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About Ted Lasso

Follow the misadventures of the wholesome and well-meaning titular character, Ted Lasso, an American football coach who decides to coach a British football team – even though he doesn’t know any of the rules…

With his trusty assistant coach, Coach Beard in tow, Ted Lasso strives to overcome this slight hiccup and win over his new team, the fans and the media, with his trademark positivity. The result? Some amazing one liners and a highly endearing series that’s equal parts heartwarming and hilarious.

As the series goes on, we learn more about the individual players, the issues that the club has and the personal drama that lives in the back of the optimistic head coach’s mind. Having won a string of awards for both seasons that are out so far, and with season three in the works, Ted Lasso is quickly becoming a favorite on both sides of the Atlantic, whether you know anything about football (soccer) or not.

Lasso, played by Saturday Night Liver (SNL) alum and all round Hollywood funny guy, Jason Sudeikis, goes from strength to strength throughout the series, and never lets the haters grind him down – no matter how hard they try. Given the state of the world right now, this kind of infectious positivity and optimism has served as a balm for an audience who just wants to escape the negativity of real life.

It’s one of those shows that you never want to end, and is way more than just a show about football. With season two delving more into the main character’s backstories and relationships to each other and their families, it brings a whole new dimension to the show, that’s brought in a whole new audience.

Ted Lasso Locations

Given that this is a show that is predominantly based around an English Premier League team, Ted Lasso is mostly filmed in the UK, specifically in and around London. Many of the locations are visitable in real life, rather than being built in studios.

Football fans can enjoy spotting real big-name stadiums throughout the seasons, including Crystal Palace’s home ground, Selhurst Park, which stood in for AFC Richmond’s stadium for the majority of the show. This is a huge get as Crystal Palace has been in the top flight of English football for years.

Even when there are games set around the country during the football season, the Ted Lasso production team decided to stick around London, with Fulham’s home ground, Craven Cottage doubling as the famous Goodison Park - Everton’s home ground.

Outside of the football-based locations, the majority of the scenes are shot in and around either Richmond itself or Twickenham. Both are easily accessible via public transport, if you want to have a real-life Ted Lasso experience.

Spoilers ahead! We’re covering terrific Ted Lasso locations. Let’s dive in.

Meeting Dani Rojas scene in Ted Lasso

Hayes & Yeading United Football Club

Throughout the show, there are plenty of new characters being introduced into the team. If you’ve ever watched or supported a team sport, you’ll know that players come and go throughout the course of a fan’s life, and this show portrays this well in season one with the entrance of Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernández).

Super optimistic and pumped about the sport he loves, he has one catchphrase that he loves to shout, and continues to shout throughout the season, but it’s first said when he’s introduced to the rest of the team:

“Football is life!”

In season one, we first meet Rojas at AFC Richmond’s training ground, as he comes in and makes a splash with his flashy and impressive tekkers. The Greyhound’s training ground is filmed at ​​Hayes & Yeading United Football Club, a lower league English club.

This football club is located in between the Southall and Hayes area of London. It’s accessible by the newly opened Elizabeth tube line where you can either get off at Southall or Hayes and walk around to the stadium.

The darts scene in Ted Lasso

The Prince’s Head pub

Even the happiest and most upbeat show needs a villain, and in Ted Lasso, for the majority of the show, it’s ex-owner, Rupert (Anthony Head). When he left his wife Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) for a string of women half his age at the start of the show, she took over as owner of the Greyhounds.

Although she had a nefarious plan all of her own, she soon changed her tune. Once the Greyhounds start looking like a team again, Rupert buys a portion of the club back and wants to sit back in the owners box. Ted, seeing how distressed this would make Rebecca, challenges him to a darts game with a bet – if you win, you can choose the starting line up for the last two games of the season, if I win, you do not go anywhere near the owner's box. A huge bet in a pub surrounded by die-hard Richmond fans.

In this season one episode, Rupert accepts, thinking that Ted is a haphazard American who barely knows how to play darts. As it turns out, Ted used to play with his dad all the time, Rupert just never thought to ask if he was good at darts before playing. As Ted throws the winning dart he says:

“Be curious, not judgemental.”

A lot of the non-football based scenes take place in a pub called the Crown & Anchor, a AFC Richmond fan pub. In real life, this is The Prince’s Head pub in Richmond, and you can go visit and have a pint whenever you like.

It’s easily accessible by multiple train and tube lines as it’s just around the corner from Richmond station.

Post-panic attack scene in Ted Lasso

Richmond Green

In season two, we see Ted having to deal a lot with his mental health. Specifically, having panic attacks in the middle of matches and at various other points during the season. After seeing the team’s psychologist, Dr Sharon (Sarah Niles) and talking things through with Rebecca, he’s starting to see improvements, but not before it’s leaked to the press.

Expecting some rough responses about coming out about his mental health, he’s surprised by this heckle from Mr. Mann (Tom Cotcher), a vocal fan and Lasso critic during his morning walk.

Mr. Mann: Hey, wanker. If my father had a panic attack at Normandy, we'd all be speaking German.

Ted: Yes, sir.

Mr. Mann: Just do the work, pal. You'll be alright.

It’s a short reassurance but it’s massive in the shift of attitude.

For this scene, the Ted Lasso production team uses Richmond Green, which is actually around the corner both from the pub used in the series and the street where Ted and Coach Beard’s apartments are based.

Much like getting to The Prince's Head pub, you can travel to Richmond station either using the tube or the underground station. With so many Ted Lasso locations around this area, you can have a fan-filled day out.

Like uncle like niece scene in Ted Lasso

Ice cream truck near Twickenham Rowing Club

In season two, we see the iconic Richmond hard man, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), trying to figure out what to do with his post-playing career. To fill the time, he ends up coaching his niece Phoebe’s (Elodie Blomfield) girls football team, with his usual flair and amount of swearing.

Roy is also going out with PR wizard and all around problem solver, Keeley (Juno Temple), so we start to see this little, weird family dynamic start to come out between the three of them.

Following a match, the three of them go for a walk and some ice cream, when Keeley asks:

Keeley: Phoebe, how was the match today?

Phoebe: Outstanding. I got a red card for elbowing a girl in her neck.

Roy: And I'm very proud.

Although not the crowning achievement of most kid’s football matches, it works here. This riverside ice cream stop is on the embankment opposite the Twickenham Rowing Club on Eel Pie Island. A quick look shows that there’s an ice cream van parked down the path, so you can visit and do like the cast of Ted Lasso, and grab yourself a cone.

Twickenham train station is just down the road, and there are a whole host of buses that go along Richmond Road and King Street, just a short walk away.

The goldfish scene in Ted Lasso

West London Studios

We can’t leave out this season one scene. In one of the first major coaching decisions that Ted makes, he decides to move Sam (Toheeb Jimoh), a defender, up the pitch to give him opportunities to feed in balls to the strikers. This is a huge shift in position, and one that isn’t well received by, well, anyone.

After a disastrous first half, in the corridor by the locker room, Sam is feeling deflated and feels like he can’t play in this new role. Ted’s response is a quote that’s been used by amateur coaches the world over ever since:

“You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? Got a ten-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam.”

Many of the interior shots of AFC Richmond’s ground, the training ground, offices and locker rooms are all filmed in West London Studios. It’s a small indie studio, right next to Hayes and Yeading United Football Ground – where the exterior training ground and pitch scenes are shot.

You can get there on the Elizabeth tube line and get off at Southall. It’s not really visitor friendly, but you can visit Hayes and Yeading United Football Ground at the same time. Two iconic Ted Lasso filming locations for the price of one!

The charity gala scene in Ted Lasso

Rivoli Ballroom

Towards the beginning of the show and also in season one, Rebecca is terrified and nervous about the upcoming charity gala that the club has for underprivileged kids. It’s the first big event that she’s hosting as owner, and all the big donors love her ex-husband who wants to make the night all about him.

Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of tension between captain Roy Kent and star striker – and massive egotist – Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster). Jamie thinks he’s all that and turns up to the event in a suit jacket and trousers – no shirt – in the name of what he thinks is fashion.

This is soon proven yet another dumb idea when he spills hot soup on his chest, prompting this reply from Roy:

“Yet another reason shirts exist”

This glamorous gala scene takes place in the Rivoli Ballroom in South East London. It’s open Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights but is also available to hire if you have a big event coming up.

It’s right next door to Crofton Park train station, so it’s easily accessible without having to drive.


All in all, there is a great reason as to why Ted Lasso became so beloved so quickly. With a beautiful mix of both British and American styles of humor, a heart of gold in the middle of it and endearing and entertaining characters that grow with every episode, there is an awful lot to love about this show.

Although it’s rumored that season three might be the final series, we can still look forward to another exciting and hilarious Greyhounds season, and with a new villain being revealed at the end of season two, who knows what awaits our optimistic Ted moving forward. We’ll be watching, will you?