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About Teen Wolf

Michael J. Fox took the lead in Tod Daniel’s 1985 coming-of-age fantasy “Teen Wolf.” The “Back to The Future” star portrays Scott Howard, a high school student whose life becomes quite eventful after discovering he is a werewolf.

The sports-centric comedy film also stars James Hampton (Harold Howard), Matt Adler (Lewis), Jerry Levine (Rupert “Stiles” Stilinski), and Susan Ursitti (Lisa “Boof” Marconi). Scott is tired of his average life, living in a small Nebraska town. His only semblance of popularity comes from his involvement with the Beavers, his school’s luckless basketball team.

He is also sweet on Pamela Wells (Lorie Griffin), but unfortunately, she is out of bounds. She is dating Mick (Mark Arnold), his rival and member of the Dragons. The opposing team often bullies Scott on the court, amplifying his sense of defeatism.

All along, he is oblivious that his best friend Boof holds a torch for him. Scott starts experiencing changes pronounced by long hair sprouting all over his body. Eventually, he decides to quit the team, but Coach Finstock (Jay Tarses) convinces him to stay on the team.

After a make-out session with Boof, when he accidentally claws her back, Scott realizes he is a werewolf. It runs in the family, and his father, Harold, is also a “wolf-human.” Coming to terms with his affliction, he opens up to Stiles, who agrees to keep his secret.

With his wolfish abilities, Scott leads the Beavers to their first win. The school is overcome with “wolf fever” after seeing him transform into his wolf form mid-play. However, his newfound fame alienates his teammates because he isn’t the best team player and Boof.

He also finally gets some short-lived attention from Pamela while Stiles banks on his fame by selling “Teen Wolf” paraphernalia. In the end, Scott quits the basketball and renounces using his wolf abilities. Still, he joins his teammates to face off with the Dragons, and against the odds, they win the championship game without help from his supernatural abilities.

Teen Wolf Locations

The “Teen Wolf” production started filming in November 1984 and wrapped up one month later. While the premise revolves around Scott, who lives in a small Nebraska town, in the real sense, the production unit filmed the movie around Los Angeles.

A rumor that Fremont High in Nebraska featured in the film is false, but the film’s credits thanks “Friends from Fremont.” The theory is that it’s an ode to the Husker Power calendar and sticker in Coach Finstock’s office and the Husker calendar in Scott’s kitchen.

J. Fox had just concluded filming the comedy film when he took up the “Back to the Future” role. It just happens that the two productions have some similar locations. For instance, the Howards' residence is the location used for the Baines 1955 house scenes in “Back to the Future.”

The tree where George McFly climbs also appears in the comedy/fantasy. You’ll also notice that Biff’s grandma’s house features in the coming-of-age flick. There’s plenty more to discuss about the “Teen Wolf” filming locations and some of the best scenes from the comedy/fantasy.

Fun Facts:

Even with mixed reviews, the comedy film grossed more than $80 million against a filming budget of $1.2 million. More than two decades later, the movie influenced the same-titled supernatural drama series aired on MTV.

Scott transforms into a werewolf scene in Teen Wolf

1727 Bushnell Avenue, Pasadena

Scott’s full transformation happens when he’s at home, and talking to his father, he finds out that he is a wolf-human. His father, who also just experienced the full-moon transformation, explains that sometimes the Lycanthrope gene skips a generation, and he hoped that Scott wouldn’t inherit the curse.

He comes to terms with his affliction, best exemplified by the scene where he is admiring himself in the mirror. Scott delivers the iconic line, “You are an animal! Woo!.”

That particular scene, among others set at the Howards’ house, was filmed at 1727 Bushnell Avenue, Pasadena. If you happen to traipse around the “Teen Wolf” location then you are in for a treat because it also appeared in “Back to the Future.”

In the 1985 sci-fi, the 1727 abode served as the setting for Marty McFly’s future mom’s residence. However, the interiors were filmed a few doors away at 1705.

J. Fox revealed in a “BTTF” Special DVD Q&A that he encountered the production team scouting for locations while he was filming “Teen Wolf.”

Scott helps the Beavers win their first game scene in Teen Wolf

Lennox Middle School

With his newfound abilities, Scott learns that there’s plenty he can do, just like his father told him. Harold told his son, “You're going to be able to do a lot of things the other guys aren't.”

The perks of being a werewolf shine through when he helps the Beavers clinch their first game win in three years. Instead of sparking fear, the result is unexpected because Scott becomes an overnight sensation. The school gets overwhelmed by werewolf fever and his friend Stiles capitalizes on it by selling “Teen Wolf-branded” merchandise.

The fame gets to his head and in subsequent games, Scott loses favor with his teammates after he starts hogging the ball during games. His redemption comes during the team’s final face-off with the Dragons after he renounces his wolf powers.

East of LAX, the Lennox Middle School gymnasium provided a backdrop for the basketball scenes. Formerly the Lennox High School, you’ll find the Teen Wolf filming location at 11033 Buford Ave, Lennox.

Pamela breaks Scott’s heart scene in Teen Wolf

1980 Oak Street, South Pasadena

Pamela never gave Scott a second thought until he became famous for showcasing his wolf-like abilities. Boof even knew that Scott had a thing for her, and at the party, when she asked if she was looking for someone specific, Pamela shot back, “Not you!”

Still, Scott had his moments with her after his werewolf fame swayed her. They get closer when sharing the stage in the school play and hook up in the dressing room.

Pamela’s house is seen only once in the movie when Scott walks her home after their bowling date. It’s the scene where she broke his heart and told him that even after getting physical, she wasn’t interested in going to the school dance with him because she already had a boyfriend.

At 1980 Oak Street, you’ll find the residence that served as the setting for Pamela's house. It’s just 2 miles away from the real-life Howard abode and instantly recognizable to huge fans of the Teen Wolf production. Aside from the exterior receiving a different coat of paint, the house hasn’t changed much.

Harold defends his son scene in Teen Wolf

John Burroughs Middle School, Mccadden Place, Los Angeles

At school, Scott isn’t popular with Vice Principal Rusty Thorne who doesn’t mince his words when telling him that he isn’t special. “You may think that you are special here... but let me remind you that I am still the vice principal.”

His father later explains why the Vice Principal keeps breathing down Scott’s neck. It turns out that Harold gave Thorne quite a scare back in their school days, and he encourages his son to keep being himself.

When Mick provokes Scott and he transforms into a werewolf, Thorne threatens to expel him. Harold steps in and defends his son. The Vice Principal wets himself when Harold growls in his face.

The school sets were filmed at John Burroughs Middle School. Located at 600 S. Mccadden Place. Besides being a famous Teen Wolf film set, the learning institution is a popular filming location seen in several ‘80s classics. That includes Pretty in Pink, Pleasantville, and Never Been Kissed.

Get to the school via Bus 28, 16/17, 212/312, or the D Line subway.

Scott takes Pamela on a bowling date scene in Teen Wolf

Montrose Bowl, 2334 Honolulu Avenue

After the Beavers win their first game in ages, they celebrate at the bowling alley with a round of pizza. It’s the same location where Pamela and Scott go on a date which is meant to stir Mick’s jealousy.

Riled up, in part by their fake date, Mick tells Scott that he doesn’t scare him. “Underneath all that hair, you're still a dork, Scott. I've handled your kind before. Your mama used to steal chickens out of the backyard... Right, Scott?”

The Montrose Bowl, 2334 Honolulu Avenue is where they filmed the Teen Wolf scene. The comedy/fantasy was the first production to christen the location as a filming hotspot, and you might also recognize it from Frankie and Johnny.

Montrose Bowl dates back to 1936 and it’s a family-owned business. The bowling alley is available for event rentals and the venue also hosts themed bowling experiences. Best still, they provide in-house catering and event planning services.

Scott buys beer scene in Teen Wolf

Quick Stop Liquor, 6670 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga CA

Tony’s Liquor appears twice in the movie, first when Stiles unsuccessfully tries to buy some drinks. Donning sunglasses, a trucker hat, and a shirt plastered with the words “Obnoxious: The Movie,” he isn’t able to hoodwink the store’s owner (Harvey Vernon).

The second time we see the store is when Stiles convinces Scott to score them some alcohol. He doesn’t have any better luck, except when he has one of his first werewolf experiences as a wolf-human.

His intense werewolf stare is persuasive enough to get them some beer for the big party. In a deep octave, the line he delivers during that scene is even more memorable. He said, “Give me a keg of beer.”

The Quick Stop Liquor store found at 6670 Foothill Boulevard, Tujunga was the setting for the Teen Wolf scene. Both the interior and exterior of the liquor store appear in the film.

The Liquor store is near Tujunga Canyon Boulevard, a location you might have seen in Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines or Memento. To visit the famous venue, get to Tujunga Boulevard via bus 90.


If you are working on an itinerary for your Teen Wolf locations tour, you now have plenty of references. While at it, also consider stopping by 5223 Shearin Avenue, Los Angeles, where you’ll find the party house from the film. For reference, that’s where Scott and Boof locked lips in the closet for the first time. Both the interior and exterior of the residence appeared in the film.

The Howard’s Hardware store, where Scott works, is found at 1518 Mission Avenue, South Pasadena. Formerly called Balks, the location now goes by Reimagine your Home.

Bushnell Avenue in South Pasadena provided the backdrop for the scene where Scott walks barefoot down the street. The same street is seen in “BTTF'' where Marty McFly pursues George McFly (Crispin Glover).

The scenes where Scott does van surfing stunts in his werewolf form were filmed between 12600 and 12540 Sherman Way in North Hollywood. That scene also showcases well-known venues like the Kmart at 13007 and the Denny’s at 13136.