The Last Ride (F.T.W.) movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was The Last Ride filmed?


City Locations

Wilsall (USA), Butte (USA), Deer Lodge (USA), Bozeman (USA)

Location Types

American, Nature, Ranch

Location Styles

Banks, Ranch Style, Modern Car, Federal Building

About The Last Ride (F.T.W.)

In 1994, F.T.W treated audiences to an extraordinary journey of Frank T. Wells -- a former convict who's taken off on a wild ride with bank robber Scarlett and her iconic "F*ck The World" tattoo! The story follows the duo’s last attempt to outrun the law.

F.T.W., also known as The Last Ride, the romantic drama is set in Montana, and it explores two lives that should never intersect but are brought together by fate. Frank and Scarlett each struggle with their own pasts and become an unlikely pair of star-crossed lovers. With a beautiful and wild chemistry, they seek to take on the world together and carve out a place for themselves in society.

Only that Scarlett's troubled history continually haunts them at every turn. Devoted, loyal, and determined, Frank is a man out of time seeking the wild west he imagines. He loves Scarlett like an untamable horse - she stands for freedom in his eyes, a concept he values above all else.

According to reviews, F.T.W. is a "ho-hum" blend of cowboy drama and crime caper. However, Time Out praised Mickey Rourke's performance in the movie, saying he delivered "a strong performance in a very capable little movie:" this is described as a melancholy love story beginning and ending with bloodshed.

The Last Ride (F.T.W.) Locations

The majority of Last Ride (1994) was shot in Montana, USA. The backdrop of the region is expansive and varied, showcasing Montana's stunning natural beauty. From sun-soaked beaches and rugged canyons to lush forests and remote outback deserts, this area provides a unique and captivating landscape full of inspiring landmarks that will stay with you long after your visit.

Montana is home to some of the most iconic western filming locations in the United States. From sprawling prairies and majestic mountain ranges to stunning woodlands and crystal-clear lakes, the vast landscape provides a unique backdrop for numerous films. Popular titles such as The River Wild, Legends of the Fall, and A River Runs Through It were all shot on location in Montana, showcasing its captivating beauty.

In the summer of 1993, Big Truck Productions began scouting F.T.W. filming locations in southwest Montana, with principal photography beginning on August 9th in Bozeman. Rodeo scenes were filmed in Wilsall, a bank robbery was shot at the old Metals Bank in Butte, and a car chase sequence also took place there.

For movie enthusiasts, the Old Montana Territorial Prison was a standout part of the film with Mickey Rourke's character featured in multiple prison scenes. During a period of multiple weeks, the film was shot in Livingston, Three Forks, and Wilsall before finally coming to an end on September 25th.

Fun Fact:

Mickey Rourke famously passed on the part of Butch in the now cult favorite classic Pulp Fiction to star in The Last Ride (or, F.T.W.). His involvement in the writing process was likely a contributing factor in his decision, however, it would later prove to be a costly mistake. The role of Butch may have been just what he needed to reclaim his Hollywood throne as "king of cool," evidenced by the several unsuccessful films like Prayer for the Dying, 'Wild Orchid, and the abysmal Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man that he racked up in the years after.

Prison scene in The Last Ride

Old Montana Territorial Prison, 1104 Main St, Deer Lodge, MT 59722, United States

The movie starts with an introduction to the protagonist, Frank T. Wells (played by Mickey Rourke), a former rodeo champion, who has just been released from prison after carrying out a ten-year sentence for a bar brawl. For the scenes featuring Rourke's character in jail, the production crew filmed at the renowned Old Montana Territorial Prison located in Deer Lodge.

The Old Montana Territorial Prison in Deer Lodge is one of the most historically significant attractions in the area. Established in 1871, this prison housed some of Montana’s most notorious criminals, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Today, visitors can explore its rustic grounds - which include motion sensors, guard towers, and a large stone wall - or even take a guided tour of cellblocks and other facilities.

The prison museum offers exhibits on Montana's incarceration history, while nearby shops feature products crafted by former inmates.

Since it was established in 1871, the prison has become a cultural and historical institution.

To get there from the nearest major city, navigate your way to I-90 east for about 50 miles until you see exit 233 to Deer Lodge. Follow the Main street into town and take a right on Davis Street; the prison is situated at 300 Main Street.

Rodeo scene in The Last Ride

Wilsall, Montana 59086, USA

The rodeo scene in Last Ride with Mickey Rourke is a thrilling ride of its own. The setting is Wilsall, Montana, with Frank taking the center stage as a veteran rodeo star who has never been defeated. The scene starts off with the bustling crowd of spectators cheering on their favorite bull riders.

There's an electric atmosphere in the air as the announcer introduces each rider and their bull. Rodeo clowns keep the crowd entertained with their outrageous antics as they try to distract the bulls from bucking off their riders.

Set among the majestic Bridger Mountain Range, Wilsall is situated just 20 miles northeast of Bozeman. With its prime location in the Shields River Valley, visitors will find no shortage of activities for all interests - from fishing on the river to traversing the Crazy Mountains for hiking and snowmobiling.

The town hosts an annual rodeo for two days featuring action-packed fun every June. The best way to get to Wisall is by car, and from Bozeman, the total commute time should take about an hour and forty-five minutes.

Once you have arrived in Wilsall, you'll find that there are plenty of things to do, including visiting the Crow Peak Regional Park and Sheep Mountain.

The bank robbery scene in The Last Ride

Metals Bank Building, 8 W Park St, Butte, MT 59701, United States

Scarlett is a novice mechanic who lives with her brother Clem (Peter Berg), who sexually abuses her. Alongside Joe Palmieri (John Enos III), the trio plan and execute a bank heist that results in the death of eight police officers.

Hiding out at a motel, law enforcement catches up with them. The ensuing shootout results in Clem and Joe's deaths, while Scarlett manages to break free. This harrowing sequence was shot at the old Metals Bank in Butte, along with car chase footage.

Constructed in 1916 and designed by architect Fred A. Fiedler, the building was the first and only bank dedicated to the copper industry in Butte. Upon its completion, it quickly became a cornerstone of Butte's financial district and economy.

Standing four stories tall and built with terracotta and brick cladding, the Metals Bank Building has a unique classical revival style that is both visually appealing and structurally sound. Its large windows feature intricate masonry details such as limestone sills, arches, and keystones. The interior of the building has also been carefully restored to maintain its original charm and sense of grandeur.

The most efficient route to get to the F.T.W. filming location is via Highway 15. Once on the highway, turn to Locus Street and proceed to Proctor Street, where you'll find the aforementioned address right off of it.


Despite its crime-ridden storyline, Mickey Rourke has called this dark love story between two outcasts "his most personal film." Any movie buff would enjoy revisiting the sites where the movie was filmed.

A trip to the filming locations for Last Ride (1994) would be a truly unique experience. Though some of the original locations have changed since the movie was filmed, you can still explore many of its iconic sites and capture beautiful glimpses of several of the nation’s breathtaking landscapes. From surf-lined beaches and red-rock canyons to expansive outback deserts, this journey is sure to be an unforgettable one.