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Where was Rebecca filmed?


City Locations

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Big Sur, Selznick International Studios, and Palos Verdes, California, U.S.A.

Location Types

American, Beach/Oceanview, NatureScapes, Modern, Mansion

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Old Hollywood, Gothic

About Rebecca

Directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, Rebecca is an American romantic thriller that was released in 1940. It begins with Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier) standing at the edge of a cliff while thinking of jumping. Then, a young lady (Joan Fontaine) shouts at him, hoping to stop him from jumping. He snaps back at the lady telling her to walk on.

Then, on the French Riviera, this young woman, alongside Mrs. Van Hopper (Florence Bates), her old, pompous companion, encounters Maxim who looks livelier. They got drawn to each other and Hopper spoke to her about his dead wife and how he misses her. Soon, they get married, and the young lady becomes Mrs. de Winter.

Maxim and his wife move back to his big Mansion in Manderley, which is looked after by Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson), who relied on the Old Mrs. de Winter. Maxim's irrational outbursts of rage explain how much he still loves his first wife, and the new Mrs. de Winter can see the constant reminders of Rebecca. Yet, she tries to please him by hosting a costume party that Maxim used to have with Rebecca.

Danvers urges the new Mrs. de Winter to imitate the kind of dressing that is typical of one of Maxim's ancestors, as seen in portraits. Yet, Maxim becomes furious as he sees her in the costume. After all, Rebecca wore this before she died. Then, Mrs. de Winter tells Danvers about what happened. However, the latter tells her she can't take the place of Rebecca while urging her to jump from Rebecca's room. It is at that moment that a sunken boat with Rebecca's body is found.

Then, Maxim confesses to the second Mrs. de Winter that his old marriage is not real. Rebecca had no intention of honoring her vows. Apparently, Rebecca had become pregnant with Jack Favell (George Sanders), her lover and cousin. She taunted Maxim about the estate being passed to another line besides Maxim's. While arguing, Rebecca fell and died. To hide the truth, he sank her body with a boat while claiming another body to be Rebecca's.

The second Mrs. de Winter becomes determined to help Maxim prove his innocence. Favell refuses the idea that Rebecca was suicidal. However, further investigation proves that she was not pregnant but had cancer. Then, Maxim realizes that Rebecca wanted to tempt him to kill her so he would be ruined.

As Maxim returns a free man, he meets his mansion on fire, initiated by Danvers who dies in the fire as the ceiling collapses.

Rebecca Locations

Rebecca is a thrilling American romantic movie that was written by Joan Harrison and Robert E. Sherwood and directed by Alfred Hitchcock - his first ever American movie. The film follows the life of Maxim de Winter and his new wife as they both navigate the effect of the former's past life with his dead wife on their present. Released in April 1940, the movie was a winner of two Oscar awards.

The movie was filmed in various locations in the state of California. Specifically, the scenes were shot in Selznick International Studios, Big Sur, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, and Palos Verdes, California. If you wish to visit the site of the scenes of this movie, then the following are the locations to consider.

Fun fact:

The success of the movie promoted the global popularity of the jackets Joan Fontaine wore in the movie. The word "Rebecca" remains a used word for any similar clothing.

Maxim stands at the edge of a cliff scene in Rebecca

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Monterey County, CA

The flora and fauna of this scene location are stunning to behold. If you love hiking, you will find remarkable hiking trails. There is also a whale museum where you can learn a lot about whales, as well as other fun exhibitions. Furthermore, this state park is also exceptional when it comes to photography, nature study, sightseeing, diving, and picnicking.

There is a lot to enjoy at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. The spectacular beauty of the park is nothing short of spectacular. These are the reasons why multitudes of tourists flock to this scene location. If you wish to visit this site, then you can do so by road.

This scene location begins with Maxim looking down at the edge of a cliff as he tries to commit suicide. Then, a young lady sees him and screams "No, Stop!" "Who are you? What are you staring at?" Maxim snaps at her. "Oh, I didn't mean to stare." She replies. Then, he angrily tells her to leave him alone.

Maxim meets Second Mrs. de Winter, alongside her companion Mrs. Van Hopper scene in Rebecca

Del Monte area, California

This scene begins with Van Hopper telling second Mrs. de Winter, "I'm never coming to Monte Carlo season again. Not a single well-known personality in the hotel." Then, Maxim approaches and greets both women. He sits with both ladies and Hopper offers him a cigarette, which he declines. Van Hopper tells him how great it is to see a familiar face at Monte. The attraction between Maxim and the second Mrs. de Winter was obvious.

This scene location is renowned for lots of attractions that locals and tourists can enjoy. You should visit the Del Monte Forest if you are a lover of hiking, as well as other outdoor activities. There are also hotels and great restaurants close to this scene location where you can enjoy world-class services.

Over the years, numerous movies have shot scenes in this city. Some of these movies include All the Old Knives (2022) and Millions of Drops (2016). As a result, the city has emerged as a popular place for movie lovers to visit the site of iconic movie scenes. If you wish to visit this location, accessibility is possible by road or train.

Maxim takes second Mrs. de Winter to his mansion scene in Rebecca

Old Selznick Studios, 9336 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA

The scene begins with both Maxim de Winter and his new wife talking while having a stunning ocean view. Maxim tells her, "You've taken long enough on that sketch. I should expect a really fine work of art." "No, no, no. It's not nearly good enough." She replies. Then, they play with each other about her drawing. Then, he walks out angrily as they start talking about his past.

The city is popular among tourists for its numerous attractions. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a perfect blend of fiction and fact. Spending time at this museum offers you a chance to experience a wonderful display of ancient artifacts. Besides this, close to this scene location is the culver hotel, where European ambiance meets artful designs. If you wish to visit this city, you can do so by road.

New Mrs. de Winter walks in on Mrs. Danvers scene in Rebecca

Old Selznick Studios, Culver City

This scene begins with Mrs. de Winter moving down the hallway. Just before she enters the room, she could hear Danvers talking to a maid. "Oh yes, I know him a bit well and his wife too." Danvers opines. "She was the beautiful Rebecca. He never talks about it, of course, but he is a broken man." She continues. Then, she stops when she sees Mrs. de Winter at the door.

California is a state that has found global appeal for its great, sunny weather. Culver City is no exception. In this city, locals and tourists can enjoy more than 280 days of sunshine in a year. Besides this, it must be noted that the weather is warm and mild. Furthermore, you will find many amazing spots to partake in various outdoor activities.

Do you love hiking? Or do you just simply prefer spending a pleasant afternoon at the park? If so, this is the right city for you. You can also take part in different water sports activities at the nearby Venice Beach. In addition to this, the city is a popular location to see film shoot sites. Some of these include Spider-Man (2002), Men in Black 3 (2012), the Dark Knight Rises (2012), Iron Man 2 (2010), and Captain Marvel (2019).

You can easily visit the scenes of your favorite movies at this location. If you are thinking of visiting this city, accessibility is possible by road.

Maxim and his new wife talks as he drives scene in Rebecca

Big Sur, CA

This scene begins with Maxim driving and his soon-to-be wife stares at him, smiling. She says, "So, I… I wish there could be an adventure that both of us can remember like perfectly." A naive second Mrs. de Winter tells her husband how much she loves taking drinks. Maxim tells her that having bottles of wine can bring to the surface things you're keen to avoid.

She asks Maxim why he brought her out. Maxim replies that he brought her out to have her company. He tells her she can leave if she thinks he is with her because of charity or kindness. A smitten soon-to-be Mrs. de Winter keeps blushing as he tries to make her acquaintance.

This is a popular location among tourists and has gained global appeal, thanks to its pristine scenery and natural features. Indeed, it represents one of the most visited tourist attractions across the globe. The hike through the redwood forest is something all hikers would love to experience.

Besides this, there are stunning beaches where visitors and residents can enjoy an amazing time. The unique coastal landscape of this location is a beauty to behold. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy here. For this reason and more, Big Sur is a great place to be to experience the site where your favorite movie scenes are shot. Visiting this place is possible by road through California Highway One.

Danvers sets Maxim's mansion on fire scene in Rebecca

Culver City, CA

This scene begins with Maxim returning home a free man. As Maxim calls the attention of his friend in the car, he replies, "what's the matter?" "What's the time?" Maxim asks. His friend replies, "the clock's wrong. Must be 3, 4, or 5." Maxim opines, "that can't be the dawn over there." As his friend suggests they are seeing Northern lights, Maxim disagreed out of trepidation. "That's not northern light. That's Manderley!"

Then, he drives home only to see his burning mansion. Many people are already there. His new wife calls him, and they hug each other and kiss. The ceiling collapses on Danvers as she tries to leave the burning building. That was the end of the movie.

Culver City is renowned for its stunning outdoor activities. Lovers of hiking will find several hiking trails to enjoy their favorite activity. Besides this, there are more than. 40,000 friendly residents who are ready to acquaint you with the city. Culver City is truly vibrant, and its art scene is simply remarkable.

Furthermore, lots of movies have been filmed in this city over the years. As a result, if you wish to visit your favorite movie scene, then you should visit this city. You can get to Culver city by road through California Highway One.


Rebecca is a thrilling romantic drama that was shot in different locations across the state of California. Since the movie was released in 1940, most of these locations have emerged as popular sites for many movie scenes. Rebecca is a movie that served as the perfect storm for these locations to gain worldwide appeal.

There is a lot to do in these locations. Lovers of hiking will find the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve a great place to be. The stunning beauty of Venice beach, close to Culver City is an experience that must not be missed. Most of these places are easily accessible by road.