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About Minority Report

Based on the short story by the legendary science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick, Minority Report takes philosophical questions around predictions and free will, adds a heavy heap of Tom Cruise and a dash of Colin Farrell and you’ve got yourself a well-loved crime thriller.

The film follows John Anderton (Tom Cruise) who works in a futuristic facility called Pre-Crime. Here, they use three individuals, called Precogs, who can see the future. With this data, they can see crimes before they happen and send out agents, like Anderton to prevent them altogether. The crime never happens and the city remains safe. Well, that’s the theory.

This Washington D.C. branch of the Pre-Crime authority is just a prototype, headed up by Lamar Burgess (Max Von Sydow), an eccentric with a dark history and ruthless nature. It’s being audited by United States Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer to see if it’s all above board before being launched at a national level.

Anderton has a dark history of his own: an estranged wife called Lara (Kathryn Morris), a kidnapped son named Sean, and a drug addiction that followed his son’s kidnapping. This led him to the Pre-Crime authority, seeking to stop crime before it happened, maybe then, Sean wouldn’t have gone missing and things wouldn’t have fallen apart.

However, things go from bad to worst when the prediction comes through that Anderton is going to murder someone who he doesn’t even know in just 36 hours. Subsequently, he is forced to go on the run, fleeing his colleagues at every turn while he tries to find out the truth.

To help him figure out what’s going on, he kidnaps Agatha (Samantha Morton), the most powerful precog, and runs to his estranged wife’s secluded lake house. As it turns out, there’s a mass conspiracy at work that needs to be uncovered. It’s a race against the clock to find proof and expose Burgess before Pre-Crime goes national. Will they achieve their goal? Watch Minority Report and find out.

Minority Report Locations

Despite the film being set in and around Washington D.C, the Minority Report production team opted to shoot mostly in Los Angeles. There are some exterior shots that were filmed in D.C., specifically in the Georgetown area, but mostly the film was made in LA.

The cool thing about this film is that it was the first to use an entirely digital production design. This meant that the futuristic vibes that director, Steven Spielberg, envisioned for the film could truly be brought to life. From the spyder sequences to the interior shots of the Pre-Crime facility, this kind of production design tech really changed the game.

There is also a selection of filming locations in rural Virginia that brings together the secluded vibe that was necessary for the scenes where Anderton was on the run. It really juxtaposes against the shiny futuristic elements of the city scenes and shows a sort of before-and-after to John’s journey.

So, with so many cool locations being used in the Minority Report, where actually are they and how can you visit them? Let’s dive in and find out.

Anderton sees his pre-crime scene in Minority Report

Angelus Plaza

Ah, the scene that turns everything upside down. Here we see Anderton going through the precog’s reports as he always does. Nothing new or strange about that.

Suddenly, he hears a voice he recognizes - his voice: “Goodbye, Crow”.

Anderton realizes that he is next on the wanted list and this Crow character (Mike Binder) is supposedly his victim. But who is this guy? Anderton has no idea and he only has 36 hours to figure it all out and change his destiny.

The vision shows Anderton killing Crow in a hotel room in Washington D.C. This is actually Angelus Plaza, on 255 South Hill Street, LA. Located in the Little Tokyo area of LA, this former apartment block is just around the corner from Grand Central Market, so you can check out this Minority Report filming location and grab some tasty food at the same time.

There’s a large parking lot opposite Angelus Plaza, or the 94 bus route stops right outside the building. As it’s near Skid Row, you’re also super close to our next Minority Report filming location.

Hiding from the Spyders scene in Minority Report

El Dorado Lofts

When Anderton goes on the run from the Pre-Crime division, he flees into the back alleys and run-down parts of town, trying to stay low. As everything in this society is monitored by retina scans, John knows that he needs to change his eyes.

After having a shady, back alley eye transplant, he hides out in a dodgy apartment block where he thinks he’ll be safe. However, the Pre-Crime unit, led by the determined Fletcher (Neal McDonough) has hunted him down and is utilizing the specially designed Spyders, who have busted in and started attacking John.

When Fletcher and his crew are going through the block, they end up causing a bit of a commotion. Trying to be stealthy, he asks: “Folks please be quiet and go back inside”. Funnily enough, no one seems to listen.

Located just around the corner from our last Minority Report filming location, you’ll find the El Dorado Lofts, formerly the El Dorado Hotel at 416 S. Spring Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California. As it’s been refurbished, it’s a far cry from the squalid apartment block that you saw in the film!

You can access this location by getting off at the Pershing Square Metro station and walking around the block.

Anderton drives Agatha away scene in Minority Report

Beaverdam Park

Once Anderton realizes that there’s a conspiracy going on behind the scenes at Pre-Crime, he returns to the facility to kidnap Agatha, the program's most powerful Pre-cog. This not only grinds Pre-Crime to a screeching halt, but Anderton also plans to use her psychic abilities to help work out what’s going on and how they can solve this huge problem.

However, he had to get her somewhere safe first. Speeding away into the countryside, the pair head toward John’s estranged wife’s house.

Agatha: “Can you see, it’s beautiful. Where are we going?”

John: “Somewhere safe.”

This scenic drive takes place through the beautiful Beaverdam Park, which can be found at 8687 Roaring Springs Road, Gloucester, Virginia. It’s a gorgeous coastal park that is visited by people all around the world.

As it’s pretty remote, you definitely have to drive to get there. Luckily it’s en route to our next Minority Report filming location, so you can make like Tom Cruise and speed down this road and pretend you’re on the run.

Pre-crime find John and Agatha scene in Minority Report

Ware Point Road

Once they arrive at Lara’s lake house, Agatha starts to get to work finding out what’s gone wrong with the Pre-Crime facility. She sees echos and the titular minority reports - slightly different versions of the future that one out of the three pre-cogs get that are ditched as incorrect visions.

She’s halfway through explaining more about her history and what she knows when she cuts off her sentence mid-way through. It starts as a whisper and then Agatha screams: “RUN!”. They’ve been found.

Lara’s lakeside house is actually on the coast of Mobjack Bay in Virginia. It can be found on Ware Point Road, near Beulah, Gloucester, on Virginia’s eastern coast. Again, as it’s so far out, you’ll need to drive. You can park up at the yacht club and wander around the bay. You might even see some boats out on the bay!

Pre-crime goes National scene in Minority Report

Willard Room of the Willard Washington DC Hotel

In the final scenes of the film, we see Lamar celebrating the fact that Pre-Crime is going to be rolled out nationally. Obviously, his hands have not been clean getting there. For one, we saw him shoot and kill Danny (Colin Farrell) in his pursuit of power and money.

At this glamorous shindig, Lamar receives a call from John, who takes command of the screens and audio around the event, outing his terrible acts.

“Hello Lemar, I just wanted to congratulate you, you did it. You created a world without murder and all you had to do was kill someone for it.”

It’s the comeuppance that he thoroughly deserves and is the perfect climax to the film.

This scene is one of the few that were actually filmed in Washington D.C. The event room is actually the Willard Room of the Willard Washington DC Hotel, located at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Located across the road from the US Treasury Department and adjacent to the White House, it’s one of the most popular hotels in the country and used for glitzy galas and events all year round. Check in or sneak a peek and see where this iconic Minority Report scene was filmed.

As it’s so close to the major tourist attractions of D.C. there is a bus stop literally right outside the hotel. Both the 230 and 250 bus routes stop here, but honestly, if you’re in the center of Washington D.C. you can reach this location super easily.

Lemar killed Agatha’s mom scene in Minority Report

Butter Island

The big secret that Burgess was trying to keep finally comes out at the big event, thanks to Agatha and John’s hard work on the run. As it turns out, Burgess hired an addict to kill Agatha’s mom (Jessica Harper), who wanted her daughter back. Of course, the pre-cogs caught the event before it happened and stepped in to dispatch the addict. After they hauled him away, Burgess disguised himself as the addict and killed Agatha’s mom, creating an echo that the system discarded.

He tricked Agatha’s mom into coming to the bay, thinking that he was going to give Agatha back to her. As he leads her away, she asks over and over again:

“Where’s my daughter?”

Little does she know that Agatha is nowhere near here and she’s about to meet her maker.

This beautiful piece of paradise is actually a place called Butter Island, which is located in the East Penobscot Bay of Maine. As it’s an island, the only way to get there is by boat, and the tides can be a little bit temperamental so have a look way in advance at how you’re going to get to and from the island. Once there, it is a beautiful, albeit windy, spot.


Despite it taking multiple years and starts and stops for this film to get off the ground, it quickly became a favorite among fans and sci-fi fans. It’s even being used as a reference tool for privacy and justice classes all around the world. Asking the ethical questions around free will and whether we could preempt people’s decisions should we act upon them, or give them the opportunity to change their path.

Aside from ethical questions, Minority Report is an entertaining film that’s packed with stars and action sequences that keep you on your toes for the entire duration. If you’re looking for a cool film that makes you think, then Minority Report is going to be the film for you.