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About Out On A Limb

The comedy movie Out On A Limb stars Matthew Broderick and was directed by Francis Veber. This 1992 film was written by Daniel and Joshua Goldin, produced by Michael Hertzberg, and features various other stars like Heidi Kling, John C. Reilly, Jeffrey Jones, and Courtney Peldon. This location guide for Out On A Limb contains movie spoilers. The film follows Bill Campbell, a businessman on his way back to his hometown of Buzzsaw.

His sister Marci thinks the mayor, who is also their stepfather, is a criminal. While Campbell is journeying home, he is robbed by a woman named Sally, who takes everything he has, his car, wallet, and even clothes. Inside Campbell’s wallet is an important document that is worth millions of dollars. Left naked and with nothing, he then ends up hitchhiking with brothers that he meets, who both happen to be named Jim.

Campbell is left with just one day to find out what happened to his stepfather and track down the woman that stole from him. While doing this he also has to be aware of Matt Skearns, the twin who replaced the mayor. Skearns is angry because he spent 15 years in jail for a crime that his brother committed. He is looking for financial retribution.

This 1992 movie from the Goldin brothers and Francis Veber is full of comedic scenes and hilarious situations as Campbell tries to help his younger sister, learn the truth about their stepfather, and track down the woman who robbed him. As he does so, he is accompanied by the Jim brothers, who spend most of the movie drunk. Campbell runs into various comedic characters throughout the film, including two police officers who prove to not be very helpful in his efforts.

As the film reaches the final few scenes, Skearns is on the run from the police, but to keep from being caught he drives his car over a cliff, killing himself. The end of the movie shows Marci recounting the story of events to her classmates. She reveals her brother, who ended up marrying Sally, as well as both Jim brothers, who became FBI informants after the help they provided in searching for Skearns. Matthew Broderick stars as Campbell, alongside Heidi Kling as Sally and Jeffrey Jones as both the mayor and his twin.

Out On A Limb Locations

The comedy movie Out On A Limb was filmed entirely in areas of Northern California. The cities of San Rafael, San Gregorio, Boulder Creek, and Santa Cruz were used for a majority of filming, and many of the film shoot locations can still be seen around California today. The San Gregorio General Store can also be seen in shots of the movie. In Boulder Creek, multiple buildings were repurposed to work as sets for Out On A Limb.

The bank from early in the movie was not actually a bank, but a fire station in Boulder Creek. In addition, a Boulder Creek grocery store acted as the town square. The Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael was also utilized for a few scenes. Fans who want to take in the setting of Out On A Limb can do so at various Northern California locations. Some of the shots featured in the comedy movie were shot in Los Angeles in studios and sound stages as well.

Call from Marci scene from Out on a Limb

Bank (aka Boulder Creek Fire Protection District), 13230 CA-9, Boulder Creek, CA

In one of the opening scenes of Out On A Limb Bill Campbell, played by Mathew Broderick, receives a call from his sister Marci. She is his younger sister and believes her stepfather is being blackmailed. Bill is a big-time banker who moved to the city and has no interest in going back to his hometown of Buzzsaw. Marci calls Bill while he is at work, calling over and over until he is finally on the line with her.

Marci tells her big brother, “Bill, you've got to come up here right away. Peter's being blackmailed and… Mom's fine. Listen, the guy who's blackmailing him is coming to Buzzsaw tomorrow. Peter talked to him on the phone and said he's gonna kill him. Please come, just for the day. You got to come, Bill. Please?”

He tries to push her off saying how busy she is, but Marci doesn’t give up.

She tells him, “Anyway, you promised you'd come if I ever needed you. You've got to come.”

In the end, he gives in and heads back home. This opening scene was shot in Boulder Creek, California.

Matt reveals the truth scene from Out on a Limb

Highway 84 and Stage Rd, Santa Cruz, CA

As Out On A Limb comes to an end, Matt gathers Bill, Marci, and their mother at the family house. He is demanding to see the bank passbook so he can get the money he believes he deserves.

Marci asks him, “Are you gonna kill us and cut us into little pieces?”

Matt reveals who he is, that his twin is dead, and he is in his place. Matt tells the family, “Yeah, I got what I want, almost. I did 15 years for a murder he committed. This money's mine!”

Marci is not showing much fear in the face of Matt and his gun and even criticizes him for not wanting to take a hostage.

Marci says, “You take one of us hostage and lock the rest of us in the basement. You go to the bank, get the dough, come back and ice the rest of us, cut us into little pieces, and stuff us in garbage…”

She does not stop talking until Bill asks her to. Bill then wires $1 million of his own money to a bank in Buzzsaw, and Matt goes to collect it.

This part of the film was shot near Bill’s family home at Highway 84 and Stage Road. The area is easy to get to as you just have to take 84 to Stage Road in Redwood City, California.

Meeting the Jim brothers scene from Out on a Limb

Bill’s family home: San Gregorio Rd, Redwood City, CA

Not long after Sally leaves Bill stranded in the field, he runs into two brothers. They both are named Jim and are more than prepared to help Bill out. After telling them what happens, they offer to give him a ride. He tells them he needs to go to the police station, but they are unsure how to get there.

One of the Jim brothers says, “You remember how you get to the police station? I never drive when they take me there. Is there any place else you wanna go?”

Bill then gets them to just drive him to Buzzsaw. On the way, the brothers reveal they have the same name, but they’re named after different people. They both say they were named after their dad, believing the other was named after their grandpa. They also give him some spare clothes, which they call “field clothes.”

After Bill points out his road, one of the brothers says, “Oh. We ain't never been down that road before. We normally don't go where we haven't already been. That way we don't get lost. Except once in a while. Of course.”

Bill then gets out of the truck, finally arriving at his family home.

This scene was shot at Bill’s family home on San Gregorio Road in Redwood City, California. There are no buses or trains nearby so you will have to drive, take a taxi, or use a rideshare service.

Sally lost in the woods scene from Out on a Limb

Pogonip, 333 Golf Club Dr, Santa Cruz, CA

While Bill finds himself with the Jim brothers, another scene reveals that Sally has ended up with Jim Senior. The two of them were going through the woods and attempted to take a shortcut. However, it doesn’t take long for them to get lost and lose sight of the road completely.

Jim Senior tells her, “Don't worry. We just lost the road temporarily. It's okay. We've been lost in these woods before. When the stars come out, we'll have a better idea of where we are.”

But Sally is not interested in waiting around and leaves Jim Senior behind to try and find her own way out.

The photo shoot scene for this conversation was in the woods of Pogonip Park on Golf Club Drive in Santa Cruz, California. You have a choice between Bus 4, or you can take the 10 Bus to Bus 18. You can also reach the park by car or rideshare.

A new mayor in town scene from Out on a Limb

Rincon Park, Rincon St, Santa Cruz, CA

As Sally continues through the woods on her own, she comes across the place where Mayor Van Der Haven is meeting with his twin brother Matt. Matt has a gun on him and is demanding money. He states he spent fifteen years in jail for a crime that his brother committed.

The mayor tells his brother, “So, I guess you'll be needing a little traveling money.”

Matt responds by saying, “Yeah, $150,000. That's $10,000 for every year I spent in prison for you, you son-of-a-b*tch!”

They argue for a few seconds longer before Matt says, “You remember when Mom said we'd kill each other someday? She was right!”

It is just a few scenes later that Matt reveals his plan to get the money to his accomplice, Virgil.

“I'll tell you what I'm gonna do now. I'm gonna go into that house and I'm gonna become Peter Van Der Haven. And you are gonna lay low. And when the time comes, you're gonna get your 10 percent,” Matt explains.

Sally is in the woods and watching the scene as Matt threatens his brother. Like a majority of the film, this scene was shot in Santa Cruz, California. It was shot in the woods at Rincon Park, outside of the city. You can reach the park by car, rideshare, or take Bus 40, 35, or 35E.

Confronting Sally scene from Out on a Limb

Wild Roots Market, 13159 Central Ave, Boulder Creek, CA

Bill is finally able to confront Sally one morning as she is getting into her car. He is demanding his wallet back, which holds contact information that will help close a deal worth millions of dollars. However, Sally claims she doesn’t have it anymore.

Sally tells him, “Look, I'm not a thief. When I found your wallet I mailed it to you.”

Bill is not satisfied with that response and tells her, “You found my wallet in my pants that you stole from me!”

Sally runs away from Bill but runs into Matt and is worried he will kill her. This sends her back to Bill, asking to get in his car. Still not believing her about the wallet he does a quick search of Sally, coming up empty-handed. She agrees to take him to it.

This scene was shot in Boulder Creek, California, like many of the scenes in Out On A Limb. It was outside the Wild Roots Market on Central Avenue. You can get to this spot by taking Bus 4 to 35E, or you can take Bus 15 to 19. Of course, you can also drive or use a rideshare service.


Matthew Broderick stars in the 1992 comedy Out On A Limb as a city businessman named Bill Campbell. After getting a call from his younger sister, convinced their stepfather is a criminal with an evil twin, he reluctantly returns to his hometown of Buzzsaw. After being robbed by a woman named Sally, he has to hunt down his belongings while trying to find out the truth about his stepfather, and his stepfather’s brother.

Throughout the movie, it is shown that Marci is the one telling it to her classmates, in response to being asked about her summer vacation. The comedy film Out On A Limb was shot in various locations in northern California, including Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz, and San Gregorio.