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Savannah, Georgia

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About The General's Daughter

The General’s Daughter was released in 1999 and was adapted from a book of the same name. The script was written by both William Goldman and Christopher Bertolini, and produced by Mace Neufeld, and Simon West directed. The General’s Daughter features various stars such as John Travolta, James Woods, and Madeleine Stone. This location guide for the film will contain spoilers. The General’s Daughter takes place in Georgia, where Paul Brenner, a Chief Warrant Officer, is preparing to go undercover in the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States.

He arrives at Fort MacCallum where he will be assigned but gets a flat tire. He is helped out by the daughter of Lieutenant General Joseph Campbell who is the commander of the base. The next day she is found dead, having been murdered. Brenner and another officer, Sara Sunhill, are assigned to the case. One of the first things the pair does is break into the daughter’s house, despite being told not to. The daughter, Elisabeth, had a commanding officer, Colonel Robert Moore, who is questioned early on about the murder.

Moore is arrested due to how he acts during the questioning. Sunhill is attacked in one scene where she goes back to the crime scene and recognizes one of the people as Captain Jake Elby. He claims Elisabeth would act promiscuously with men on the base as a way to aggravate her father. Moore is also released to be put under house arrest and is quickly found dead. It looks like he was shot, and Brenner does not think the man would have killed himself.

This leads to other officers wanting to close the investigation, assuming Moore killed Elisabeth and then himself, but Brenner is not as convinced. Sunhill and Brenner continue looking into the murder and learn that Elisabeth was once sexually assaulted by several other cadets. One cadet feels guilt over the incident and comes forward to tell Sunhill and Brenner about how much the others hated Elisabeth. He claims this is due to her being a better cadet than any of them.

The attack was covered up, and Brenner is able to come to a conclusion about the murder. He learns Elisabeth staged a similar attack, hoping to make her father face the same attack he made her cover up, but he was indifferent about the entire same.

Elisabeth was discovered at the fake scene by another cadet who had an obsession with her, and he ended up killing her. The cadet also admits that he killed Moore in a cover-up attempt, and then kills himself by stepping onto a land mine. Brenner then goes after the general himself, claiming the cover-up of the original assault is what ultimately led to Elisabeth’s death.

The General's Daughter Locations

While the emotional drama The General’s Daughter takes place in the state of Georgia at a military base called Fort MacCallum, some of the shots were filmed in areas of Northern California. These film-shoot locations included Sacramento County and Solano County. The California cities of Suisun and Sacramento can be glimpsed in scenes of The General’s Daughter. The San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta and Van Nuys Airport were other California locations used for filming.

However, a majority of filming locations in The General’s Daughter can be found in Georgia. The city of Savannah was used for many of the scenes, and Savannah State College was used for the shots of Elisabeth’s old school. After filming, Savannah State College was renamed Savannah State University.

Tybee Island, found not far from Savannah, was also used for a few shots in the movie. Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah was turned into the fictional Fort MacCallum that is heavily featured in The General’s Daughter. The locations used in the movie can still be visited by fans today. People can walk the city streets of Savannah and take in the sites where Travolta and other stars walked during filming.

The flat tire scene in The General’s Daughter

Hwy 404 and 25, Savannah, GA

In one of the first scenes of The General’s Daughter, Paul Brenner has arrived in Georgia as part of an undercover investigation. While driving in at night he ends up with a flat tire and gets out to change it. This is when Elisabeth, the daughter of the base’s general, shows up. She notices Brenner and pulls over to help him change the tire. At first, she asks if he has run out of gas.

Brenner’s response is, “Yeah. That's why I'm looking at a flat tire with a pair of pliers in my hand instead of a lug wrench.”

However, when he sees that Elisabeth is a Captain he seems embarrassed by his comment.

She tells him that the tire change, “looks like the work of 10 chimpanzees.”

Brenner says, “Well, you just missed the other 9. They got bored and went for a beer.”

Elisabeth then begins to help him replace the tire with a spare so he can go on his way. Once the tire has been changed, Brenner shows interest in finding a way to thank her.

He says, “Now, where would, if a fella got courageous and wanted to send you a 'thank you' notion of a bauble or basket of fruit, where might one find you?” She tells him that she works as a teacher at Psychological Operations.

This opening scene was filmed in Savannah, Georgia on Highway 404 near the Highway 25 interchange. You can reach this area by private vehicle or public transportation. Or you could call a taxi or use a rideshare app.

Crime scene in The General’s Daughter

Hill Hall, Savannah State University, 3219 College St, Savannah, GA

The day after Brenner meets Elisabeth he discovers that she has been murdered. He is called to the crime scene, along with Sara Sunhill. However, it is not clear why she would be killed. Sunhill asks Brenner why someone would murder Elisabeth.

Brenner tells her, “Well, possible motives for murder are profit, revenge, jealousy, to conceal a crime, to avoid humiliation & disgrace, or plain old homicidal mania. Right there in the manual.”

General Campbell is at the crime scene as well, and this leads Brenner to recount the time he met the general. It seems clear in his words that he admires the man.

Brenner tells him, “Sir. When I enlisted I was underage. They - They sent me straight to Vietnam, and you were my commander. You were a captain, and I - I was so scared. And one day when I was on watch, you came by and... And - And you saw the fear. You... You said, um, 'Well, where you from?

And I said, 'Boston'. And you said, 'Did you know that last night the Boston Red Sox won against the St. Louis Cardinals in the sixth game of the series? And you just walked away. Well, I knew - I knew then that, I was gonna get through it.”

He then promises the general that they are going to, “find the son of a b*tch.”

The crime scene shots were filmed in Savannah, Georgia at Savannah State University. You can still visit the site at Hill Hall where this scene was filmed. It is easy to reach with public transportation or by driving yourself. You can also take a taxi or use a rideshare service.

Elisabeth’s house scene in The General’s Daughter

Savannah State University, 3219 College St, Savannah, GA

The search to find Elisabeth’s murderer leads Brenner and Sunhill to the woman’s house. They were told they could not investigate there, as it did not fall under the base’s jurisdiction. However, Brenner is certain that searching her house can help them, so he and Sunhill break in.

“Well, she wasn't a hypochondriac. She didn't dye her hair, she didn't have oily skin, and she keeps her method of birth control somewhere else,” Sunhill says as they look through her bathroom.

Brenner responds with, “Well, or perhaps she required her men to wear condoms. Maybe you've heard that condoms are in fashion again because of disease. Nowadays you have to boil people before you can sleep with them. Care for a bath?”

As the two continue to search they come across a room that just holds BDSM equipment and filming gear. There are also videos, but someone breaks in attacks Brenner and steals the tapes.

You can visit this movie scene location at the Savannah State University campus. Although you will not be able to visit the actual apartment, you can visit the campus. To get here, you can take private or public transportation, a rideshare service, or a taxi.

Elby’s confession scene in The General’s Daughter

Wormsloe Plantation, 7601 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA

Sunhill goes back to the crime scene and while there she gets attacked. This is done as a way to scare her and Brenner and get them to back off with the investigation. However, she recognizes one of the men as Jake Elby, another captain on the base. After a struggle Sunhill is holding Elby at gunpoint, demanding that he reveals what he knows about the murder. He claims that Elisabeth had sex with several men on the base as an attack on her father. Around the same time that this is going on, another scene shows that Brenner is questioning Moore and has found out that Moore and Elisabeth were quite close.

Brenner tells him, “Ok, so look, it's obvious you were very close to her. I'm just trying to find out what 'very' means.”

Moore responds with, “It means... Very. I was Liz's mentor. There was a trust... she was, yes, a passionate young woman, as well as she should have been, but had I ever taken advantage of that... I would've lost the trust. So, did I kill her? Of course not. Did I love her? I loved her very much. Make of that what you will.” Moore ends up getting arrested due to how he acts when Brenner is questioning him.

These shots were filmed in Savannah like most of the movie. It was filmed at the Wormsloe Plantation. This is a historic site in a public state park so you can visit the filming location during business hours. You can reach the park by private car, rideshare service, taxicab, or several different public transport options.

Moore’s death scene in The General’s Daughter

Moore’s home, 11 Fallowfield Dr, Savannah, GA

Moore is eventually released from jail, but he has to stay confined in his own home while the investigation continues. Brenner and Sunhill decide to go by Moore’s house in hopes of finding out more information, but they find him dead. It is clear he has been shot, and while a lot of the other cadets and officers believe it to be a suicide, Brenner is not convinced.

It is believed Moore killed himself because of guilt, pointing to him as Elisabeth’s killer. Brenner and Sunhill continue looking into it, believing that Moore was killed to cover up the crime. It is not long after finding out about Moore’s death that Brenner is able to get help from his lawyer, Goodson. Goodson provides Elisabeth’s medical records to Brenner to help in the investigation, believing Moore would have wanted him to.

Brenner wants to know if Moore asked him to do this, but Goodson says, “Well, not in so many words... but I think I knew his wishes. You know, anything that might help Elisabeth. I'm sure you know how much he loved her.”

This scene was shot near the Wormsloe Plantation at Moore’s house on Fallowfield Drive in Savannah, Georgia. Although you cannot go inside the house, you can certainly drive by and see where the shot was filmed. It is just a few minutes from Wormsloe Plantation so you can get there by public transport, rideshare app, taxi, or private vehicle.

Kent confesses to everything scene in The General’s Daughter

Wormsloe Plantation, 7601 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA

Kent, another cadet, reveals himself as the killer toward the end of the movie. Sunhill and Brenner end up at the crime scene with him where he goes through the entire story of what happened to Elisabeth. Elisabeth had been attacked by several cadets years earlier, something her father actively covered up.

He threatened Elisabeth over the men she slept with on the base, and so she restaged the attack as a way to scare him. Elisabeth threatened to reveal the truth of the attack, but Campbell was not phased. He left her alone that night and Kent stumbled upon her. He was obsessed with the woman, and after exchanging a few words he ended up strangling her to death. Upon hearing this, Brenner tries to talk Kent into going back to his office.

Kent tells him, “I've always been an outdoorsy kind of guy. Why don't we talk here? That is if we have anything really important to talk about. I thought you'd do your job. Pin it on Moore and move the f*ck on.”

In the same scene, Kent steps on a land mine in order to kill himself. This was all filmed at the Wormsloe Plantation on Skidaway Road in Savannah, Georgia. You can visit the plantation during business hours Sunday through Friday. You will have to pay for admission but it is certainly worth it to see this historic site.


The thriller film The General’s Daughter stars John Travolta, alongside Madeleine Stowe as they investigate the murder of Elisabeth Campbell, an army captain and the daughter of General Campbell. As the two dive deeper in search of answers their suspect list grows, and they become increasingly confused about who would want to kill her.

The original suspect seemingly kills himself due to the guilt, but Brenner and Sunhill don’t give up until they find the real killer. Even in finding the man who strangled Elisabeth, Brenner tells the general that his daughter’s death is really in his hands. The General’s Daughter was released in 1999 and has received mixed reviews from critics and fans.