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Where was No Time to Die filmed?


City Locations

Nittedal, London, Trøllanes, Sassi, Matera, Port Antonio, Aviemore

Location Types

Beach/Oceanview, Italian, Mediterranean, Cabins, Airports, Buildings/Offices, Clubs/Bars, Industrial, Ship Docks

Location Styles

Beach House, Beachfront, Classic Car, Federal Building, Lake House, Mediterranean, Office Building Style, Plane, Shipping Yard/Dock, Sport Car

About No Time to Die

The latest addition to the James Bond series, No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance as the iconic James Bond. Spoiler Alert: We go through some of the great scenes found within the movie throughout this guide! With a star-studded cast comprising of some of the most recognizable faces including Rami Malek, Ralph Fiennes, Ana de Armas and Christoph Waltz, No Time to Die is considered more of a somber James Bond film, compared to its predecessors, as it gives audiences a finality to the Daniel Craig James Bond.

With the introduction of James Bond and Madeleine Swann in a relationship, all seems to be going well on James Bond’s retreat with his love. However, things turn sour quickly when unknown assailants try to kill James. Bond immediately assumes that Madeleine Swann has led these men to him. After a successful getaway, Bond leaves Madeleine on the next train, hoping to never see her again. James Bond’s hope for peace doesn’t last long when five years later, his old friend, Felix Leiter turns up at his front door asking for help.

In search of a rogue scientist armed with a dangerous bioweapon, Bond travels around the world looking for answers and finds out that the man working with Felix is a double agent, sent by Lyutsifer Safin, who later on takes Madeleine Swann and her daughter as a hostage. With time running out, Bond reaches the headquarters where, gunfight after gunfight, he finally manages to open the blast-resistant silo doors so that the bioengineered weapons inside Safin’s Lair can be destroyed by missiles sent from HMS Dragon.

Before Safin dies, he infects Bond with a vial of nanobots that are programmed to kill Madeleine and his daughter. Accepting his fate, Bond contacts Madeleine to say goodbye and that he loves her. Moments later, the missiles hit the island killing James Bond and destroying everything that Safin worked for.

No Time to Die Locations

With Daniel Craig’s last role as James Bond, the film made sure to take audiences to many exotic areas. The production of No Time to Die takes us through the snowy regions in Norway into the tropical setting of Jamaica and onto the isolated Faroe Islands. The outdoor film shooting varies from location to location, but the majority of the indoor shooting took place within Pinewood Studios which is located in Iver Heath.

The film’s introduction took place in Norway, which is revisited later on in the film similar to the M16 headquarters which was filmed in Pinewood Studios. Other areas like the Faroe Islands, Jamaica and “Cuba” are visited only once, but feature beautiful oceans and enchanting landscapes which may give you the inspiration to visit these places. Although not mentioned in the following scenes, Scotland was utilized in several of the later car chase scenes, so be sure to check it out as well!

Fun Fact:

No Time to Die is the first Bond movie to be directed by an American!

Winter flashback scene in No Time to Die

Langvann, Norway

In the beginning of the film, viewers are presented with a flashback from Madeleine Swann’s childhood home in Langvann, Norway. It is here where we see the first appearance of the main antagonist that remains largely unknown and hidden throughout the first half of the film, Lyutsifer Safin. In this scene, we see a small interaction between Madeleine and her mother in which her mother mentions to her in French that “Your Papa, he kills people”, an idea Madeleine immediately rejects. Moments later, Safin kills her mother, and then as he is about to kill Madeleine, has a change of heart and saves her instead.

The beautiful lake of Langvann which was a filming location for No Time to Die lies in the hills above the municipality of Nittedal in Norway. To get to this rather secluded location in Norway you would have to drive out of Hakadal – a village in the Northern part of Nittedal – along Greveveien and eventually take a right which would lead you to the lake where the shooting of the flashback took place. The area is definitely known for its natural beauty and splendor, so feel free to take some time to get in touch with mother nature while visiting the secluded Langvann.

Bridge jump Scene in No Time to Die

Gravina in Puglia, Italy

With mysterious pursuers showing up to get rid of James Bond, the bridge jump scene really helps him buy more time to reorient himself and get out of his current predicament safely. When he manages to get to the hotel before his pursuers do, he grabs Madeleine and ushers her to his car where he mentions that “We all have our secrets, we just didn’t get to yours yet”, indicating that he thinks Madeleine betrayed him by giving SPECTRE his location.

Filmed on the famous two-tiered Roman bridge, one of No Time to Die’s action scenes takes us through the town of Gravina in Puglia. This area is filled with ancient history and is a sure hit with history buffs, as well as those seeking to find famous movie locations. With the recent rise in tourism in these areas, getting to Gravina in Puglia is a relatively easy task, as all you must do to get there is to travel through the Via Fontana la Stella, and you’re bound to get to Gravina in Puglia, and as a bonus, you’ll even be able to pass the bridge which features in No Time to Die.

Bond’s retirement scene in No Time to Die

San San Beach, Jamaica

After his apparent betrayal by Madeleine, we see Bond try living out his retirement in Jamaica. It’s here that viewers are presented with the famous holiday home of James Bond. As he travels into Port Antonio, he knows that he is being monitored and meets his observers when he suddenly stops at the car that was following him. He sees his old comrade, Felix Leiter, and sarcastically remarks, “Well, isn’t this a surprise, Felix?”

Most of this scene and the shooting took place in the coastal town of Port Antonio and along San San Beach. Fun Fact: Jamaica also doubled as the exterior scenes in Cuba, while the SPECTRE meeting scene was shot in Pinewood Studios located in Iver Heath, England. To get to San San Beach from Port Antonio, where shooting took place, drive along Folly Road and then follow the winding coastline road until you see the destination on the left. Some landmarks close to the beach include several three-star hotels and a headland on the left side of the beach.

Bond meets M scene in No Time to Die

Lower Mall, London, United Kingdom

Before Bond interrogates Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James first meets up with M to discuss the potential consequences of their biological weapon getting in the wrong hands. As M talks about the eradication of SPECTRE, he somberly mentions that “Whoever did this is going to be very dangerous and very powerful.” Before the scene on the bridge ends, Tanner gets to see Bond again, confirming his suspicions that James Bond really is alive and well.

Hammersmith Bridge served as No Time to Die’s film set for a portion of the film and features some of the most recognizable British landmarks, including the river Thames. The shooting for the film took place in an area close to the bridge, which is located along Lower Mall. To get to Lower Mall you can drive along the A306 and then take a turn down Rutland Grove, and then down Mall Road. After cracks were discovered on the bridge, motor traffic was restricted so you’re free to roam the bridge feeling like James Bond himself.

Safin’s lair scene in No Time to Die

Trøllanes, Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, Italy

The far-out scenic shots of Safin’s lair in No Time to Die were shot in Trøllanes which is a village on the island of Kalsoy. Fun Fact: Safin’s headquarters on the island were added in post-production through digital means while the scenes within his headquarters were shot on sets at Pinewood in London. It’s here where Bond is given an extremely difficult mission to confirm the presence of Heracles, kill Obruvchev and Safin as well as get Dr. Swann and her daughter off the island. With that, James Bond gets to Safin’s lair undetected where Q says, “Use your watch Bond”, which allows Bond to gain access to Safin’s Lair.

The Faroe Islands are reachable through many international hubs which makes getting to the island of Kalsoy easier. There are many ways to reach No Time to Die’s filming location, and one way is by taking a ferry which allows you to enjoy some of the nature and the scenic beauty that the Faroe Islands are well known for. Visit this No Time to Die filming location for a glimpse of some of the rugged terrain that was used in the film.

Madeleine drives with her daughter scene in No Time to Die

Torre Dei Crivi, Italy

In the final scenes of the movie, we see Madeleine driving James Bond’s Aston Martin V8 Saloon along the road that they were driving on at the beginning of the film. In the car, we see that Madeleine is with her daughter and before the scene fades to black, she tells her daughter, “Mathilde. I’m going to tell you a story about a man. His name was Bond, James Bond.” The last scene in the film No Time to Die ends on a visual high note and serves as closure for the end of Daniel Craig’s era as James Bond.

The shot for the final scene in No Time to Die was filmed along Torre Dei Crivi in Italy. This famous road is located between Sapri and Acquafredda and features some of the best views that the Italian coastline offers. To get to this location you would have to drive along the SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore. The views that this place offers are sure to wow any avid photographer and those that enjoy nature, so feel free to drive along this road if you happen to be visiting Italy, for a bit of a James Bond feel.


With the conclusion of James Bond leaving many shaken, not stirred, viewers are presented with a piece of film that will go down as one of the more memorable Bond Sagas throughout the history of the franchise. With acting that conveys more than just the super-spy role that he plays, Daniel Craig does an amazing job at showing viewers a more emotional and empathetic side of an aging James Bond. Along with the sacrifice of James Bond fresh in their minds, viewers are sure to be in expectation as M16 searches for someone worthy enough to don the 007 mantle.