Final Battle production crew set up shop at noteworthy locations like Belmont Tunnel and Castaic Power Plant. To create an immersive atmosphere for viewers, the cinematography included dynamic camera angles and vibrant lighting techniques to ensure that each film set conveyed the desired effect.

The film crew also took advantage of the region’s diverse terrain, exuding a sense of a world that was on its last stand with a powerful impact. The combination of technique and setting allowed V: The Final Battle to achieve an almost spiritual aura that still resonates with fans today.

It's clear why the production team chose the various filming locations; they offer fascinating dark corners filled with mystery, perfect for creating a suspenseful ambiance while staying true to the feel of the V series. They act as an homage not just to the show but also to decades upon decades of film history in Los Angeles County.

Raid scene in V: The Final Battle

Bronson Caves, 3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, United States

Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant) wakes Mike Dinivan (Marc Singer) up as the Resistance gears up for their mission to storm a Visitor processing plant and save the people imprisoned in food cocoons. The raid is quickly foiled by the Visitors' advanced security and armor, leading to an acrimonious debrief at the Resistance hideout about what went wrong.

Situated in the Bronson Canyon section of Griffith Park, the Bronson Caves are a set of iconic limestone hollows featured in a slew of classic productions. From the movie classic V: The Final Battle to the popular TV show Batman, viewers have had a chance to explore these mysterious caves on screen.

With their distinct atmosphere and thrilling action sequences, a visit to Bronson Caves is sure to be an unforgettable experience. From Downtown LA, navigate your way to 4730 Crystal Springs Drive via US-101 N.

Discussing a new plan scene in V: The Final Battle

Belmont Tunnel - 1304 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

After the raid, the Resistance returns to their headquarters to help the wounded and discuss a way forward. Juliet (Faye Grant) says she shot the Visitor from 10 yards, but it didn’t hurt him. Mike (Marc Singer) says that they need a new plan because such kind of sorties only makes things worse for them.

The Belmont Tunnel, located at 1304 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles, is an iconic movie landmark. Featured in the classic V: The Final Battle, viewers get a close-up look at the stunning locations that made the action sequences of the movie a hit. With its dark and eerie atmosphere, the Belmont Tunnel truly immerses visitors in what it may have felt like to be part of the thrilling rebellion against the Visitors.

Getting to 1304 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles, from downtown LA, should take about 6 minutes. Get to W 2nd St, head northeast on S Hill St then in about 0.4 miles turn left and continued on W 2nd St. Turn left after about 0.7 miles to get onto Emerald St and proceed for 0.2 miles and turn right onto Lucas Ave. Take the next right onto Beverly Blvd and continue straight onto W 2nd St until you get to your destination.

Mike asks for Martin’s help scene in V: The Final Battle

Point Vicente Lighthouse, Palos Verdes Drive West, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA

Mike (Marc Singer) meets Martin (Frank Ashmore) and asks him for help in the Medical Center. Martin says that humans messed up already, and Mike clarifies that they want to expose John during the live stream. Martin says that the plan is certain death, but Mike is unshakable - this is their last chance to expose what’s going on.

Point Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes, California USA is a stunning example of West Coast history and beauty. With its striking architecture and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, it's easy to understand why this lighthouse was also featured in one of the most memorable scenes in V: The Final Battle.

In the iconic scene, a group of Visitors flies into the lighthouse, looking for their missing comrade Robert. As they search for him, viewers get a glimpse of the stunningly cinematic visuals and are taken on an intense and unforgettable journey that can only be experienced at the Point Vicente Lighthouse.

From I-10 West, take Exit 3A for Sepulveda Blvd followed by a right on Hawthorne Blvd. Next, turn left onto Pacific Coast Highway towards Rolling Hills Estates then another left onto Palos Verdes Drive West until arriving at Point Vicente Lighthouse. You can also reach the lighthouse from I-110 South or Lakewood Blvd via a series of turns and street name changes until you reach Paseo del Mar, making a left and following that straight until your destination arrives in sight.

Mothership arrives on Earth scene in V: The Final Battle

Castaic Power Plant, Castaic Union Elementary, CA, USA

The mothership arrives at the Visitor’s headquarters on Earth. Diana meets the Warlord and says that she didn’t expect their visit, so they didn’t prepare for it. The Warlord says that their leader sent engineers to speed up their project. If everything goes well, they will be able to pump out water from South California in 300 days.

The Castaic Power Plant in Castaic Union Elementary, California is a sight to behold. This imposing structure was featured in V: The Final Battle as the hideout of Robert Maxwell, the human leader of the resistance against the Visitors. Visiting this power plant today will transport you back to the moment from the classic V series.

To get there, make your way to Interstate 5 and drive north until you reach the Lake Hughes Road exit. Take the exit and then a right onto Lake Hughes Road, followed by another right onto Castaic Road. You should soon see the massive power plant looming ahead of you against the horizon.

Last battle scene in V: The Final Battle

Alverno Heights Academy - 200 North Michillinda Avenue, Sierra Madre, California, USA

The Alverno High School in Sierra Madre, California USA was the filming location of the last battle scene in V: The Final Battle. Robert Maxwell (Michael Durrell) and the Resistance Army make their last stand against the Visitors.

As they race to save the world and defeat their enemy, viewers are taken on a dramatic journey of passion and strength that can be recreated at Alverno High School. Alverno Heights Academy in Sierra Madre, California has been around for over 100 years, and it is home to an inspiring story of courage, strength, and determination.

Conveniently located in Sierra Madre, California, travelers from out of town can easily reach Alverno via the 310 freeway and take Michillinda Avenue until they arrive at the school, located at 200 North Michillinda Avenue. From downtown Los Angeles, you can hop onto the Metrolink train and disembark at the Sierra Madre station before walking a few blocks south to reach the school.

Juliet broadcasting the Leader’s plan scene in V: The Final Battle

Rosslyn Hotel - 112 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

The Rosslyn Hotel at 112 W 5th Street, served as one of the film sets for V: The Final Battle. That scene marks the pivotal moment when Juliet Parrish (played by Faye Grant) discovers a way to contact and broadcast the Leader's planned invasion to humans across the world.

The Rosslyn Hotel was chosen for its ability to help the production team get creative with their shots and set pieces. In addition, the hotel is known for its unique architecture, which perfectly fits into the movie’s overall aesthetic. Once onsite, crew members took extra care in setting up special lighting fixtures and camera angles - allowing them to capture all of their desired shots while also keeping production on budget and schedule.

As a result of these efforts, audiences were treated to a visually stunning sequence that featured both powerful dialogue and dynamic action while also paying tribute to one of Los Angeles' iconic locations. The hotel is accessible both by public transportation and driving, depending on where you're coming from.

At Union Station, hop on the Metro Red line and get off at the 7th/Metro Station. The hotel is just a brief 2-minute journey away.


With its strengths and weaknesses, V: The Final Battle is still a captivating watch - great for your Blu-ray collection when it comes to HD viewing (the sequel offers the best visuals yet, with black borders on the sides). Despite Kenneth Johnson's limited involvement in production, the creative team managed to craft an expansive story that builds upon the original mini-series while also delivering increased spectacle (especially action), further character development, and resolution of key plot threads established in 1983.

However, Johnson's lack of involvement was still noticeable in the presentation, and it diminished V: The Final Battle's style somewhat. Further issues were cheap-looking visual effects, the Julie-Mike love relationship, and a rushed climax in the final episode.

Despite its shortcomings, the sequel still succeeded in portraying what fascism would look like in America (or California which is now controlled by Communists) and built on its predecessor's themes such as power deception and collaboration with foreign enemies. It even added teenage pregnancy and abortion into its narrative - likely an attempt by the creative team to promote the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973.