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Where was Terms of Endearment filmed?


City Locations

Lincoln, NE; Houston, TX

Location Types

American, Apartment, House, Hospitals/Medical, NatureScapes

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Americana/Anywhere America, Dated/50's-60's-70's Building, Georgian/Southern, Modern Building

About Terms of Endearment

In this 1983 family drama and comedy film, Terms of Endearment, you learn what it is all about to have children. The top-notch cast of Jeff Daniels, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine, and Debra Winger make this great movie even more incredible.

This is a movie about the age-old relationship between mother and daughter. This was one of the first original stories to really depict that dynamic, and how wonderful and challenging it can be at the same time. This takes us through the trials and tribulations of Aurora and Emma. They are mother and daughter who do life quite differently, and you see how this plays out over time.

Aurora is a widowed woman who is trying to establish herself in this stage. She is trying to start her life over, and she desperately wants to find love in various forms. She tends to be rather judgmental and overbearing to Aurora. Then there is the dynamic of Aurora feeling that frustration, while also trying to constantly seek out her mother’s approval.

Emma finds herself in a loveless marriage, and eventually, after many ups and downs, ends up back with Aurora. It is a very interesting story to see unfold, and there are many happy moments and also some devastating moments to watch. This is a classic movie that every mother and daughter combo should take in, and it may shed insight into this sometimes-crazy dynamic overall.

Terms of Endearment Locations

In this 1983 production of a family drama and comedy film, Terms of Endearment is a winner. The top-notch cast of Jeff Daniels, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Shirley MacLaine, and Debra Winger make this great movie even more incredible.

Some of the cities where you can find filming locations of Terms of Endearment include Lincoln, Nebraska, Houston, Texas, and New York City, New York. Some of the best scenes in Terms of Endearment are done outside of Aurora’s home on Locke Lane in Houston, Texas. Other memorable scenes were filmed at Bryan LGH Medical Center on S 16th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. Prepare yourself with a box of tissues for these tear-jerker scenes from when Emma is dying.

Mother daughter argument scene in Terms of Endearment

Aurora Greenway’s house, 3060 Locke Ln, Houston, TX

The sad thing about Aurora and Emma is that they truly love each other, but this is often taken over with fighting and frustration. They are in yet another argument in what is one of the best scenes in Terms of Endearment, and it pains you to watch this unfold. Aurora somehow seems oblivious to the fact that she fights often with her daughter. Emma however sees a very different reality to the situation.

Emma pleads with Aurora not to argue with her again. She says that she’s tired of fighting, and this comes as a surprise to Aurora. To the point that Aurora wonders when they were arguing or why Emma thinks this happens often.

The complex dynamic that exists between mother and daughter doesn’t seem to change anything for Aurora. She loves her daughter and disagreements are normal to her, so she thinks that they have a healthy relationship. There are certain things that the two seem to accept about each other, that in actuality are not that normal after all.

You see Emma put up with and almost embrace some of the quirks about Aurora. She is on a call when the operator breaks in saying that she has an emergency call from her mother.

Though most people would be alarmed by this, Emma explains “No, she always does this when the line is busy. It’s fine.” This is a testament to the fact that they really do love each other and care about their lives. Sometimes it’s the quirks like that which demonstrate that love, and on a certain level, they definitely accept this with one another.

The house where Aurora and Emma spend many days and nights arguing is still there on Locke Lane in River Oaks, Houston, Texas. Just to the south of Memorial Park, minutes from downtown, you will find this quaint two-story home. To get to this filming location of Terms of Endearment, you can take Interstate 69, Interstate 610, or Interstate 10 to a number of streets that will take you there.

The bad marriage scene in Terms of Endearment

Flap and Emma’s house, 1148 Heights Blvd. Houston, TX

It is clear from the start that Aurora does not approve of Flap for her daughter. Though he seems like a nice guy, Aurora believes that he is not good enough for Emma. This is a point of contention leading up to the wedding, and it is of course the source of some arguing. It is clear that Emma is going to marry Flap, even with the disapproval of her mother.

When the big day comes, Aurora decides that she can’t be at the ceremony. Though she loves her daughter she just doesn’t feel that this marriage is best for her. She has tried to convey this point before, but Emma has her mind made up.

It is at this moment that Aurora says to her daughter those famous words “Remember you’re not special enough to overcome a bad marriage.” We will see that these words ring true, but it is still very sad when Emma comes to Aurora when her marriage is over.

This brick home on the corner of Heights Boulevard and 12th Street in Houston, Texas is Flap and Emma’s house. You can take Interstate 45, Interstate 610, or Highway 90 and follow Heights Boulevard to the house on the corner. This Terms of Endearment filming location of the young couple's home was seen in just a few film shoot locations but you will recognize it right away.

The hospital scene in Terms of Endearment

Bryan LGH Medical Center, 2300 S 16th St, Lincoln, NE

In a very gut-wrenching chain of events, you see the sad decline of the health of Emma. She has been through hell and now she has to contend with cancer. It is awful and unimaginable, particularly for her mother to watch. This is considered one of the most pivotal scenes from the movie, and it can bring anyone to tears. Seeing her daughter in pain and dying from cancer proves to be too much for Aurora to handle.

As Emma lies in the hospital bed in pain, Aurora goes to get help for her. She begs and pleads with the nurse to give her some relief. Though the nurse is quite calm, you can see Aurora starting to unravel. Your heart breaks for her as she screams “Give my daughter the shot!” It is a very emotional scene that leaves you speechless and it leads to a tragic ending.

Though we know that the moment is coming, that doesn’t make it any easier somehow. We reach the end where Emma will die, and it is just heartbreaking to watch. Her kids come to visit her in the hospital one last time, and it is hard to see them argue and not really grasp what is going on. Emma tries talking to them and giving them her wishes in a way that is good for their age.

As they are leaving the room she says to her son “I was so scared and I think that went pretty well, don’t you?” This is the last thing she says before she dies. She got to see her kids one last time, and then she passes away. Aurora is devastated and inconsolable and it’s the ending that nobody wanted to see.

Although the scenes filmed in this Terms of Endearment filming location were sad, it is worth it to visit the hospital where so many tears were shed. Bryan Medical Center West on South 16th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska is easy to find by Stransky Park and the Lincoln Zoo. Highways 2 or 34 will get you to this scene.


This classic movie takes us through the age-old relationship of mother and daughter. You can see the love that Emma and Aurora have for each other, though it is a very challenging dynamic at times. This story however takes us through some very high highs, as well as some very low lows. You can’t begin to imagine how things will unfold with Emma dying at the end.

You get to experience the evolution of the life that Emma creates with her marriage to Flap. You get to see her have children and create a life, but also with a man who is not good for her. This relationship is intriguing but also devastating to watch. You also see Aurora trying to figure out a strange time in her life. She is widowed and starting to date again, and you see the relationship between her and Garrett begin and evolve. The ups and downs are relatable, and this will story overall will tug at your emotions in a very distinct way.