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Where was The Bodyguard filmed?


City Locations

Los Angeles, Miami Beach

Location Types

Mansions, Clubs/Bars, Hotels/Motels

Location Styles

Cabin, Luxury Hotel

About The Bodyguard

Kevin Costner (Frank Farmer) shared the screen with the late Whitney Houston (Rachel Marron) in the 1992 drama thriller “The Bodyguard.” Directed by Mick Jackson, the casting is great with other stars like Gary Kemp (Sy Spector), Ralph Waite (Herb Farmer), and Bill Cobbs (Bill Devaney).

The premise centers on Frank, a former Secret Service agent who worked as part of the Reagan and Carter presidential details. Making ends meet as a bodyguard since retiring from his previous career, Devaney, Rachel’s manager, hires him to guard her.

She is an Oscar-nominated singer and actress receiving threats from an unknown stalker. Frank reluctantly accepts the job, and it isn’t smooth sailing. He considers her a spoiled diva while she accuses him of being overly paranoid.

Their tensions toward each other take a romantic turn. Realizing that their involvement on a personal level comprised the assignment, Frank breaks things off with Rachael. She doesn’t take it well and starts defying Frank’s security measures.

She also flirts with Greg Portman (Thomas Arana), Frank’s former Secret Service colleague, attempting to make him jealous. A threatening call from her stalker scares her back to her senses, and she realizes the gravity of the issue. Alongside her son Fletcher (DeVaughn Nixon), sister Nicki (Michele Lamar Richards), and driver Henry (Christopher Birt), she retreats to a lakeside cabin Frank’s father owns.

Trouble follows them on the retreat, and Nicki admits she hired a killer to do away with her sister. Worse still, she doesn’t know the hitman’s identity and can’t call off the hit. The supposed hitman breaks into the lakeside house and kills Nicki.

The assailant manages to slip away, even with Frank pursuing him through the woods. Days after Nicki’s funeral, the hitman strikes again at the Oscars. Frank leaps into the line, taking the bullet for Rachel. He also manages to shoot the hitman, revealed to be Portman.

The Bodyguard Locations

It took a couple of decades before “The Bodyguard” production process took off. Kasdan penned the screenplay in 1975, and while it got him an agent, it was another two years before someone bought it.

John Calley bought the screenplay for $20,000 and roped in John Boorman to direct the movie. After Ross decided not to proceed with the project, it remained unproduced until Costner read the script in 1991 while working with Kasdan on “Silverado.”

Kasdan and Costner teamed up to produce the romance thriller. Against a filming budget of $25 million, the film performed exceptionally well and raked in $411 million worldwide. Houston’s soundtrack album recorded 45 million sales, bagged a Grammy Award, and became the best-selling soundtrack release of all time.

Filming commenced in November 199, and the production process wrapped up in March 1992. The crew shot scenes at various locations around Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Here are more details about the best scenes in “The Bodyguard” and details of their real-life filming locations.

Fun facts:

Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script for the drama/thriller envisioning Steve McQueen and Diana Ross as the leads. Ross and Ryan O’Neal were the two leads inked for the project, but Ross dropped out.

Frank arrives at the Marron estate scene in The Bodyguard

1011 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

The first time that Frank arrives at the marron estate, he introduces himself as Frank Farmer over the intercom. Having not heard him the first time around, he says that he is Alexander Graham Bell calling for Miss Marron.

The guard asks if he has an appointment, and Frank responds, “the atomic number of zinc is 30.” Once he gets past the majestic gates, he meets Henry and introduces himself as Edison. Proceeding into the house, when he comes across Emma, the house manager, Franks says his name is Mr. Ford.

Several residences around Los Angles stood in for Rachel’s estate. The Doheny Greystone Park & Mansion at 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, provided the setting for the interior scenes.

The exterior shots of the gate were filmed at 10231 Charing Cross Road, Beverly Hills, while 1011 N Beverly Drive provided the setting for the exterior of the house.

To get to “The Bodyguard” filming location, hop on bus 2/302. Just remember that these are private residences, but you can still get a street view glimpse of where the magic happened.

As for the Greystone Mansion, the park grounds are open to the public. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Spider-Man,” and “X-Men” are some of the other productions that have filmed scenes at the Greystone Mansion,

A riot erupts at Rachel’s concert scene in The Bodyguard

The Mayan Theater, 1038 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA

One of the earlier scenes depicts Rachel performing “Queen of The Night.” Frank keeps a watchful eye and is wary of anyone who gets too close to her. His worry is justified when in an instance, a riot breaks out.

As fans get a hold of Rachel and start grabbing her performance gear, her stunning necklace breaks, and the jewels get strewn all over. As the chaos gets out of control, Frank unleashes a fire extinguisher on the unruly crowd.

He passes through the crowd to reach Rachel and chivalrously swoops her up. While carrying her out of the venue, he still has to fight off some of the concertgoers, and Devaney finally signals out, “follow me.”

The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles served as “The Bodyguard” film set for that particular scene. Found at 1038 South Hill Street, the nightclub comes alive during the weekends providing world-class entertainment.

The Downtown LA venue is also available for event rental with amenities like a spacious green room, digital show windows, dressing rooms, and an outdoor marquee. Hop onto Bus 14/37, 70, or 45 to get to The Mayan Theater. The B Line subway will also take you to the famous venue.

Frank and Rachel dance scene in The Bodyguard

2803 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA

After one of Rachel’s performances, she goes to a restaurant with Frank. Rachel asks Frank if he’s sure no one can get past him in that joint. He responds that nothing can stop anyone willing to swap their life for a kill.

Rachel asks why he does the job explaining, “maybe there’s some glory in saving a president or something, but just anyone.” Frank says that it’s a matter of discipline and conditioning. The tone of their conversation lightens up when she asks if he has ever liked anyone.

After evading the question, he explains that no one is perfect, and his former fame just didn’t love him anymore. A song they like starts playing on the jukebox, and Rachel asks Frank for a dance. Everything is blissful until a dish drops on the floor and startles Frank back into thinking about the imminent threat.

Joe Jost’s at 2803 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA, served as the setting for that scene. The sports bar opened its doors some 80 years ago, and trinkets recounting highlights of its existence deck out the spot.

Navigate to “The Bodyguard location via the A Line (Blue) light rail or bus 92, 232, 3, or 173.

Frank takes a bullet for Rachel at the Oscars scene in The Bodyguard

Park Plaza Hotel (aka The MacArthur), 607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA

The Academy Award sequences are some of the most memorable because they are also some of the film’s action-packed scenes. It starts with Rachel running off the stage while announcing the winner of The Best Song category.

All the while, there’s a gun, disguised as a camera, aimed at her. The announcement for the Best Actress category is ongoing, and Rachel emerges as the winner. As she makes her way to the stage, a sequence of shots reveals that Portman is the hitman and Frank is hot on his heels.

When she reaches the podium, Frank leaps through the air and takes the bullet for her. Pandemonium breaks out, and soon a crowd of helpers surrounds Rachel and Frank. She shouts, “he’s my bodyguard. Get off him!”

“The Bodyguard” scenes made use of two filming locations. In Downtown LA, the Park Plaza Hotel at 607 South Park View Street provided the setting for the exteriors. The Pantages’ Theater at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard is where the production unit filmed the flashy interior scenes of the Academy Awards ceremony.

Known as The MacArthur, before its permanent closure, the Park Plaza Hotel roots back in 1926. It provided a backdrop for several other productions like “Gangster Squad,” “Less Than Zero,” and “Not Another Teen Movie.”

The killer pursues and corners Rachel scene in The Bodyguard

400 Fallen Leaf Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA

After several close calls, Rachel heeds Frank’s advice and retreats to his father’s lakeside abode. Several mishaps happen when they think they’ve finally shaken off the killer, starting with Fletcher nearly losing his life after a motorboat blows up.

They pack up to leave after the near-tragic incident, but the van won’t start. They also realize that someone cut the phone lines. They decide to button down for the night and set off at first light.

Nicki admits she took a hit out on her sister, “I hate her. It made me think I could do it. But I could never hurt Fletcher.” An assailant breaks into the house and fatally shoots Nicki.

Another chilling scene is when the killer pursues and corners Rachael. Fallen Leaf Lake, near Lake Tahoe’s southern side, is where they filmed that scene.

Fallen Leaf Lake is a prime spot for water activities like skiing, waterboarding, and fishing. To get to “The Bodyguard” location, hop onto bus 22 or 50.

The Rotary Club dinner scene in The Bodyguard

506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The final sequences cut between a concert where Rachel is performing “I Will Always Love You” and an event at a rotary club. Frank is on duty with a vigilant eye on his next assignment - a reverend being honored during the Rotary Club of Iowa dinner.

The reverend’s words perhaps explain more about how things ended between Rachel and Frank. “For all we know in our hearts that’s even though we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with us… guiding and protecting us. Amen.”

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel at 506 South Grand Avenue was the setting for the Rotary Club event. In particular, the Crystal Ballroom served as “The Bodyguard” film set for that scene.

Initially known as the Los Angeles Biltmore, the historic hotel opened its doors in 1923. It is a production hotspot and has hosted crews filming “Beverly Hills Cop,” “The Italian Job,” and “The West Wing,” among other productions.

Make your way to the Millennium Biltmore aboard bus 14/37, 600, or 16/17. The B Line (Red) subway can also get you to the luxury hotel.


Perhaps you are a Costner fan planning on visiting “The Bodyguard” filming locations in Los Angeles. Either way, there are several more venues that you should check out on your location tour.

200 N Spring Street, 532 S Olive Street, and the Los Angeles City Hall had cameos featured in the romantic thriller. The 607 South Park Street View of the Park Plaza Hotel also has a cameo in the film. 3526 Beethoven Street is where the production unit filmed the scenes at Frank’s house.

The Fontainebleau Hilton Resort at 4441 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach provided the backdrop for the AIDS charity event where Rachel performs. Several other productions, including “The Bellboy” and “Scarface,” have filmed scenes at the 5-star hotel.

A sprawling 3,044-square-foot Lake Tahoe spread is where they filmed the lake house sequences. Sitting on three acres at 1131 Fallen Leaf Rd, the five-bedroom pad comes with a 76-foot-ling pier. That is where they filmed the famous scene where Frank dived into the icy cold winter water to save Fletcher.