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Where was Mrs. Doubtfire filmed?


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San Francisco, Berkley, Danville (USA)

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American, Apartment, House, Hotels, Schools, Restaurants

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Cape Cod, Contemporary Modern, Georgian/Southern

About Mrs. Doubtfire

Chris Colombus helmed the 1993 comedy-drama, Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams, Sally Field, Harvey Fierstein, Pierce Brosnan, and Robert Prosky. The movie tells the inspiring tale of a father's undying commitment to his children, and the lengths he goes through to be close to them.

Miranda (Sally Field), Daniel Hilliard’s (Robin Williams) wife, files for divorce, which grants her custody of their kids. Hillard is only allowed to visit his three children once a week but he is determined to stay in contact with them regardless of this restriction.

Hillard disguises himself as an elderly Scottish nanny named Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire. The ruse gains him the trust of both Miranda and the kids. He also hopes to make amends with Miranda by showing her that he can provide structure, discipline, and stability in place of the chaos he often brings when they are together as a family unit.

Mrs. Doubtfire was widely acclaimed upon its release, with an outpour of praise for its comedic elements, heartwarming message about family values, and Williams' performance. The film won the Best Makeup Oscar and a Best Motion Picture nod at the 1994 Golden Globe Awards.

Williams also received the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Golden Globe and a Kid’s Choice Favorite Movie Actor Award. The American Film Institute added to its list of accolades by placing it in its list of “100 Years...100 Laughs” in the year 2000.

Upon the film’s release, it was one of the biggest hits of its time, grossing over $440 million worldwide against a production budget of $25 million. Years later, it still rests in the vault of must-watch comedic classics.

Mrs. Doubtfire Locations

Primary filming took place in the majestic city of San Francisco, with the Mrs. Douibtfire production team utilizing well-known landmarks such as Alamo Square Park, Fort Mason, and Union Street. The studio used by Mrs. Doubtfire was KTVU Television Studios in Oakland, which provided an ideal setting for some of the movie's more comedic elements.

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood is featured in a few scenes due to its reputation as a center of the ‘60s counterculture movement. At the same time, Golden Gate Park's Conservatory of Flowers also appeared in a memorable scene featuring Robin Williams' character in disguise as an elderly nanny.

Other filming locations included the San Mateo County History Museum, Claremont Club & Spa, Chinatown, and Bridges Restaurant and Bar. From breathtaking waterfront vistas overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island to rolling hills dotted with Victorian homes, the San Francisco Bay Area provides diverse settings for big-screen productions.

A trip to any of the Mrs. Doubtfire filming locations would no doubt be rewarding if only to relive some of the film’s epic moments. Whether you'd like to visit Alamo Square Park, where Daniel dances on top of his car, or go down Lombard Street, where he races against time while dressed up as an old woman - there's sure to be something here that will bring back memories of this beloved comedy classic!

The Hillard house scenes in Mrs. Doubtfire

2640 Steiner Street, San Francisco, California, USA

The Hillard House plays a vital role in the movie, given that it is the starting point of the main character's journey. The scene unfolds in front of a beautiful Victorian building located at 2640 Steiner Street in San Francisco.

The exterior of the beautiful abode appeared in the movie, but for the interiors, a former candy warehouse located in the Richmond district served as a film set.

KTVU’s television studios in Oakland also hosted the production team.

Constructed in 1906, and perched atop one of San Francisco's most picturesque streets, the magnificent Victorian-style residence is now the property of a plastic surgeon. Far from being aloof to admirers, the owner, Dr. Douglas K., often welcomed fans with open arms to speak about Williams' films - even following the beloved actor’s demise in August 2014 when visitors laid wreaths of flowers at its doorstep.

To get to the striking residence seen in the film, start by taking a bus that stops right in front of 2640 Steiner Street. Alternatively, take the BART train to the nearest station, then transfer to the bus or get off at Union Street Station, which is only a short walk away from the Hillard House.

Hillard's apartment scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

520-522 Green Street, San Francisco, California 94133, USA

Located in a multicultural neighborhood near North Beach, it’s here that Hilliard first creates his alter ego as an English nanny to win back custody of his kids. The apartment is modest but homey; it has a living room with a couch, armchairs, and end tables, a double bed, and a kitchen and dining area where the characters share meals.

Filming took place at 520-522 Green Street in San Francisco's historic Bella Vista neighborhood. The area has long been associated with bars and cafes frequented by writers like Jack Kerouac, Richard Brautigan, and Michael McClure. It was also featured prominently in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958).

Today, this charming part of town is still considered one of San Francisco's hidden gems, thanks to its quaint tenement buildings arranged around two small parks and cozy restaurants tucked away on side streets.

Located just off Columbus Avenue, near Chinatown and Little Italy, there are plenty of public transportation options that will get you there. Hop on a BART or MUNI Metro bus at Mission St & 7th St for direct access to 520-522 Green Street. On foot or by bike, it’s also easily accessible from either Lombard or Stockton Streets.

School scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

940 Filbert Street, San Francisco, California, USA

The movie opens up at a school entrance, where Hillard has come to pick up his kids and cheer them up with plans for a party at home. As the camera pans across 940 Filbert Street in San Francisco, viewers get a glimpse into the life of this exuberant family.

Hillard's positive energy radiates from him as he greets his children with big hugs and laughs, sharing enthusiastic stories about their day that uplift them. The city's bustling streets add to the richness of the scene, adding to its cinematic charm.

940 Filbert Street is situated near Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower, two popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. The area is bustling with activity, but outside of the usual walking tours, there's never any indication that this street corner has been used for filming!

If you are navigating your way from downtown San Francisco, take the bus from South Van Ness Ave & Market St. The trip should take you through Van Ness Ave & Union St, then 940 Filbert Street. The ride is about 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco, and it is pretty scenic, too, with views of Alcatraz Island along the way.

Hillard's job scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

KTVU California, 2 Jack London Square, Oakland, CA 94607, United States

Hillard, a freelance voice actor, works at KTVU (Fox 2) Television Studios, a four-story building brimming with energy located in Oakland, California. However, his job description involves packing film cans for delivery.

Since the court determined that he wouldn't be able to spend time with his children without a steady form of employment, he takes extra care at his job. Fortune smiles at him, and he soon begins producing a kid's show in the guise of Mrs. Doubtfire.

The actual KTVU Television Studios in Oakland, California, across the Bay from San Francisco, provided the setting for these Mrs. Doubtfire scenes. It's one of the oldest television stations that has been operating continuously in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1958.

KTVU Television Studios is only about 35 minutes by car from downtown San Francisco and around 15 minutes from Berkeley. Taking public transportation can is a slightly longer commute, but the location is also possible with access via BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Get off at Lake Merritt station and walk for about 10 minutes until you reach your destination.

The pool family scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, California, USA

The pool scene in Mrs. Doubtfire was shot at the luxurious Claremont Resort and Spa, North of Berkeley. This exclusive country club resort features a lavish swimming pool, surrounded by lush green gardens and palm trees. Besides its outdoor amenities, it also had an elegant indoor restaurant and lounge.

Stu (Pierce Brosnan), pre-his James Bond days, attempts to win back Miranda's heart and invites the entire family, including their nanny, for a luxurious day at an exclusive country club. In one of the most memorable moments in the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire offers a drink to a young blonde girl causing much laughter among the audience.

Getting to Claremont Resort and Spa from Berkeley takes roughly 20 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. You could also hop on bus 51B at University Avenue and ride to College Av & Russell St., then you'll be just one stop from 41 Tunnel Rd. For those who wish to explore and discover more of Tilden Regional Park, there are plenty of trails that provide opportunities for hiking and biking throughout the park’s stunning landscape.

Hillard's double meetings in the Bridges Restaurant scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

44 Church Street, Danville, California, USA

The climactic set piece of the 1993 movie Mrs. Doubtfire is a momentous occasion for Hillard, in disguise, and his estranged wife, Miranda. Both Hillard and his disguised persona, Mrs. Doubtfire, attend unmissable events at the Bridges Restaurant. It happens to be Miranda’s birthday party and Hillard also has a crucial meeting with his TV studio boss.

Bridges Restaurant is a real-life location east of Oakland known historically for its wineries and quaint downtown streets. The specific filming location was at the former Zellerbach Mansion, also known as the 'Pink Palace' due to its distinctive salmon-pink hue.

This Georgian Revival establishment was built by industrialist Lee Crocker in 1915 and remains one of the most iconic buildings in Danville today. If you are making your way from San Francisco, take a BART to Civic Center station, then hop onto bus 45 or 47 to Jones St & Sacramento St.

As an alternative, you can travel from Oakland via CA-24 E aboard a private vehicle. After that, take I-680 S to Diablo Rd in Danville then use exit 39 on I-680 S.


Overall, Mrs. Doubtfire is a hilarious and heartwarming movie that features stellar performances. William’s character breaks through physical barriers in disguise to reunite with his estranged wife and children.

The script is well-written and full of perfectly timed wisecracks. The movie also has some sentimental moments that tug at the audience's emotions, providing an even more enjoyable viewing experience.

In addition, Williams' improvisational skills are showcased during certain scenes where he let loose and riffed on whatever came into his head. It added an extra layer of fun to the movie and showcased his immense talent as an actor.

For those looking for good laughs or a heartfelt story about family struggles, Mrs. Doubtfire is definitely worth watching! Its combination of comedic timing with underlying profound messages makes it an unforgettable classic that will leave you wanting more every time you finish watching it again!