Troop Beverly Hills movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Troop Beverly Hills filmed?


City Locations

Mono County, California

Location Types

NatureScapes, House, Mansions, Ranch, Restaurant

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Boutique Hotel, Castle/Chateau, Luxury Hotel

About Troop Beverly Hills

In the opening Troop Beverly Hills film scene, Phyllis Nefler, a socialite, is newly separated from Freddy, her wealthy husband. In order to gain custody of their daughter during a difficult divorce, Phyllis agrees to lead Hannah’s girl scout troop known as the Wilderness Girls.

The girls’ first camping adventure ends in torrential rains, leading Phyllis to book them all rooms at the luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel. Though Phyllis earns no points in the wilderness survival department, she earns the hearts of the girls through her dedication to their well-being. She decides she will teach the girls the skills they require to live successfully in Beverly Hills and even goes so far as to create special badges for each task they master.

Phyllis makes a powerful enemy in Velda Plendor, the troop mother of the Culver City Red Feathers. Velda is a woman with powerful connections, and she works to have Phyllis’ new badges disqualified. Velda also makes her assistant Annie work for Troop Beverly Hills to set up traps for them.

Troop Beverly Hills is given permission for their badges to be eligible if they pass a group of tests at the annual Jamboree. The first hurdle for them is selling 1,000 boxes of cookies. Velda tries to thwart their efforts by sending her girls to sell cookies in the Troop Beverly Hills district. This one act angers Annie, and she pledges to support Troop Beverly Hills wholeheartedly. Phyllis and the girls sell more than 4,000 boxes of cookies in total. Velda, angered by Annie’s betrayal, lashes out at her, and Annie, for the first time, stands up to her.

Freddy sees a new side of Phyllis, and he professes to have rekindled feelings toward her. However, Phyllis soon discovers that Freddy is still planning to file for divorce and is pursuing a joint custody arrangement with Phyllis.

As the Jamboree begins, the Red Feathers have some tricks in mind. They direct the girls on the wrong path, leading them to a swamp that is full of snakes. The girls encounter a skunk, and in running away from him, they accidentally uncover a shortcut that helps them to finish the race first.

The following day, Velda cuts the rope bridge once her girls have crossed, forcing Troop Beverly Hills into a dangerous area primarily used for hunting. Meanwhile, Velda breaks her ankle, and the Red Feathers make the decision to leave her behind to win the race. Troop Beverly Hills fixes the bridge and discovers Velda. At Phyllis’ urging, they carry Velda to the end of the course.

The Red Feathers finish their course first, but they are disqualified for abandoning their leader. Troop Beverly Hills wins the race and is officially given the title of Wilderness Girls. Velda is fired for cheating. Freddy has a change of heart and decides to reunite with Phyllis and Hannah.

Troop Beverly Hills Locations

Filmed in 1989, Troop Beverly Hills is a comedy with an all-star cast including Shelley Long and Craig T. Nelson. Several young actors are also found in this film including Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin, Emily Schulman, Ami Foster, and Tori Spelling.

The filming locations for Troop Beverly Hills all center in one specific area of Mono County, California.

Are feel-good movies your favorite thing to watch? If so, Troop Beverly Hills just might be among your very fave films. For a vacation that is sure to be almost as fun as joining the Wilderness Girls yourself, why not plan a trip to visit the filming locations for Troop Beverly Hills? It’s sure to be a vacation to remember!

Fun Fact:

Upon its release, the film was not well received at the box office. However, throughout the years, Troop Beverly Hills had earned a large following from viewers all across the world.

Phyllis hosts her first troop meeting scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills City Hall, 455 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Phyllis goes to great lengths to put together an elegant troop meeting complete with decorations, catered food, and a beautiful setting. The girls arrive in their uniforms and are confused to see what Phyllis has put together for them. They aren’t happy to be there. The following dialogue takes place.

Phyllis: What are you all doing here?

Girl #1: I’m here because my parents paid me to come.

Girl #2: I’m here because I want to be here.

Phyllis: That’s good. That’s good.

Girl #3: We all come here for the same reason that we go to karate, ballet, fencing, riding, and the shrink. To give our neurotic, stressed-out parents time to relate in a child-free environment.

Girl #4: You’re not gonna be a troop leader, Mrs. Nefler. You’re gonna be a babysitter.

This former film shoot location is found right in the downtown core of Beverly Hills within walking distance of its most popular streets for shopping and fine dining.

Phyllis shares her scary story scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

The girls and Phyllis are continuing their first campout at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the girls are excited to tell scary stories to each other. After sharing several different tales, the girls ask Phyllis to share a scary incident of her own. In one of the most funny scenes in Troop Beverly Hills, Phyllis and the girls have this conversation.

Phyllis: A scary story?

One of the girls: Ya, tell us.

Phyllis: Okay. It was a cold and rainy day in March. I went to Kristoff’s where I usually get my hair done. But Kristoff mysteriously disappeared, and in his place was a stranger named Renaldo. I’ll never forget him. His eyes were a steely grey, very cold. And his hands were like ice.

Girls: Uggh!

Phyllis: He said, “I’ll streak your hair, and I’ll give you a body wave.” He worked very fast, and then as he turned my chair around to face the mirror, I saw it. HE PERMED ME!


To reach the spot where this Troop Beverly Hills scene was shot, travel northwest on N Rexford Dr toward N Santa Monica Blvd. Make a left-hand turn onto Carmelita Avenue then a right onto N Crescent Dr. Take a left-hand turn onto Sunset Boulevard, turning right on Bedford Drive. Make another right onto Benedict Canyon Drive, traveling just a short distance until you reach another right-hand turn. Your destination can be found to the left.

Phyllis tries on the traditional Wilderness Girls uniform scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Giorgio Beverly Hills, 436 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

Phyllis tries on the traditional Wilderness Girls uniform. As she exits the dressing room in the original uniform, she asks the girls for their opinions, and this conversation ensues.

Phyllis: How does it look?

Girls (Hiding the truth): I like it. it’s great.

Phyllis: Oh, my G*d. Oh, my G*d.

Girls: It’s not that bad.

Phyllis: Not that bad? Except for the color’s wrong, the collar’s wrong. The material’s a nightmare from hell. Cut badly, it itches, and it’s not me. But all of that can be fixed!

Phyllis hurries from the store, taking her uniform with her to see her favorite designer at Giorgio’s. She runs into the studio, calling for Henri.

Phyllis: Henri, oh, Henri!

Henri: My G*d, darling! What is that?

Phyllis: I know! It’s my Wilderness Girl uniform. What can you do with it?

To visit this Troop Beverly Hills production site, take N Rexford Drive, making a left-hand turn onto N Santa Monica Boulevard. Make another left onto Rodeo Drive. Giorgio’s can be found on the right-hand side.

Phyllis unveils the troop’s ideas to sell cookies scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Wattles Mansion, 1824 N Curson Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The mothers of the girls meet at Phyllis’ house to discuss their strategy to sell cookies to meet their quota to participate in the Jamboree. One of the initiatives involves a concert with the girls singing a song they’ve made to promote the cookies. The event is hugely successful.

They convince Wolfgang Puck to allow them to sell their cookies at his restaurant. The girls, wearing their uniforms, walk through the dining room with trays reminiscent of the cigarette girls in World War II, selling cookies to Chef Puck’s clientele.

They also set up a table outside the local gym which is met with a wild amount of success. The piece de resistance is a charity event, hosted by Robin Leach, and featuring celebrities wearing upscale wilderness wear. The following conversation takes place between Phyllis and Robin Leach in one of the best scenes in Troop Beverly Hills.

Robin Leach: Mrs. Nefler is the culprit behind this khaki mania. And her ensemble is the epitome of this season’s hottest trend.

Phyllis: Thank you, Robin. And if you loved our haute couture, you’ll adore our haute cuisine. Buy some cookies today!

Robin Leach: It’s khaki wishes and cookie dreams.

To get to this former Troop Beverly Hills film set, follow Hollywood Boulevard toward Vine Street. Make a right-hand turn onto N. Curson Avenue, and you will find the destination just up the road and to the right.

Velda conspires to keep Phyllis’ troop from becoming recognized scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Bishop Conaty High School, 2900 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Velda tries to enlist Annie’s help in keeping Phyllis’ troop from achieving the recognition they desire to compete as official Wilderness Girls. She begins by inserting a camera inside a Wilderness Girls’ guide for Annie to take with her when she joins Troop Beverly Hills. This will allow her to take snapshots of the troop’s activities to report back to Velda. When Annie sees the finished product Velda has put together, the only words she can muster with awe and delight are, “WOW!”

Access to this former film set is quite easy. Simply follow the CA-110/Harbor Fwy to W 14th St. Continue on this route until you reach the exit for South Ardmore Avenue. The high school can be found just up the road.

The Red Feathers leave Velda behind scene in Troop Beverly Hills

Big Bear City, San Bernardino National Forest, CA

Velda injures herself on the course. One of the girls examines her foot and discovers she has a broken ankle. The decision is made to leave her behind as trying to bring her with them will slow them down and may cause them to lose the race. When Velda discovers they will not take her with them, this conversation takes place.

Cleo: It’s broken. Jamie, some rations and some water.

Velda: Come on, you’re not going to leave me here!

Cleo: You’re dead weight. Besides after we win, we’ll send someone back to get you. Come on, Red Feathers, move on!

Velda: Cleo, I was in labor with you for 17 hours. I bought you your first tricycle! I have patches, girls. I could get you into West Point!

To visit this Troop Beverly Hills location, you will need to be prepared to travel approximately 43 miles from nearby San Bernardino. Mountain Transit offers bus service here.


Though the initial reaction to Troop Beverly Hills was lukewarm at best, it has greatly increased its fan base as the years go by, making it one of the most popular cult classic films of all time. The landscape in this movie varies from the deeply wooded forests of Northern California to the vast luxuriousness of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Giorgios, and even some of the most elegant homes in Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.

Thinking a vacation to visit the filming locations for Troop Beverly Hills is just what the doctor ordered? We’re sure you’ll have a great time!