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Vancouver Burnaby, Colorado Springs

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About Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1 is a military-themed sci-fi adventure series. Created by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, the premise borrows from Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin's 1994 film, Stargate. The story takes place one year following the events of the film.

After learning that the Stargate, an ancient alien device, can breach similar networks across several planets, the United States government uses the technology to its advantage. The SG-1, a special operative group, assesses threats against the Earth, by using the alien porthole to traipse through distant planets.

The elite team is one out of 20 similar groups tasked with exploring the galaxy to recruit allies and search for alien technology. Their gateway to distant planets is housed at the Stargate Command (SGC), which is a top-secret underground military base.

In terms of their assignments, the SG teams aim to protect the planet against alien threats, such as the Ori, Replicators, and Goa'uld. The latter are a race of snake-like, parasitic beings hailing from the P3X-888 planet. They have made it their mission to take unwilling humans as hosts.

The Goa’uld’s backstory reveals that thousands of years ago, they transported human slaves to multiple habitable planets. The evolved human-like beings, known as the Ancients, now usurp gods of Earth, with heavy influence from Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythology. The famous lore about the legend of King Arthur is another storyline that features in the series.

On its first run, the series received rave reviews and its syndications equally garnered positive ratings in Australia and Europe. Through its ten-season run, the show received multiple awards, a live-action spin-off, and an animated TV series.

SG-1 merchandise, including toys, games, and print media, further raised the show's profile. It's also the only U.S. production to receive full support and backing from the Armed Forces.

Fun facts: Before “Supernatural” took the mantle over in 2005, Stargate SG-1 held the record for the longest-running live-action TV series in America.

An electric nose hair trimmer is the stand-in for the “wand,” which is a memory recall device that controls the Tok'ra memory.

Stargate SG-1 Locations

Glassner and Wright were acquainted from working on the 1995 series “The Outer Limits.” Hearing that MGM planned on creating a Stargate series spinoff, the two independently approached the studio with concepts of how to go about adopting the film for the small screen.

John Symes, the MGM president at the time, greenlit the project with the condition that they pair collaborate on the series. In turn, the Stargate SG-1 production process went into full gear.

While it is an American series, Vancouver provided the backdrop for the series. Most American productions choose to film in Canada because of the tax credits, and “SG-1” wasn’t any different. The film shoot location also allowed the show’s producers to stretch their budgets even more.

The filming crew primarily filmed scenes at the Bridge Studios in Burnaby and the Norco Studios. Several iconic Vancouver landmarks, including Simon Fraser University and the Vancouver Art Gallery, feature in the series. Richard Hudolin worked on the production design, and when he flew to Los Angeles for material used in the feature film, he found quite the scene.

The Stargate SG-1 film props were dumped in the Californian desert and several items suffered from severe deterioration. He still managed to present the series with detailed molds for building the Stargate. There are plenty of other fascinating details about the making of the series, starting with the filming locations of Stargate SG-1.

Fun facts:

Before “Supernatural” took the mantle over in 2005, Stargate SG-1 held the record for the longest-running live-action TV series in America.

A dog drives Jack’s car scene in Stargate SG-1

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, 1, 101, Norad Rd, Colorado Springs, CO

The SG-1 team soon discovers that the Ancients built the Stargate. After ascending to a plane of higher existence, the otherworldly beings vowed never to interfere with other species.

However, one of the strangest episodes has to be when the SGC guards saw something that doesn’t regularly happen. The tenth episode of season six titled “Cure” features a scene where a dog is driving Colonel Jack O’Neill’s (Richard Dean Anderson) car.

Jack treasures the four-legged creatures, and in his words, “dogs are my favorite people.” He gives one to Cassandra Fraiser saying that on Earth the rule is that every kid has to have one of the furry animals.

The Cheyenne Mountains Complex in Colorado Springs provided the backdrop for the mind-bending Stargate SG-1 scene. In fact, the Air Force Station served as the setting for most of the exterior scenes. That includes the SGU sequences.

Located in El Paso County, the Space Force installation also functions as a real-life defensive bunker. The Peterson Space Force Base, which houses the United States Northern Command and North America Aerospace Defense, is located nearby. Some of the other productions that made use of the command center include “War Games” and “Jeremiah.”

The SG-1 team is formed scene in Stargate SG-1

Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6, Canada

The pilot episode titled “Children of the Gods” introduces us to System Lord Apophis (Peter Williams) who hails from the Goa’uld race. He is the season’s main villain who attacks Earth’s SGC base via the Stargate.

Lord Apophis further kidnaps an airman, but the SGC springs back into action when the government learns about its connection to an interplanetary network. Jack and Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) set off on a mission to locate Doctor Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks).

Jack and Daniel later befriend Teal’c (Christopher Judge), Apophis’s former first Prime. Even as the Doctor aptly pointed out, “well, he’s not human,” Teal’c defects and joins efforts with the three, which subsequently springs the SG-1 team to life.

The Simon Fraser University in Burnaby served as one of the Stargate SG-1 filming locations. It stood in for the visually striking Tollan capital city, Tollana. The higher learning institution features in the fifteenth episode of season 3 and the ninth episode of season 5.

Simon Fraser opened the doors to the learning institution in 1965. SFU has three campuses around Vancouver, and the Burnaby Mountain campus is the largest. About 30,000 students attend the school, and more than 100,000 have graduated from the university.

Samantha and Daniel take part in “The Krypton Factor” scene in Stargate SG-1

The Bridge Studios, 2400 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC V5M 3Z3, Canada

Teal’c’s ability to initiate alliances with other inhabitants of the galaxy makes him a great asset to the team. He manages to create links with the Nox, Tok’ra, and Tollan.

One memorable instance when his skills shine is the second season episode “Thor’s Chariot.” Daniel and Samantha have to participate in “The Krypton Factor,” as a form of punishment for wrecking Thor’s hammer. It is also when the team’s dynamics come into play.

Daniel and Samantha bounce off of each other’s energy while Teal’c and Jack go about blowing things up. Teal’c doesn’t take it lightly when anyone messes around with the team saying, “if you once again try to harm me or one of my companions, my patience will expire.”

The interiors of the Stargate were filmed at the Bridge Studios in Burnaby. The facility houses eight studios and operates the largest effects stage in the region.

Besides hosting the Stargate SG-1 production team, the studios provided a filming setting for diverse other shows. “Once Upon a Time,” “MacGyver,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Stargate Universe” all hail from the Bridge Studios.

Several films, including “Carrie,” “John Tucker Must Die,” and “Jumanji,” also came to life at the location. Hop onto the 99, 28, or 123 bus to get to The Bridge Studios.

The SG1 and Atlantis destroy Ori’s ‘super gate’ scene in Stargate SG-1

Burnaby Hospital, 3935 Kincaid St, Burnaby, BC V5G 2X6, Canada

The Ori are a faction of the Ancients who chose to use their powers to dominate other species through religious indoctrination. They are the targets of a ploy to rack up higher ratings for the defensive Earth teams, in the season 10 episode titled “The Pegasus Project.”

The team collaborates with Atlantis to traverse the Pegasus Galaxy where they plan on permanently clogging the Ori’s “super gate.” After they “take a moment,” as Mitchell suggested, the super team goes about saving the galaxy. An epic achievement and big payoff for the audience is when the Earth forces successfully damage an Ori warship.

The Burnaby Hospital functioned as one of the Stargate SG-1 film sets during production. “Supernatural,” “The L Word,” and “Little Man” are other productions that made use of the medical facility as a filming location.

Jack’s house scene in Stargate SG-1

Jack’s house, 3144 Fairmont Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 2W6, Canada

The season 1 episode titled “Fire and Water” sees the team hold a wake, believing that Daniel is dead. Jack, who has gotten the boot from the Stargate program, finds solace at home but not for too long.

He is later approached by Harold (Tom McBeath) Maybourne in the episode titled “Shades of Grey.” Accompanied by a younger version of himself, the team also searches Jack’s house in the episode titled “Fragile Balance.”

It leaves us with the iconic line, “I just woke up, haven’t had coffee – let alone a pee in seven days – and I find out you stole my a** and made a… Mini-Me.”

The Jack’s house scenes were filmed at 3144 Fairmont Road. According to Zillow, the five-bedroom Stargate SG-1 location occupies 3,060 square feet. As of 2019, the assessed value of the single-family home stands at $2,548,000.

Bregman produces a documentary about the SGC scene in Stargate SG-1

Area 51 Warehouse, NV

Season 7 features a dual episode titled “Heroes” focusing on a film crew’s efforts to make a documentary about the SGC. Except for Doctor Janet Fraiser (Teryl Rothery), the team isn’t enthusiastic about having cameras shoved in their faces.

Hammond points it out to Emmett Bregman Saul Rubinek), “I think it fair to warn you that no one around here wants to be part of your little reality show.” The documentary team captures the team about their daily life, and of course, Jack ends up placing George Hammond’s (Don S. Davis) stapler in jelly, yet again.

IMDB lists Area 51 as one of the filming locations of Stargate SG-1. The classified United States Air Force facility is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. While some establishing shots were possibly filmed at the real-life Air Force location, the team filmed the Area 51 scenes at the Landmark Aviation’s west building.


Anyone keen on exploring where the magic happened has plenty of references when it comes to the Stargate SG-1 filming locations. Other locations used during filming include the Alpha Site Hanger and the Accent Inn in Burnaby. The later location served as the setting for Senator Kinsey’s Hotel.

Several Stargate SG-1 sequences made use of the Gillies Quarry. As for the Nem planet scenes, Jericho Beach served as the perfect location. For Jack’s fishing cabin scenes, the production unit set up shop at Murdo Frazer Park.

The Riverview Hospital stood in for the abandoned hospital seen in season 5. Rosemary Mansion is where the team recorded the N.I.D Safe House scenes. The North 40 Dog Park appeared in the “Memento Mori” crash scene in season 10.

Heritage Hall hosted the fancy party in the season 10 episode titled “The Road Not Taken.” The art department converted the Westminster Boiler & Tank Company. Ltd. into the N.I.D Warehouse.

Other notable Stargate SG-1 locations include Sunset Beach Park, The Palisades West Tower, Bordertown, and the Mountain View Cemetery.