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Where was There Is Something About Mary filmed?


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Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Providence, Rhode Island, USA; Edison Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, South Beach, Florida, Miami-Dade Cultural Center, Miami, Florida, USA; Greenwich Studios, Miami, Florida, USA; Cardozo Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Plantation, Florida, USA; River Walk Trail, Miami, Florida, USA

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America, Apartment, House, Modern, Schools/Colleges

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Americana/Anywhere America, Contemporary Modern, Hotel/Motel Style, Modern Car

About There Is Something About Mary

This American romantic comedy movie was released in 1998. The cast has big stars like Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Chris Elliot, and Lee Evans.

The movie follows the story of Ted Stroehmann, played by Ben Stiller, a student at Providence, Rhode Island high school in 1985. Mary Jensen, who is played by Cameron Diaz, is the dream girl for Ted and they are about to go on a prom date. Ted's scrotum is stuck in his zipper and becomes hospitalized. After that, Ted loses contact with her.

In 1998, 29-year-old Ted never stopped loving Mary. Dom Woganowski, played by Chris Elliot, Ted's best friend, advised him to employ a PI, Pat Healy, played by Matt Dillon, to find her. Pat discovers that Mary is a surgeon and resides in Miami. Pat becomes obsessed with her after observing her for days. On returning to Providence, he lies to Ted that Mary has four kids and is obese.

Pat then quits his job to pursue her, and he wins her over with lies and manipulation. Mary and Pat spend some weeks dating before the latter is exposed as a phony by Tucker. Played by Lee Evans, Mary's friend. Tucker tells her that Pat is a suspected serial killer. Pat becomes angry and discovers that Tucker is only a pizza boy, whose name is Norm Phipps who also happens to be fixated on Mary. Norm injures himself intentionally hoping to get close to Mary by becoming her patient.

Ted discovers that Pat lied to him, and he goes to Florida to meet her. Ted and Mary begin to date after finding her. An anonymous letter reveals to Mary that Pat was hired by Ted to track her down, upsetting her. She dumps him. Dom admits to writing the letter and Mary gets a restraining order against him after he becomes obsessed with her.

Before Ted arrives, Pat and Norm save Mary from Dom. Ted discovers that only Brett Favre (himself), Mary's ex-boyfriend, did not manipulate Mary to win her over. Norm had resorted to lies to make Mary avoid him. Ted reunites Brett and Mary, and he leaves in tears. As he does so, Mary chases him down and confesses her love for him. They kiss.

There Is Something About Mary Locations

This 1998 romantic comedy movie is a box office classic that was shot in various locations. The movie became a commercial success and Cameron Diaz gained recognition for her effort in the movie. However, the vast majority of the scenes were shot in Rhode Island and Miami.

Many of these locations are often used in filming scenes for many other top-rated movies. If you wish to know more about the locations of the scenes in the movie, then the following will explain more.

Fun facts:

Did you know that it wasn't scripted to drop Ted on the stretcher? However, after they checked on him if he was okay, they left it in since they found it so funny.

Ted asks Renise to prom scene in There is Something About Mary

Plantation City Hall - NW 5th Street, at 400 Northwest 73rd Avenue.

In this scene, Ted approaches Renise to ask her to prom. "Hey Renise," Ted taps and greets Renise, played by Cindy Oliver. "Hey," she replies while smoking cigarettes. Ted asks Renise if she is going to prom with him. She tells him that there is a rumor that a guy likes him and will ask her out for prom. She will wait to see what happens. Then, she leaves.

Ted meets up with his friends and they see Mary riding her bicycle. Mary had moved to Rhode Island from Minnesota two years back. The boys joke about her boyfriend's name and conclude "Woogie" should be a loser name. They make fun of Mary's brother, Warren, played by W. Earl Brown, who is looking for his ball. Then, Ted and Mary meet for the first time.

This scene location is a good tourist destination for visitors and locals to explore. The place is situated among a plethora of trees and a safe neighborhood. As a tourist, you will also find many resources that can support various forms of recreational activities.

Besides this, another side attraction includes world-class restaurants. This implies that having a good dining experience is a possibility in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the place is close to the Plantation Police Department and Plantation Building Department. You can reach this area by road.

Ted Walks Mary and Warren to their house scene in There is Something About Mary

Coral Gables, Florida, United States

The scene begins with Mary and Ted walking and talking. Warren, who is walking behind them, shouts, "Piggyback ride." Mary tells Warren to stop it since Ted is already tired. Ted appears willing to satisfy Mary and tells her it is okay. Mary replies to Ted, "are you kidding me? He is 230 pounds." Then Ted climbs on his back and they skip.

After a few minutes, Warren drops Ted and climbs him. It only took a couple of seconds for Ted to feel Warren's weight on his back. Ted manages to carry him to their house. Warren runs inside and Ted tells Mary that the former has a lot of energy. Mary thanks Ted and gives him his bag. She asks him if he will go to prom. Mary tells him she wants them to go together.

This scene location is situated in a city that is seen by many as the ultimate destination for tourists. The city's dining scene is remarkable - ranging from Italian to Mexican cuisine. There are also world-class boutiques in the city of Coral Gables that are worth exploring.

The Baltimore Hotel is another popular location in the city, which is known to have state-of-the-art facilities that support a wide range of activities. This stunning location is popular among filmmakers. Other iconic places in the city include The Coral Gables Museum and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. A convenient means of getting to the city is by the Douglas Road Metrorail Station via the free Coral Gables Trolley.

Ted goes to Mary's house to take her to the prom scene in There is Something About Mary

3300 Granada Boulevard, Coral Gables, Florida, United States

Ted arrives at Mary's house and knocks at her door. Mary's stepdad, Charlie, answers the door. After telling Charlie his name, he tells him he wants to take Mary to the prom. He answers, "Prom? Mary went to the prom 20 minutes ago with her boyfriend, Woogie." Ted is disappointed and as he tries to leave, Mary's mother, Sheila, quickly walks in and tells him to come inside. It's all a joke.

As Mary walks down the stairs in her gown, her mother enthuses, "Mary, you look beautiful!" "Hi Ted," Mary greets him. A smitten Ted replies, "Hey Mary. You look really pretty." They laugh about how Charlie messed with him. Ted tries to surprise Warren that he's found his baseball, he tossed Ted across the room.

As he gets up, Ted tries to explain to Charlie that the baseball was a present for Warren. Mary apologizes to Ted, and they pacify Warren. As Ted tries to urinate, the sight of two white birds staring at him soothes him. As Mary and Sheila see him, they think he is masturbating. In anxiety, he zips his scrotum and shouts.

For all lovers of the great outdoors, all sorts of activities, including biking and hiking, are possible in Coral Gables. The city is a beautiful city that has numerous parks and exceptional restaurants. The city is home to 49,248 friendly residents. The growing city is blessed with stunning architecture.

There are lots of popular places to visit in the city. Some of these are Caffe Abbracci and Lowe Art Museum. If you wish to visit the city, you can do so by the Douglas Road Metrorail Station via the free Coral Gables Trolley.

Mini-golf scene in There is Something About Mary

Prospect Terrace, Congdon Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

Ted and Dom are playing golf and the former talks about his session with his therapist. Dom tells him, "you are a writer and writers are artists." He tells Dom that he has been feeling like a loser for a while. Dom answers, "a loser? What are you talking about?" He continues, "do you remember five years ago when your kidneys failed, now if you were a loser, would they have been able to find a donor with the exact tissue match so quickly?"

Ted quickly dispelled the suggestion and told him he wasn't lucky that his brother died, and he got his kidney. Dom tells him not to worry. After all, Ted has got a guardian angel.

This scene location is a small park that offers the chance for locals and tourists to enjoy a stunning view of the city's skyline at dusk. Regarded by many as "The Jewel of the City", the park was founded in 1869. You will find a 15-foot-high statue of Roger Williams.

Hiking is a popular activity many locals and tourists enjoy at this park. If you also wish to enjoy a perfect picnic, there are perfect spots to explore. This location is accessible by road.

Sully is picked up scene in There is Something About Mary

157 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

After Pat is hired to find Mary, he meets Sully and enters his car. As Sully drives, he tells Pat, “This is the info you asked for," handing him a piece of paper. Pat thanks him and he replies, "yeah, you should thank me. That girl was not easy to find."

Pat tells Sully that someone gave him a couple of bucks to track down his high school girlfriend. Then, they both regarded Ted as a stalker.

Around Miami Beach, the quality of cuisines and eating experience has made the location of this scene - Myles Restaurant Group a top destination to visit. The quality of service that locals and tourists enjoy is remarkable.

This location is also close to Washington Park - Big Dog Run, Ted's Hideaway, and Blanc Kara, among other great places to explore. The neighborhood where the location is situated is friendly. You can access this place by road.

Sully's apartment scene in There is Something About Mary

1600 Southwest 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida

Pat and Sully get to the latter's apartment. Sully tells Pat, "Hey, shoes off." In amazement, Pat exclaims, "What the… are you kidding me?" He closes the door. He tells Sully how good his place is and how okay he is doing.

Pat moves around the room with his beer in his hand. He tells Sully to go out with him before he goes to work. As he tries to sit, he sees a snake and quickly moves back. Pat tries to get Sully to drink, but the latter tells him he doesn't drink anymore.

The neighborhood where this location is situated is friendly and safe. Visiting this place also gives you a check to explore the site of this scene. The place is also close to various fun establishments, including Kombi Espresso Bar, Novotel Miami Brickell, Homewood suites by Hilton Miami, Cassa Brickell, and Simpson Park, among others.


This movie follows the love story between Ted and Mary. The former didn't give up on his love for his dream girl, Mary. Even after 13 years of losing her contact, as well as other challenges, he found his way back to her.

There are many film shoot locations situated in Miami and Rhode Island that were used in the movie. Miami has been chosen for various scene locations in many top-rated movies, including Prison Break (2005–2017), The Godfather Part II (1974), Father of the Bride (2022), and many more.

These locations are renowned for their culinary scenes and the availability of facilities for all sorts of outdoor activities. These are places that are great to visit.