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About Schitt's Creek

Dan and Eugene Levy are the brains behind the hit Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek. Also stylized as “Schitt$ Creek,” the premise revolves around a formerly wealthy obnoxious family who drastically downsizes after falling on hard times.

The Rose family includes Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose and Catherine O’Hara as his wife Moira. Dan Levy portrays the couple’s son, David, while Annie Murphy plays the part of their daughter, Alexis. After a business manager defrauds the family, they lose their fortunes and end up in the rural town of Schitt’s Creek.

They go about rebuilding their lives in the small, remote Ontario town, which was a birthday gift David received from Johnny as a joke. Two adjacent rooms located next to the run-down Rosebud Motel end up being their new abode.

Their well-off attitudes often see them at loggerheads with the unsophisticated Schitt’s Creek residents. That includes the town’s mayor Roland Schitt, portrayed by Chris Elliott, his wife Jocelyn, played by Jenn Robertson, and their son Mutt, personified by Tim Rozon.

It ended up being a family affair for the Levys, with Sarah Levy also part of the cast as a local waitress. Consisting of 80 episodes in total, the show received moderate success upon its release in 2015. CBC Television aired the sitcom in Canada while viewers in the U.S. could only access it on the cable channel Pop TV.

Landing on Netflix in 2017 gave the series a new lease of life, and a clever social media campaign drummed up its cult-favorite status. Even after winding up its run in 2020, the sitcom keeps winning over new audiences simply because each subsequent season is even better.

Season 3 took the warm and fuzzy scenes a notch higher when Noah Reid joined the show’s cast as David’s love interest, Patrick Brewer. Watching how the Creekers embraced their same-gender relationship further won fans’ adoration.

Schitt's Creek Locations

Goodwood, Ontario served as the backdrop for the Schitt’s Creek exterior settings, after making the cut, out of 30 towns that were considered during the location scouting process.

The mayor’s residence, the Schitt’s Creek stores, the graveyard, and the town hall scenes were all filmed at various places around Goodwood. Several street scenes as well as Café Tropical and Bob’s Garage were also shot in the Uxbridge locale.

If you are up to it, you could put your bid in to purchase the Hockley Valley Motel, which was the setting for the Rosebud Motel scenes. Jesse Tipping, who currently owns the Valley Inn, initially listed it on Airbnb as a rental before eventually putting it on the market for $1.6 million.

Even more heartwarming, the sitcom’s cast members are credited for popularizing Annina’s Bakery which was their favorite eatery during production. It’s one of the lists of reasons why fans are going on Schitt’s Creek-inspired road trips to Goodwood.

To inspire your tour, here are some of the best scenes in Schitt’s Creek alongside their real-life locations. There are some spoilers ahead but the focus is on helping you figure out where the magic happened and which of the production locations are worth visiting.

Fun Fact:

Dan Levy drew inspiration from the Kar-Jenner clan when conceptualizing “Schitt’s Creek.” According to his interview with Out magazine, watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” made him wonder if they’d still be The Kardashians without the wealth.

The drip scene in Schitt's Creek

Hockley Valley Motel

The second episode of the first season dubbed “The Drip,” is undoubtedly one of the show’s funniest episodes. A leaking ceiling above Moira and Johnny’s bed wreaks havoc in their new household, on top of coming to terms with living in the Rosebud Motel.

Johnny, who is known to fumble several sayings like when he said “talk to the hand son, because the ears are no longer working” steals the show on this episode. Don’t be fooled by the fan-created Google Maps locations and rave reviews of the Rosebud Motel because, sadly, it doesn’t exist.

The interior scenes of the Rose residence were filmed at a Sistine Chapel-inspired abode in Toronto. As for the exterior scenes, the Hockley Valley Motel served as the backdrop.

Located on Hockley Road in Orangeville, the motel has also hosted several other production scenes seen in “The Umbrella Academy,” “American Gods,” “Splatalot,” and “Old Stock.” While it’s on the market for a new owner, you can still drop by for an exterior photo op.

Hockley Motel is about an hour's drive from Toronto, and the property consists of a standalone cottage alongside 10 apartment-style rooms. Hwy 404 will get you to Newmarket and from there, break west towards Orangeville to make a pit spot at the iconic Schitt’s Creek film set.

Spa weekend retreat scene in Schitt's Creek

Monte Carlo Inn

The eighth episode of season 4 titled “The Jazzaguy” has a scene where Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire) treats David to a weekend spa retreat. It’s also the episode where the two friends declare that they are each other’s first BFF.

David is depicted as the kind of person who casually drops pop culture references during conversations. A case in point is when he was talking about how complicated relationships can get and said “I’m starting to feel like I’m trapped in an Avril Lavigne lyric here.”

The retreat scene was filmed on location at the Monte Carlo Inn. Located at 705 Applewood Crescent in Vaughan, Ontario, the boutique hotel is strategically located with access via Hwy 400 and Hwy #7.

You can even stay at the Luxury Suite used to film the David and Stevie scenes but we’ve heard it might mean playing the motel staff a clip from the show to jog their memory. Don’t forget to grab a meal at the Monte Carlo Inn restaurant which was featured in the same episode.

Also, take photos on the loveseat in the lobby which the set designers moved into the dining room while filming the restaurant scene. The Orange, 25, 501, and 77 buses as well as subway 1 will get you to the Monte Carlo Inn.

Rose shoots a wine advert scene in Schitt's Creek

Applewood Farm and Winery

The first season featured an episode where Moira, who is a former soap opera star, lands a gig as the spokesperson of a local winery. While filming an advert promoting the business, she ends up butchering the owner’s name – Herb Ertlinger.

The scene was even funnier because she was heavily intoxicated. After taking her first sip of the vintage, she said “This wine is awful! Get me another glass.” The Applewood Farm and Winery was the setting for the Herb Ertlinger Winery scenes. The Stouffville location was used to film the seventh episode of season 6 when Herb wanted to name one of his wines after Moira.

Much like it’s depicted on the show, the winery produces award-winning fruit wines, mead, and cider. And if there’s ever a good enough excuse to visit a Schitt’s Creek production location, it’s for the wine tasting sessions.

The venue regularly hosts various other activities including fruit picking programs, live music events, and wreath-making workshops punctuated by some wine sipping. The fun and wine are just a bus ride away, and the #15 will get you there.

Patrick pops the big question scene in Schitt's Creek

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Patrick popped the big question on the season 5 episode titled “The Hike.” It wasn’t only a romantic milestone for their relationship but it’s also one of the show’s sweetest scenes. In true sitcom fashion, the proposal doesn’t go off without incident.

Patrick ends up getting his foot impaled by a branch while David is David, and he complains for the better part of the hike. They eventually made things right and then came the rings.

The heart-melting scene when Patrick finally gets down on one knee will forever live in our minds. That’s next to when he first told David that he loved him adding that “you’re my Mariah Carey.”

The scene unfolded at the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. It’s one of Ontario’s favorite romantic getaways, and it doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to head down there and ask your own “Mariah” for their hand in marriage.

It’s equally a great place to go on a scenic hike, and the sunset is something you won’t want to miss.

David & Patrick get hitched scene in Schitt's Creek

Graydon Manor Hall

Yet another scene that will forever live in our minds is when David and Patrick tied the knot. As seen in the season 6 episode titled “Happy Endings,” again, things go wrong before everything eventually comes full circle.

A torrential downpour threatens to dampen their outdoor nuptials but they salvage the day by relocating their wedding to the town hall. Knowing that David might not take the turn of events too well, the ever-thoughtful Patrick books him a relaxing massage.

It goes to show how well he knows David, and that they make great business and life partners. This takes us back to when David names the business they co-founded and Patrick said “Rose Apothecary. You know, it’s just pretentious enough.”

The top TV wedding moment was filmed at the Graydon Manor Hall located near the Don Valley Parkway. The Toronto-based castle-like location serves as a conference center and wedding venue in real-life.

Graydon Manor features walking paths, formal gardens, flowing fountains, and a 160-foot stone terrace. The venue also provides the services of in-house Event Managers as well as a catering team.

Get to the Manor via the 925, 122, 25, or 91 bus. Alternatively, hop onto the RH train or subway 4.

Inaugural open mic night scene in Schitt's Creek

Romni Goodwood

As David explained, the Rose Apothecary is “a general store, but it’s also a very specific store… it’s a place where people can come and get coffee or drinks, but it's not a coffee shop, nor is it a bar. Yeah, it's an environment.”

The sixth episode of season 4 features the Rose Apothecary’s first open mic night. Everyone thinks that Patrick’s performance will be nothing short of embarrassing but he stuns the entire room with his rendition of Tina Turner’s hit “The Best.”

The Romni Goodwood was a stand-in location for Rose’s Apothecary scenes. It’s one of the Schitt’s Creek filming locations in Goodwood that you can visit and grab some souvenirs.

However, don’t expect to walk into the atmosphere depicted in the show because, in reality, the store specializes in handicrafts and wool. Fans who’ve stopped by had great things to say about the owner who is reportedly armed with tons of great Schitt’s Creek production stories to share.

Bus 99 or 60 can get you to Goodwood where you can make a day out of it and explore other filming locations in the area.


All these wonderful places are worth a stop-over on your Schitt’s Creek locations tour. Also schedule a pit stop at 159 Main Street, Unionville where you’ll find a Crock-a-Doodle pottery chain store. It wasn’t a prominent location in the show but still a worthwhile place to visit.

The paint-your-own-pottery store served as the setting for the Blouse Barn scenes where David first worked before setting out to open the Rose Apothecary. Thicketwood Veterinary Hospital located at 6342 Main Street, Whitchurch-Stouffville was the setting for Ted’s Veterinary Clinic.

Capitol Theatre in Port Hope, Ontario was the backdrop for the establishing shot of the theatre where Patrick and Stevie performed in Cabaret.