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The X-Files movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was The X-Files filmed?


City Locations

Los Angeles, Pasadena, California, London, Somerset, England, New Jersey, Washington Dc, Vancouver, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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Architectural, American, Apartment, Artsy, Oceanview, Contemporary, House, NatureScapes, Ranch, Rustic, Airports

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Airstream, Americana, Bus, Classic Car, Classic Truck, Cruiser, Federal Building, Foreign, Victorian, Southern, Helicopter, High Tech, Futuristic, Hotel, Modern Building

About The X-Files

The X-Files is a science-fiction thriller released in 1998 about two FBI Special Agents who find irrefutable proof of alien activity and life forms on Earth. It is directed by Rob Bowman and is based on fictitious unsolved cases in the series by the same name. Even the film's characters and actors are the same as in the series. The X-Files film was released between Season 5 and 6 of the series and takes inspiration from the alien mythology and history mentioned in the TV series.

The story starts with two cavemen in 35,000 BC who stumble onto a sizable alien lifeform that infects one and kills the other with an oily black substance. In 1998, a young boy falls into a hole in the same place and gets infected. To rescue him, firefighters enter the spot but do not come out. Seeing this, hazmat suit-wearing men help extract the team of firefighters and the boy.

Simultaneously, Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate a bombing and destruction of evidence. Even though they try to evacuate the building, they are later reprimanded for the deaths of five people. Later, Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil (Martin Landau) explains to Mulder that four people were already dead and were planted there. Upon inspection of one of the bodies in the morgue, Scully realizes it is infected with an alien parasitic virus.

Meanwhile, a cigarette-smoking man (William Davis) travels to Texas, where the alien life form seemingly gestates while killing another body. Mulder and Scully travel to the original site but realize it is hastily turned into a playground. The boy's friends (who fell into the hole) direct them towards a large cornfield, where the two encounters a swarm of infected bees, and Sully gets stung. What follows is Mulder's race against time to save Sully, find the vaccine, protect the people, and encounter an alien species.

The X-Files Locations

Fans wanting to visit The X-Files locations are in for a treat. Unlike in the movie, the X-Files was not filmed worldwide but mainly in California, where most of the scenes were filmed. The fictitious bee dome scenes were filmed in Bakersfield, California cornfields.

There are only a few scenes filmed in London, England, like the exterior of the Syndicates meeting place, at Queen Alexandra's House in South Kensington, and Royal Albert Hall. However, the interiors of the Syndicate meeting place were filmed at The Athenaeum, the dining club at the California Institute of Technology in California.

The end of The X-Files with the spaceship was filmed in Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. The beginning with the cavemen was filmed at the Pemberton Icefield in British Columbia in Canada. The sand dunes are at Glamis in California, and the corn closeups and the train are at Soledad Canyon, Saugus, California. Apart from these, the desert playground and Steve's digging site were Rea Ave in California City.

Teaser: Fans might like to know that the airport where Scully is loaded onto a plane is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and the hospital scenes are filmed at St Mary Medical Center at 1050 Linden Ave, Long Beach, California.

Fun fact:

Did you know the X-Files was made with an approximate budget of $66 million? It had a worldwide collection of more than $189 million, making it a massive hit at the Box Office.

Mulder meets Dr. Kurtzweil scene in The X-Files

Casey's Irish Pub, 613 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Special Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) speaks to Dr Alvin Kurtzweil (Martin Landau) outside a pub in a side alley. Dr Kurtzweil is walking away when Mulder asks him, "What was it?" The doctor replies in hushed tones, "When we were young men in the military, your father and I were recruited for a project. They told us it was biological warfare, a virus." Mulder presses, "What killed those men?" Kurtzweil says, "What killed them, I would even write about. We have no context for what killed those men. Or any appreciation for the scale in which it will be unleashed in the future." Mulder, confused, asks, "A plague?"

Kurtzweil responds, "A plague to end all plagues, Agent Mulder. A silent weapon for a quiet war. The systematic release of an indiscriminate organism for which the men that will bring it on still have no cure."

This X-Files filming location is Casey's Irish Pub at 613 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. The beer on tap and French fries with dipping sauce are incredible. This famous pub is still standing strong and is accessible via bus number 60. To reach the pub, get off at the 5th/ Hill stop, and walk for five to six minutes at a medium pace.

If I quit now, they win scene in The X-Files

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, 301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA

Mulder wants Special Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to quit and not get dragged into the mess with him. He tells her that everything they did was covered up, and their names are not mentioned anywhere.

Scully responds, "I told OPR everything I know. What I experienced, the virus – how it spread by the bees from pollen and transgenic crops." Mulder tells her they'll never believe her without proof or if it can be easily referenced and programmed. He gets frustrated that they're right where they started.

Mulder tells her, "I'm not gonna watch you die, Scully! Go be a doctor while you still can." Scully looks him in the eye and slowly says, "I can’t. I won’t." She tells him the virus has a cure and says, "If I quit now, they win."

The location of this X-Files film shoot scene was the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden at 301 N Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, California. This garden was also used as a filming location in movies like Matilda, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Bridesmaids, Bedazzled, The Proposal, The American President, Anaconda, and Meet the Fockers. Getting here is quickest via bus number 268 to Baldwin/ Gate 7. From this stop, the garden is within a 2-minute walking distance.

Mulder finds the bomb and warns Scully scene in The X-Files

Los Angeles Center Studios, 450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA

Mulder and Scully are trying to find the location of a bomb. Scully doesn't believe there is a bomb, but Mulder believes there is one. He hunts high and low for it and finally thinks it could be in an inconspicuous place.

Mulder looks around and realizes that it could be something to make an impact yet be unobtrusive to everyone else. While he's thinking, he opens up the soda vending machine. As Mulder opens it, he sees the bomb with a countdown clock.

Mulder immediately calls Scully and tells her, "Look Scully, it's in the soda machine. You got about 14 minutes to evacuate this building. 13:55, 13:54, you see a pattern emerging here, Scully?" Scully realizes she's locked out and tries to find a way to get Mulder out of the building in time.

This filming location of The X-Files is at the Los Angeles Center Studios in California. Apart from The X-Files, notable movies like Fight Club, Constantine, Mad Men, Wrath of Man, The Day After Tomorrow, The Lincoln Lawyer, and more have been filmed here. Fans of The X-Files should catch bus number 16 and hop off at Bixel/ Maryland at the entrance of the Studios.

Mulder and Scully run out on the street to evacuate everyone scene in The X-Files

South Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA

After finding the bomb and saving Mulder, they run out of the building alerting everyone about the bomb and evacuating as soon as possible. Mulder feels something is wrong and stops. Scully yells at him, "Mulder, what are you doing?" He says, "Somethings wrong! Somethings not right." Scully panics and screams at him, "Get in the car! There's no time!"

At the same time, an FBI official yells from the police car while banging the hood, "Come on! Let's go!! Get in the car!" Mulder looks torn but runs to the car with Scully and gets in. Just as they get in and the car screeches out, the bomb explodes shattering the glass in the building, tumbling vehicles on the road, and causing massive accidents.

This explosion is one of the best scenes in The X-Files. The devastation caused and the resultant cinematography had audiences enthralled. This location on the street is filmed at South Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, California. The busy district was perfect for filming a medium-crowded area. Getting to South Beaudry Avenue is quick via bus number 16 to 6th/ Saint Paul. The walk to South Beaudry Avenue from this stop is three or four minutes at a slow pace.

Bee domes at Foum Tataouine scene in The X-Files

Cornfields at Bakersfield, CA

Special Agents Mulder and Scully find the massive domes in Foum Tataouine in Tunisia. Mulder tries the door to one of the domes and finds it unlocked. The agents enter, following long, empty corridors until they reach the bee dome. It is a considerable antechamber with lights. While walking through the dome, Scully says, "The temperature's being regulated." Mulder asks, "For the purpose of what?" Scully tells him, "Mulder, I think we're on top of a larger structure here. This is some kind of a venting system."

Mulder stops her and asks, "You hear something? You hear that?" They both pause to listen. Mulder walks to one of the vents, and Scully says, "I hear a humming. Like electricity. High voltage, maybe?" Suddenly Mulder turns to Scully and yells, "Scully? Run!!"

All the vents open up, and swarms of thousands of bees come up through the vents and surround them. They run to the exit while trying to cover themselves with their jackets. Of all the X-Files action scenes, this one makes your skin crawl. Imagine walking through a swarm of bees! The filming location of Foum Tataouine in Tunisia is actually the cornfields at Bakersfield in California. To get to Bakersfield, catch CA-58 W to reach. Once you get to the outskirts, you will see cornfields on both sides of the road.

The spaceship departs scene in The X-Files

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Mulder realizes the ice is falling through the ground and tries to get Scully away from the center. He hooks her arm around him and starts running away from the ice dropping in. He yells at her, "Come on, Scully! Come on!" They try to outrun the cracks, but both end up falling. Suddenly they are lifted in the air and thrown onto solid ground. As Mulder turns around, he sees a massive metallic-looking spaceship rise up out of the snow. It has twinkling lights and what looks like landing gear protruding from the belly.

He turns to Scully, passed out on the snow, and shakes her a little, saying, "Scully, you got to see this. Scully!" While he's trying to wake her, the spaceship moves further away from them till it disappears into the heavy cloud cover.

For this incredible scene, the X-Files production team chose the snowy region of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, as a filming location. Whistler is quite famous and is known for the filming locations of Fifty Shades Freed, Dream House, Cold Pursuit, D-Tox, Neverending Story III: Return to Fantasia, Chilly Dogs, Gran Turismo 4, and more. Fans should catch the YVR Skylynx Whistler Route Bus to Whistler Village/ Whistler Gateway from Vancouver City Center to get to Whistler. Once you reach Whistler, the snow-capped surroundings are visible


The X-Files was masterfully filmed and appreciated by global audiences. The movie's fast pace, plot twists, turns, conspiracies, bomb threats, life and death situations, and the icing on the cake – aliens- made The X-Files a real treat. As Agents Mulder and Scully race against time, travel the world, and come across spine-chilling information, audiences experience this thrill with them as though it's happening in real-time.

What made the film more enjoyable was the incredible acting by the main cast. Even though there are not many funny scenes in The X-Files, the suspense, buildup, dramatization, and secrets unraveling made the movie a super hit. Considering the quick shifts between sets, it is no surprise that the X-Files filming locations used in the film were so impactful. Even short scenes were housed in their own site, with a seamless change to the next scene and location.

Audiences enjoyed the locations, the chase, the underground scenes, snow, sand, trains, aircraft, and more.