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Where was Slither filmed?


City Locations

Cloverdale, Sonoma, California and Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

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American, Apartment, House, Modern, Airports, Hospitals/Medical, Restaurants

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Americana/Anywhere America, Industrial, Contemporary Modern, Rustic

About Slither

This is the very definition of a great sci-fi movie, and you can see that all throughout the film. It all starts with a meteorite crashing into the earth, and then it only gets worse from there. This small town in South Carolina wasn’t prepared for what would happen that fateful night, and people and their lives will be transformed forever.

After the meteorite crash, you see a parasitic organism start to reveal itself from the earth. This is unlike anything that the people of this small town have seen before, and the worst is yet to come. This organism leads to an alien invasion—and it takes on its first victim.

The unsuspecting victim, Grant, is taken over by these aliens. He turns into something unrecognizable and therefore can’t fight off the demons. Though his wife and the people around him don’t understand what is happening with Grant, this will only get worse as eventually the aliens take over and have to be fought off. This is what nightmares are made of!

Slither Locations

Written and directed by James Gunn, the production of Slither hit theaters on March 31, 2006, with mixed reviews. While some viewers say it was creepy and unique, others say it was just plain silly. Apparently, they do not think a meteor hitting earth and spewing sluglike creatures is scary.

Anyway, the Slither locations were all over the place including several cities in British Columbia, Canada including Langley, Surrey, Cloverdale, Vancouver, and Abbotsford. To visit Slither locations and find out more about this funny/scary film, keep reading. But know that there are spoilers throughout this guide.

Fun fact:

If you shoot a movie in Canada, the law states that you have to have Canadian actors.

Grant is starting to change scene in Slither

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

This is like the beginning of the end. At this point in time Grant isn’t even really sure of what’s going on because it’s so early. He is starting to notice some changes and feels strange, but never did he ever expect to experience what lies ahead. It’s not just him that is noticing that something is off, because his wife is asking questions.

Starla takes a long hard look at Grant because something just isn’t right. She can’t put her finger on it, but she knows that Grant looks different and has certainly been acting different too. She asks him what’s wrong with his face, to which Grant replies “It’s just a bee sting.” Clearly it’s not and perhaps Grant knows that something isn’t right, but he is trying hard to dismiss it for the time being.

Some of the funny scenes in Slither are not supposed to be funny. They just are. To see this filming location of Slither, you will have to visit Langley, British Columbia in Canada. While you are in town, take a look at some of the awesome architecture and stop by one of the 17 parks. This city can be reached by Fraser Highway, Highway 10, and 200th Street.

Things are getting crazy scene in Slither

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Those that have not been taken over by aliens are getting fewer and fewer. This is beginning to become a crazy scene, and those that have stayed safe so far have to try their best to stay together. They still aren’t sure exactly what has infected their friends and family, but they know that it’s bad. This is the point at which Jack, Bill, and Starla are together trying to figure everything out.

Jack out of frustration asks if Grant is a martian, to which Bill responds, “Martians is from Mars Jack.” Jack is equally as frustrated and says that they are trying to label whatever this is as something from out of space. Though it has a bit of dark humor under the surface of this exchange, Starla becomes frustrated and has had enough. Watching what has happened to her husband is just too much for her at times.

You can visit this film shoot location if you head northwest from Langley on Fraser Highway. Surrey is a bustling metropolis between the US border and the Fraser River with Boundary Bay and Semiahmoo Bay to the west. You can also reach Surrey on Highway 99 or King George Boulevard.

Damage seen everywhere scene in Slither

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Grant is on a war path, quite literally. He is in zombie form as the aliens have taken over and he has to feed whatever is within him. He may not even have full recognition of what is happening within him, as he is no longer himself anymore. He is this alien-like being and he’s now ripped apart animals like dogs to feed this parasite that lies within him. He is a monster and there is no stopping him at all!

Trevor holds up the dog’s head and says “Look, knocked this one’s head clear over here.” Bill is bothered by this and tells him to put it down. They both know that something serious is going on, and they want to get to the bottom of it. Is this a job for the cops? Is this bigger than they can handle? Nobody knows just yet just how crazy life is going to get.

You will have to go to Vancouver to see these filming locations. Vancouver is one of the most densely populated cities in Canada with over 662,000 residents. This busy city is surrounded by mountains as well as the Strait of Georgia, Burrard Inlet, and English Bay. Vancouver has many highways including 1A, Highway 99, and Highway 7.

Grant’s transformation scene in Slither

Cloverdale, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

They are trying so hard to figure out why Grant has turned into this heinous monster. There are so many different theories and questions, and everyone is speculating about what might have gotten Grant to this place. His own wife can’t figure it out because nobody would suspect that this is the work of an alien invasion happening right before their eyes.

As Bill and Jack discuss various ideas about how Grant got to be this way, the idea comes up that perhaps it was Lyme disease. Jack speculates that maybe Grant touched some deer feces and got Lyme disease. To which Bill responds, “And that makes you look like a squid?” Clearly, nobody really knows what’s going on with him, but they all want desperately to figure it out somehow.

The filming location of this scene is Cloverdale, which is a small town in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The population here jumped from 5,000 people to over 65,600 since 1968 and is still growing. But it retains that small-town feel anyway. There are two major highways to get you to this Slither filming location: Highway 10 and Highway 15.

The truck altercation scene in Slither

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

This is when the infestation is really starting to take shape. It started with Grant as the aliens took over his body, and people thought that things were strange. Then it started to shift, and you saw several more people acting strange. It was clear that something was happening, though people couldn’t really figure out what it was.

At this point, Emily, Jenna, and Kylie’s parents are all infected by the aliens. They are also under Grant’s control, and he is trying to get them to do what he wants. They are in a truck and trying hard to get Kylie to become one of Grant’s “puppets”. At this point, even her parents have succumbed to the alien slug invasion, and they start at first violently trying to get her out of the truck. This is making quite a scene as Kylie resists. Finally, the mom says simply “Open the door, Jellybean.” This seems so sweet and innocent, though we all know better. This is just further evidence of how the aliens take over and turn this into a disaster for all involved.

The city of Abbotsford is the Slither filming location in this terrifying scene. It is located on the US/Canada border and has about 196,000 residents. This is a nice peaceful town full of lakes and parks including Cultus Lake and Golden Ears Provincial Park. There is also an amusement park with rides and games for the kids if you have them with you. Getting to Abbotsford is easy taking Highway 1 or Highway 11.

The betrayal scene in Slither

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

There was a point in time where Starla thought that maybe she could save Grant. This all happened so fast, and she just couldn’t believe that the husband that she once loved had now turned into this monster. As she tried to confront him, she realized that it was no longer him anymore. She couldn’t see any signs of Grant, and she knew that he was gone.

This monster that he had turned into was awful to Starla. He said some really awful things like “It’s all over, Starla. And I’ll keep growing til I’m everywhere. Till I’m all that is! Then you’ll know what it feels like to be betrayed. Won’t you, sugarplum?”

All Grant wanted in his alien form was to infect more and more people. He didn’t care about anybody and just had to feed these parasites within him. The betrayal was done, and Starla let go of the man he once was.

Take a trip to Richmond, British Columbia, Canada to see this Slither production location. Surrounded by the Strait of Georgia, English Bay, and the Fraser River, Richmond is a busy tourist town where you can see historic buildings as well as the Point Atkinson Lighthouse, built in 1792. Take Highway 99 to Westminster Highway to get to this lovely spot.


This is one of those movies that may stay with you for a while. It is just something that you can’t unsee and the concept is crazy yet believable in the way it is portrayed. This is another film that really has its roots in the zombie apocalypse sort of idea, and you see that through the horrible transformation that Grant goes through. In the end, he is killed off because he has to be, but the damage is done.

This small town as people once knew it is over and done with. Killing off Grant also kills off the other aliens that he infected. Watching him transform from a normal guy into a monster is a key theme in the movie. You can’t stop watching the horror, though the dark comedy undertones keep it interesting. This is a movie that is well worth the watch, even though it is gruesome and horrific at times.