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Where was The Walking Dead filmed?


City Locations

Atlanta, Georgia; Senoria, Georgia

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Contemporary American, Naturescapes, Ranch, Airports, Hospitals, Buildings/Offices, Diners, Warehouses

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About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a television series that became immensely popular during the first four seasons, and although it is currently in its finale, the series is in syndication across many stations. It is also available for streaming on many subscription services.

The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes, a policeman who was in a coma when the world as he knew it. When Rick wakes in an abandoned Atlanta hospital, not only must he survive to get out of the hospital, but he has no idea how to find his family. Rick eventually meets up with some survivors outside the city, and he’s able to reconnect with his wife (Lori) and his son (Carl).

Among the survivors, Rick’s former partner on the force, Shane, is a leader. Shane and Lori have also begun a love relationship, which ends when they realize Rick is still alive. Rick also meets Dale, an elderly man with an RV, in which the survivors travel. Andrea and her sister Beth are also a part of the rag-tag survivor group. Later, Daryl and Carol as well as Carol’s daughter will round out the group.

Over time, there will be major characters who are killed; some sacrifice themselves for the good of the others. In season four, Rick and his crew get to a farm where Herschel and his daughters live. Maggie will eventually marry Glenn Rhee, who was a part of the original group. Many times, the survivors believe they have found a place of permanent refuge, but either walkers or evil human enemies foil the survivor’s plans. Some of the most famous foils to Rick’s character include The Governor and Negan.

One distinctive feature of the television series is that major characters go through heartbreaking changes; many of them died to the dismay of their fans. However, viewers must remember, The Walking Dead takes place during the Apocalypse, and our favorites are fighting for the survival of their families as well as their own. As the series ends, only Daryl, Carol, and Maggie remain as some of the original cast members.

The Walking Dead Locations

The Walking Dead locations are primarily in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding cities, which is fitting. This is because the Centers for Disease Control headquarters is housed in Atlanta, and, in one episode, a scene reveals that the virus which causes individuals to reanimate as walkers is a virus originating in a lab.

Because The Walking Dead garnered such a loyal fanbase, it’s only fitting that so many fans are traveling to Georgia to visit the various locations where the series is filmed. The series became the most watched in television cable history, and, even in syndication, the series and its spinoffs are still highly popular.

Senoia, Georgia has been made famous because The Walking Dead is filmed here. It is 45 miles south of Atlanta, and it is home to Riverwood Studios, where many The Walking Dead scenes are filmed. One of Senoia’s neighborhoods is actually the backdrop of Alexandria, one of the settings during seasons five and six of the series.

When you’re in Senoia, be sure to visit Nic and Norman’s - that’s right; this restaurant and pub is owned by The Walking Dead director/producer Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon).

There are also walking tours of Senoia, where you’ll see locations of The Walking Dead filming as well as a few other well-known films. In Atlanta, there is a museum at the CDC where visitors can learn about the history of the agency as well as view exhibits from the CDC.

Fun fact:

Greg Nicotero, one of the creators and producers of the show, often shows up on film as one of the walking dead.

Rick wakes up scene in The Walking Dead

Atlanta, GA

The very opening scene of our series opens with our show’s hero, Rick Grimes, waking from a months-long coma. This Walking Dead film scene is not only one of the most memorable scenes of The Walking Dead, but it’s also one of the most captivating.

When Rick wakes up, the hospital in which he’s been sleeping is completely abandoned. It’s easy to imagine Rick’s thoughts and fears as he tries to find his way out of the building. There are still walkers stuck in certain parts of the building (One set of doors is chained and bolted with a warning written in red paint “Don’t open, dead inside.”) Our hero, unaware of what has transpired, does so anyway.

Rick realizes he must get out of the hospital, so he gets dressed and gets outside (battling a few undead along the way, of course). He finds a bicycle, which he uses to get to his home. There, he finds the home abandoned. Rick will soon meet Morgan, who will be a pivotal character in the future (as well as in one The Walking Dead spin-off series).

This film shoot location is in Atlanta, which is the capital of Georgia. A lot of the filming was done in this city and the surrounding areas. You can reach Atlanta by vehicle, bus, Metrolink, or taxi. A ride share app will also get you to most of the filming locations in Atlanta.

First attack scene in The Walking Dead

Senoia, GA

In later seasons, the survivors will encounter evil humans who not only want to survive the apocalypse but form their own power circle as well. For these dastardly individuals, that means killing other humans - good humans - in order to keep that power. In season 4, viewers will meet villains such as The Governor, and later, they’ll meet Negan. In the first season, however, the enemy is the walker. These are some of the best scenes from The Walking Dead.

After Rick finds his family and the group of survivors they’ve joined, the group works to elude attacks by walkers, but, in the episode titled Vatos, the group isn’t so lucky. In this episode, shot in Senoia, some of the main characters meet their demise.

One of the unlucky characters is sweet Amy, Andrea’s sister. Andrea has been tasked with caring for her naive sister once their family is gone. It is teased that Amy and Daryl might start a relationship as well, but when the survivors’ camp is attacked by walkers, Amy is bitten. Later, she’ll die with Andrea by her side. Andrea insists on making sure Amy doesn’t reanimate, saying it’s the least she can do for Amy since she couldn’t protect her from walkers.

However, there is one character most fans weren’t sad to see go. That would be Ed Peletier, Carol’s abusive husband.

You can get to this filming location of The Walking Dead in Senoia by private car. Use Interstate 75 to leave Atlanta, then continue on to GA Highway 75 to get to Senoia.

Carol and Lizzie scene in The Walking Dead

Woodbury, GA

Carol became a fan favorite because many viewers sympathized with her difficult life. Carol was married to Ed, and many fans secretly cheered when Ed was attacked by walkers. (His death was not a pretty one.) Ed was verbally and physically abusive to Carol, making her cut her hair short and wear plain, shapeless clothes due to his jealousy. Ed had survived the initial apocalypse, but not a walker attack.

Ed’s death left Carol with her beloved daughter, Sophie, who was a sweet and kind child. However, Sophie is eventually bitten by a walker, and she is killed. Fans really became endeared to Carol after this awful thing happens.

Later, Carol takes up with the sisters, Lizzie and Mika. These girls become surrogate daughters for Carol, and she works to teach them how to care for themselves even though she also protects them. Carol notices that Lizzie has an obsession with walkers, believing there’s still something human in them. Eventually, Lizzie kills Mika and almost kills Judith. Carol decides that Lizzie has become dangerous to the others, so she decides to euthanize Lizzie. It’s during this scene that she tells Lizzie to “look at the flowers.”

One of the fun activities in Senoia associated with touring The Walking Dead film locations is to go on the Woodbury Zombie Geocache. You’ll begin at 1 Broad Street in Woodbury, Georgia. Leave Atlanta via Interstate 85 South and exit on to Highway 27 to get to Woodbury. Happy geocaching!


The Walking Dead is a television series that has inspired millions of fans worldwide. There are multiple spin-off series based on The Walking Dead, even a prequel. This Walking Dead production was based on the comic book by the same name.

Visiting the filming locations of The Walking Dead will take you to a community outside of Atlanta, Senoia (although it’s always fun to visit Atlanta as well). Here, fans can participate in three different geocaching expeditions that are fun and give tourists the opportunity to learn more about the show and its filming history. Be sure to check out the multiple walking tours out of Senoia as well, and, when you’re done, head over to the eatery owned by Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and The Walking Dead’s producer/director, Greg Nicotero.