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Where was Twisted filmed?


City Locations

Los Angeles, San Francisco, California

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About Twisted

This 2004 thriller is set in San Francisco, California with excellent casting. The film starts with Patrol Officer Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) catching notorious serial killer Edmund Culter (Leland Orser) and earning herself a promotion to Inspector Homicide.

Inspector Jessica Shepard is a nymphomaniac and an alcoholic who is undergoing therapy for the emotional trauma caused by her father murdering her mother's ex-lovers, her mother, and then himself (by suicide). As a result, Jessica is raised by her mentor and father's best friend, Commissioner John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson). She buries herself in her work and seeks distractions once her shift ends.

After her promotion, she and her new partner, Inspector Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia), come across a brutal homicide. While inspecting the body, Jessica realizes it is one of her former one-night stands. Jessica admits she was involved with the victim over a month ago but still stays on the case.

Within a few days, another of her former one-night stands is found violently murdered. Once the common thread is established, the police conclude that Jessica is being stalked and want her to stay on the case as bait.

Shepard also comes across another murder (of Edmund Culter's attorney) with whom she was involved in the past. Seeing the string of murders and Shepard's lack of alibi (she claimed she passed out each night of the murders due to an alcohol blackout), the police focus the case on Shepard, and she becomes the prime suspect.

Shepard fears that she may be losing her mind and becoming like her father, especially since the police identify the primary murder weapon as a yawara (an Asian self-defense tool that Shepard trains with).

What follows is a race against time for Shepard to prove herself innocent, find the real killer, and stop him before everything goes out of control.

Twisted Locations

Fans who want to visit Twisted locations should plan a trip to San Francisco. Most of the filming locations are in and around key areas in the city, with only Jessica Shepard's house scenes filmed on a set at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Since the storyline and plot centered around a serial killer with intimate knowledge of all the hiding spots and isolated areas in San Francisco, it was logical to keep the shooting in the city.

Twisted also features some iconic locations in the city, like the San Francisco Bay Bridge. There was confusion among fans between the Bay Bridge and Fort Point in the city. However, the filming was done below the Bay Bridge. Other notable filming areas are the popular late 1800s pub The Saloon, which is still a trendy watering hole for locals. It features some excellent blues music and occasionally has some live bands playing.

Another popular pub featured in Twisted where Jessica celebrates her promotion is Tosca's Café. While not as old as The Saloon, Tosca's is also quite famous. However, Tosca's Café attracts a more prominent tourist population than locals.

Teaser: Fans of Twister should also consider visiting Red's Java House at Pier 30, San Francisco, the Maritime National Historic Park, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Fun fact:

Twisted was released to mixed reviews, and the film did not do as well as planned. It earned a gross of 41 million dollars, much less than the production budget of $50 million.

The dead body on the rocks scene in Twisted

AT&T Park (Oracle Park), 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Inspector Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) and Inspector Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) with the San Francisco Police Department inspect a body washed up on a rocky stretch. Jessica's old patrol partner, Officer Wilson Jefferson (Richard T. Jones), thinks the dead person was severely beaten (at first glance).

When Delmarco gets closer, he's horrified at the violence and exclaims, "Jesus Christ! Who'd you p*ss off?" They click pictures of the evidence on and surrounding the body when Jessica starts recollecting who the dead person might be. She remembers spending the night with a man who looked like the deceased person in front of her.

Delmarco thinks she's queasy because of the death, but Jessica looks at him and says, "It's not that. I think I know him."

For this gruesome scene, the Twisted filming location was opposite AT&T Park, at 24 Willie Mays Plaza in San Francisco. The park is open to visitors throughout the year. Fans of Twisted can tour the park, have a picnic, and even sit or click pictures of the surrounding areas.

While some backdrops may have changed since the filming, the entire region remains mostly unchanged. Getting here is fastest via bus number 91 to 4th St and King St. From this stop, AT&T Park is a 10-minute walk across Mission Bay.

Jessica celebrates her promotion at the pub scene in Twisted

Tosca Café, 242 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Officer Jessica Shepard gets promoted to Inspector after nabbing high-profile serial killer Edmund Culter (Leland Orser). To celebrate her promotion, she, with her partner, Wilson, and others in the force, are at a popular pub, Tosca Café.

She runs into her old flame, Officer Jimmy Schmidt (Mark Pellegrino), who tries to ask her to dance. Instead, she asks him, "You're going to be cool, Jimmy?" He gets a little aggressive and asks her, "What do you mean I'm going to be cool? Like, I'm here to fight with you or something?"

During this conversation, her father's friend, Commissioner John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson), enters the pub. He spots them talking and walks their way. He overhears Jimmy bad mouth Jessica's promotion and offers Jimmy one too. Jimmy goofs up the questions asked and realizes Jessica is out of his league, and she got promoted because she is a better cop than he is.

This filming location of Twisted is the famous pub, Tosca Café, in San Francisco. To get here, hop onto bus 8BX – the one that passes the Fisherman's Wharf route, and hop off at the Kearny St and Columbus Ave stop. From this stop, the walk to the café takes approximately a minute.

Jimmy visits Jessica at her house scene in Twisted

Paramount Studios, 5515 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Office Jimmy Schmidt comes to Jessica's house. When she tells him, "Jimmy, just go home," Jimmy gets enraged and asks her, "Go home? Like I'm some kind of dog? I'm supposed to obey you now?" He arms himself, and she quickly grabs something from the sink counter. She suddenly looks at the yawara in his hand and the bottle opener in hers and starts laughing.

She runs out of the kitchen and into the bedroom while locking the door behind her and jamming it. Jimmy gets to the bedroom door, singing, "Open the door, Jessica, open the door." Simultaneously, Jessica gets dizzy and is nearly knocked out. By the time Jimmy can break the glass on the door, open the lock, and enter the bedroom, Jessica falls on the bed, unconscious.

Considering all the Twisted action scenes, this one was slightly scary since Jessica was supposed to be safe in her own house. Jessica's home with the kitchen, rooms, living room, bathroom, and more was all a set built in Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Getting to Paramount Studios is quickest via bus number 210. From the Vine / Santa Monica stop, the studio is a couple of minutes away.

Jessica practices with the yawara scene in Twisted

The Palace of Fine Arts, 3301 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA

As part of her sessions with her therapist, Dr. Frank (David Strathairn), Jessica practices using a yawara stick with a teacher. A yawara is a short weapon used in Japanese martial arts. It is usually made of wood and is long enough to stretch to both sides of the palm when grasped tightly. The one that Jessica uses in Twisted is a single dumbbell-like/ shaped yawara stick. It is now used only in self-defense since it is easy to carry.

Jessica follows her teachers' instructions, "Yawara to the rib break. Yawara to the groin. Remember your distractors. Yawara to the sternum. Yawara to the clavicle. Yawara to the rib break. Yawara to the groin." While her teacher instructs, they both actively follow the steps.

This is one of the best scenes in Twisted. It shows Jessica actively working on her mental and physical health. Her work is grueling and challenging, and audiences see the importance of self-defense as physical exercise. This filming location is the stunning grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Getting here is the quickest via bus number 150. Hop off at Richardson Ave and Francisco St and walk for three minutes to reach.

Jessica and Delmarco enjoy a drink scene in Twisted

The Saloon, 1232 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA

Jessica and Delmarco are at a local pub in San Francisco watching a Flamenco dancer while enjoying a drink together. While they are watching the solo dance performance and clapping to the tunes of the Andalusian music, Jessica sees her ex, Jimmy, walk into the pub.

Seeing her annoyed expression, Delmarco drawls, "Ah, the boyfriend," to which Jessica replies, "He's not my boyfriend. He is an ex, and he is the reason I don't get friendly with my co-workers anymore." Delmarco replies, "Well, that's good to know. Let me talk to him." Jessica says, "Thank you."

Delmarco takes a sip of his drink and smiles at Jimmy while Jessica rolls her eyes and gets annoyed.

This Twisted film scene is shot at a popular joint, The Saloon, at 1232 Grant Avenue, San Francisco. It is known for its diverse crowd, relaxed vibe, and blues music. The Saloon is also one of the oldest bars in San Francisco, and locals enjoy hanging out there as often as possible.

Fans of Twisted can get here by catching bus number 30 and hopping off at Stockton St and Columbus Ave. From this stop, the walk to The Saloon is approximately three to four minutes at a steady pace.

Jessica realizes she knows the victim scene in Twisted

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Delmarco picks up Jessica from her house and heads to a crime scene. When they get there, Jessica's ex, Jimmy, is already there grumbling about how Jessica doesn't answer his calls anymore because she's an Inspector now. Delmarco hears his grumbling and says, "You guys wanna rustle me up some breakfast? A little bacon, eggs, toast, black coffee? Seeing as how you're not busy?" Jimmy swears at Delmarco, so Delmarco smirks and replies, "Make that bacon crisp!"

When Jessica gets close to the dead body floating in the water, she shows Delmarco another cigarette burn on the victim's palm (similar to the first body they found). Delmarco looks closely at the swollen body and remarks, "Yeah, that's the cigarette burn." Jessica is sure it's the same killer from before since his patterns are the same.

When the cops are hauling the victim out of the water, Jessica notices a musical note tattoo on the victim's hand. She has a flashback of having met the victim and spending a night with him (just like she did with the earlier dead victim).

This one is probably the most recognized out of all the Twisted locations. The crime scene is filmed under the famous San Francisco Bay Bridge. Getting to the iconic bridge is easiest if you catch bus number 12 and get off at Spear St & Folsom St. The bridge is a five-minute walking distance from this stop.


Twisted, like the name suggests, was a topsy turvy, enjoyable one-time watch. It had one of the oldest stories in the book about the harassment of female police officers in the force. While the movie has plenty of positives, the plotline is slightly dull. However, what the film lacked in substance, it made up for with a stellar cast and locations.

The mix of Samuel L. Jackson, Ashley Judd, Andy Garcia, and Mark Pellegrino helped keep the movie from falling apart. The only surprise towards the end was the serial killers' real identity and the backstory that helped the film get a modicum of success.

The best part for audiences and fans of Twisted was the fabulous film shoot locations. The Twisted production team did an excellent job researching and finding places in and around San Francisco that locals would visit. The iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge, the grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts, and more were excellent additions to the film.