Straight from the Heart movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Straight from the Heart filmed?


City Locations

Woodfords, California; Lake Tahoe, California

Location Types

American, NatureScapes, Cabins, Ranch, House

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Cabin, Bungalow, Hotel/Motel Style, Lake House

About Straight from the Heart

The movie Straight from the Heart was released in 2003 and premiered as a hallmark film. The movie was written by Pamela Wallace and produced by David S. Cass. The all-star cast included Greg Evigan, Andrew McCarthy, and Teri Polo, Pamela Wallace also wrote the novel the movie is adapted from.

This guide to the locations used in Straight from the Heart contains spoilers for the movie. Teri Polo plays Jordan Donovan, a photographer living in New York with her lawyer boyfriend, Edward. Jordan feels stuck in her work as a photographer, not feeling much inspiration or passion for the photos she takes. She starts to feel a similar way about her relationship when she believes Edward will propose to her, but he doesn’t. After being together for five years, she feels stuck and makes a decision that sets the course for the rest of the movie.

Jordan’s friend Carla had previously responded to a magazine ad as Jordan. After not getting the proposal she hoped for from Edward, Jordan follows through on the blind date that her best friend originally initiated. She does so, hoping to make Edward jealous and marry her. This sends her to Wyoming to meet Tyler Ross, played by Andrew McCarthy. Tyler is the one who took out the ad, having lost his wife not long ago.

However, it turns out that he only did this after being pressured by his sister, Laurie. Laurie has been wanting her brother to find someone else but promised she would stay out of his dating life if he agreed to just one date through the magazine.

Tyler works as a ranch hand, and when Jordan shows up from New York, the two do not get along. There is tension between Tyler and Jordan immediately because he thinks Jordan is stuck up. She wants to leave to go home as soon as she can, but Wyoming starts to grow on her.

Jordan gets inspired by the scenery and open space of Wyoming as she spends more time there. At the same time, there is a feud going on between Tyler and another character named Hank. Jordan and Tyler get closer while this happens, even though they are reluctant to admit this at first. When Jordan does end up back in New York at the end of the movie, displaying photos from Wyoming at a gallery opening, Tyler shows up, bringing Straight from the Heart to its romantic end.

Straight from the Heart Locations

The hallmark film Straight from the Heart was filmed in various locations found in Northern California. El Dorado County was the main county used for shooting, and Alpine County was also used. These locations were used to depict shots of New York City and the fictional Wyoming ranch where most of the film takes place.

The two main California cities used for filming Straight from the Heart were Sacramento and Placerville. These rural spots were used to showcase the idyllic and beautiful scenery of the Wyoming landscape, which is what inspires Jordan during her journey.

Fans of Straight from the Heart can still see the Northern California locations used in this hallmark movie. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment, as well as Larry Levinson Productions.

Early scenes and some of the final scenes of the movie that show the characters in New York were actually filmed in downtown California regions. Paying a visit to these locations today can allow fans of the movie to experience the rustic appreciation for the same scenery that Jordan did.

Arriving in Wyoming scene in Straight from the Heart

Woodfords Inn, Woodfords, California

When Jordan first arrives in Wyoming, she waits for Tyler to pick her up. The two are pretty opposite, with Jordan looking like a typical city slicker and Tyler looking like an old west cowboy. This leads to preconceived ideas that have the two off to a rocky start.

Jordan is worried about his appearance from the beginning, saying, “I can just imagine what

Tyler Ross is gonna look like...overalls, a beer belly, and one of those funny cowboy hats.”

She rides in his truck to the family ranch where Tyler lives with Laurie, his sister. The entire ride is awkward as the two struggle through small talk, and see how little they appear to have in common. Throughout the drive, Jordan also gets her first glimpse of the Wyoming countryside.

Once they get to the ranch she is introduced to Laurie, as well as the character Jesse, who is a ranch hand.

Laurie tells Tyler, “It's gonna be just like a Danielle Steel novel.”

Tension between Jordan and Tyler scene in Straight from the Heart

Woodfords Diner, Woodfords, California

During the scene where Jordan sits down for dinner with Tyler and the others, the tension between the two is clear. Jordan talks about her work taking photos of garbage, and when Clara calls to check in Jordan reveals Tyler doesn’t seem to like her.

Jordan says, “He's not exactly unattractive. But I have no idea why he asked me to come. He clearly does not want me here.”

Laurie tries to push Tyler into giving the woman more of a chance, but he is reluctant. After dinner, both of them end up outside to look at the stars, and the tension finally turns into a fight.

Tyler tells Jordan, “You got somebody else's name plastered on the back of your jeans. You're probably one of those politically correct people who never had a true thought of your own.”

Jordan immediately responds with, “And your mind's as closed as a steel trap. Can't tolerate anything or anyone outside your narrow little world out here. Decided I was a shallow snob the second you laid eyes on me, huh?”

Despite the argument, Tyler seems to be impressed with the way Jordan stood up to him.

Finding a colt scene in Straight from the Heart

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe, California

One of the scenes in Straight from the Heart features Jordan and Tyler riding horses through the countryside. They come across a horse that has died, leaving behind her colt. Tyler decides to rope the colt and brings it back to the ranch. With the colt back, Tyler reveals that goat milk can be used for bottle feeding other animals.

Tyler says, “Now, what most people don't understand is that goat milk is the universal donor.”

He shows Jordan how to milk the goat to get milk for the colt. This brings the two characters closer, as Jordan sees Tyler’s softer side and he gets to see Jordan hold her own.

Buying the stallion scene in Straight from the Heart

West Carson Canyon, Woodfords, California

Not long after Tyler has rescued the colt, he attends a horse auction with Jordan. He wants to buy a stallion that has been on his land, but was recently caught by a land management company. Tyler reveals the grimmer side of the auction.

He tells Jordan, “Most of them are here to buy a pet. There are a few over there that like the idea of buying a horse for a few dollars and selling it to a slaughterhouse for 38 cents a pound.”

Tyler buys the mustang he was after, and while there confronts Hank.

Tyler says, “You had no right to take those horses.”

Hank does not back down and reveals more horses will be rounded up soon.

He makes a jab at Tyler when he says, “You know, it's too bad you didn't show as much care for some people as you do for those horses.”

Jordan is confused by this comment, but in the next scene, she learns that Hank is the father of Tyler’s former wife, who died during childbirth. Hank believes it is Tyler’s fault that his daughter is dead.

Edward finally calls scene in Straight from the Heart

Landmark 805, Woodfords, California

As the movie Straight from the Heart nears the end, Jordan finally gets what she wanted from the start. Edward calls, asking her to come home and back to their relationship. However, Jordan doesn’t tell him exactly when she will be back. When Jordan doesn’t immediately come back, Edward decides to show up. When Jordan says he doesn’t have a right to be there, he starts to ask for her back.

Edward says, “Well, I want to change that. Jordan. Listen. I was afraid of making another mistake, but now I'm more afraid of losing you. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It's not too late, is it? I mean, you and the cowboy aren't, uh..”

When Jordan says that she and Tyler are not together, Edward proposes. Jordan says yes, despite her clear hesitation about the idea. She leaves to go back to New York with Edward. Laurie tries to convince Tyler to go after Jordan, but he refuses to.

The gallery opening scene in Straight from the Heart

Placerville Art Gallery, Placerville, California

When Jordan is back in New York she finally has her first gallery opening. Instead of the photos, she has been taking of garbage, the gallery is used to display photos from Laurie’s wedding, Tyler, and the Wyoming landscape. It is during the gallery that Tyler makes his appearance, along with the colt that he and Jordan found. This scene is in reference to a story he told her earlier in the film about a Native American proposal custom.

Tyler asks her, “Will she do for a bride price?”

The couple embraces, having found their way back to each other.


The hallmark romantic drama film Straight from the Heart was released on tv in 2003. The movie follows Jordan, played by Teri Polo, as she heads to the wolf west of Wyoming, following through on a blind date her friend has arranged. She meets Tyler, who only agreed to the date so his sister would stay out of his dating life.

Tyler’s wife Sarah died years earlier, after going into labor too early when she was pregnant with their daughter. He ended up losing both of them and is reluctant to let anyone else in, especially Jordan, who he sees as a snob. However, the tension between the two characters turns to romance throughout the course of the hallmark film. Not only does this reignite Jordan’s passion for photography, but Tyler learns it is okay to move on. The movie was directed by David Cass and filming was done throughout Northern California.