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Long Island, New York/ Orlando, FL

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Anywhere America/Small town

About Sisters

If you love the cast of Saturday Night Live, you’re guaranteed to have a good time with this hilarious film led by comedy goddesses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As the title suggests, the film centers around two sisters, Kate (Tina Fey) and Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler). When they get a call from their parents asking them to return to Florida for a couple of days, the pair are confused but oblige.

As it turns out, their parents are selling their childhood home and the pair need to clean out their rooms. Let’s just say, neither sister is happy about it, but Kate, who is the more tempestuous sister, is a little more vocal than the traditionally perfect Maura. As they clean out their stuff, they get nostalgic for the raging parties that they used to throw in that house.

It occurs to Kate that Maura was always playing party mom and never got to have a good time. So, they decide to throw one last rager before the new owners of the house arrive in a couple of days' time. What could go wrong, right?

As it turns out, pretty much everything and chaos ensues. They invite their old school friends including Brinda (Maya Rudolph), who Kate somehow still has some major beef with from way back in the day. Also invited is James (Ike Barenholtz), a landscaper from down the road who Maura has a crush on.

With Kate as designated party mom, a surprise appearance by ripped drug dealer Pazuzu (John Cena), and a load of middle aged moms and dads reverting back to their youthful selves, it’s a tornado of chaos and one that is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Sisters Locations

Despite being set in Florida, very few scenes were actually shot in the state. With the exception of arriving at Orlando International airport, and a short scene driving down the famous International Drive, everything else in the movie was actually filmed in and around Long Island, NY.

The suburban vibe came from the Dix Hills neighborhood and there were plenty of manicured lawns, big box shops and salons that the Sisters production team could utilize to convince the viewer that they were in fact in Orlando.

Even the casting call that went out for extras requested tanned people and extras who could drive pickup trucks - not super common in New York, but they made it work!

Want to find out where your favorite Sisters scenes were actually filmed and how you can go and visit them? Well, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more!

Arriving back home scene in Sisters

Dix Hills, Long Island, New Yor

When the girls are reunited and head back towards their childhood home to meet their parents, they pull up to a rude awakening - a sold sign on their front lawn. At first Maura is confused but wants to get to the bottom of it. Kate is a little more impulsive shouting:

“No, mom and dad sold our childhood home! It should’ve been passed on!” before karate kicking the sign in anger. Two very different coping mechanisms at play here.

The Ellis family home can be found in Dix Hills, Long Island, New York. The suburban vibe was perfect for the atmosphere that the Sisters production team was trying to create. Located off the 495 highway, it’s easily accessible by car and as you drive around the area, you’ll begin to notice the neighborhood that was used throughout the movie.

Kate tries to get a job scene in Sisters

Jon Megaris Hair Salon

While they’re getting ready for the big party, Maura and Kate treat themselves for manicures and pedicures at a local salon. When they’re there, Maura invites the manicurists to the party, thinking that they’re being exploited. Meanwhile, she suggests that Kate apply for the open position there - she’s looking for a fresh start with her kid and is thinking of moving closer to her parents for support.

Kate: “I do know my sh*t, I could French manicure a chicken while it was running away”

Unfortunately, it seems like the owner doesn’t want to hire Kate, so she lies to Maura and says it’s going great and she’ll start on Monday. Nothing could possibly go wrong with a lie like that, right?

The salon used in this scene is actually the Jon Megaris hair salon in nearby Huntington, New York. Although it’s now closed down, there is a wax salon next door if you’re looking to get pampered and do a bit of self care.

Located at 245 Main Street in Huntington, there are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore while you’re in the area. The H30 bus stops right on the corner, so you can easily leave the car at home if you’re staying locally.

Kate and Maura reunited scene in Sisters

Orlando International Airport

It’s always good to see family again, right? Landing in your home city after cryptic messages from your parents isn’t a red flag ever. But when Kate and Maura land in Orlando and meet each other at the airport, everything seems great, like no time has passed.

Maura: “Hey! Ellis sisters reunion!”

This scene was shot in one of the busiest airports in the country, Orlando International Airport, located on 1 Airport Boulevard, Orlando, Florida. As one of the only Floridian locations in the entire film, it sets the tone for what’s to come.

Of course, if you want to visit this particular Sisters’ filming location, the best way to do so is to fly into the airport itself. Orlando has hundreds of routes both domestically and internationally coming through every single day. Join the Disneyland-bound masses and live your Sisters fantasy.

Driving and singing scene in Sisters

International Drive in Orlando

On their way back from the airport, the two sisters hit the open road and start to catch up with what’s going on with each other. Suddenly, they turn on the radio and a great song is blaring out, leading Kate to stand up through the sunroof and start singing.

As she does so, she spots James tending to some hedges. She notices how cute he is. So, in typical Kate fashion, she asks Maura to slow down and hollers at James.

“Listen me and my sister are busy professionals looking for a yard artisan to do some work on our bushes.” There are an awful lot of innuendos that follow during the course of this scene.

The road that the two are driving down and belting out songs on is the famous International Drive in Orlando, Florida. It’s the beating heart of tourist Orlando, filled with souvenir shops, hotels, and restaurants. It’s where a lot of the theme park shuttles leave from and where you’re likely to be staying if you’re in Orlando.

You can drive here, there are a lot of parking lots, or you can grab a park shuttle or one of the many buses that have stops all along International Drive.

Getting party supplies scene in Sisters

Big Lots in Hicksville, New York City

Every killer party needs a whole lot of supplies. Due to their last name, the sisters’ parties were always called Ellis Island parties. Queue a run to the store for booze, snacks, mixers and a whole host of decorations. This is not your average kegger.

While at Big Lots, the big box store, Kate and Maura run into Kate’s nemesis, Brinda. A lot of catty exchanges occur, completely with some amazing one-liners. Funnily enough, Brinda is one of the only people not invited to the party but heard about it from someone who was invited.

Maura: “That’s a snazzy belt”

Brinda: “Thank you”

Kate: “Yeah congrats on your wrestling championship”

This scene was filmed at the Big Lots in Hicksville, New York City, New York. Not too far from both Dix Hills and Huntington where much of the film was shot, Hicksville has plenty of shops and amenities. If you’re looking for the Big Lots, it’s on Delco Plaza along with a plethora of eateries and chain stores.

Of course, as with any outdoor shopping centers, there is plenty of parking available, but the N80 bus does also stop outside if you’re not traveling with a car. This bus route also links to one of the other Sisters filming locations that appears further down this article.

Brinda tries to crash scene in Sisters

Gold Coast Studios

While the party is in full flow and Kate is trying to keep a handle on things without getting hammered, she notices a party crasher. Despite being told multiple times that she wasn’t invited, Brinda tries her chances at getting into the party, but Kate is having absolutely none of it. She loves to hold a grudge it seems.

Kate: “Are you serious? 'Cause I am straight-up baffled.”

Brinda: “I'm sorry?”

Kate: “I believe you called this party "a sad and desperate event"?”

Brinda: “Well, I just figured I'd pop in and say hello to everyone. I mean, we're all adults now, right.”

Kate: “Nice try. On your bike, b**ch.”

Brutal. It’s not the first time Brinda has tried to crash the party, and she’s definitely not stopping any time soon! After being kicked out a couple of times, Brinda still keeps coming back for more. You’ve got to admire that kind of persistence for sure.

Many of the interior shots of the Ellis house, including the party scenes were shot at the Gold Coast Studios, which can be found at 700 Hicksville Road, Bethpage, Long Island, New York. The studio is conveniently located close to the other Sisters filming locations out at Huntington, Hicksville and Dix Hills, meaning that the production team didn’t have to spend tons of time traveling around between scenes.

The studio itself has a lot of parking spaces but is also pretty close to the Bethpage train station, which connects to the Ronkonkoma and Babylon areas. The n80 bus also stops right outside the Bethpage business park, where Gold Coast Studios is located. You’ll notice that this is the same bus route that stops at the Big Lot in Hicksville, so you can easily jump on one bus and hit up two Sisters filming locations.


If you’re looking for a fun comedy that has plenty of witty one-liners along with a lot of great physical, slapstick humor, then you’re going to have an awesome time watching Sisters. With so many cameos from various Saturday Night Live alumni, including Kate McKinnon, Rachel Dratch, and Bobby Moynihan, as well as stars like John Cena, John Leguizamo, Dianne Weist, and more, it’s a who’s who of comedy and film legends.

Aside from being a great comedic movie, there’s a heart of gold here of a family trying to adjust to life’s challenges and discovering that you sometimes don’t know best, sometimes people have to help themselves and you can support them but it’s not always your place - even if you are family.

All in all, Sisters strikes a great balance between hilarious late-night comedy and having characters that you genuinely want to root for. So, watch the film and the next time you’re in Long Island or Orlando, why not check out some of the iconic Sisters filming locations in this article? Go ahead - relive your youth!