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The Big Bounce movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was The Big Bounce filmed?


City Locations

Carmel, California, USA; Monterey, California, USA

Location Types

House, NatureScapes, Ranch, Rustic, Police/Jails

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Georgian/Southern, Mid-Century Modern, Office Building Style

About The Big Bounce

Directed and produced by Alex March, The Big Bounce is a drama about an ex-soldier named Jack Ryan, who is a picker on a farm in California. After he assaults one of his co-workers, Comacho (Victor Paul), Jack Ryan (Ryan O'Neal) quits his job, and his boss tells him to leave town. He has the intention to do just that. However, things change when he goes to a local bar to wait for the next bus. As he gets a drink, he meets Sam Mirakian (Van Heflin), who is the town judge. Jack's attitude fascinates Sam, and he proposes a job to him as a repair person at his hotel. Pleased by the offer, Jack accepts.

While working at this motel, he strikes up a romantic relationship with a beautiful Nancy Barker (Leigh Taylor-Young), who is a mistress/secretary to a local agricultural magnate Ray Ritchie (James Daly). Ray is an agricultural magnate who gave Nancy a fancy beach house. Nancy and Jack often play around the beach, and she shows her tendency to be disruptive in nature. They soon became lovers. Yet, it was when Ray orders Nancy to sleep with a senator just to get a business favor. However, she refuses while knowing that her days at the beach house are numbered.

Then, Jack and Nancy go for a drive one evening along a coastal highway just outside their town. It is there they encounter some boys who try to bully them off the road. Nancy is aware of how these games work. As a result, the boys would only meet their equal as Nancy bullies them off the road, which leads to serious injuries for the boys.

Then, the two lovers realize the extent of what they have done and the potential law issues it can cause. They flee the scene without thinking of providing aid. The following morning, the judge warns Jack to stay away from Nancy, noting her increasingly unstable behavior. Jack would soon be relieved when he learns that the two boys survived the highway incident.

That evening, Nancy sees a man who tries to break into her house while she waits for Jack. Then, she kills the man with a handgun. She would soon realize that the intruder was Camacho. However, when Jack gets there, he questions Nancy and concludes that the bullet was meant for him, and not Camacho.

Nancy dismisses this accusation and tells him she will tell the police about the harmful intention of Camacho toward her. So, she did what she did due to self-defense. The authorities buy her story, and they exonerate her. Yet, Jack and Nancy decide it is right to simply separate and leave town.

The Big Bounce Locations

The Big Bounce is an American drama movie, which was released in 1969 with an all-star cast of Leigh Taylor-Young, Ryan O'Neal, and Van Heflin. The movie is based on the story of Jack Ryan and Nancy Baker and the love they shared, which became toxic and eventually led to their separation.

This is the first of the various movies that are based on Leonard's crime novels. This movie gave Taylor-Young the recognition she needed to win a Laurel Award. The movie was filmed in Carmel and Monterey in California. It is no strange news that Hollywood filmmakers love shooting movies in California. Indeed, this represents one of the major reasons why many tourists are often keen to visit this beautiful, diverse state. However, if you wish to know more about these various locations, the following scenes will discuss more.

Fun fact:

At the time of filming, Ryan O'Neal and Leigh Taylor-Young were already married after the former divorced his ex-wife, Joanna Moore.

Jack is sacked and is advised by his boss to quit town scene in The Big Bounce

Carmel Mission Basilica Museum, 3080 Rio Rd, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Jack stands on top of his balcony and looks out. He comes out of the house and goes out to meet his boss. He approaches the man's vehicle. As he moves closer to the man, he tells Jack while handing him some money, "here." He replies, "what's that?" Then, his boss tells him, "there is a bus going North by 4 o'clock."

Then, the man tells Jack that he does not work for them anymore. Jack urges him to give him a lift back to the town to get some of his stuff. The man declines, telling him he is not wanted anymore at the camp. The man gives him an extra 10 bucks for his gear.

He tells him that he should leave town since Camacho will come after him if he is still in town. "We'll, thanks a lot for the advice… I sure appreciate it." Jack replies. Then, the man points to Jack's shoelace and drives off.

If you wish to visit a sanctuary with so much history, then this is the perfect place to visit. Besides this, its unique design is worth beholding. The museum represents the only mission that is constructed with stone. The place also features a tranquil courtyard, as well as five different museums.

If you wish to have a good time in Carmel, then this location is worth considering. If you also wish to explore life there many centuries ago, you can take a self-guided tour once you find your way inside the Basilica. This is the closest tourist attraction that is close to the actual location of this scene, and it is worth exploring!

Jack meets Nancy and Ray on the highway scene in The Big Bounce

Highway 1 Gate, 17 Mile Dr, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Jack walks by the roadside, hoping to hitchhike. Then, a vehicle stops to pick him up. "Why are we stopping for him?" Nancy asks. Jack runs to meet Ray and Nancy in the car. He says, "thanks a lot." Ray asks him, "how far are you going?" He tells him the 5-mile road. Then, he tells Jack to hop in.

Ray looks back and sees him properly and he says, "Ryan. Jack Ryan." Jack responds, "good guess." Then, Ray introduces himself to him. Jack tells Ray what people call him. "This is Nancy Parker, my secretary." Ray introduces Jack to Nancy. Then, Ray tells Jack he wonders how he ended up on Camacho's team.

"Are you the one who beat that guy with a baseball bat?" Nancy asks Ryan, who replies, "Yes, ma'am." She says that she has been told that Jack has a police record, a fact that Jack did not disprove. Ray tells Nancy to drop it.

This scene location is one of the most frequently used highways in the state of California. There is so much to see. From the stunning nearby water body to the remarkable mountainscapes. Traveling across the road is worth enjoying.

It is safe to suggest that visiting the site of your favorite movie scene can be quite pleasant. It is never a bad idea to have a first-hand experience of how the scene took place. Access to this highway is possible by road.

Nancy tells Jack of her plan to rob a $50,000 payroll account scene in The Big Bounce

Monterey, California, USA.

Nancy tells Ryan, "$50,000, Jack. Think about it." Jack replies, "How do you know?" "I saw Ray put it in the safe," Nancy responds to Jack. Ray keeps it inside a hole in the wall and covers it with a picture frame. "We could also get caught." Jack points to her.

She would reply, "that's part of the fun, isn't it?" She continues, "the risks involved." Nancy tries to convince Jack to join her plan in stealing the money from Ray's possession.

Monterey is a stunning city that is renowned for its beautiful marine life. Besides this, its culinary scene is nothing short of remarkable. Getting delicious seafood in the city is never stressful. The rich coastal history tourists can explore makes the city a place you should visit.

The memorable views of the beaches and parks are also great. These and many more reasons make it easy to have fun in the city. If you wish to visit the place, access is possible by road.

Ray tells Nancy to sleep with a senator for a business favor scene in The Big Bounce

Colton Hall, 570 Pacific St, Monterey, CA

Ray is outside grilling and Nancy walks up to him. He tells her that he can see that the senator has taken a liking to her. Nancy smiles, turns to him, and says, "Then, what am I supposed to do about that?" In response, Ray turns to her and says, "that's your business, sweetie." He tells her that he has approved it already.

Ray tells Nancy, "he is my bedroom." She responds to him, "what if I don't play?" Ray smiles and tells her, "you know Nancy, if I had to replace you, it might take me almost a week."

As a tourist, if you fancy eating tasty seafood, then Monterey is the right city to explore. Indeed, you can cap off a thrilling day with delicious oysters and shrimp in numerous eateries. There are parks and museums that are also worth exploring. You will find many things to do in Monterey.

The flora and fauna of the city are stunning. There are also friendly neighborhoods that are safe to stay in. It is also a diverse city with multiple cultures. This is a place you should visit, and it is easy to get to by bus or vehicle.

Some boys try to bully Nancy and Jack off the road scene in The Big Bounce

CA-68, Pebble Beach, CA

Jack and Nancy are in the car while the latter drives. Then, he tells her, "you know, all I need is a crowbar. Just tear the whole damn thing right out of the wall." Nancy smiles as she keeps driving. Some teenage boys in a car behind them honk their horns as they try to overtake these two lovers.

Jack tells Nancy, "you know, we don't have to stick around here another month or so. Just till things cool down." One of the boys in the car shouts, "Hey baby… Pooh!" The boys keep driving in front of Nancy's car, preventing her from driving past them. Then, Nancy decides it is time to give them what she feels they deserve.

She hits their car until it falls off the road. The boys look badly injured. As a result, both Nancy and Jack flee the scene.

This film shoot location is in a town that is well-known for its rich artistic history. There are many things tourists can enjoy in Carmel. Yet, its tranquility is what makes it exceptional. This town combines natural beauty and luxury. Its art museums, fine dining, and beaches make the place great to visit.

Jack tells Nancy they should do something about the car scene in The Big Bounce

Point Lobos, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

As Nancy walks up to Jack, he tells him, "we better do something about that car. The whole front end is banged in." Then, Nancy comes close to him and replies, "in one month Jack, we will have our real car." Jack replies, "yeah maybe we've gotta forget about that." Nancy scoffs and says, "$50,000 lying there for the taking?"

Monterey is a beautiful city with fine dining and rich history. There are many points of interest in this city. The diverse plants and animals in this location are remarkable. There was a time Monterey was key in the fish canning industry. The stunning landscapes are also hard to ignore.


In The Big Bounce, after a long, drawn-out rocky relationship, Jack realizes that Nancy was unstable and being with her only means that he was risking his life. This made it easier for Jack to let her go. However, the film takes you through the heartaches and trials of mental disease and how difficult it is to let go of someone you love.

The filming of this movie was done in various places in Carmel and Monterey, California. If you are a lover of sightseeing, seafood, and arts, these places are worth exploring. Besides this, the stunning landscapes and friendly neighborhoods are also unique.