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Where was The Fugitive filmed?


City Locations

Chicago, Illinois, North Carolina

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Architectural, American, Apartment, House, Automotive, Banquet Halls, Buildings/ Offices, Bars, Coffee, Hospitals/ Medical, Police/ Jails, Restaurant

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Americana, Bus, Train, Federal Building, Helicopter, Modern Car, School, SUV, Van

About The Fugitive

The Fugitive is an American action thriller released in 1993. It was directed by Andrew Davis and is based on a T.V. series by Roy Huggins of the same name. It follows the story of a brilliant but framed doctor, Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), whose wife, Helen Kimble (Sela Ward), is murdered. After Dr. Kimble is unfairly sentenced to death by lethal injection, he escapes and starts a hunt for the real killer.

The film starts with Helen's death and Richard's arrest. On his way to the prison, his fellow prisoners stage a coup, and a fight ensues in the bus, toppling it over and onto a railway track and into the path of a speeding train. Kimble saves himself and an injured guard from the oncoming collision and escapes.

Seeing the wreckage, a team of U.S. Marshals headed by U.S. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) starts the investigation of the missing convicts and discovers Kimble and another prisoner had escaped. Meanwhile, Kimble tends to his injuries in his old workplace, the hospital, and realizes the Marshalls have tracked him down. He runs in an ambulance but gets caught in a tunnel. Seeing an escape route, he sneaks into a storm drain but still comes face-to-face with Gerard, so he jumps off the dam.

Kimble finds the identity of the one-armed killer who murdered his wife and sets about proving his innocence. On the way, he uncovers more clues that lead him to believe it was all a setup, and his wife died as collateral damage.

What follows is Kimble and Gerard playing a game of cat and mouse with each other, while Kimble ensures Gerard uncovers the truth and catches the real killer and the co-conspirators behind Helen's gruesome murder.

The Fugitive Locations

The Fugitive was filmed mainly in the United States. The filming centered chiefly around Chicago, Illinois, and North Carolina. Illinois had the majority of the locations with the University of Chicago Hospital (where Dr. Kimble works), Cook County Hospital, where he searches for information about the prosthetics, and the Chicago Hilton, where Dr. Kimble confronts the actual villain behind the conspiracy and murder of Mrs. Kimble.

The North Carolina locations were absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the natural beauty of the surroundings was overlooked because of the film's fast pace. However, The Fugitive filming locations like Cheoah Dam, Blue Ridge Parkway, Sylva, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are always excellent to visit.

Considering the storyline, plot, filming sequences, and quick location changes, the production team did a great job selecting easy-to-identify locations that audiences can relate to and recognize.

Teaser: The St. Patrick's Day Parade in the film was real, and it was included for the authenticity and uniqueness it would add to the getaway scene. The parade occurred at Dearborn St, The loop, Downtown, Chicago. The home of a one-armed man, Sykes, is located at Pullman in Chicago. Fans should drive around or catch a bus to see these locations as part of the Chicago itinerary.

Fun fact:

The Fugitive was made with a budget of $44 million. However, it was a significant commercial success at the box office, with collections upwards of $370 million globally. The Fugitive was nominated for several awards, including the Academy Awards, and was considered one of the greatest films of the 90s.

The fundraiser flashback scene in The Fugitive

Four Seasons Hotel, 120 E Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Just as Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is being escorted to a police car (for his wife's murder), there is a flashback scene from earlier in the night where Richard and his wife, Helen Kimble (Sela Ward), are attending a Children's Fundraiser. As Richard weaves through people, mingling and talking, he's trying to see his wife. He finally spots her chatting with two other gentlemen.

As he notices her, Richard starts walking toward her while smiling. She also keeps peeping at him and smiles coyly. As he reaches her, Richard jokingly interrupts her conversation with the men, "Alright you guys, knock it off. There's nothing to see here," He points at Helen and says, "You, come with me."

This filming location of The Fugitive is the stunning Four Seasons Hotel. The Four Seasons in Chicago is located on the Magnificent Mile at 120 East Delaware Place, North Michigan Avenue. Fans can book rooms while they enjoy the Chicago skyline, try the spa, and eat at the all-day dining restaurant. Getting here is quick if you hop onto bus number 147 and hop off at Michigan & Delaware/ Walton. The walk to the hotel is 2 minutes from this stop.

The train and bus wreck scene in The Fugitive

973 Haywood Rd, Sylva, NC

The train wreck is one of the best scenes in The Fugitive. After Kimble is convicted of murder and given a death sentence, he is transported by bus to Illinois State Penitentiary with other prisoners. While en route to the prison, the prisoners stage an escape, and one of the men starts foaming at the mouth. The other men yell at the guards, "Get in here, quick! He's getting sick! Move!"

When the guard reaches the sick prisoner, a fight ensues, with a guard getting injured, while another prisoner shoots the bus driver with a loaded gun. During this commotion, the bus veers off the road, rolls down a cliff, lands on the train tracks, and gets hit by an oncoming train. Kimble manages to save the injured guard and escape.

The train wreck was staged using a real bus and a locomotor at 973 Haywood Rd, Sylva in North Carolina. The remnants of the train crash scene are kept at the location as memorabilia for fans. Fans should park at the side of Haywood Rd in Sylva, close to the Jackson County Green Energy Park. From this point, if you look down, you can see the remnants of the wreck. Catch the US-74 W to Haywood Rd in Jackson County to get here.

Kimble helps the injured guard at the hospital scene in The Fugitive

UChicago Medicine, 5841 S Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL

Considering all The Fugitive action scenes, this one is slightly mellow. Dr. Kimble escapes the train and bus wreck and comes to the hospital where he works. Since he knows the way, he sneaks into a patient's room, avails himself of the first aid equipment, treats cuts and bruises from the wreck, and shaves his beard and hair, so he looks different.

Kimble dons the clothes of another doctor, and as he's about to leave the hospital, he sees an emergency case come in. When Kimble considers the patient, he realizes it's the injured guard. The guard also recognizes Kimble, but Kimble quickly puts an oxygen mask on the guard and turns to the paramedic, asking, "How's he doing?" As the paramedics wheel the guard in, Kimble turns to them and says, "Tell the attending he's got a puncture in the upper gastric area."

This scene was filmed at the UChicago Medicine Hospital at the University of Chicago. The location is 5841 South Maryland Ave in Chicago. The hospital is accessible if you hop onto bus number 55 and hop off at 55th St and Cottage Grove. The hospital is a 5-minute walk from this stop.

Kimble points a gun at Gerard scene in The Fugitive

Cheoah Dam, Robbinsville, NC

After Kimble escapes the hospital in an ambulance, U.S. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) and his team investigate and track Kimble down. They corner the ambulance via helicopter and cars till Kimble abandons the ambulance in a tunnel and gets into the storm drains to evade the police. Gerard and his team track Kimble down into the storm drains. Suddenly, Gerard slips and slides down the drain. His gun falls out of his hand. Kimble picks up the gun and points it at Gerard, saying, "I didn't kill my wife!" Gerard shakes his head and replies, "I don't care."

Kimble realizes that Gerard is only there to capture him, so he runs off with Gerard's gun. Gerard pulls out another pistol from his holster and follows Kimble till they reach the mouth of a dam. Gerard points his pistol at Kimble and yells, "Put that gun down! Now!" Kimble drops the gun in the running storm water and raises his empty hands over his head. Instead of surrendering to Gerard, Kimble jumps into the water, escaping the police again.

You can visit The Fugitive location at Cheoah Dam in North Carolina. Fans cannot enter the storm drains but can visit by following US-129 South to reach Cheoah Dam.

Richard Kimble makes a phone call scene in The Fugitive

Wells Street Bridge, 299 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL

In this scene, Richard Kimble escapes Gerard and manages to find a phone booth. Richard calls his attorney, Walter Guthrie (Dick Cusack), and says, "Walter, this is Richard." Hearing Kimble's voice, Walter exclaims, "Jesus! Why did you run? Running only makes you look guilty!" Kimble replies, "I wasn't worried about appearances, Walter. I'm not gonna turn myself in. I need help, I need money." Walter responds, "Richard, you're asking me to the harbor and aid a convicted felon. I can't help you that way. My advice as your friend and attorney is to give yourself up. Where are you?" Kimble says, "St. Louis," and hangs up the phone.

Kimble realizes Walter will be of no help and will not aid in getting justice nor offer money.

Of all The Fugitive locations, this phone call scene is filmed at one of the most popular spots for locals. The Wells Street Bridge is an everyday site for Chicagoans and is most recognized as the phone booth, metro, and the surrounding area. It was completely rebuilt in 2012 – 2013. Getting here is also easy if you catch the Brown Line to Merchandise Mart and walk for a minute or two.

Gerard questions Nichols's scene in The Fugitive

Hilton Chicago, 720 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

After Kimble leaves Gerard a trail of clues leading to Fredrick Sykes (Andreas Katsulas), Gerard further investigates and questions Dr. Charles Nichols (Jeroen Krabbe) about Kimble and Sykes at the site of the hotel conference launch for Provasic. Gerard believes there is a link between Kimble, Nichols, and Sykes.

Gerard stops Nichols in the hallway by saying, "Dr. Nichols. Hi! How are you? Can we ask a few more questions?" and turns to his colleague, asking, "You got a copy of that photograph?" Nichols stops and waits. Gerard's colleague, Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro (Joe Pantoliano), shows Nichols a photograph and tells Nichols, "This is Frederick Sykes. He's a security specialist at Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals. Richard Kimble broke into his apartment. Do you know this man?" Nichols replies, "No, I don't know him. You're getting pretty desperate, aren't you, Mr. Gerard? I told you; you wouldn't find Richard."

The Fugitive filming location of this scene is the Hilton Chicago at 720 South Michigan Ave in Chicago. Fans of the film can book their stay, enjoy the excellent service, and even visit the same hallways where this scene was filmed. Getting to the hotel is quick via bus number 6. Hop off at Balbo & Michigan and walk for a minute to reach.


The Fugitive was a fast-paced action film with seat-gripping scenes, plot twists, and a fantastic star cast. The locations were incredible, with some great filming sequences, like the train wreck and the scene when Dr. Kimble jumped off the dam. In nearly every scene, audiences learn a little more about the conspiracy behind the murder of Mrs. Kimble.

The film shoot locations, actors, and plot twists helped keep audiences engaged at each step. The film was thoroughly entertaining, with a unique quality that allows fans to watch it several times, even though they may know the climax. The Fugitive film scenes follow a well-thought-out pattern, making it an instantly likable movie.

While there are no funny scenes in The Fugitive, audiences get a sense of satisfaction when they realize Dr. Kimble's wife was not murdered just as an errant afterthought and that Dr. Kimble ensures she gets justice, pro and her killer is caught.