The Vanishing movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was The Vanishing filmed?


City Locations

Washington: Monroe, Snohomish County; North Bend, King County; Seattle, King County

Location Types

Cabin, classroom, country, gas station

Location Styles

Rural, country, nature, gas station

About The Vanishing

In the opening The Vanishing film shoot, Barney Cousins (Bridges) is in his cabin (spoiler alert!), studying the best way to execute a kidnapping. Jeff Harriman (Sutherland) takes a holiday with his partner Diane Shaver (Bullock) who suddenly disappears when the couple stops for gas. Three years pass, during which time Jeff cannot stop obsessing about Diane’s whereabouts.

Jeff is introduced to a waitress named Rita (Travis). One year later, Jeff and Rita are in a relationship and living in a Seattle apartment. Jeff is working on a book and has a meeting with a publisher who encourages him to write about Diane’s disappearance. Not wanting to upset Rita, Jeff keeps the project to himself.

Barney finds Diane's missing posters and realizes Jeff is no longer searching for Diane. He sends him a letter asking him to meet him to find out what happened to Diane. Jeff arrives and is met by an angry Rita who has discovered his book. In hiding, Barney watches the couple feud and then break up. Upon arriving home, Rita changes the outgoing answering machine message. Later, Jeff changes the message again.

Barney comes to Jeff’s apartment and tells him that he is responsible for Diane disappearing. Jeff becomes violent with Barney, insisting he is told the whole story. Barney says he will show Jeff but only on the condition that he will submit to what Diane did that night.

Shown in flashback, Diane is seen in the gas station buying drinks. She talks with Barney, complimenting his bracelet. Barney lies and tells Diane he sells them and invites her to see the selection he has to offer in his car.

Retracing his steps, Barney takes Jeff to the same gas station where Diane was kidnapped. He tells him to drink a proffered cup of poisoned coffee, and when he wakes up, he will then experience what Diane went through that night. Jeff drinks the coffee and awakens to discover he has been buried alive.

Rita calls the answering machine and notices the changed message and Barney’s voice in the background. She immediately recognizes Jeff is in trouble and receives confirmation Barney is to blame. Arriving at Barney’s daughter’s home, Rita takes Denise with her to show her where Barney’s cabin is. Rita arrives, and a violent struggle erupts. Rita tells Barney that she is holding Denise hostage. She offers Barney drugged coffee but is unaware that 15 minutes must pass before it begins to work.

Rita goes to find Jeff and discovers a fresh grave. She attempts to dig him out but is stopped by Barney. Jeff frees himself and hits Barney with a shovel, killing him. The couple leave the site together and later sell their sad tale to Jeff’s publisher.

The Vanishing Locations

Filmed in 1993, The Vanishing is a psychological thriller starring Sandra Bullock, Kiefer Sutherland, Jeff Bridges, and Nancy Travis. The movie was directed by George Sluizer and was a remake of the French-Dutch movie of the same name that was made and directed by Sluizer in 1988.

The Vanishing locations are primarily located in Washington with several notable scenes shot in Cody, Wyoming. Jeff and Rita’s apartment scenes are filmed in Seattle, the same city in which the film has them living at the time.

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Fun Fact:

Famed director Stanley Kubrick declared this movie the most frightening movie he had ever seen, ranking it higher on his list of truly terrifying films than The Shining.

Jeff and Diane start their trip scene in The Vanishing

Several miles outside Mountainside Shell Gas Station, 742 SW Mt Si Blvd, North Bend, Washington

Jeff and Diane start out on their vacation. The two engage in a mild argument, and Diane grabs a guidebook on the hunt for some natural disaster sites they can visit together. They go through a tunnel and notice their car isn’t running correctly. They run out of gas in a tunnel, and the two begin to fight. Stuck at the side of the tunnel, Diane worries that they will be hit by oncoming traffic and begins to panic. Jeff gets out of the vehicle, intending to walk to the nearest gas station. Diane shouts at him not to leave her alone as he walks off toward town.

Jeff returns to the car to find Diane gone. He fills the car with the gas he purchased and drives off, looking for her. He finds her sitting just outside the tunnel on the side of the road. She gets in the car, and they continue on their journey. Jeff apologizes, saying:

Jeff: Look, I shouldn’t have left you, I lost my head. I don’t know why I did it. I love you; I’m sorry.”

You’ll find this particular movie location a few miles outside the gas station. Travel along WA 520E, watching for the upcoming toll road. Merge onto I-405 N, taking the exit towards Everett/Renton and merging onto I-405 S. Turn off at exit 11, merging onto I-90E towards Spokane. Follow along this route until exit 31 towards N Bend/WA 202 W. When you arrive at the traffic circle, follow the third exit, heading towards WA-202 W/N Bend Boulevard. This route will lead you through the tunnel where Jeff and Diane run out of gas and argue.

Diane disappears scene in The Vanishing

Mountainside Shell Gas Station, 742 SW Mt Si Blvd, North Bend, Washington

In one of the best scenes in The Vanishing, Jeff and Diane stop at a gas station for a bathroom break and supplies run. Diane asks Jeff, “Want a cold beer or something?” Jeff says, “A cold beer would be great.” Diane waves to Jeff as she walks away toward the gas station. She goes into the bathroom and then exits the facilities to purchase drinks for her and Jeff before the couple gets back on the road.

Back at the car, waiting for her, Jeff wonders what is taking Diane so long. He finally enters the gas station and asks if anyone has seen his girlfriend. It soon dawns on him that something terrible has happened. This singular scene set the stage for the rest of the film, Jeff’s obsession to find Diane and what happened to her.

This filming location is found just past the tunnel in the town of North Bend, Washington.

Barney shows up at Jeff’s apartment scene in The Vanishing

Aloha House Apartments, 100 Aloha St # 100, Seattle, Washington

Barney arrives at Jeff’s apartment and tells him that he is the man that Jeff has been looking for all these years. Jeff becomes enraged, and the two men break into a violent fight. Jeff kicks Barney down a flight of stairs and continues to vigorously kick him while his neighbor, Miss Carmichael, looks on from an apartment upstairs.

The fighting stops, and Barney struggles to try to get to his feet. He says to Jeff, “Kill me if you want to. You have every right to beat me to a bloody pulp. But if I die, you’ll never know…I’m sorry; were you done?”

To get to this The Vanishing location, simply follow I-5 N to exit 167, continuing onto Mercer Street.

Make a right turn onto Taylor Avenue North, driving past the Domino’s Pizza found on the right. Take a left onto Aloha Street, and the apartment complex can be seen on the right-hand side.

Rita goes to ask the neighbor about Jeff’s whereabouts scene in The Vanishing

Aloha House Apartments, 100 Aloha St # 100, Seattle, Washington

Arriving home after an argument with Jeff, Rita notices their answering machine message has been changed, and on closer listening, realizes that Barney’s voice is in the background. Worried an altercation and kidnapping may have occurred, she goes next door to ask her neighbor, Miss Carmichael, if she saw or heard the attack. This conversation occurs in this The Vanishing scene:

Miss Carmichael: Your boyfriend took to whopping on that man’s head then got in the car with him and drove off.

Rita: Oh, G*d! Miss Carmichael…what else? Do you remember anything else?

Miss Carmichael: Yes, come to think of it, I do. Something odd.

Rita: What?

Miss Carmichael: In the middle of everything, that little green leprechaun popped off my Lucky Charms box and started dancing around. “Magically delicious! Magically delicious!”

Rita: Thank you!

Miss Carmichael: Oh, and if you wanna know the license plate number of the car, let me know.

To see this The Vanishing film set, simply wander next door from the site of Jeff and Rita’s apartment found at the Aloha House Apartments in Seattle. Though you cannot tour the inside of these facilities, you can view them from the street. The facades are quite similar to what was seen in the film.

Barney buries an unconscious Jeff scene in The Vanishing

Camp Omache (renamed Camp Pigott), 24225 Woods Creek Rd, Snohomish, Washington

In one of the most harrowing The Vanishing action scenes, Barney places an unconscious Jeff in a coffin and buries him in a shallow grave outside his cabin. As he shovels dirt on top of the open coffin, he talks to Jeff, saying, “I told you I would show exactly what happened to Diane, and I am a man of my word.”

Jeff awakens and uses his lighter to try to provide enough light to ascertain his whereabouts. He quickly discovers that Barney has buried him alive. He screams no and begins to panic.

A The Vanishing production site that is featured several times throughout this film, you can access Camp Pigott by taking US 2-E and then making a left onto Woods Creek Road. The camp can be found a mile up the lane on the left-hand side.

Barney tries to kill Rita scene in The Vanishing

Camp Omache (renamed Camp Pigott), 24225 Woods Creek Rd, Snohomish, Washington

In the final The Vanishing film scene, Rita has given Barney poisoned coffee, believing it will render him unconscious almost immediately. She races to the grave that contains Jeff and frantically starts digging him free. Barney attacks her from behind, and the two begin to struggle. Jeff, still in the grave, starts to regain consciousness. Barney, with a saw in his hand, threatens Rita. He holds her down while she struggles to break free. Suddenly, Barney falls to the side, and it is revealed that Jeff hit him over the head with a shovel. He slowly backs away from Jeff, but Jeff hits him several more times with the shovel until Barney is finally dead.

Jeff and Rita embrace while Jeff repeats to her, “It’s over. It’s over.”

This film site is located on the same property where the burial scene occurred. Plan to spend some time exploring the area to catch a view of Barney’s cabin and the spots where fight sequences, the burials, and Barney’s murder occurred.


A lost cinematic gem to many, The Vanishing is a classic psychological thriller with much to offer. Shot in several different locations throughout Wyoming and Washington, the landscape found in this film varies from scenic woodlands to country highways and even urban apartment complexes and rural cabins. If it’s among your goals to visit The Vanishing locations, our comprehensive guide to the various film sets is a great place to start when planning your vacation.