Outlander movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Outlander filmed?


City Locations

Doune, Scotland (Fraser’s Ridge set); Cape Town, South Africa; Prague, Czech Republic

Location Types

Colonial, Rustic

Location Styles

Estates, Mountains, Rustic, Castles

About Outlander

The television series Outlander is a historical drama that is based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon. The first season of Outlander was comprised of sixteen episodes, but the Starz network, where Outlander airs, split the season into eight episodes with a short break in between broadcasts.

Different seasons may be based on other books in the series by Gabaldon. Season two is based on Dragonfly in Amber; Season three is based on Voyager. The fourth and fifth seasons are also based on novels by Gabaldon.

The initial season begins in the United Kingdom in 1945. Nurse Claire Randall served with the British Army during World War II, and she has returned home to her husband, Frank. Claire and Frank take a trip to Inverness, Scotland, and her life is turned upside down.

While standing among Craigh na Dun stones, Claire is transported to the year 1743. The Clan MacKenzie with whom Claire becomes associated is based upon the real Clan MacKenzie, who did historically fight against the British in Scotland during the 18th century. Claire attempts to assist the Clan as she knows that the Clan will eventually lose (the Clan would eventually surrender), and she even marries one of the members of the Clan.

Claire is unable to return to 1945 because the Clan decides to keep her as a healer. When her husband is kidnapped by the British, Claire and the other members of the Clan rescue him. Claire will eventually return to 1945, but, both she and her daughter will travel through the stones back to the Clan.

Although the series begins in 1945, the timeline eventually stretches to at least two decades later (the 1960s). Not only does Claire discover that she can travel through the stones, but her daughter - as well as her daughter’s beloved - learns how to travel via the same method. Claire and Jamie have a home in Fraser’s Ridge, but Claire is also still tied to Frank in 1945.

Fraser’s Ridge is set in colonial America; however, most of the filming is done in Scotland. The director says that Scotland and North Carolina share much of the same landscape, so filming there seemed a logical choice.

Outlander Locations

A trip to Scotland in itself is a wondrous thing; the country is filled with castles, beautiful highlands, and picturesque landscapes. There are at least fourteen places tourists wishing to visit the filming locations of Outlander can go, and most of them are accessible via train, bus, or automobile.

To get to Kinloch Rannoch, take the A9 from Perth. You’ll travel about thirty miles and take a left turn at Loch Tummel. Kinlock Rannoch is the locale at which the scenes of the stones are filmed. The executive producer of Outlander says that Kinloch Rannoch often experiences four seasons in one day, alternating blue skies, rain, and strong winds.

Looking to visit the area where the Inverness film shoots took place? Then make plans to head to Falkland, which is an hour north of Edinburgh. Tourists may book a stay at the Coventor Hotel, which doubles as the guesthouse in Outlander. Traveling to Falkland can be accomplished by automobile (including a taxi, which is fairly expensive), or one can get there by bus or train. However, the latter options take about an hour longer than by car.

There are multiple other Outlander filming locations in Scotland that viewers will recognize, such as the Doune Castle (Castle Leoch in Outlander), the village of Culross (Cranesmuir in the series), and Hopetoun House (which doubles as the residence of the Duke of Sandringham). The Hopetoun House is near Edinburgh, so you can visit the location as well as Falkland on the same day!

Fun Fact:

The Outlander television series shares the same name as the American novel, but, in the United Kingdom, the novel is called Cross Stitch.

The wedding of Jamie and Claire scene in Outlander

Glencorse House, Milton Bridge, Penicuik

Located in Milhouse Bridge, the Glencourse House is considered a tourist location as well as a wedding venue, and it may be rented out for various purposes. It is Glencourse House that serves as the backdrop for the nuptials of Jamie and Claire.

This is considered one of the best scenes in Outlander, and it’s largely due to the popularity of Claire and Jamie as a couple. However, fans of both the book and the television series note that it is one of the scenes in which the book and the show vary greatly. Fans had heard gossip that the writers were considering skimping on the wedding of the fan’s favorite couple.

The scene is set up so that Claire marries Jamie in the same exact chapel where she married Frank 200 years in the future. The wedding is a culmination of Claire’s past and present life, and viewers understand that Claire does love Frank even though she goes through with the marriage to Jamie. In fact, Claire does experience some mental torture in that she wears two wedding rings - the scene ends with Claire staring at both of them.

The wedding of Jamie and Claire episode includes many flashbacks, which also differ from the books. Viewers see Claire as she’s about to marry Frank in the future, and they get an intimate look at her emotions when she learns where the marriage will take place. Originally, the writers planned to open the scene with Jamie and Claire as honeymooners, but the fan furor caused them to rewrite the scene. Jamie tells Claire on their wedding night: “You have my name and my family, my clan, and if necessary, the protection of my body as well.”

Black Jack Randall meets Claire at the redcoat Base camp scene in Outlander

Pitlochry, Scotland

Claire and Black Jack Randall have a complicated relationship. Claire knows that Black Jack is an ancestor of her husband Frank, so many times, when it would be so easy - and so satisfying for viewers - for Claire to eliminate this villainous character, she refuses to do so.

The first time that Claire meets Black Jack Randall is one of the most iconic scenes in Outlander. Claire does a double take, mostly because Black Jack Randall favors her husband Frank so much. However, Black Jack Randall is more of an antagonist than a hero in Outlander.

Randall is a dominating, sadistic character who is the polar opposite of Frank. He takes pleasure in subduing his enemies, and sometimes this includes whipping prisoners of war severely. He is an antagonist to both Claire and Jamie, but Claire must keep him alive for Frank’s future. She tells Black Jack Randall: “You’re not Frank,” although BJR is confused about her comment.

To get to Pitlochry, Scotland, one will need to take a bus or rent a car to drive from Edinburgh. One can also take a train, but expect the trip to last about two hours. There are four direct trains that can get tourists to Pitlochry, and they leave from Edinburgh every four hours. Expect some transfers in the meantime.

The vengeance is mine - murder of the Duke scene in Outlander

Hopetoun House, Queensferry, South Queensferry

The Duke of Sandringham is another antagonist in the Outlander series; he takes particular joy in making the lives of Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, and Mary miserable. The scene is somewhat gory, but it is one of the best Outlander action scenes.

The Duke of Sandringham is a royal pain, constantly scheming and betraying those around him. During this scene, the Duke has set a trap for Jamie in which Claire is set up to lure Jamie to the Duke’s home. The Duke was working to have the pair arrested, but Jamie and Claire would later get their revenge.

Jamie and Murtagh infiltrate the Duke’s home, and when Claire and Mary try to escape, they are trapped by the Duke’s guards. The Duke confesses that he is responsible for an assault on Mary, his own goddaughter. Mary goes into a rage and kills one of the attackers, while Murtagh utilizes an axe to take out the Duke.

The scene has a great deal of intensity, but there is also foreshadowing when the Duke says: “Anyone ever told you you have the most gorgeous neck? Holds your head so prettily. I'd hate to see them parted.”

Young Ian sacrifices himself for Roger’s freedom scene in Outlander

Doune, Scotland

Roger is Brianne’s boyfriend in the 1960s, and, when she walks through the stones with her mother in order to meet Jamie, Roger soon follows. Roger finds himself hated by many, and he is assumed to have assaulted Brianne, so, in the eyes of those in the clan, he must be punished.

When Ian learns he is wrong about Roger, he decides to find him. Ian knows that Roger has been enslaved by the Mohawks, and Ian knows he may have to make a trade in order to gain freedom for Roger.

Ian’s sacrifice is selfless, and it’s also a sign of great maturity. This is one of the best scenes in Outlander. Ian, although a young man, shows he is of great character. Jamie tells Ian to escape from the Mohawk as soon as he is able, but Ian replies that he has given his word, and a man is only as good as his world.

Jamie and Willy’s goodbye scene in Outlander

Troon, Scotland

In Season 3, Episode 4, Jamie is forced to say goodbye to his son Willy. Jamie does this to protect Willy. Willy is growing up, and he is beginning to look a lot like Jamie, his father. Jamie decides that he can’t stay in Helwater, and he needs to find someone who will help look out for Willy. He chooses Lord John Grey.

The scene in which Jamie and Willy say goodbye is considered one of the most heartwrenching scenes in Outlander. Jamie doesn’t really say goodbye to Willy. Instead, Jamie mounts his horse and rides away. Jamie has tears in his eyes, and he won’t look back at Willy. Jamie only does this because he doesn’t want to offer any hope to Willy that he will someday return.

When Jamie decides he must leave, he talks with John Grey. In their conversation, Jamie tells Lord Grey that he knew Grey was the perfect man for the job.

Claire and Jamie’s goodbye scene in Outlander

Silverstroom Beach, Silverstroom Road, off the West Coast Road R27, South Africa

No doubt Claire and Jamie are the favorite couple on Outlander. Viewers tend to overlook the fact that Claire is married to Frank in the future, and they cheer on Claire and Jamie’s romance much more so than Claire’s relationship with Frank. (Perhaps it’s the similarity in looks to Black Jack Randall that evokes this emotion in viewers!)

It’s exceedingly heartbreaking when Claire and Jamie must part. Jamie says, “Lord, ye gave me a rare woman - and God! I loved her well!” Claire must go back to the 1900s, but she is also pregnant with Jamie’s child.

Fans love this scene, and it’s the finale to Season 2. However, Claire will return with her daughter, Brianne, in time.


Outlander began as a novel or series of novels, and the television series remains somewhat true to the books. Fans of Outlander love the tackling of gritty topics and the realness of the show.

Outlander is filmed is some of the most beautiful locations on earth, and fans can easily visit many of the locations. In Scotland, many of these locations are in the Highlands. This means you can easily take a bus or train (or rent a car) to make your way to the site. However, a few Outlander locations are near Edinburgh, and they are a taxi ride from the airport.

Locations like the Hopetoun House are tourist locations in addition to the film location. Be sure to see the fountain nearby where multiple scenes were filmed with this jewel in the background.

Be sure to take various types of clothing, as the Scottish Highlands offer four seasons in one day much of the year (yes, both a rain jacket and a winter coat are appropriate in the Highlands).