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Tin Cup movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Tin Cup filmed?


City Locations

Tucson, AZ; Tubac, AZ; Sonoita, AZ, Kingwood, TX

Location Types

Americana/Anywhere America, Resort, Dilapidated/Neglected

Location Styles

Restaurants, Office Buildings, Golf Course

About Tin Cup

Tin Cup is not only the name of the 1996 film, but it is also the nickname of a former golf prodigy named Roy McAvoy. Roy had a chance to make it big as a professional golfer in college, but he blew a decisive shot and was disqualified from a major tournament. Roy now owns a driving range where he offers golfing lessons and drinks heavily.

Roy meets Molly when she comes to the range asking for lessons and tips. Molly is initially dating David Simms, a golfing pro who was one of Roy’s teammates in college. It doesn’t take long for Roy to become interested in Molly. He also gets interested in playing pro golf again.

Roy is insulted when Simms comes to the range and asks him to caddy for him at an upcoming tournament. Upcoming scenes show Roy taking a bet that he can’t make a 220-yard shot, and Simms eventually fires Roy as a caddy when he wins. Roy then decides he will get back at Simms by qualifying for the Open, and he’s going to take Simms’ girl while he’s at it.

Molly is always professional with Roy, and she eventually sees him as a patient. Molly also sees that Simms has a more unpleasant side than she originally believed, which pushes her to Roy even more. Roy’s first day at the Open is terrible, but he improves each day.

In one of the best scenes in Tin Cup, on the third and final day of the open, Roy makes an amazing shot, which everyone loves. However, it keeps him from winning the tournament. Molly tells him not to worry - everyone will remember the awesome shot, not the winner of the game.

Tin Cup was released in 1996 and is considered to be a romantic comedy or rom-com. Kevin Costner is cast as Roy McAvoy; he had recently seen success in Dances with Wolves and Bull Durham. Other leading roles include Rene Russo as Molly Griswold and Don Johnson as Simms.

Tin Cup Locations

Tin Cup was chiefly filmed in Arizona, but some scenes were shot at the Deerwood Country Club in a suburb of Houston, Texas. There are a lot of funny scenes in Tin Cup that you can visit in and around both Arizona and Texas.

Most of the film was shot in and around Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is one of the largest cities in Arizona, and there is a great deal of history in the town. For instance, the exterior of the Hotel Congress is used in shots where Roy went to Molly for therapy. The Hotel Congress was the place where John Dillinger was shot and killed after a string of bank robberies he and his men had committed.

The 4th Street area is also highly historic with lots of shops and boutiques for visitors to explore. Not only can you enjoy the current shops and restaurants in Tucson, but most of the places where Tin Cup was filmed are still in existence today.

Roy’s driving range scene in Tin Cup

Highway 83/Sonoita, AZ

When we first meet Roy, he’s a down on his luck golfer who was never able to make it to the pros. Roy’s Range is the first locale where we meet Roy. It’s a desolate place with lots of brush and dry land. Roy has a sign held up reading “Last Chance to Hit Golf Balls.” When we first meet Roy, he’s using an old Volkswagen Beetle he’s rigged to help pick up stray balls. An armadillo is his only company on the drab and lonely course.

Roy’s Range is, of course, a fictional place. It was shot on a stretch of highway in Sonoita, Arizona - Highway 83 to be exact. This area is best accessed by simply riding by in a private car. As one drives by, the windmill and the water tower can be seen easily.

We are also introduced to Romeo in this scene. Roy is asked if he ever gets bored, to which he replies, Yes! Roy’s life seems like an unending hamster wheel. He tells one of his customers: “Tempo is everything; perfection is unattainable.”

The qualifying round of the open golf tournament scene in Tin Cup

Tubac Golf Resort, 65 Avenida de Otero, Tubac, AZ

“Give me the lumber club.” “I’m not going to the left of those trees; I’m not going to the right of those trees. I’m going over those trees.”

Roy and Romeo argue about the club he should be using in this scene in Tin Cup. Roy is about to qualify to play in the U.S. Open, and, true to his nature, Roy wants to make a shot that is, well, abnormal. Most of Roy’s best golf takes place when he doesn’t play safe. Roy becomes very angry when Romeo tries to get him to take a safe shot, and he breaks almost all his clubs in retaliation.

Molly is watching, and she asks if Roy always acts that way on the course. One of the caddies replies that he does. By this time, Roy has only one club left - the seven iron. He tells Romeo this will be the only “safe” club in all his belongings.

After the disagreement between Roy and Romeo, Roy goes on to play some of his best golf and qualifies for the Open.

This scene was shot at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa, which is located at 1 Avenida de Otero. The resort is considered a luxury golf course, and it offers a relaxing spa as well as fine dining in the southwest Arizona area. The resort also offers historic lodgings in the Otero family’s hacienda houses.

This filming location of Tin Cup is easy to get to by vehicle. To get to the Tubac Golf Resort, take I-19 from Tucson. This is about a one-hour drive (46 miles). Once you get to Tubac, take Exit 40. You’ll then take Frontage Road to Avenida de Otero.

Roy pawns his golf clubs scene in Tin Cup

Goodwill Thrift Store, 300 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

Roy isn’t exactly a wealthy man; we see that in the opening scene of the movie. Sometimes, if not for Romeo, Roy would probably give up on ever playing golf again. Roy is broke, so he decides to pawn some of his prized golf clubs. Roy tells Romeo, “I was escorting failure.”

Roy is upset and drinking. However, Romeo is able to talk with him about the situation. Romeo will eventually convince Roy to go back and get the clubs and start pursuing his dream of playing in the U.S. Open.

The exterior of a Goodwill store was transformed so that the building looked like a pawn shop. Today, that building is still a Goodwill store. It is located at 300 N. 4th Avenue in Tucson. Fourth Avenue in Tucson is historic for a number of reasons, with all types of shops located there. It has served as a supply chain area for more than a century. Today, one can also enjoy lots of restaurants in the area, too!

Another place you’ll want to visit is the Hotel Congress, and one can get there easily from N. 4th Street in Tucson, Arizona. If you do not have a vehicle, you can get to this filming location of Tin Cup by taking the Greyhound bus from just about anywhere in the area.

Roy visits Dr. Griswold scene in Tin Cup

Hotel Congress, 311 E Congress St, Tucson, AZ

Roy doesn’t intend to fall in love when we first meet him in Tin Cup. However, Rene Russo’s Molly captivates Roy in a way he didn’t expect. Many people don’t exactly expect Roy to land someone like Molly, either. They have a contentious doctor-patient relationship. Molly has no idea that Roy has feelings for her.

Molly eventually tells Roy to tell the woman how he feels. So he does, telling Molly, “I’m in love with you.”

Molly has gone to watch Roy play golf many times. She knows Roy loves risk, and she doesn’t seem very interested in him at first. They spend a great deal of time during his therapy sessions arguing. Molly has tried to get Roy to “let his guard down,” but he has fought her every inch of the way. Finally, Roy says, “Dr. Griswold, I’m in love with you.”

Roy continues to pursue Dr. Griswold even though she initially says she’s not interested. The exterior scenes in which Roy goes for his therapy sessions are filmed at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ. The Hotel Congress is located at 311 E. Congress Street in Tucson.

The Hotel Congress is a historic location in Tucson. In fact, the hotel is the location where gangster and serial bank robber John Dillinger was finally apprehended in 1934. Today, the Hotel Congress is a boutique hotel with opportunities for dining and all sorts of entertainment.

To get to the Hotel Congress, take North Stone and North 4th Street from the city’s center. Buses 1,12, 16, and 18 all take routes that will get visitors to the Hotel Congress. One can also go to the Congress/Stone light rail station to use this form of transportation to get to the Hotel Congress.

Restaurant scene in Tin Cup

Waffle House, 4601 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ

Going to Waffle House for a celebratory dinner after winning a golf tournament may not seem very likely, but Bubba Watson actually did this very thing after winning the 2014 Masters tournament. And why not? Breakfast is appropriate any time of day, and after a long day of walking the course, golfers need eggs to re-up their protein.

Roy and a group of friends went to a local Waffle House to eat once the tournament of the day was completed. Waffle House is comfortable, and guests are likely to see all types of characters while there. It’s not exactly fine dining, but Waffle House is the one restaurant that never closes unless there’s a very good reason (like the pandemic!).

The Waffle House where Roy and his friends were filmed at was located at 4601 W. Ina Road in Tucson, Arizona. Yes, was. The restaurant is no longer there. Instead, the restaurant was torn down so that a highway overpass could be built in its place. It’s also important to note that the Waffle House once located here was only used for exterior shots.

The interior of a local restaurant, Cory’s Eastside Cafe, served as the filming location of Tin Cup for the inside shots of the restaurant scene. However, this restaurant is also no longer present. The address for this building is 6303 E. 22nd Street in Tucson. However, there is a restaurant currently at the former location of Cory’s - it is now a Pizza Hut.

Golf tournament with cameos by the pros scene in Tin Cup

Deerwood Country Club, 1717 Forest Garden Dr, Kingwood, TX

Roy has finally made it to the U.S. Open Golf Tournament, and real-life PGA Tour Pro, Peter Jacobsen plays himself in one of the best scenes in Tin Cup. Jacobsen is tied for the lead with Roy, and Romeo has encouraged Roy to “birdie.” However, Molly tells Roy to “be himself” and to “go for it.” In other words, Roy might win, but he might also lose the entire tournament unless he plays it safe.

Roy makes a few mistakes here. He tries to replicate the shot he took in college - the same shot that ended with Roy’s ball in a water hazard. Roy has one ball left when he decides to “go for it” one last time. Miraculously, the ball not only sails over the water hazard, but it hits the green, just as Roy hoped. While he lost the U.S. Open, Roy was able to remake that moment from college.

Molly tells him that in five years, “no one will remember who won the tournament, but they will remember your 12!”

The Deerwood Country Club features the famous par 5 that is depicted in this scene in Tin Cup. According to Golf Digest, the area is largely unchanged from the 1996 movie’s depiction.

The Deerwood Country Club is on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, and to get to the club, you can take a private car to the scene. Leaving Houston via 59 North, one will take the Kingwood Drive exit, then drive five miles to the Forest Garden exit on the right. After driving one mile, the golf course where this Tin Cup film scene will be visible.


Tin Cup was directed by Ron Shelton and produced by Gary Foster. It was a highly popular movie as many early and mid-90s Kevin Costner films. The movie debuted at number one the weekend of its release. On that same weekend, the movie pulled in over $10 million. Eventually, the movie would earn $54 million in total.

Rotten Tomatoes has offered a 72 percent approval rating. It is a popular movie with any Costner fan, regardless of whether one enjoys golf or not. Golf Digest is still publishing articles discussing the movie, so the film still has a lot of influence more than two decades after its release.

Roger Ebert said that the film was well-written, and he said that the script was “fresh and funny.” While you are visiting these Tin Cup locations, take the time to enjoy the beautiful areas and attractions nearby.