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My Blue Heaven movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was My Blue Heaven filmed?


City Locations

Southern California: Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Diego, San Luis Obispo

Location Types

American, House, NatureScapes, Buildings/Offices, Police/Jails

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Federal Building, Seedy, Tudor -

About My Blue Heaven

Filmed in 1990, My Blue Heaven is a comedy movie with a focus on life in the mob. The film features some of the finest talents in the industry including the work of director Herbert Ross and writer Nora Ephron as well as the performances of such a revered cast like Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, and Joan Cusack.

The third movie collaboration between Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, the movie has been compared to Goodfella, a serious film released only a month afterward. Both of these movies center around Henry Hill though the Hill character in My Blue Heaven is named Vincent “Vinnie” Antonelli. Goodfellas takes its story from the novel Wiseguy penned by Nicholas Pileggi. My Blue Heaven was authored by Nora Ephron, Pileggi’s spouse. Hill provided information for both screenplays.

In the opening My Blue Heaven film scene (spoiler alert!), Vinnie Antonelli and his wife Linda are new members of the Witness Protection Program. The couple is under the supervision of FBI agent Barney Coopersmith. The two men share some commonalities when their wives both leave them, upset by their life choices. Barney is successful in his attempts to relocate Vinnie to a private residence in California. However, he struggles to get Vinnie to commit to obeying the rules of the Witness Protection Program while he awaits his opportunity to participate in a trial to thwart the work of the local mafia kingpins.

A true charmer with a criminal bent, Vinnie struggles to remain beneath the radar of the media and the mob. He is arrested by District Attorney Hannah Stubbs but is subsequently released by Barney to fulfill his testimony against the mob. Barney starts to develop feelings for Stubbs while Vinnie continues to draw unwanted attention to himself and Barney.

Crystal Rybak, a police officer, offers Vinnie her protection, and the two begin a romance. Over time, Vinnie abandons his life of crime and becomes a well-known and beloved figure in suburban California.

My Blue Heaven Locations

The filming locations for My Blue Heaven are located in Southern California, primarily in the cities of Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Diego, and San Luis Obispo.

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Fun Fact:

Goldie Hawn was the original choice to play the character Hannah Stubbs.

Vinnie meets a girl in the supermarket scene in My Blue Heaven

Stage 24, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA

Vinnie spots an attractive lady in the frozen foods department of the local supermarket. She catches his eye, and he walks up directly behind her and addresses her from behind.

Vinnie: You know it’s dangerous for you to be here in the frozen foods section.

Chaldine: Why is that?

Vinnie: Because you could melt all this stuff.

He takes her arm, and they walk down the supermarket aisle together.

Chaldine: By the way, my name’s Chaldine.

Vinnie: Hiya, Chaldine.

Chaldine: What’s yours?

Vinnie: My name’s Todd.

Chaldine: Todd, that’s a beautiful name.

Vinnie: It’s Italian for extra special.

One of only a handful of scenes filmed on a studio lot, this My Blue Heaven film set is located in Burbank, California. To visit this My Blue Heaven filming location, you can take bus lines 222, 501, or PINK or board the subway’s B Line (RED).

Vinnie visits the supermarket scene in My Blue Heaven

Williams Bros. Market, 1314 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, California

In this My Blue Heaven film scene, Vinnie stops by his local supermarket to do some shopping. He is greeted by a salesperson offering him a sweet treat, an offer he declines. In one of the funniest scenes in My Blue Heaven, a sales clerk tells him to have a nice day to which he responds, “F*ck you!”

Vinnie continues his shopping, picking up a price gun and having fun putting lower price stickers on all of the meat then purchasing it all for himself. When the cashier rings up his purchases, they amount to only $12.36. Vinnie hands him a $100 bill to the delight of the cashier.

As Vinnie exits the supermarket, he is approached by the manager who asks him if he has any suggestions for how the store could improve. The following conversation takes place.

Store Manager: Here’s a form for our suggestion box. Now if there’s anything you want that we don’t have, you just let us know.

Vinnie: Arugula. I haven’t had arugula in six weeks.

Store Manager: What’s that?

Vinnie: It’s a vegetable!

Now the site of what is known as the Madonna Plaza, you can easily visit this My Blue Heaven filming location by taking bus line 10.

Vinnie is arrested scene in My Blue Heaven

Rotunda Civic Building (now the Atascadero Administration Building), Atascadero, CA

Vinnie is arrested and put in jail by District Attorney Hannah Stubbs. She interviews him to try to understand his version of the events surrounding his incarceration. The two engage in this discussion.

Vinnie: Oh, well, that explains it. I jumpstarted the wrong car. I was in a hurry. I was on my way to church to say a few novenas for Thanksgiving.

Hannah: Thanksgiving is not a Catholic holiday!

Vinnie: Thanksgiving is very big with the Italians. Turkey cacciatore, sweet potato Parmesan.

Hannah: There is no such thing as Thanksgiving in Italy. It’s an American holiday, and I’ve been to Italy and…

Vinnie: To Florence, right?

Hannah: Yes!

Vinnie: Ever been to Sicily by any chance?

Hannah: No.

Vinnie: Thanksgiving is very big in Sicily on account of the large number of Sicilians who went to America and then got thrown back out.

Bus route 9 will bring you the closest to this My Blue Heaven production location. You can walk the remainder of the distance, enjoying the sights and sounds discovered in this charming little town.

Vinnie meets Hannah in the shopping center parking lot scene in My Blue Heaven

Williams Bros. Market, 1314 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, California

Vinnie spots Hannah with a cart of groceries heading out of the supermarket towards her car. He calls to her and then chases after her until she turns to face him. This conversation takes place between the two.

Vinnie: Mrs. Stubbs. As I live and breathe. It’s me! Vinnie!

Hannah: I know who you are. I just met you.

She turns to walk away and drops her purse and breaks the heel off her shoe. Vinnie picks up the heel and carefully inspects it.

Vinnie: Brand new shoes.

Hannah: No, these are old shoes. It’s a miracle they lasted as long as they did.

Barney and his associate are watching Vinnie, looking for signs of him violating his agreement with the Witness Protection Program. The associate becomes frustrated and leaves, and the scene returns to Vinnie and Hannah. Vinnie and Hannah continue their dialogue.

Hannah: I have another errand to run if you don’t mind.

Vinnie: I don’t mind but give me a chance to thank you for what you did for me the other day. Which incidentally was the worst day of my life.

Hannah: I find that hard to believe.

Vinnie: It’s Thanksgiving; I’m in a community where I know no one but my bartender. My wife, God rest her soul, died three years ago to the day.

Hannah: I am sorry to hear that. But that’s no excuse for your criminal behavior.

Vinnie: Like your shoes, it’s a miracle she lasted as long as she did.

This My Blue Heaven film set is actually the parking lot of Madonna Plaza’s parking lot. You can reach this filming location by taking bus line 10.

The mob catches up with Vinnie scene in My Blue Heaven

Loyola Marymount University, 1 LMU Drive, Westchester, Los Angeles, California, USA

In this My Blue Heaven action scene, Vinnie is caught at the site of a ballpark and is accused of misappropriating funds and using the building of a ballpark as a front for illegal activity. Barney and Crystal are present while Hannah interrogates Vinnie. Their conversation is as follows.

Vinnie: You see, I know how it feels to be disappointed. When I was seven years old…no, eight…all I wanted for Christmas was a new red bike. My favorite uncle, Uncle Alfresco, swore to me that he would buy me that bicycle. I counted the days until Christmas. Five o’clock Christmas morning, I run…

The mobsters: Nobody move. It’s just between Vinnie and us.

Vinnie: Guys, I’m in the middle of an anecdote.

The mobsters: Vinnie, come over here, and no one will get hurt.

Vinnie: Okay, okay…come on, kids; move back out of the way, and everybody get out of the way.

Vinnie dives behind a pile of pallets, pulls out a gun, and starts shooting at the mobsters. The mobsters are arrested by the police, Vinnie returns the gun to Crystal, and continues his story.

Considered to be one of the best scenes in My Blue Heaven, it’s no wonder true fans of this movie love to make the trek to visit the spot where it was filmed. This filming location is quite easy to reach by taking bus line number 3.

Vinnie testifies scene in My Blue Heaven

Hotel del Coronado - 1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado, California, USA

This scene opens with Vinnie in court testifying against the mobsters he was formerly associated with. He is being questioned by the opposing counsel. The dialogue goes as follows.

Lawyer: And what happened then, Mr. Antonelli?

Vinnie: Mr. Capelli left the room.

Lawyer: Did Mr. Gatto say anything at this point?

Vinnie: Mr. Gatto said, “Kill the fart.” I apologize, Your Honor, but that’s what he said.

Lawyer: To whom was he speaking?

Vinnie: Sonny, Frankie, Richie, Al…the guys who were there. And then they had a little eggplant

Benny’s mother made…and she puts capers in which I personally think is a mistake. Then they killed Nicky Capelli one behind the ear with a 22. Richie loved to use 22s because the bullets are small, and they don’t come out the other end like a 45. You see, a 45 will blow a barn door out of the back of your head, and there’s a lot of dry cleaning involved. But a 22 will just rattle around like Pac-Man until you die.

Located along the coast, you can expect the trip to this My Blue Heaven film set to take almost an hour and a half from nearby Irvine. To reach this destination, begin on CA-73 S in Newport Beach, taking I-5S as far as the exit for CA-75 S/San Diego. Follow exit 14A, continuing along CA-75 S until you reach Orange Avenue, the street the hotel is found on.


A classic comedy loosely based on the real-life story of former mobster Henry Hill; My Blue Heaven has earned itself a cult following all across the globe. With interesting filming locations scattered all throughout Southern California, the backdrop for this film has an authentic feel to it from the shopping mall parking lots to the jail and courtrooms and even the baseball stadium.

Is My Blue Heaven one of your fave films? If so, don’t miss your chance to visit the My Blue Heaven filming locations. You’re sure to have a grand time!