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Where was The Fast and the Furious (1954) filmed?


About The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious is a rousing action movie filmed in 2001 by director Rob Cohen. The popularity of this film spawned a series that now includes a total of 12 films to date. Among the stars featured in this initial film are Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster. Besides launching the careers of Walker and Diesel, the film was a smashing success, earning $207 million and garnering the position of 2001’s 19th highest-grossing movie.

The first The Fast and the Furious film scene (spoiler alert!) opens on an abandoned highway where a group of thieves accost a commercial vehicle and steal its merchandise. The next day, police officer Brian O’Conner (Walker) begins an undercover search that first takes him to Toretto’s Market where he meets the well-known street racer Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and his sister Mia.

Later that evening, Brian arrives at an illegal race on a hunt for the thieves. Dominic challenges him to a street race. Brian cannot afford the stakes and uses his car as collateral. Brian’s car runs into mechanical issues, and Dominic is declared the winner. The police swarm the scene, leaving Dominic unable to claim Brian’s car. Brian assists Dominic’s escape, but their route leads them into enemy territory, the lair of Dominic’s rival Johnny Tran who obliterates their vehicle. Dominic and Brian escape and Dominic informs Brian that he still expects a “10-second car” as payment for his win.

Brian begins a romance with Mia and becomes suspicious of Tran and his associates. While searching Tran’s garage, Dominic and Vince find Brian. Dominic and Vince assist him and unearth a huge supply of electronics. Tran and Lance are taken into police custody, and it is discovered that the electronics in their possession are stolen goods.

The next day at the Race Wars, Jesse puts his dad’s car on the line in a race against Tran, loses, then flees with his vehicle. Tran insists Dominic was responsible for telling the police about him. An enraged Dominic starts a fight with him which security guards interrupt.

Brian sees Dominic and his team leaving Tran’s and confirms they are the thieves. He enlists Mia’s help in finding Dominic and his crew. Dominic and his team attempt another heist which they claim will be their last. The driver shoots Vince. Brian and Mia find and rescue him.

Brian comes to Dominic’s house to arrest him just as Dominic is leaving in his father’s car. Jesse comes to the house and begs for protection just as Tran and Lance drive by and shoot and kill him. Brian and Dominic chase Tran and Lance and kill Tran and cause injury to Lance. Brian chases after Dominic and the two engage in a short drag race, barely crossing a railway before the train passes through. Dominic’s car smashes into a truck, destroying the car. Brian hands Dominic the keys to his own vehicle, completing their agreement of a “10-second car.”

City Locations

California: Carmel, Pebble Beach

Location Types

American, Beach/Oceanview, NatureScapes, Automotive, Clubs/Bars

Location Styles

Beachfront, Classic Car, Modern Car, Motel

The Fast and the Furious Locations

There are many filming locations in The Fast and the Furious, providing a diverse and interesting backdrop for this action-packed film. Most of the footage for this film was shot in various locations throughout Southern California. A couple of well-known attractions are also featured in this film including the beloved Neptune’s Net Seafood Restaurant in Malibu and San Bernardino’s Norton Airforce Base.

Another The Fast and the Furious filming location is Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Many of The Fast and the Furious action scenes take place on the city streets of such SoCal cities as Los Angeles, Malibu, Pasadena, El Segundo, and San Bernardino.

Thinking you’d like to visit The Fast and The Furious locations? Take a look at our list of the sites where some of your favorite scenes were filmed to help you plan your itinerary.

Fun Fact:

The original title for this film was Crashout.

Frank is discovered in a café scene in The Fast and the Furious

Saddle Peak Lodge, 419 Cold Canyon Rd, Calabasas, CA

After escaping prison, Frank stops by a roadside café where he is trapped by a citizen who is suspicious of him because he is known in town. In this The Fast and the Furious production scene, the waitress at the café makes a phone call the police. She informs them, “Hello! Hello? This is Wilma Belding at the Saddle Peak Lodge Café. Yeah, yeah. Wilma. W-I-L…what? I wanna re.., a report…a murder. Yes, a murder! I can’t tell you about it on the phone. Highway 74. Oh, for heaven’s sake! Hurry up!”

To get to this The Fast and the Furious location, take to Las Vergenes Road. Follow onto Cold Canyon Road, making a left. The lodge is found on the left-hand side of the road.

Frank and Connie’s romance begins scene in The Fast and the Furious

Santa Monica Mountains, California, USA

In this The Fast and the Furious scene, Frank and Connie are traveling down a deserted stretch of highway. He turns the car around and travels a short distance back from where they came before pulling over and parking. He begins to bind her hands, and the following conversation takes place between the two in one of the best scenes in The Fast and the Furious.

Connie: This isn’t necessary.

Frank: Of course not.

Connie: I said I was sorry.

Frank: You’re about the sorriest creature I’ve ever known.

Connie smacks Frank across the face. He grabs her by the shoulders and kisses her passionately.

To reach this iconic and beautiful mountain range, you can travel by passenger vehicle along Mulholland Highway. You will also find the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area where you can stop to enjoy a picnic lunch, a walk on the grounds, or just to take some photos at the place where one of the most well-known The Fast and the Furious scenes was shot.

Jack and Connie attend a race scene in The Fast and the Furious

Pebble Beach, CA

A qualifying race is underway, and Jack and Connie stop in to take a look at what is going on. Jack is still intent on crossing the border to safety in Mexico. When they realize the race will finish across the Mexico-US border, they decide to register for it in the hopes it will provide an undetectable path into Mexico for them. This conversation ensues.

Registration clerk: Oh, hi, folks…you here to register?

Connie: Yes.

Frank: Yeah.

Registration clerk: Alright, just write the name of the driver and the car there. Okay, Clancy, you’ve qualified. #54, Clancy, you’ve qualified. Come on in. Oh, Miss Constance Adair driving?

Connie: Yes.

Frank: Yes, I’m riding…

Registration clerk: Oh, I guess you hadn’t heard. They had a meeting last night. This course is too dangerous. All the lady drivers are banned.

Connie: But I’ve got to.

Registration clerk: I’m sorry, but that’s what they decided.

Frank: Ugh, I’ll drive.

Registration clerk: Oh, you’re a racer too?

Frank: Put me down.

Registration clerk: What name?

Frank: Myers. Bill Myers.

Registration clerk: Address?

Frank: El Centro.

Registration clerk: Identification?

Frank hands over his wallet, and the registration clerk studies it intently.

Registration clerk: Okay, that does it.

The best way to reach Pebble Beach is by shuttle bus. Several shuttles are available directly from the airport. Though the roads surrounding Pebble Beach were used for many of the action scenes in The Fast and the Furious, the area is now best known for its world-class resorts and golfing.

Connie seeks Frank’s explanation scene in The Fast and the Furious

Malibu, CA

Having qualified, Frank and Connie run into Connie’s old friend Faber who will also be competing in the race. They wish each other good luck and head off toward town in search of a place to spend the night before the race the next day.

Frank stops the car in front of a large white gate. Connie tries to get out of the vehicle, but Frank stops her. The following conversation takes place between the two.

Connie: Oh, let’s take a break.

Frank: Why here?

Connie: Nobody ever comes here. There’s an old house up the road. It’s been abandoned for years.

Connie exits the car and opens the gates to reveal a road leading up to a house. Frank drives the car through the gate, and Connie gets back in the car. They continue up the road until they reach the house.

Frank: Thanks again.

Connie: I discovered this place when I first started coming down to the races. I’ve sort of considered it mine ever since. Won’t you come into my parlor?

Frank: What’s the pitch?

Connie: Nothing. I’m just tired. So are you. Besides, you said something about an explanation, and I’d like to hear it.

Frank: On the level?

Connie: Well, at the moment, the only thing I have against you is that I never got that egg salad sandwich.

A trip to Malibu offers you not only the chance to enjoy exploring several of the former The Fast and the Furious film sets, but also gives you the opportunity to spend time in one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. To reach. Malibu, you can travel Highway 1, a scenic roadway that is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway.

Faber becomes suspicious scene in The Fast and the Furious

Pebble Beach Golf Links, 1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA

Faber, Connie, and Frank meet to watch some of the earlier races at the Concours d’Elegance. The three enjoy watching the race and then walk towards the parking lot. Faber asks them to join him for lunch, addressing Frank as Mr. Myers. The following conversation ensues.

Faber (walking towards his car): A man who drives as well as you should see this.

Connie: Sure, it’ll be an education. He’ll be so interested.

Bystander: May we see your car, Sir?

Faber: You certainly may. Thank you. Now, this is one of the few convertible Rolls Royce cars ever made. Exactly like the one owned by the King of Denmark.

Connie: It’s beautiful.

Faber: Say, Connie, the way you stowed away those hot dogs, I thought you said you’d just had lunch.

Connie: It’s the fresh air. The peace and quiet of the country.

To reach Pebble Beach Golf Links, the site where the filming for this scene occurred, the shuttle bus is your most efficient mode of transportation.

Connie turns Frank in scene in The Fast and the Furious

Point Dume, Malibu, CA

The race is in full swing, and Frank takes the lead as he heads into the mountains of Mexico. The announcer narrates each twist and turn, noting where each driver is and how he is doing on the course.

Connie makes a phone call to the police to inform them that she knows of the whereabouts of Frank. In her phone call, she says.

“Operator? Give me the police. Police? Listen very carefully. The driver of car 55 in The International is Frank Webster. Just try to stop him at the border. He’s innocent.”

She replaces the phone in its cradle and says to Faber, “Thanks for the lift,” then runs away.

The easiest way to reach Point Dume is to follow the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu. Continue 19 miles until you reach the end of Freeway 10 in Sant Monica. Make a left-hand turn at the lights onto Heathercliff Road. Take an additional left onto Dume Drive, continuing until you reach Sea Lion Place. Make a right here and continue to the end of the street. Here, you will find Point Dume.


With its incredible car chases, fight scenes, and interesting cast of characters, The Fast and the Furious takes you on a wild ride you’ll not soon forget. With most of its locations found in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, you can visit nearly every spot where your favorite scenes were filmed without having to do much traveling at all. Filmed in city streets, restaurants, and along the waterfront, visiting your fave The Fast and the Furious filming locations provides you with beautiful scenery, unique cultural opportunities, and lots of variety.

If you’re a big fan of The Fast and the Furious and you’re thinking a SoCal vacation is in order, our list of the top F&F locations just might help you plan the perfect itinerary for your trip.