The Vineyard movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was The Vineyard filmed?


City Locations

Oakland, California

Location Types

Mansions, NatureScapes, Ranch, House, Industrial

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Dutch/Colonial, Georgian/Southern, Resort

About The Vineyard

Filmed in 1989 in California, The Vineyard is a cult classic horror movie directed by the well-known filmmakers William Rice and James Hong. The screenplay for this film was written through the collaborative efforts of James Marlowe, Hong, Douglas Kondo, and Harry Mok. The all-star cast found in this film includes Karen Witter, Hong, Michael Wong, and Sherri Ball.

In the opening The Vineyard film scene, Dr. Elson Po, a winemaker, is lamenting that he is aging quickly, making the traditional winemaking process far too difficult for him. To continue his operations, he decides to kidnap people, making use of their blood to create his world-renowned and deeply beloved wine. In a prayer to his god, he asks that he be granted the gift of eternal life. Following this prayer, he consumes a glass of his own wine and is instantly transformed into a young man once again.

A team of actors visits Dr. Po’s home believing they are auditioning for a movie based on the winemaking process. It doesn’t take long before the actors discover Dr. Po’s secret recipe. Fearing for their lives, they try to escape the mansion unharmed.

The Vineyard was released in only a few theatres throughout the United States. Its limited theatrical release occurred in 1989. In 2001, the movie was then produced on DVD with sales beginning in 2001. It was reissued in the United States in 2011 and in the UK in 2013.

The year 2019 saw The Vineyard released on Blu-ray in a package set with another movie called Vinegar Syndrome. The initial 2000 DVD combinations were encased in a limited-edition embossed jewel case. The re-release of the film was restored from its original negatives to feature 4K technology. Several bonus features were also included with the footage such as several interviews, the original trailer, and reversible artwork.

Though The Vineyard could never be considered a cinematic masterpiece, it definitely has its charms. A cult classic with a following all its own, The Vineyard proudly stands as an iconic example of a B horror movie.

The Vineyard Locations

The filming locations for The Vineyard are largely concentrated in Oakland, California. The rolling hills of the California terrain lend themselves well to the grandeur of a vineyard, providing a beautiful backdrop for this classic B horror film.

Consider yourself one of The Vineyard’s biggest fans? Why not plan a trip to visit the filming locations for The Vineyard? Tour some of the vineyards on your own in Oakland's own wine country. You’ll be sure to have a great time!

Fun Fact:

This movie marks Michael Wong’s introduction to the Hollywood film scene.

Dr. Po brews his famous wine in the opening scene in The Vineyard

Dunsmuir House & Gardens, 2960 Peralta Oaks Ct, Oakland, CA

In the opening The Vineyard scene, Dr. Po is hard at work perfecting a batch of his homemade brew in a laboratory in his castle. He pipes a brilliant red liquid into a tube, fuelling the distilling process. The tube enters into a wine goblet, resulting in a full glass of wine. He holds the goblet with both hands, lifting it up to his god then brings the wine to his lips and slowly drinks. He writes on a piece of paper beside which rests a pamphlet that says Blood on its front page.

He walks out onto a rooftop balcony with a gun and spies a wild dog approaching the body of a badly beaten and half-buried man. He shoots at the dog and mutters, “D*mn wild dogs!” to himself.

To get to his former The Vineyard film set, you can take bus lines 1A-Express of 1B, both of which pass quite near to this property.

The actors meet Dr. Po at his mansion scene in The Vineyard

The lake on the grounds of Dunsmuir House & Gardens - 2960 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, CA

The actors arrive at Dr. Po’s mansion, believing they are there to audition for roles in his film on the winemaking process. Dr. Po descends the stairs of his mansion, and the actors are all quite eager to greet him. This dialogue ensues in what is one of the few funny scenes in The Vineyard.

Paul: How do you do, Dr, Po?

Dr. Po (taking the man’s hand bowing slightly): Paul.

Paul: May I introduce you to these most charming young ladies? This is Jezebel Fairchild, and this is Nancy Stone. They are both aspiring actresses and very talented. And this is Lucas Carroll.

Lucas: It’s nice to meet you, Sir.

Dr. Po: A pleasure.

Paul: Lucas is a blossoming martial arts talent. A leading man type. And this is Brian Whiteman, he has a high school diploma.

This The Vineyard production scene takes place on the grounds just outside Dunsmuir House. You can reach this former film set by taking bus lines 1A or 1B. Be sure to bring good walking shoes as there are lots of properties to explore here, and much of the landscape features prominently in this classic B horror film.

Dr. Po entertains his guests scene in The Vineyard

Fortino Winery, 4525 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy, CA

Dr. Po hosts a party for his guests on his property. Wearing a mask to cover his face, he dances animatedly for the actors, making several of them feel ill at ease. Jessabelle starts to fall under his spell and begins to dance seductively with him. Soon all of the actors join in.

Outside the window, a monster spies on the guests through the window. One of the dancers bumps into Dr. Po, causing his mask to fall off. In one of the best scenes in The Vineyard, Dr. Po screams in horror as the fallen mask reveals a horribly disfigured face. However, the guests soon become aware that Dr. Po is wearing yet another mask as he triumphantly pulls off the disfiguring latex and laughs in delight at his guests’ shock and surprise. They all begin to laugh, and Dr. Po exclaims, “I fooled you! Let the party begin!”

To get to this former film set of The Vineyard from the heart of Gilroy, follow Monterey Road towards Loof Avenue, making a left just after the Jack in the Box found on the left-hand side of the road. Continue along past the Mcdonald's, connecting with CA-152W/Hecker Pass Road. Continue into the roundabout, taking the first exit. The winery and event center can be found on the right-hand side of the road.

Dr. Po and Paul discuss the suitability of the actors for his wine scene in The Vineyard

Guglielmo Winery, 1480 E Main Ave, Morgan Hill, CA

Several of the partygoers head out into the night as Dr. Po and Paul stand on the steps of his mansion. The two men begin a discussion about the actors in the following dialogue.

Dr. Po: Dance, Isabelle, dance! I love to see you dance.

Paul: Dr. Po. Are they not a healthy-looking group of young people?

Dr. Po: Yes, they are.

Paul: They are the correct type, Sir. Here is the lab’s report and the blood tests.

Dr. Po: Thank you, Paul. Hello, hello! (He hands back the lab and bloodwork results back to Paul). You may go.

Paul: Oh, uh, excuse me, Dr. Po. I could use an increase in my salary. My costs are going up all the time, and…and…this is a particularly good crop of people if I may say so.

Dr. Po: I will include a big bonus on your next delivery. Now go, please!

To visit this former The Vineyard location, travel northeast on E Main Avenue towards McLaughlin Ave. Make a right-hand turn onto a restricted usage road, and you will find the vineyard just up the road.

Ivan kills Paul scene in The Vineyard

Morgan Hill, CA

Ivan and Paul go for a walk out by one of the sheds near the vineyard. Ivan stops to look at Paul. Suddenly, he grabs him by the neck and begins to apply force while Paul yells, “Ivan! Ivan! Ivan!” Ivan strangles him to death.

This scene is one of several that was shot in and around the nearby town of Morgan Hill, California. A small area to explore, you will discover many different spots that feature prominently in footage throughout this film. To visit this The Vineyard filming location, you can drive there by following US 101 N or can pick up a bus in nearby Gilroy.

Mark meets the monster scene in The Vineyard

Gilroy, CA

Jezebel and Dr. Po share a romantic moment that is sealed with a kiss. He has led her to believe he has a romantic interest in her when he is only interested in obtaining her blood for his wine. He instructs her to, “Come, lie down.” When she reclines on the bed, he takes a box that supposedly contains makeup and begins to gently apply it across her neck.

Jezebel stares at Dr. Po with wide eyes. She is confused by what he is doing yet intrigued and romantically interested in him. Mark enters the mansion, calling Jezebel’s name frantically, “Jezebel! Jezebel!” He runs up the stairs still calling her name.

He hears a scream and takes the stairs to an upper room where he discovers a hunched-over monster and his friend, unconscious on the ground with deep scratch marks on his side. The monster begins to attack Mark. In another room, Dr. Po burns a paper in a form of sacrifice while he begins the winemaking process. Mark speaks to the monster who now appears vulnerable and is no longer trying to attack him, “Who are you? Can you speak? Why is Po keeping you here? The amulet! It’s yours!”

Dr. Po detects the power is leaving him, and he protests by screaming, “No power shall be greater than mine. No power!!!!”

Filmed on a set constructed in the town of Gilroy, you will not be able to find the exact location where this scene was shot. However, you will have the great joy of discovering much of the landscape that is seen in this film by simply exploring the beautiful grounds. To visit the site of this former film set, you will travel approximately 22 minutes following US-101 S from neighboring Morgan Hill.


The Vineyard is a movie that now has a fan base that spans the entire globe. A classic B horror film, the Vineyard’s film shoot locations are all found in California and include properties in Oakland, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill. With such lush vineyards and rolling hills featured prominently as the backdrop of these films, The Vineyard offers you a rare treat not just cinematically but also visually.

Thinking a trip to visit The Vineyard filming locations is just what the doctor ordered? Let’s hope that doctor is not named Po! Our guide is sure to help you find some of the most memorable places found in this film.