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Where was The Wheel of Time filmed?


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Prague and various locations in the Czech Republic

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Cabins, NatureScapes

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Cabin, Mountain Huts

About The Wheel of Time

When a series is commonly described as the successor to Game of Thrones, you know it’s going to be good. And that’s the illustrious title given to The Wheel of Time, the Amazon Prime Video series that first aired in November 2021.

Based on a series of fantasy novels of the same name by Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time follows the story of Moiraine (Rosamund Pike). A member of the Aes Sedai, a group capable of harnessing the power of magic, Moraine and her warder, Lan (Daniel Henney) set off on a quest to find a group of four young men and women in the village of Two Rivers.

The Aes Sedai believe that one of those four young people is the reincarnation of The Dragon, the feared figure who destroyed the world — and “the women of the Aes Sedai were left to pick up the pieces.” The Dragon has the power to tip the balance of the world between good and evil, but it’s unclear which of the young people is the chosen one.

So Moraine leads the four villagers on an epic journey to the Aes Sedai headquarters, the White Tower. Along the way, they’re pursued by violent trollocs and creepy eyeless, the vicious and cunning henchmen of The Dark One. What follows is an epic battle of good vs evil, and a spellbinding journey that offers a feast for the senses.

With season one complete and season two on the way, there’s no time like the present to take a look at some of the best The Wheel of Time filming locations. We’ve gathered together the details of where some of the most memorable scenes from the series were filmed (spoiler alert!), so keep reading for your complete guide to The World of the Wheel.

The Wheel of Time Locations

Where would you go if you wanted to create an epic landscape befitting the Wheel of Time series? To the Czech Republic of course, where much of the show’s filming took place in and around Prague.

Production centered around Jordan Studios, a massive studio complex Amazon constructed in Prague, especially for The Wheel of Time. Covering 350,000 square feet, the complex was named in honor of author Robert Jordan.

But if you want to check out some of the most stunning The Wheel of Time filming locations, you’ll need to head out into the countryside around Prague. There you’ll find sites like an old mill where the group of travelers spends a night early in their journey, and the Czech Grand Canyon, where the village of Breen’s Spring was set.

However, some of the most spectacular The Wheel of Time locations are found a little further afield. Shots of towering mountain passes and raging rivers were filmed in Slovenia, while Croatia’s Adriatic coast even makes an appearance. So if you’re going to visit all of the sites used in season one, you’ll probably earn quite a few frequent flyer miles.

Fun Fact:

The Wheel of Time is based on a series of novels by American author Robert Jordan. There are 14 volumes in the series, with the final three written by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan’s death. When he first started writing, Jordan only intended for there to be six books in the series.

Egwene is pushed into the river scene in The Wheel of Time

Great Soča Gorge in Slovenia

As episode one unfolds, we’re gradually introduced to the main characters who will play central roles in the drama that lies ahead. There are several memorable moments, but one of the most surprising introductions is when we meet Egwene (Madeleine Madden) just as she’s inducted into the Women’s Circle of Two Rivers.

“Be strong, Egwene. Trust the river,” a woman whispers in Egwene’s ear, before pushing her off a high cliff. Egwene plunges into the icy waters of a wild river. At first she panics as she’s swept downstream, but she soon starts to relax and simply let the river take her wherever it wants.

This scene was filmed in the stunning Great Soča Gorge in Slovenia, roughly 75 miles northwest of Ljubljana. The beautiful turquoise waters of this impressive gorge are a popular spot for whitewater rafting, but there are also hiking trails to explore if you’d rather stay dry.

Rand and Egwene sit on the mountainside scene in The Wheel of Time

Mangart Saddle in Slovenia’s Julian Alps

One of the more spectacular scenes from The Wheel of Time takes place in the first episode, when Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Egwene sit on a stunning mountainside discussing her (and their) future.

“Thought you might be here,” says Egwene. Rand is clearly glad to see her, but there’s pain behind his smile. “When I come up here... you know what I wonder about? I wonder about my life here. In the Two Rivers. About the house I'll build. The wife I'll have. About my kids running through these woods, just like I did.”

But as Egwene prepares to tell Rand that she’s going to become a Wisdom, he makes it clear that he already knows. Given this means they’ll have no future together as a couple, it’s a poignant moment as they share a sad embrace.

The stunning backdrop for this scene is Mangart Saddle in Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Sitting close to the Italian border, this beautiful setting has an elevation of almost 6,800 feet may be in an out-of-the-way location, but you’ll enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery if you ever get here.

Trollocs attack scene in The Wheel of Time

Dolský Mlýn

In episode two, Shadow’s Waiting, our band of travelers are forced to flee an army of trollocs and evade an unsettling encounter with the Whitecloaks. With a weakened Moiraine in need of rest, they set up camp for the night at an old mill.

First, Rand and Egwene clear the air and ease some of the tension building between them. But then as the group settles down for the night, they’re startled awake by the terrifying news that the trolloc army is right on their tail.

“Wake up. Hurry. They found us,” Lan gasps. But Moiraine doesn’t stir — she’s too weak after all her efforts keeping the villagers safe. “She can’t move. We need to get her out of here,” he says, as the group make a desperate escape.

The site where the group sets up camp for the night is Dolský Mlýn, an old mill house located around 85 miles north of Prague near the German border. The mill is found in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, so there’s plenty more natural beauty worth admiring while you’re in the area.

Lan scouts ahead scene in The Wheel of Time

Pravčická Brána

For more iconic beauty from The World of the Wheel, head to the Pravčická Brána in the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Located just five miles from Dolský Mlýn, this natural sandstone arch is the largest of its kind in Europe. It’s also another memorable filming location of The Wheel of Time.

After fleeing Shadar Logoth, Lan and Moiraine are accosted by Nynaeve (Zoë Robins), a Wisdom from Two Rivers. Nynaeve demands to know what has happened to her friends, but an ill and wounded Moiraine is in no fit state to respond. So Nynaeve turns her attention to Lan, who is forced to knock her out to protect himself.

When she comes to, Lan asks Nynaeve if she’s willing to help Moiraine recover. “She best give me the answers I want,” Nynaeve spits, but she eventually relents and tends to Moiraine’s wounds. While she does, Lan rides ahead to scout the terrain and search for help — and that’s when we see the memorable shot of Pravčická Brána.

Mat and Rand flee Shadar Logoth scene in The Wheel of Time

Northern Velebit National Park

As they flee Shadar Logoth, Mat (Barney Harris) and Rand become separated from their friends. Rand wants to return home, but Mat knows doing so will only bring death and destruction to their village. “And what do you want us to do? Just walk to the White Tower?” Rand asks. But all roads lead to the White Tower, and the two soon set off on their own.

As Mat and Rand begin their trek away from the city, we see them hiking across a rocky mountainside. This The Wheel of Time filming location is found in Croatia, in the Northern Velebit National Park. Located around 115 miles southwest of Zagreb, and just a short journey inland from the coast, these craggy mountains are part of the largest mountain range in Croatia.

Mat and Rand arrive in Breen’s Spring scene in The Wheel of Time

Velká Amerika

While the first part of Mat and Rand’s trek was filmed in Croatia, the next part was filmed in the Czech Republic. As the two friends arrive at the mining village of Breen’s Spring, we see them gazing down on the village set in a huge canyon. The first thing they notice as they head into town is an arrow-riddled corpse, prompting the joking remark that Breen’s Spring “seems like a friendly place.”

The site chosen for Breen’s Spring is actually Velká Amerika, or Quarry Great America. Also known as the Czech Grand Canyon, this former limestone quarry is surrounded by forest some 20 miles south of Prague. It’s a popular hiking spot with plenty of natural beauty to be found on the nearby trails, and another location well worth visiting if you’re checking out the best The Wheel of Time filming locations.


If you’re a fantasy fan, there’s a lot to love about The Wheel of Time. The show combines an epic quest with in-depth characters, impressive performances, truly fearsome villains, and captivating scenery, making it an enthralling watch right from the very first scenes of episode one.

The Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia all create an immersive and captivating world for viewers. It’s also quite clear that the show’s creators spent every cent of their rumored $10 million per episode budget to make The World of The Wheel production as realistic a depiction of Robert Jordan’s world as possible.

At the time of writing this, filming for season two of The Wheel of Time was already underway in the Canary Islands and Morocco. We can’t wait to see what sort of stunning landscapes the crew have in store for us next!