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Where was Shredder filmed?


City Locations

Idaho (USA)

Location Types

Nature, Bar, Retail

Location Styles

Cabin, Craftsman, Dilapidated, Mountain Huts, Resort, Rustic

About Shredder

Greg Huson's 2001 slasher film Shredder is a spectacular horror movie that will make your skin crawl. It stars Lindsey McKeon and Scott Weinger as the leads. The story follows a group of friends stalked by an unknown killer at an abandoned ski resort - making for quite the chilling experience.

MGM made the revolutionary decision to release Shredder direct-to-video in 2001. Although it may not have shot into mainstream success, horror fans will forever consider it a beloved classic. Boasting suspenseful plot lines, unparalleled action sequences, humorous dialogue, and shocking twists - it is worth adding to your watch list.

The movie begins with a band of teenagers snowboarding at an exclusive, secluded North American ski resort atop Mount Rocky Summit. But their joyride is abruptly interrupted when they are attacked by a ruthless killer wearing a ski mask. As the teens attempt to evade his wrath, it becomes clear that no one is immune from his bloody slashing and beheadings.

As the group employs their sharpest intellects to battle against a relentless killer, whose murderous rampage has left behind an unfathomable path of bloodshed and destruction, it becomes increasingly evident that only one survivor will emerge from this nightmarish scenario. Who among them will be fortunate enough to live?

Shredder mainly received negative reviews from critics upon its release in 2001. However, it did receive some recognition for its cinematography and editing work. The cinematography is often praised for showcasing the snowy terrain in beautiful cinematic shots. The cast performances have also received acclaim for seamlessly blending comedic moments with more severe horror moments.

Shredder Locations

Shredder (2001) is a horror thriller at a forsaken ski lodge, with a killer stalking the snowboarders known as shredders. Filmed on location at the Silver Mountain Ski Resort in Kellogg, Idaho, and Shoshone County, Idaho, the film features stunning backdrops.

Imposing peaks, vistas of sparkling snow-covered ski slopes, and picturesque trees fill the background of nearly every scene. Babin’s Store is also featured in the movie, a small general store/gas station located at National Forest Develop Road 9 & Beaver Creek Rd.

Visiting the Shredder filming locations is a worthwhile endeavor for any fan or traveler who enjoys embarking on an adventure to explore nature and all it has to offer. As well as being able to recreate famous scenes from Shredder, you can take advantage of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and sightseeing around Silver Mountain Ski Resort and its surrounding areas.

Gas station scene in Shredder

Babin's grocery, Beaver Creek Rd, Kingston, ID 83839, USA

The gas station scene, set in Babin's grocery, Beaver Creek Rd, Kingston, ID 83839, USA, marks the beginning of the vacationing teens' journey. The store contrasts the bustling city life they left behind and hints at what kind of adventure is to come. Set against the tranquil backdrop of a snowy forest, this gas station serves as a starting point for their trip and an introduction to their horror adventure.

Babin's grocery provides all the amenities you'd expect from a rural convenience store: snacks and drinks, ice cream, candy, and magazines. But it also offers something more – a chance to take a deep breath before hitting the road and starting your horror movie-like journey. In true horror fashion, this creepy little store is located at the intersection of National Forest Develop Road 9 & Beaver Creek Rd – two seemingly heading nowhere.

Babin's grocery is located about 28 miles from Spokane via I-90 E and Coeur D'Alene River Rd. You'll need about 1 and a half hours for the drive, depending on traffic conditions. Once you reach Kingston, continue straight on Beaver Creek Rd until you see Babin's Grocery on your right side. Don't forget to make some stops along the way – some beautiful views over Spokane Valley or Marshall Lake will make your trip even more memorable!

Cole and Skyller at the bar scene in Shredder

The Shady Lady, 910-974 Main Wardner St, Wardner, ID 83837, USA

The scene at the Shady Lady Saloon in the movie plays a vital role in the story. After the teenagers find the abandoned ski cabin, Cole (Scott Weinger) and Skyler (Billy O'Sullivan) go to the nearest bar and are warned by a local owner Bud (Ron Varela) to stay away from the mountain. Inside, they are met with a tense atmosphere full of unkind locals.

A must-visit for any film enthusiast, the Shredder scene was filmed at 910-974 Main Wardner St in quaint Wardner, Idaho. Although the building is now dilapidated, its picturesque red brick and wood panels still draw in moviegoers from near and far. It is nestled amongst woods and mountains, off of a peaceful street - not to mention just a short drive away from other well-known filming sites in Spokane.

To reach The Shady Lady Saloon, start by taking West Main Ave towards West Spokane Falls Blvd and follow it until you hit N Monroe St. You will then take a right onto I-90 E before taking exit 51 at Division Street toward Wardner after 6 miles. Once you turn onto North Division St/Main St, keep going straight on Main Street until the saloon is in sight at 910 - 974 Main Wardner Street on your right side. This journey should take around two hours, depending on traffic conditions along this scenic route through Washington and Idaho's countryside.

Snowboarding scenes in Shredder

Silver Mountain Resort, 610 Bunker Ave, Kellogg, ID 83837, USA

The snowboarding scenes from the movie take place at Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, Idaho. While thrilling music plays in the background, a bunch of teenagers can be seen snowboarding against the backdrop of a jaw-dropping view of giant trees and snowy mountains.

We also witness a dramatic killing scene at the start of the film, when an evil skier (Candace Moon) takes down another skier. The same skier then kills Kirk (Peter Riggs) as well. Silver Mountain Resort is situated in a scenic mountain valley surrounded by pine forests and jagged peaks. This ski resort has been family-owned since 1968 and features over 1,600 acres of terrain with something for everyone from beginner to expert level.

There are plenty of slopes for snowboarders and dedicated terrain parks with jumps, rails, boxes, and other features that make it ideal for those looking to practice their tricks and stunts in the winter months.

The most direct way to get to the Shredder filming locations is to drive up there, which will take around one hour from nearby Spokane or five hours from Seattle, depending on traffic. The journey is also possible through public transportation such as shuttle buses or taxis. Alternatively, train services also stop at Harrison Station near Silver Mountain Resort, giving you a unique way to experience this ski area featured in the movie.


Shredder is a decent movie that offers a compelling blend of horror, action, and drama. It starts with a gratuitous beheading and then builds to a more intricate story involving some extreme sports snowboarders. The actors did well with the material they had; given the budget constraints, their performances were relatively solid. The script was well-written and kept viewers engaged throughout.

The idea of having a killer in the woods was not particularly original, but it worked well enough within the context of this particular film. Rather than relying on violence to shock its viewers, the film crafts a sense of dread as it methodically builds suspense to create depth and deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.

This approach differentiates Shredder from other slasher films, which often lack any substance beyond their use of cheap thrills and jump scares. The special effects in this movie are impressive, but the film is not suitable for everyone. Viewers should be aware that many scenes in the movie contains violence and gore

With all this in mind, it becomes a matter of personal preference and expectations as to whether Shredder is worth the watch. If you yearn for an intense horror-thriller filled with action scenes, then definitely give Shredder a try. However, if your preferences are more geared towards something lighter or family-friendly - look elsewhere.