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Where was Sweet November filmed?


City Locations

San Francisco (USA)

Location Types

Apartment, Beach/Oceanview, Nature, Buildings/Offices

Location Styles

Beachfront, Office Building Style, Americana

About Sweet November

Sweet November, directed by Pat O'Connor and starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, is a romantic drama set in the beautiful city of San Francisco. The film references the 1968 rendition of Herman Raucher’s movie, with some modernized twists to its story arc.

While completing a driving test in San Francisco, Nelson Moss - an advertiser - has the pleasure of encountering Sara Deever, an enchanting woman whose character is unique and matched with her captivating beauty. After she is wrongfully accused of cheating on a driving test, Sara tracks Nelson down at his residence.

She proposes that he gives her a lift, if not, her hounding will never cease! Later that evening, she asks him to shack up with her for the entire month of November, promising that his life will change for the better. Nelson turns her down, explaining that he is seeing someone.

Given that getting the boot also coincided with Nelson soon nursing a heartbreak, he reluctantly takes up Sara’s offer. He soon finds himself in an unexpected love affair that he will live to remember.

Sweet November Locations

The lovely scenery of the Golden State perfectly captures the romance between two heartbroken souls as they find solace and love in each other.

A majority of Sweet November scenes were shot in and around San Francisco, CA.

The city provided a stunning backdrop to the romantic drama with its rolling hills, iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and waterfront views of the Bay Area. Filming also took place in Mill Valley which has a charming downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

A trip to the Sweet November filming locations would be an unforgettable experience. Not only will you get to stand in the same spots where scenes from your favorite movie were filmed, but you'll also get to explore the charming cities of San Francisco and Mill Valley. From taking pictures in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to tasting fresh seafood at Fisherman's Wharf, there is plenty to see and do on a Sweet November-inspired vacation.

Fun Fact:

Jason Isaacs, who portrays Sara’s close friend Chaz Waltey/ Cherry, spent days at drag clubs to prepare for his cross-dressing role. He picked up on different mannerisms and even wanted to tag Reeves along, but figured that it would be hard to stay low-key with The Matrix star in tow.

Nelson’s morning routine scene in Sweet November

151 Alice B Toklas, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

Nelson (Keanu Reeves) awakes to the sound of an alarm at 7 am. He rapidly stands up and goes to the shower, while Angelica (Lauren Graham) stares. After the shower, he calls his friend and partner Vince (Greg Germann) to discuss business.

The house used to depict Nelson's living space is situated in the Marquee Lofts at 151 Alice B. Toklas Place, a strategic spot nestled between Van Ness and O'Farrell Street. The building has been around since the ‘20s and was once a hotel before being converted into an office space.

Visitors will appreciate the unique architecture of the building which includes three levels with ornate balconies as well as four prominent windows that feature traditional wooden shutters. Additionally, this site is also home to several art installations and sculptures, making it a perfect spot for exploring the city's vibrant arts scene.

To get to 151 Alice B Toklas, use a reliable navigation app, like Waze or Google Maps, for more accurate details about the quickest, most direct route.

Nelson and Vince at work scene in Sweet November

Market St & Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Nelson and Vince work in the financial district. The scene starts with a discussion about how their business is doing, over a phone call. It continues in the elevator and the pair finally meet in the office.

We see the financial district in Market St & Sutter St in the movie, but the scene in the building was shot at a film studio. Market St & Sutter St is a bustling intersection in San Francisco. It's lined up with high-end shops, cafes, and eateries.

From trendy clothing stores to restaurants serving international cuisine, Market St & Sutter St has plenty to offer everyone. Whether you're looking for a shopping spree or a night out on the town, this is the place to be! Additionally, due to its central location near Union Square and other tourist attractions, Market St & Sutter St is always full of visitors from all over the world enjoying what this amazing city has to offer.

Market St & Sutter St is conveniently located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The easiest way to get there is by taking the BART train and alighting at Montgomery Station. From there, you're just a few short blocks away from the intersection.

Nelson meets Sara scene in Sweet November

1377 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States

When Nelson, an overworked advertising executive, meets the enigmatic Sara, his questions about her seemingly suspicious behavior on his driving tests cause her to fail due to presumed cheating.

The San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles served as a Sweet November film set for the outdoor scene. The SFDMV is located on South Van Ness Ave (on 1377 Fell St) and is easily accessible from anywhere in the Bay Area. The area is home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and Alamo Park.

If driving isn't an option, to get to 1377 Fell St, hop onto one of the city buses and trains running frequently in the area.

Nelson and Sara talking in her apartment scene in Sweet November

298 Missouri St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

After Sara convinces Nelson to give her a lift, they go to her home. She charms and lures him with tea, continually convincing him to stay a month with her as she promises it will drastically improve his life.

The building façade used for the scenes at Sara’s apartment is located at 298 Missouri Street on the corner of 18th Street in Potrero Hill, San Francisco. However, the scenes inside her apartment were filmed on a film set constructed from scratch at a decommissioned Treasure Island aircraft hangar.

The sky background seen out the window is not real; it was created with heavy use of trans light photography. The garden where Sara appears in the movie was filmed behind Blooms Saloon in San Fran.

To get to 298 Missouri Street in San Francisco, California, head west on Veterans Boulevard and turn right onto Missouri street. If coming from elsewhere, drive to US-101 South and take exit 423A for I-280 North toward San Francisco. Take exit 54A onto 6th Street toward Bryant Street and then turn left onto Missouri Street.

You can also navigate your way there by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) from any of the numerous BART stations located around the Bay area and get off at Montgomery Station which is about 3 blocks away from 298 Missouri Street.

Walking with dogs scene in Sweet November

Crissy Field South Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129, United States

After Nelson accepts Sara’s offer, they go for a walk with some dogs (she is a dog walker). They talk about Sara’s work and life, in general. Nelson wonders how Sara can be so happy with her life and every moment of it.

The scene was shot on Crissy Field Beach. The area offers stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Marin Headlands, and the Pacific Ocean. It's a wonderful place to kick back, relax and take in the fresh ocean breeze or just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

Crissy Field Beach also has plenty of activities for visitors, including swimming, jogging, hiking, and biking along its paths. Getting there is a breeze, with a free shuttle service running every 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco and dropping visitors off directly at the beach.

Alternately, those with their own transportation can easily find it by following the Lombard Street route or parking in the nearby lots. Visitors should note that vehicles need to enter through either Mason Street or Presidio Avenue and be aware of restricted access signs throughout the area.

Dinner on Sara’s terrace scene in Sweet November

1318 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States

Sara and Nelson have a very active day together. In the evening they decide to have dinner on Sara’s beautiful terrace. She shares more details about how she helps people change their lives. After dinner, Nelson helps Sara with the dishes.

The rooftop of Bloom's Saloon, located at 1318 18th Street, served as the backdrop for Sara's terrace. Bloom's Saloon is an iconic bar and restaurant located near Union Square. It has been a long-time favorite for locals, offering an inviting atmosphere, with a great view of the downtown area and the Bay Bridge.

To get to the filming location of Sweet November, take either bus lines 22 or 48 from downtown, which will bring you to 1318 18th Street in less than 30 minutes.


Sweet November portrays the unhealthy side of romantic bliss. It follows the thoughts and games of two troubled individuals who deem their whirlwind romance as love. Some harsh critics concluded that, between Nelson’s aggressive and rude ad executive persona and Sara's self-pitying narcissistic character, it is hard to decide who is more detestable.

Not everyone shared the same sentiments, and one reviewer explained that the story is about relationships and life. They added that it is a true reflection of “giving life meaning” instead of getting caught up in finding “the meaning of life.”

With a refreshing take on the film, the classic movie featuring Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley is also a must-see. While the previous film was located in Greenwich Village, this one is set in San Francisco. The premise is quite simple: a beautiful woman invites a revolving door of men into her life for thirty days, in a bid to somehow find a way of fixing them.

 "You're in your own little box, and I'm here to open the lid," she describes. Why such a brief span? The answer Sara gives is that it's long enough to be significant yet too short to cause problems - which sadly doesn't prove true in either case.