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Where was Shattered filmed?


City Locations

Seaside, OR (USA), San Francisco (USA)

Location Types

American, Modern, Buildings/Offices, Hospitals/ Medical

Location Styles

Classic Car, Hotel/Motel style, Office Building Style

About Shattered

The main characters in Wolfgang Petersen’s Shattered are Tom Berenger as Dan Merrick and Greta Scacchi as his devoted wife Judith. The psychological thriller is based on Richard Neely's novel, and the narrative commences with a devastating car crash along northern California that leaves Dan critically injured and unconscious. As he embarks on his long healing journey involving plastic surgery, Judith remains steadfast in her unwavering support for him.

After Dan's return to San Francisco, his selective amnesia still lingers, blocking any recollections of what happened before the accident. He reunites with Jeb Scott (Corbin Bernsen), his business partner, and his wife Jenny (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer), yet even their familiar faces are not enough to unlock his buried memories. Nevertheless, as Dan engages more with them, he gradually starts gathering fragments from past events - clues that imply maybe his marriage was less than perfect as first assumed.

To compound the problem, Dan is continually haunted by memories of breaking glass, crashing waves, and a gun that further complicates his situation. In an effort to unravel the fragmented recollections from his past, Dan engages Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins), a retired private investigative specialist. They seek out answers in San Francisco to find out what really happened before he had his accident.

With suspenseful music from composer James Horner providing an atmospheric backdrop for this search for answers, Wolfgang Petersen carefully crafts an engaging mystery-thriller with enough twists and turns to keep audiences glued until its unexpected climax. This engrossing story has plenty of mind-boggling complexities that will challenge viewers’ psychological acumen throughout its runtime - making it an unforgettable experience!

Shattered Locations

The 1991 thriller, Shattered, was filmed in a variety of beautiful and unique locations. The majority of scenes were shot in Culver City, San Francisco, and along the stunning Northern Oregon coast. Manzanita, Oregon played host and provided an idyllic backdrop to the film's tense and dark moments.

The Northern Oregon coast is known for its dramatic scenery with crashing waves against rocky cliffs, towering pine trees, and rustic shoreline towns. Manzanita itself is no exception; with sweeping vistas overlooking the Pacific Ocean that have enchanted visitors since the late 1800s. It offers tourists a peaceful escape from urban life, with activities such as hiking, fishing or just simply taking in the views.

The Shattered production crew also took advantage of all that San Francisco has to offer, with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and steep hills providing a perfect contrast to the tranquillity of Oregon's shoreline. Of course, no trip would be complete without some sightseeing in Culver City – home to Sony Pictures Studios and a variety of other entertainment hubs steeped in Hollywood history.

Overall, a trip to any of the Shattered filming locations would be immensely rewarding for any movie fan who wants to get up close and personal with the places where the magic happened.

Car crash scene in Shattered

Sunset Rest Area, Seaside, OR, USA

On New Year's Eve, Dan and Judy Merrick are driving along Highway 101 near Milepost 41, a mile north of Neahkahnie Mountain, when their car tragically veers off the road and begins tumbling down a cliff toward the rocks below. Dan is immediately rendered unconscious due to the massive head trauma he receives upon impact, in addition to suffering from amnesia. Luckily, his wife Greta walks away from the wreckage with only minor bruises.

Neahkahnie Mountain stands majestically along the Oregon Coast and is situated north of Manzanita in Oswald West State Park. U.S. Route 101 meanders below as it curves around this headland, which is part of both the Northern Oregon Coast Range and the greater Oregon Coast Range region.

The most advantageous route to take is by car, starting on US-26 W from Portland. Take a right onto SW Main St and then SW Broadway until you reach SW Clay St. Turn right again and follow the road as it slightly curves - that's when you'll be back on US-26 W!

Judith walks to the ship scene in Shattered

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, USA

Jack (Tom Berenger) follows Judith (Greta Scacchi) to an abandoned pier at the foot of Golden Gate Park; the eerie shape of a beleaguered freighter, listing to one side, suddenly materializes from the thick fog. Jack cautiously follows her through the creaky ship's doors and makes his way into its slightly capsized hull.

The sight is daunting - he can feel the dampness in the air, as well as see how some sections have been flooded by saltwater from the nearby ocean. He attempts to follow her on foot but becomes lost in the cavernous, half-sunken spaces.

Golden Gate Park is a must-visit destination and it’s also a perfect place for any outdoor lover to traverse. An oasis located in the city of San Francisco, this 1,017-acre park boasts plenty of activities. Taking a leisurely stroll allows visitors to take in the sights of refreshing streams and mesmerizing meadows that are interspersed with magnificent oak and redwood trees.

Visit Golden Gate Park, San Francisco with ease using a public Bus or BART. The following lines and routes will take you close to your destination: 28,29 and 7. Select from these stops closest to Golden Gate Park: Crossover Dr & Lincoln St; Carl St & Cole St; West Portal/Sloat/St Francis Circle; Lincoln Way & 19th Ave for a seamless journey!

Judith goes to Dan's office scene in Shattered

600 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA, USA

After the accident, Judith signs herself out of the hospital and returns to the house, where she proceeds to completely clean up the murder scene. She then journeys to Dan’s downtown office and sends a cryptic fax, ostensibly from Jack, meant to cover his tracks in case the police come looking for him as a potential witness or source of corroborating evidence.

The fax is carefully constructed in such a way that it could serve as a false lead should the authorities need further information concerning Jack's whereabouts. The Transamerica Pyramid is a striking and iconic 48-story modernist skyscraper located in San Francisco, California, United States, and it stood in for Merrick’s office in the movie.

It stands 853 feet tall and is the second tallest building in the skyline of the city. The building was designed by renowned architect William Pereira during the early 1970s, with construction commencing in 1972 and completed in 1972. The exterior of the pyramid is constructed from glass and aluminum panels which reflect light brilliantly and create an eye-catching effect.

To get to The Transamerica Pyramid, the fastest option is via public transit. Begin at the Montgomery St station and board a Blue-N line Dublin/Pleasanton, which will bring you to the Embarcadero. Once there it's just a 10-minute walk to the iconic pyramid-shaped building located in San Francisco's Financial District.


Watching Wolfgang Petersen's Shattered is an exercise in patience. While it does promise a certain payoff that is deemed "cool" by critics, it tends to feel like trudging through overly-familiar tropes - of femme fatale mischief and tawdriness - to reach the end.

Greta Scacchi's performance is reminiscent of Sharon Stone's rigidly campy portrayal in Basic Instinct and while knowing beforehand what to expect might make it easier to bear some of the more tedious parts of the movie, there are still plenty of enjoyable moments.

Petersen expertly plays with the idea of a person attempting to reclaim their identity after losing memory, though often relying on wildly improbable scientific premises; it keeps viewers guessing and helps make up for some of the film's flaws. Ultimately, Shattered succeeds in providing an interesting and thrilling story despite its missteps.